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Karachi Kay Munday Nay Hollywood Loot Liya

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hey friends its Sikander A.Khan from Karachi Pakistan . Today I wanna tell you about my encounter with Sharon Stone . Yes THE Sharone Stone .One of the hottest figure of holly wood .It happen when I was in Los Angeles attending a business conference .

I was not only there for the conference but also for the wedding of my old friend MIchael Dougles with Zeta Jones . I met Stones there and soon we were talking like close friends cause she also like asians and soon we became that close friends that Michael came to me and said Sikander although you are an asian but you sure know how to impress women . Then after the wedding Sharon ask me where i’m staying and I told her the name of my hotel . The very next day she was there and ask me weather I can have dinner with her and I said why not . So I told her that I will pick her up from her place exactly at 8PM .When I get there she was in her casual clothing and when I ask her the reason she said she wanna cook dinner for me and we dont have to go anywhere for the dinner. That looks like a great idea so i agreed and we reach her lounge .She ask me to wait there for few minutes and she went upstairs and i got lost in the scene of beverly hills from her lounge . When she came back I was stunned to see that she was wearing almost a transparent short and a pink colour tshirt with nothing inside it . Wow that I will never forget in my life .

Then we went into her kitchen and she ask me what I like for dinner and I in reply ask her what can you cook and she surprised me that she can cook almost everything as she is a good cook besides a good actress. So we decide that we will have chinese and start preparing food and in the mean time we were discussing almost on every aspects of life . Then suddenly the topic change toward sex and I ask her weather she like sex ? and she said once in a while but it depend on the partner as she dont like everyone to be her sex partner.Then she ask me about my sex life and I told her that its not that good as we dont have that much liberty in our country but I like good sex . Then the topic changed but i clearly saw that her nipples had stiffened a bit . Then an hour later we were having dinner and now she was wearing a white dress and she was looking innocent and very beautiful . She made fried rice and chilies with black pepper and I must say she is a really good cook and the dinner was even taste better with champeign . After the dinner we cleaned the place and then we went to her lounge and sat there and start talking . She was asking about the customs of my country and I Ask her about her life as an actress . At about 11PM when I was preparing to go to my hotel she ask me weather I can stay at her place that night as she was feeling lonely and I said why not but I dont have casual clothes for me and she said its not a problem as she had a boxer short and a tshirt that i can use . Then she went upstairs and bring those clothes for me . I went to bathroom and had a hot bath and change clothes .When I came back there was a shock waiting for me as she was wearing a white lace nighty and her undies were clearly visible from it . We went to her lounge and sat in front of her television . There was a romantic movie there and we start watching the movie and drink wine .

As the movie progresses there were a few good sex scene in that movie and I realised that it was Sharon’s own movie “Blood and Sand” . Then I look at her and she was breathing heavily . I took her hand in my hand and tap it slowly as to say to cool down but I think it make a reverse action on her and she bring her mouth close to me amd kiss me on my lips . I say to her to cool down and draw her attention to the movie but now she was not watching it but she put her head on my shoulder . Then by the time movie ended her head was on my lap and I was caressing her hairs . Then I look her into her eyes and they were red hot as she was crying and was looking too innocent .I ask her wat happen but she didnt say anything but keep on looking into my eyes . Then I dont know what happen to me I planted a kiss on her lips and she got to exited as she got up and we start kissing passionately . Wow Ihad no idea what type of kiss was that cause she was biting my lips and my hands were around her and i was pressing her toward me and dont had any idea how much time had gone by . She then grab me from my tshirt and start pulling me toward her bedroom upstairs . When we got to her bedroom she pushed me on her water bed and jumped on me and we again started kissing each other .Then she removed my tshirt and start carressing hairs on my chest ang kissin on them and start moving downward and when she reach my cock which was hard as a rock by that time she start kissing it from above the short . She keep on doing it for quite some time and then she took it off and also took her nighty off and came again to my lips but now my cock was in her hand and she was rubbing itand I started pressing her big beautiful boobs and take them out of her bra and start licking and sucking them and in a few minutes time I took her panties off . Her smell was good and her pubic triangle was also very beautiful .

I again start kissing her and with my left hand I was pressing her boobs and with my right hand I was carressing her clit. After a long time kissing she start moving toward my cock and then suddenly she start licking it from all sides and even she lick my testicles . Then she took the head of my cock in her mouth and start sucking it . I was in sheer pleasure and enjoying every second of it and then she start moving her head to and fro sucking my whole six inches of cock in her mouth and I was like in heaven and she start to pace it. I cant describe what I was feeling at that time and cant tell you what pleasure I was getting . Then she came up and lay down on her back as I climb on her and start kissing her neck and boobs while my cock was carressing her clit . It was very clear that her cunt is very tight but still want my cock in her . So I jerked my cock forward and I entered in her pussy and a little moan emmerged from her mouth as she also move upward and I stroke hard this time and my whole cock entered in her pussy and she moan again and said ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeah Sikander I love u and I said in reply I love u too Sharon and pace up a little and she keep on moaning . Her voice was like ooohhhhhhhh yaeh Sikander yeah baby fuck my oooooooooh my god ohhhhhhhhyeah Sikander you r tooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood yeah fuck me and her moaning was giving me more pleasure as i feel a tickle building up in my testicles I stop and took my cock out and shy cried in pleasure what are you doing so I said I romantic voice come baby suck me more and she didnt say anything just got up and start sucking my cock again . Her left hand was on my cock while her right hand was tickling my testicles , she keep on doing this for few minutes and then she came up grab my cock place it on her pussy and ride on me and start moving up and down as my cock was touching the deepest wall of her pussy and she was moaning very loud as loud as she was shouting and was on her height . Suddenly I feel a lubrication on my cock .

She had ejaculated but she didnt stop just slowed up a bit . After a few minutes I roled over and now she was laying back and I was on her top with full flow . Now she was again ready and I was also on my height but I was controling myself as I want to bring out my load with her and then she ejaculated again then I ask her where should I unload myself and never to me belief she said in my mouth so I took my cock out and put it in her mouth . I was literaly fucking her mouth and wooooooooooooooow a gush of cum came out of my penis and filled her whole mouth . I took it out of her mouth and what she did she sat down and spit all my cum on her own boobs and start rubbing it and I smiled on her . I was laying beside her and when she soaked all my cum into her boobs I got up lift her into my arms and took her to washroom to her hot tub where we both sat down clean us up and then I after half an hour we had sex there again . we stayed there for one and half hours and then we returned to her bad . I will not say that we had sex for four or five times cause it will be a lie . So we stayed up till 4Am and by that time we just kissed each other and talked a lot . She offered me to stay with her as she will be happy to give my company all her life but I politely refused it and said till i’m in states I will be with you and whenever i’ll come here I will meet you and even stay with you but thats it and she agreed .

At 4Am we sleep in eachother’s arms . Next day when I woke up she was in the bath it was around 11Am and to my surprise Michael and Zeta were also there and Michael was smiling at me . I ask him yesteday was your wedding and now you are here and he said smiling that I came here to see what friend is doing to the one on whome I had my eyes on and we all laughed loudly and to my surprise Sharon blushed and ran toward kitchen where her servents were making breakfast . That day she didnt let me have anything that her servents have made for then but she made everything for me herself and she was totally looking a household lady and this impress me so much . Still we are good friends and whenever I go to states I stay with her and we have lots of fun together along with michael and zeta too . Friends what do u think of my encouner with Sharon Stone just let me know and any girl or unsatisfied women who want to have sex with me contact me on and beleave me we can have sex , fun and outing together and can have all the pleasures of the world together .Your Sincere friend Sikander

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