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Kanwal My Sweet…

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

This happen 2 months ago with my sexy 20 yr old cousin (uncle’s daughter) named kanwal. She was very attractive, fair complexioned, about 5’5″ tall had a slim figure with great curves.

First off all I like to describe my self to you people. I am 23years old fairy looking guy.

I am telling this story to u how I fuck my sweet cousin sister. This start when she came our house after finishing second year exams to learn basic of computer from my younger sister because my younger sister is doing her BCS and they are also good friends. She lives in Gujranwala and she also wants to visit Lahore and also learn the computer. Aik ticket me do mazay wali baat but she get 3 instead of two. I was very much horny boy I m use to see her breast and always try to touch her body whenever I found any chance. She some time noticed me doing this but she do not any response, but one day when I was smelling her panty and kissed her bra which she thrown on the sofa before she went to bath in her room she watched me doing so.

I also came out of her room and fear that if she say any thing to my sister or parent then what will be happen I really afraid but she was giving me good look of her body while working with my sister, mother. After 15 days my parents went to her friends daughter’s marriage for two days. My parent went at 8 am and right at 8:30 my sister’s college wan came. I switch on the TV and she came in after finishing the housework. I asked day after tomorrow my birthday u gave me what gift she said that I give u a special gift to u on your birthday I said that I can not wait tell me what will be please tell me now but she not agree. I go the shop and bring a one pound cake and said to her u assume my birthday is today and lets celebrate. When I insist then she agree she take a bathe and change the cloth and came. We celebrate my birthday, she smiled to feel this on my face, but she came near to me and told me I love u.

We go to our room at 11 am and I was thinking about her and I don’t know when I sleep I feel some thing on my body and I wake up I m shocked to see her in my bed and she said please love me I know that u like my figure I watched u smelling my panty and kissing my bra why not u smell my pussy and kiss my breast please and she near me and took my hand and kept it on her left boob and that time she has not wear any bra. I got erected. She told me please zor se dabaoo. aur dosara be I press her boob hardly and she making noice like that randi as in xxx movies ahistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kha jaooooo aram see plz ahistaaaaa dabooooooooo naaaaaaaa. Now I also got horny and kissed on her lip for long time . She moned ahhhh pls suck hard lips ufffffffffffff plzzzz. She start pressing my lund from my pent. I unhooked her blouse two button from down side and took her one boob out and gave it in my mouth I started sucking her boob and she told me suck hard pls ahhhhh uffffffffff naaaaaa ahistaaaaaaaa chosoooooooooo. She moaned and she un zip my pant and start playing with my cock. I sucked her right boob hard and after some time some liquid came out from her boob.

I got up and told her now please un dress me and I undress u she sayed okey now we both are nude I took her in my hand and pressed her with my chest and then she set down and I said to her please suck my lund but she deny and she said it is dirty and not good for health I told her that this is not wrong I also suck her pussy after some struggle she agree and start sucking my 7 inches lund I asked her do u enjoy I monaed ahhhhhhhhhhh aur tez ur tezzzzzz and I moving my lund in her mouth in and out like and I also abused kutia kha ja, randi saleee kha ja is ko , madar chood choose aur tezzz. I am fucking her mouth after five minute she got up and told me now it is your turn I understand what she want is I too set down and kissed her pussy and start licking it she moaned ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh please chooso aur zor se isko chhoso is ko chhoswane me kitana maja atta hai aur zor se tezzzz tezzzzzz harami aur tezzzz moaned when I insert my tounge in her choot her each and every drop of her pussy I was licking. She moaned ahhhhhhh this time she abuse me harami chos apni behan ko aur behan chod kha ja apni behan ki pussy ko kha ja I licked her hard I got up u fuck your behan.

Now I can not wait dear fuck me pealse she told and I spread her legs and apply some oil and keep my lund on her choot and gave a hard shot she shout ahhh it is hurting slowly I m virgin I pressed her boob for a while she start shaking her buttok I gave another shot now it was full in her pussy she moned ahhhhhhhhhh ohohohhhh please aur zor se chodo chodwane me kitana maja atta hai ahhhhhhhhhh faahhhh hhhh hhhoooo oahaohhh. And I loaded my all cum inside and second time I loaded cum in her mouth and she drinks every drop.

Now 2 pm and my sister will come at 2:30 we both get bathe and change our dress and I sleep in my room and she is in her room. Now we have to wait for the next day when my sister has gone to college.

Tomorrow I wake up at 10 am and my sister has gone college and we again have a wonderful day infront of us because this is last day tomorrow my paraents are coming back. We start at 11 am kissing on her lips and sucking her boob she moaned ahhhhhhhh aram seeeee and gave a jerk now she was ready for fucking she held u bhenchod chood apani bhen ko ke I start like a bullet train in and out in and out .She moaning ahhh zorrrrr say ahhhhh fuck me hard ohhhhh tear my chhot ko chodo please ahhhhhhhh…..ooooooohhh. She moned loudly oh ohhhhhh I told her I am cumming ohhhhhhhhh and she cum I loaded my safeed dood in her choot and she also cum with me second time and we slept on each other for 1 hour. And this time 1 pm we get up and take bath and I again fuck her in the bathroom and we changed our clothes.

When my parents came then I adopt the new way I take two cap (Restoril) and she mix in the food and all people in the deep sleep whole the night and we make the entertainment now she has gone to her home but when I want to fuck her I phoned her she mix the Restoril in the food and we make a lot of fun.

One day my sister saw us how I prepare her for sex it will be mention in the next story. I hope u like this one I wait for u mail. If any girl, aunty interested having sex, oral sex or any kind of sex then I feel pleasure to make her happy.

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