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  • September 11, 2015
I have a great fantasy to house wives, and aunts in my life. I am 24 from Coimbatore, India and you all know that every one is mad in this age. There was a family in area where we were living. This was not too large family, but was only three  members he his mom and grand mom. One in them was just of my age as they were new settled in this area so they have no any close relation in the area. He was 23 -year-old boy and his name was vijay, he came near to me as friend and our friendship established soon very close

I use often go to his home to call him, but never tried to enter in his home. I always call him from out side. Once when I went to his house to met him and I called him, the door opened and the woman appeared asked me that till how you will call from outside? She asked me to come in. I reluctantly went in, the woman who brought me in said me that. She asked me to sit there. I sat there but was nervous. She asked to be relaxed and said don’t be shy, this is your own house as you are friend of my lovely son. She told me that to  bring his grand mother. She went to kitchen and brought tea for me, when she was pouring tea in my cup she bent over, I could not believe my eyes, she hasn’t wear a bra and due to low cut neck its gave me full chance of her tits. As I have told you before that I am crazy about aunty. So I looked her very closely attentively. She was a very beautiful woman nearly 41. She was 5′ 8 tall, medium color, black long soft & silky hair. She was bit fat. She had a huge pair tits and a round, heavy ass. Her belly was little fleshy and that was the main thing in my fantasy? Hi it was a dream come true but surprisingly she became my friend I dint expect it we became close
my friend ship were now very close as his mother was also liked me so my lot of time was spending there in his house. I can not say that she was keen in me but I was always staring her boobs and ass. She was became my heart fantasy. I started masturbating on her name daily but I notice she was not as close to other friends of us she was shy with them,but she was free with me and she showen bit of cleavage  her thighs while washing clothes one day while we wre alne watching tv  we became close and comfortable enough to sit next to each other we were sharing a pillow and lying and watching a movie our arms were brushing each other slowly she put my hand on my body casually our bodies were brushing  now Her eyes were closed and were breathing lightly I was massaging her hand casually while my dick was starting erect you are good masseur. I want to massage me for long she said these words
I moved my hand from her for head to her neck and started massaging on her neck. She didn’t show me any response nor she opened her eyes. Then my hand went from her neck to her shoulder and beneath shoulder, then she opened eyes and stared me but didn’t spoke. That encouraged me and I moved my hand further in her chest and I put one of my hands on her tit and started to rubbing it gently. She was not responding and that gave me more encourage so I put my mouth on her lip tightly. She opened her eye now and said me what are you doing? But her voice was not so angrily. I told her aunty I love you and want you from core of my heart. She smiled and said but you are my son friend and as the same age of my son.

But i continued My hand was moving on her breast and I was rubbing, caressing and even crushing her tits. She asked me be patient but I was astonished and was not listening her.I  was busy with her tits one by one while she has hold and rubbing my prick very gentle and expertly. My hands were moving on her belly and navel, as it was too sexy. Her belly was fat and has little deep waves which were not looking bad but it made her tummy more sexy or may be that was looked me at that time. As I had become extremely exited and was kissing every part of her upper naked body. She said with a naughty smile, you are a grown man. Prove it to me today she laughed

Then I move my tongue between her pussy lips and she was moaning. I was lapping and suckle deep in her pussy lips. She was s now didn’t control her self. She stood and asked me to close my thighs and she straight stood over between me one leg my right side and other on left side. She sat in my leap she holds my cock and put it on her pussy hole and rubs it with her clitoris and then she said me am I ready, she sat on my cock and took my whole cock in her cunt hole. my cock went in any pussy hole so I felt it like my cock slept deep in hot pot. Her pussy was too lubricated so we didn’t felt any pain ten it was the shock of my life.

the neighbour who was arond 60 caught us.she had a spare key which aunt had given it to her the previous day which she forgot about,she had come to get milk from the fridge.we were both caught red handed and we were hacving an expression like it was the end of was embrassing i quickly put on my dress and went to my house, next day i went to her house after vijay left his mom told wasbit cool she siad tat situation was undercontrol but we had to pay a price.tat old bitch wanted to fuck me,i dint feel anythin ,man she was 60 ,ii thaught it was goin to be sick.aunty told me to wait and she went to call the old hag.she told me to undress and waitin her bed room. she came back and told tat she understood how itwas nottat appealin to be with a granny of 60 yrs but
i had to do itand she went out.
i was in my underwear and the bitch came i was about to fuck but i dint
feel anythin abt her.She closed the front door and and came to my room..i thought to myself tat i would blindly think her as a sexy aunt and fuck her    By the mean time I removed her sarie and removed her blouse. She removed my under wear and took my prick on her hand. I removed her pettis. . I massaged her booms and then removed her bra. She was playing with my prick and by the mean time I started sucking her tits. Her tit got straightened but it was  clearly very old. She was maoning …. I slowly made her to lay on the bed. She took my prick on her mouth and started sucking and licking it. It was feeling really good for me. I removed her panties and let one of my finger in…. It was hot and wet. I started to finger her up and down. She was moaning and sucking my prick,She started sucking it ……….it was so good for me I was fingering her and after some time I was about to cum I told her that I am going to cum. She sucked so fast……..mmmmmmmm………… I loaded all my cum in her mouth, she drank it ….i cummed in her mouth,ten she asked me to suck herpussy,i felt abit akward, ten i felt that she may blak mail us so if i decided to fuk her any way ten the bitch cant open her mouth
. I slowly went down and kissed her pussy. I placed my mouth on the pussy and started to lick it. She was moaning heavily……..OOOOOHHHHHH…MMMMMMMM…AAAAAAAA HHHHHHHH. I licked her clit and then started to fuck her with my tounge. She was moaning heavily and pushed my face towards her pussy.  After few minutes her body started trempling and she extended her legs so wide.I inserted my two fingers and started finger fucking with her clit still in between my teeths.then we changed position as she was unable to control her feeling and ask me to fuck her I was in between her thighs feeling her heat ,she took my lund in her hand pointed at the choot’s entrance.with just a little push my lund was in her garam choot as she was very wet.we finally hada climax,
Afterthat i fuked vijay s mom the next day,but suprisingly wen the granny next door asked me to fuk her i fuked heri guess i have started to see that they to can give a decent fuck, any women,aunties and even older people are welcome to mail me,i want to know wat u people feel.any one want discreet sex mail me to,  course grannies are welcome

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