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Kamuk Behen, Bhai Aur Maa

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hello desipapa readers…. This is archana from Kerala. I am going to post my experience with my younger brother. We are four in our family. Mom, dad, brother & me. Mom is housewife. Dad is in gulf. Mom dad sleeping in their bedroom. Me & my brother sleeping in same room but on different bed. I am very horny, sexy, dirty, cock loving girl. Now come to main story. One day, my brother is watching blue films on his mobile. He is so busy in watching such that he not know i am behind him & caught him red handed. I shout on him. What the hell you are doing this??? He shocked & begged me not to tell mom dad. He is very scared. I told him you are bad boy that you are watching this bad movies. You are not so grown up & it will spoil you. He cried & again begged me to forgive.

Then I told him I need a night to think about this. I got his mobile in my custody. In night, whole night I saw all movies in mobile. It was first time I watching blue films. All the movies are incest ones means mom-son, brother-sister sex. So I was too horny by watching this movies. I fingered my pussy whole night. I need a real cock in my pussy.

So I planned to do it with my brother. But scared how to start??? Next day, my mom is going to temple for a full day with my aunty. Me & my brother both are alone in home. He come to me little upset and wants his mobile back. I said wait. Then I went to bathroom & took bath. I came out of bathroom wrapping towel on my waist & my bra is in my hand. I put bra on my boobs & called my brother to lock the bra. He came & locked it. He started to go back. But I held his hand & hugged him tightly. He was shocked by my act. I took his face in my hands & locked my lips with him. Slowly he becomes normal & start to kiss me passionately. We are hugging and kissing each other. I took his hands & put it on my boobs.

Then I removed my towel. I was fully naked down. He was shivering & enjoying a lot. Then I told him to lock the main door. He goes & locked it. Till I removed my bra & full naked lying on bed. Fingering my pussy. He come running & jumped on me & started to kiss my whole body. I asked him to suck my pussy. He obeyed & sucked my pussy hard. I was feeling so nice. It was so tickling to me. Then He becomes also naked. His dick is erect. Not so big but enough for his age. By looking his dick I become wild & horny. I love his dick & took in my mouth. He was out of control & shoot his sperms in my mouth. I was shocked but drank all his sperms its so tasty. He was in heaven.

I sucked more & we are ready for real fuck. Then i lie down & he come in between my legs & insert his dick in my virgin pussy. My brother breaks my virginity. Its paining me & blood comes out my pussy but after sometime i enjoyed it & after full fuck he shoot his sperms in my pussy. I was feeling like awesome & heaven. Then onwards we are fucking a lot in bedroom, hall, kitchen, moms bedroom & bathroom. We are sleeping on one bed in night. We are enjoying a lot. We also drinks each others pee. I sucked his shit hole also. I love to do it. he also do the same. We are really dirty fuckers from onwards. Now once I was at my uncles house, he caught my mom with one of our neighbour boy. Mom is nude & sucking a cock. He made sounds that he come. And unaware of their fuck. They wears cloth & boy runs by back door.

Then one day he asked mom for reason about that incident. He told her no need to go outside as a man present in this house. Mom refused. but once again on another day when they alone he asked & pleaded my mom for that. Then mom agrees & they fucked like us. My mom is also horny. Mom is so sexy & long stamina women. He also enjoys moms pussy very much. Her boobs are so big & hanging down. She looks sexy by her boobs. After few days he tell me about his encounter on mom. I was shocked. Then he also told my mom about my encounter on him before their fuck. Mom also shocked. Me & my mom not till talked about the incident. Then one day he planned threesome & prepares both of us for the same. I was upset for that but eagerly waiting & excited for moment. Then we three fucked like dirtier…

I sucked moms pussy & mom sucked mine…. While brother is fucking us…we pressing & sucking each others boobs & kissing a lot while brother is ramming our pussy. After brothers fuck. I finger fuck mom as she has great stamina. I fingered her till she cum. We three are enjoying our sex… Now we 3 are become one body. My mom told me that she is lesbo in her college days & love to do so. I was so excited by hearing this. I said I love all type of sex. Lesbo & cock. She is happy by looking her kids so horny & sexy doing this. After brothers fuck & he slept by tiredness of fucking. In night we do lesbo sex. We suck each other & finger fuck each other. I put finger in her pussy & by making it wet by her juices i put it in my mouth & tastes it. Then i give it to mom. Mom also do the same with me.

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