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Kamasutra With Maid Servant

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

I am 21 years old Gajendra from Jodhpur and I am telling you my first experience of sex with my maidservant. The first in one’s life has its own importance. So I want to share my first experience with you. This year in May my family went to attend a marriage for 3 days out of city. So I was all and alone in my house in these days. My mother had told our maidservant to cook food for me and sweeping and cleaning of our house.

Although in this age, every woman looks sexy but she was really very sexy. She was about 25 years old, her color was fair enough and she looked very sexy with her big piggies. I had felt that sometimes she looked at me eagerly or with a interest. So after the departure of my family, the next day, in the morning when I was studying, she came and started to work. As I was doing my work, she came to me and asked to switch on the T.V. I was busy so I asked her to do it herself. As she switched on the T.V., there was a romantic kissing scene from an english movie. Seeing this, she said “Are!”. When I asked what happened, with a smile, she inquired what’s going on. I told her that they are loving each other. She laughed and ran to the kitchen. I also went inside the kitchen. I stood near her and started to talk her and began to drink the juice of her youngness. During this, she told me that I had little power.

I challenged her to wrestle. She agreed and we went to my room, where we enjoyed the wrestling. You can guess that what can happend during a wrestling. After sometime I came out and made my mood to study. She also came out and began to clean the floor in front of me. As she was cleaning the floor, her saree felt down and her big piggies began to peep outside from her blouse. This made me stunned. My heart was beating very fast. Wow! That was a great scene. As I was staring her boobs, she looked at me. She noticed my sight but did not try to cover her boobs with her saree. Instead of it, she smiled and asked what I was seeing. I replied that there was an insect on her blouse and pointed to her boobs. She stood up and asked where it was. I went to her and touched her boobs and replied that here. I put my hand in her blouse and tried to find that insect. But there was no insect because it was just a way to touch her soft and spongy boobs. At this time I began to rub her boobs. Then I put my lips on her lips and started to suck them. Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind. I lift her in my hands and took her to my room. I laid her down on my bed.

Then I took some honey and apply it on her lips and some on my lips. Now I kissed (French kiss) her lips. After a few minutes, she asked me to apply a coat of honey on her boobs and to suck them. So I bega to suckle her milky boobs. It made her just “Mast”. Sucking from the boobs, I came down and more down towards her dick. Now she took her saree a little bit upside so that I can enter in it. I entered in her saree and began to lick and suck her thighs. She was a little exhausted so I decide to give her a break. I made my 3’s combination(my lips with her lips, my chest with her boobs and third my cock inside her dick.)

While I was kissing her red, hot and sweet lips; she was also doing the same. Being Up and down, we enjoyed this very much. In between there was her sweet cry of being fucked. At least the white stuff came out and also the end of my story. But it is not the end, it is just the “Beginning”. Any girl interested in me may contact me at Comments are also invited.

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