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Kalpita My Bangalore Lover

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi I’m Ashu again, back after long-time I found Bangalore is a great place to have your dreams filled and you do not know when you ll be lucky and Any one from Bangalore will surely agree to me. Request you to keep in touch with me.

This is story which happen to me here I stay at Banashankri 3rd stage here as a bachelor I visit the fresh store here for my daily needs. Mostly while returning from office. Once a saw a woman who really attracted me towards her I have seen many of then there but I do not know y I really attracted towards here. I still remember on the coroner of the store we both are checking for basmati rice packs she was with her son

She was waring a green color salwar all of a sudden her son pulled down a pack which fall down and the packet was brust and she started biting him I just stopped her to bite and thts the first time I touched her hand and she was looking worried as I saw no one from the store side was looking at us I just helped her to arrange the pack and guided it to the back of the rack by pulling all the rice grains down it and she was still scolding her son and said thank you for the help

She was fair little short in height some where aroud 5.1-5.2 and fatty this incident happened some 1year before or so from then I have seen her many time in the store and we just share a hello and hi relationship we just new each others name only and her name is Kalpita And her sons name is Kabir 2 months before while I was returning from office I went to the store and she was there

I: Hi
Kalpita: Hello
I: you alone where is Kabir?
Kalpita: it is summer vacation na so he is been to there home town
I: Ok! You have not gone?
Kalpita: I ll go after the month end as my husband has some work to be finished in office

I: ok so it must be boring for you to spend time as he must be busy in office

Kalpita: yes how time I can spent on TV
I: What time sir comes from office
Kalpita: By 9 -10
I: ok I checked my watch it was 6.45 in the evening I said then you still have some 2-3 hr to spend
Kalpita: No actually he is bben to his other office in mysore for so he will be back tomorrow
I: Ok mam!

Then we split and did our shopping after finishing my shopping I found she has gone out of the store I did my billing and come out but fortunately she was waiting outside for auto I do not what happen to me I went near her and asked where she stays can I drop her.. She said no thanks as it is going to rain so is thinking of taking a auto as her house is nearby

I: ok mam as you wish I went back to my bike and about to stop I saw she asked one auto guy but he refused it seems as she was staying nearby I again wentto her with my bike!

I: Mam the rain is about to start how long u will wait for auto com I ll drop u as it is nearby you said.
Kalpita: Ok, thanks where do you stay then she sit on my back and we started to her home

I: just little further from here.

Kalpita: who all stay with you?
I: me with my 2 friend just riding after 3-4 min we are the Kims college signal it rained heavily all of a sudden and we are totally wet after signal sheasked me to take right to her house which is the same road for mine house too on reaching the place I found that she stays just the next lane of my house, ass we reached her home

Kalpita; you got wet sorry for the trouble

I: it is ok mam my house is just the next lane (for the first time I was attracted towards her and the wet clothes can give me the real impression of her figure starting form boobs, nipples navel all and she wass looking sexy)

Kalpita: ohhh really ok then why do not you come inside for a coffee or tea

I: thank you mam but I will not feel good in these wet clothes
Kalpita: She said ok fine do one thing after changing if rain stops you can come here
I: ok bye

I went to my house and changed in to my trousers and started watching Tv it was 7.15 in the evening and then after some time power went off so I went out and saw the rain was topped as I have nothing to do thought of visiting kalpita. I came down and atarted walking to her house. On reaching here home I rang the bell. She came near the door and asked who is itt as it was dark

I: It’s me Ashu
Kalpita: Who?
I: Ashu.
Kalpita: She then opened the door and greeted me inside her house and asked I thought you ll not come and good that you come, what you will like to have tea or coffee

I: tea but I prefer with zinger if you have

Kalpita: ok and she come after some time with tea and some biscuits she was looking beautiful as the candel was making here face glowing in dark
I: nice tea my cock do nt know how make good tea
Kalpita: thanks and we just talking about our family friend realative and then colleage days

I: you must have been proposed by many boys in collage

Kalpita: Shyly yes there are only 2 boys who did that bout I know many boys are behind me, but as my dad was in police! They stay away then all of sudden the power came as always! I saw the watch it was around 8.30 I said I should leave now on which she said wait for some more time as she is feeling bored.

I said ok then she got up from the sofa to pick the try to kitchen then I found she was not wearing her chudidar only salwar and when she walked the slawar was stucked in her ass crack which was huge some 42 I think. She then come back aand said it is raining hevvely I cant even go now then we started watching tv but see came and sit near to me as nothing great was coming.

I though of doing something else suddenly my eyes fall on her photo above the table with her husband. I got up and picked the photo and come back I can guess he must be bit some 8 – 10 older than her and but she was looking very pretty on the pictures

I: You look very preety on the pictures you do not have any more pics of your marriage
Kalpita: ok wait and she got off and went in to bring the album and her ass was making me crazy! What a swing she came back and sit very closly to me by stucking her breast to my shoulder. It was as if some electric current had passed through my body. I tried not to show any reaction to this incidence.

She kept them there for some time, she was wearing a salwar kameez dress and the material of the salwar felt good to me as well. We stayed like this for around 10 –15 mins.The album got over she got up and wentto chaek the rain I also followed her and it was raining too and we came back and sitting close to each other and chatting something all off sudden the power again went off she said do you need me to light a candel?

I said it is ok and switched on my cell phone lite our feet were touching, her feet were quite cold and mine were warm so she asked me if I could keep my feet on hers, which I did I was quite excited as well as I was getting a hard on. She told me that my feet were feeling quite comfortable to her and asked me if I liked the feel, I replied on the affirmative. She said I was very nice and cute and she still remember the day we meet when her son broke the rice packet.

I asked her why she liked me and she said she liked me the day she saw me. She turned to me side now and kept her leg over mine and I could feel her legs on my trouser that was cold too, her thighs touching mine. I wanted to touch her like a man would touch a woman but I could not take any initiative. She was now caressing her entire leg on mine. My cock was hurting inside my underwear. It was actually paining because it wanted to become free.

I said that she have a very pretty face and she has a very nice lips I was also completely excited so drawing courage I asked her if I could kiss her, she said I could so I kissed her on her cheeks and also kissed her on her lips, she asked me why I kissed her lips as they were to be kissed only by her husband.I said I liked her lips very much so I kissed her on her lips and said

I was very sorry if I had hurt her, she said it was all right now and told me that even I had very soft lips and they felt very good. Now we were very close and there was no gap between us, her breasts were touching my shoulder and I was enjoying the soft feel. I asked her if I could kiss her again on her lips. She said ok I kissed her on the lips but she did not respond to my kiss.but her lips were glowing with my saliva on it.

I put my hands on her breast and started kneading them through her dress, I thought I would get to fuck her but she was not responding the way I was expecting, she had somehow got back the control over herself. I told her that I was very excited for which she said she could understand but she could not do anything I am married and have a son. I told her that I had a hard on for which was hurting me very badly but she said she really could not do anything.

She said that she was sorry that she started all this but there was no way we could go further on this as this would be wrong. I was not willing to listen to anything as I was hard like rock and my 7 inch cock needed a release, I told her that my cock was paining and she said replied by saying that the only way to take care of it was intercourse and she could not do that with me.

I tried convincing her but she did not budge finally she went back and I followed her on sofa. I started feeling her breast through her dress again but she said I could do what do what I liked but she would not give her self to me. I caressed her nipples through her dress, which had become quite hard by now but she was not responding. Even when I kissed her lips she did not part them.

I then put my hand on her thighs and started caressing them, she kept on saying that I could do what I liked but she will not respond to me, I felt her cunt hair through her thighs she was lying on my side so it was becoming difficult to have access to her cunt, I kept on trying by moving my fingers further and further, finally I felt the wet spot, it was her vagina, she did not have any panties,

Now her resistance was becoming less, she turned a little to her side and this game my finger more access to her cunt, she was not saying anything now but her breathing was becoming faster and faster. Her hips were moving now in rhythm with my finger, she gave all fake resistance now opening voice she asked me to come on top of her. I could not believe my ears and she pleaded asking me to enter her wet cunt,

I removed my trouser and underwear and went down to her thighs to look at her wet pussy but as it was dark i can only see it ws glowing with her juices she asked me to came over her, . I came on top of her and she guided my cock inside her wet cunt, I entered her slowly and I put my entire 7 inched cock all the way inside, she gave out a cry, she held me very close to her and wrapped her legs around me.

I was in heaven and so was she, she felt my cock for about a minute and asked me to fuck her, she kept on saying fuck me Ashuuu , fuck me, fuck me as fast as you can, fuck me hard, fuck me more. I was too excited so within 20 fast strokes I came inside her, she wanted more but she could understand my condition. I fell on top of her for some time and then lay next to her.

She placed her hand inside my under clothes and was stroking my cock within 10 minutes my cock came to life, she was very happy to see my cock hard once again and she was totally wet and this time I rammed my cock inside her cunt in one stroke, she gasped and cried with pleasure, I started giving her fast strokes, she asked me to go all the way in and then all the way out, once I got into a rhythm I started doing it faster and faster.

This time I lasted longer and within 15 minutes she started moving her hips in rhythm to mine, she started doing the same faster and faster, she was crying yes yes. I am coming fuck me faster faster yes yes yes and she kept a hand over her mouth to keep from shouting she was panting very hard and with one strong cry of ahhhhhhh she came, she came hard she came for almost 30 seconds she was shaking with pleasure.

We departed immediately with this we both feeel week and broke in each others arms after few time i wake up and light has come and rain has also stopped and she was lying on her back sleeping peacefully. Without waking her up with my hard cock placed my cock at the wet entrance. I got access to it immediately and in one stroke rammed my complete cock,

She was totally taken by shock and gave out a small cry. So I started ramming my cock faster and faster, anjali was enjoying every bit of this fast fucking and within 15- 20 minutes. I came inside these 2 months when ever her husband is not there I have her, I love her please give feedbackk waiting 100% true

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