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Kachie Pakar Kar Ladki Bhagi

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

This story is about my   26year old younger sister getting her self being fucked by my 14 years old son. Our family consists of my self, my wife, my sister (divorced) and my son. Ours is a small house, my self and my wife use to sleep in one room. My son and my sister use to sleep in other room. One day my wife has gone to her fathers’ house  & my son was with me for his exam. In the night when I wake up I found my sister and my son Raju were talking. I thought they are still studding for the exam.

When I went near to their room I found while Raju was studying his book my sister Rani was holding his cock, giving jerks. The foreskin of his small pennies getting opened & getting closed. It was in full irection with only 4 &1/2’ long. Rani my sister sad “Raju, as I was giving jerks yesterday on you, do you want to give jerks same way with your cock. Don’t worry nothing will happen, you will get the same pleasure like masturbating.’ Saying so  Rani opened her blouse and asked Raju to  hold them. She opened Raju’s pant and took him to the bed. Rani took out her sari, blouse, bra; full-necked with36 size breasts laid on the bed took Raju on her. She wide opened her thies and along with big breast I could see her gate way. So nice red, I liked to see further, forgetting that this is my sister’s bur. Now she allowed Rajus erected small Lund to get in to her pussy. I was surprised my son Raju 14 years boy fucking my sister. My sister was holding her both bobs in both hands, pressing tight, giving up ward throw to her west. Raju's  4-1/2"  land was going clean in side and coming out of her bur (pussy).Rani was saying Raju  fuck with full speed, don’t stop, press deep in side, Raju was acting as per her advice.

She sad Raju I can not stay with out you, you know I need this game daily. I was surprised that my 14 years son is getting fucking training daily. I was also getting hot Her cunt was fully exposed and I could see her pussy lips. My land was in full length of 9” and was thinking why not to fuck my sister if she needs daily fucking. What a child  of 14 years can do. Then I found  Raju asked” Anti. are you piecing.” Rani told “no Raju this is not piecing, this is women’s discharge, I came because the pleaser of fucking attained. You will also discharge after 1 or two years when you grow young and fuck”.  I could not see further, I went to bed and tried to sleep. I did not get the slip as the land was in full erecton. I thought of going in to my sister’s room and to fuck her.

But since my son was there I masturbated and slept. Next day when Raju went to bed after dinner  I thought of opening the talk and try to fuck my sister. In the  dining table I told “ Rani , you know Raju is only 14 years & this is his time to study. I am surprised at what you are teaching  him” .she replied “ Bhaya, he is alright in study & I am taking care of him.” “No what I mean is the love making game you were teaching him yester day night.” She was shocked to hear me. “ Bhaya I am sorry, but I could not control my self at this age after diverse.” Saying so she got up  & left the dinner table. In the night before going to  bed she came with the glass of milk and kept on the stool. I told “Rani do not go to Raju’s room, he is a childe, don’t teach him sex. You can sleep here.” She did not reply. I pretended like sleeping. She came after 15-20 minutes and slept beside me. I thought  to day  is the right time to fuck her . after 30 minutes I started my game with Rani.

My heart was beating fast and I was horney so I took a chance. I carefully put my hand on her west than moved to her bobs. she didn't respond, so I put my fingers under her nightgown and slowly exposed her up to the west. Then slowly I put one of my legs on her thigh. I shifted my hand to her big boobs and found she is not objecting. She had a good body, about 5' 6", with 36"C breasts and a nice large patch of dark pussy hair. Anyway, I decided to fuck her at any cost even if she objects. When I pressed her tits she slowly Spread her legs farther apart.  I rolled her nightgown  up & her cunt was fully exposed and I could see her pussy lips. I moved closer to get a better view. Then I place a hand on her knee and slowly pushed her legs further apart, she made no response. Now I could see her pussy in all its glory! For that had a shorter nightgown on and, awhile I just looked, then I got braver. Carefully I placed my hand on my sister's bush, no reaction. Slowly I moved my hand down until my fingers were on her pussy and I began to spread her pussy lips, still no reaction. I opened her lips up wide and looked. It was a wonderful sight, pink pussy, lighter pink clitoris and the beginning of her "hole." I looked for a while and then kissed on the hole & moved my finger, touched her clit and began to rub it. She moved, I froze; then she let out a "mmmmmm" sound and actually spread her legs wider! I continued to rub and her clit grew. Next I moved my hand down and started to stroke her pussy with my finger while rubbing her clit with my thumb, no more movement. Her pussy was getting moist and I began to move a finger towards her entrance gently messaged her opening. She moved a little, but showed no signs of objection or waking up, so I inserted the tip of my finger and kept rubbing. I kept this up until my finger was all the way inside her.

Then I stopped and looked. Here was my sister; naked from the waist down, breasts barely covered, erect nipples and my finger in her cunt. That's when my harmonies took complete control, I decided to put the hot land inside and fuck her! Slowly I removed my hand, got up set under and between her legs. I pulled my paijama  down and hold my cock in one hand . My hard cock was only inches away from my sister’ pussy. I reached down and spread her open. Holding  my cock  I slowly moved it towards Rani’s pussy  and pressed on . My cock was dripping as the head touched her pussy. Slowly I rubbed it up and down on her slit, then put the tip at her entrance. I stopped, no reaction from Rani, so I inserted the tip.

Rani moved! She made another "mmmm" sound and them pushed her self up. I got the courage and whispered shall I take out all the cloths.I took out her nightgown .Rani  closing her eyes, told “bhaya please put off the light .”  “No let me see your langa badan, nacked breasts and  pink pussy while fucking” With out switching off the light  my cock was half-way inside her! My heart was beating wildly and I knew that I was going to cum. I didn't know what to do. If I pull out I  would cum all over her.

So I made the other obvious choice; I pushed my cock all the way inside her and came. She moved a little as I sprayed into her, but she stayed asleep. So I pumped into her . After I was done I withdrew cock, took off my shorts and used them to clean my sisters hole and thie. I closed her legs and went to sleep very satisfied .But wondering, Rani cot the cock  kissed and took in the mouth, I noticed that her cunt was full of sperm? I was totally tired and fucked my sister with full pleasure and satisfaction. Rani continued playing with my cock and got it hard, erected. With out asking anything she clamed over me and took my cock in her puccy. I could know that she was again in need of a fucking, I gave few jerks from bottom and she moved her buttocks up and down taking my land in her pussy. In few minutes she came, got fully satisfied and went to sleep turning her back to me.  , I had the opportunity to fuck her again that night from backside.

The circumstances were similar, she was asleep, and I pulled her nightgown up, spread her legs and fucked her pussy from the backside. The only difference was that I had a little more self control and fucked her longer, 30/35 minutes and she was awaking making sexy noises like, "bhaya fuck me hard, come in side, don’t stop, Bhain Chood I am really getting the pleasure. Fuck me even when bhabi is there. I cum  in side her tight pussy. Next day morning she was wearing a semi-transparent nightgown, she was wearing a short robe instead. It wasn't transparent but the material was thin so you could make out the outline of her nipples, prompting me to fuck her during daytime after Rraju goes to school. Since than I use to fuck my sister when ever I get the chance.  At times when my wife is ther also she has managed to give me her hot pussy. But my sister have the fucking game with my son also. Now my son is grown up 26 and gives her full pleasure when I do not get the chance of fucking her.

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