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  • September 10, 2015

First of all let me thank you for giving overwhelming response to my story. I felt encouraged. First I waited formy story to get rated story forum but could not resist myself to write some more innovative creative stories. The incident which I am recalling was when I was doing my FYBCOM. Month was of May very hot. We were having holiday for two months. I used to go n play cricket almost all the days. It was in such golden era of my life that I got an accident while playing cricket on the fields. My left leg got a fracture. I was hospitalized n brought back to home. I was nearly 20 days bedrest. Felt very difficult to walk myself.

Fortunately or Unfortunately being month of May my parents had to go out of city for one month because of my uncle’s serious illness. My parents were in dilemma whether to care me or go to see the uncle’s condition. I thought for a while and some how managed to convince my parents that they can go for the few days and I will be able to manage myself. They first refused but later thought to do the same. Now it was Saturday evening 5 pm. My parents were packing their luggage to go. Train was supposed to go by 7 pm. My mother was feeling very sad to leave me alone but had no other alternative. But being considerate, she immediately contacted our kaamwali bai whose name was radha and asked her to stay with me n take my care. First she refused but later on agreeing to give some money she agreed. At time of 6 radha came to our home. My mother explained my condition to her n my both parents left for the train. Now let me describe Radha.She was a slim statured lady of age 30.she was dark black skinned. But her facial features were having resemblance to our yesteryear actress smita patil. She had oval face n bettle leaf stained lips. She had (later came to know) very long black silky thick hairs upto ass, which she always tied in loose bun (ambada).

Till that incident I never felt any sexual inclination towards her. My parents left. Radha closed the door. I was in bedroom laying under blanket (topless) n wearing only Bermuda. I was reading romantic novel. She first started sweeping floor in hall. Slowly she cleaned the kitchen. And finally she came in to bedroom. When I took my eyes off my book n saw I was glued to that scene. What I was seeing was that she was sitting on floor on her knees n sweeping. She was wearing green saree n black tight low quality blouse. What fascinated me was she had raised her saree n peticot up n tucked it on her waist thus in result I was able to see her black hips. Her saree was also low to reveal her navel. and most exciting her pallu was covering only right boob n exposing left boob very clearly.and her blouse had 5 buttons of which 3 were open due to tightness. inside I could easily see her wearing nothing. (no bra) hence I could see her globes more clearly. I guess her sizes were 36d/24/36.her boobs very milky tanned voluptuous n pointed .her blouse were revealing her cleavages.2/3 rd of boob (left one) was almost coming out. she was in her mood sweeping. I couldn’t help to get my eyes off that scene. She was humming the song.i had a tent inside my pant.she noticed this. I felt embarrassed n guilty. But later found that she was enjoying my stares n was smiling. She asked ‘kya dekh rahe ho?” .I defended myself by mumbling ‘kuch nahi radha’.

After sweeping she went to hall. I feel she was now watching out TV .I felt mad and was thinking of means to fuck her. But was scared to do so. At evening 8:30 she came back to my room. She sat besides me. I was sleeping dreaming of her. She placed her hand on my forehead n say uttho Darshan khana taiyyar hain. I got up. I again felt current as I felt her warm palm on my forehead. I said tum khilaaoo naa.she felt shy n said thik hai.i felt excited with this response. She walked to kitchen n came back with thali.she sat besides me. placed thali on her laps.i sat front of her. She took one morsel of rice in her hands n placed near my mouth. I felt opportunity knocking my dick.i took her hand n ate that morsel n licked her hand. She responded ‘yeh kya kar rahe ho’ I replied kha raha hun.i saw lust in her eyes. I took the rice n also fed her. While she ate rice from my hands I felt her lips on my hand. I felt nice. At 9 pm we finished our dinner. I asked Radha jara mere pair dabaaaoo naaa.she said wait I will be back in few minutes. I waited eagerly for her. Then in 5 min she came n sat on bed facing me. She took my leg in her laps n started pressing them with her hands. My legs were feeling her open stomach. I purposefully placed my leg on her left boob (below nipple). I FELT electric voltage in my dick.she saw the tent in my pant.she did not said anything. I felt encouraged by her silence. I asked mera sar dabaaoo naaa. Saying I get up n laid my head on her laps now. My face was near her boobs. She started pressing her tender hands on my forehead. As she bend I had good view of her boobs. Unknowingly I tried to pull her pallu n by force of my hand her saree pallu fell from her body. I saw boobs in her black half opened blouse. My dick took form of 12 inches rod. I hold her other hand n placed it on my tent. She felt shy but also eager to go further. I started gently moving my hands on her both boobs still in black blouse. I felt as if I was having dream come true. Slowly I roughly pressed her boobs. I used to cup her both boobs n press n caress wildly like a blow horn. I pulled my pant down for her.

I was not wearing panty inside .my dick saluted her. She started moving her hands on my dick n inner thighs n jhattas. I felt magic of her hands. I said radha I am unable to hold. She started moving her hands on my balls. I moved my fingers along her borders of her black blouse. Now my fingers traversed in the open area of her boobs.on her cleavages. I gently inserted my two fingers from below her blouse as it was open. I felt her warm boobs.i managed to get my entire hand inside her left her left boob still inside blouse was under my hands. I pressed left boob wildly like a balloon. While I pressing I raised my head n started kissing her open cleavages. I kissed that part of long time. Now I brought her face near mine n deeply started kissing her lips. My other hand was caressing her back. I almost cummed in her hands. She said ufffooo yeh kya kar diya tumne.saying she cleaned my dick with her saree pallu.she again started kissing my lips wildly. Almost one hour we kissed sucked n licked each other’s face n lips n tongue. Now it was 10 pm. She felt pity for me n opened her remaining blouse buttons n pulled her blouse off. Both 36d brown tanned boobs pop out before me inviting me. I stared at those boobs wildly. She bends forward n placed her left boob near my face.

I first wildly kissed her left boob (almost every corner n part of her) left boob n licking the boob making it wet with my saliva. Now I started sucking that left boob slowly. First I only sucked her nipples. But she pushed her left boob tightly in my face. I had no option but to suck. I almost sucked that left boob to my heart content. In mean time my other hand played with her right boob.i kissed her neck earlobes shoulders armpits n again boobs.i now turned my mouth to her right boob.i started sucking her right boobs. In that time my other hand went inside her saree n was searching for her pussy.while feeding me she opened her saree loose n pulled her peticot down. (No panty inside) now I was on her laps n she was sitting completely nude. While sucking her boobs my hand explored her pussy.ohhh it was so warm. I put my one finger in her hole. Gradually almost all four fingers went deep inside her pussy.i was fingering her. She moaned ‘aaaaaaaa’ he fingered her till she I kept my face on her laps n started kissing her I started gently licking her pussy.i licked n sucked her pussy for almost one hour. Now time was 1:30 am. She now bend forward n started kissing my cock madly. I felt she was hungry for cock for many days. She started licking my cock tip gently.ohhhhhhh so tantalizing experience it was. Now she licked my cock from sideways, now licked its base. Now licked my balls too. While she was licking I moved my hands on her head.i loosened her ambada (bun) n her long black silky hairs fell all over my thighs .I felt very wild n mad. My cock took its original form instantly. She started sucking my cock. While she moved her head on my cock up n down I pulled her hairs. I pulled her hairs n pushed my dick in her mouth. I almost fucked her mouth to my hearts content. Now it was 2 am.i pushed her on bed. I asked her to lay on her stomach.

She obeyed. I saw her back n brown tomato sized buttocks. I started pressing fondling her buttocks like a sponge. I kissed n licked her ass.all her long black silky hairs were at her back till her while I was fingering her ass I lay on her n kissed n licked all over her back. I kissed all over her hairs. They were smelling awesome. Now I sat n spread her legs wide. I pointed my dick (10 inch) onto her ass.i took her long hairs in my hands n pushed my dick in her tight ass.first it went half in. then I pushed more forcefully. Now my entire cock was in her was warm. I started fucking her ass n pulling her long hairs. I fucked her ass for half an hour. At 2:30 am I put my cock out. Now I made her lay facing me. I bend over her n pushed my cock in her pussy.she pulled me over her body. Hugged me. I started fucking her pussy wildly like a dog. She moaned like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA 000000000 UUUUUUUUUU MMMMMMMMMMMMM”. Finally at 3 am I released my loads of cum into her holy pussy.i made her pussy wet all over. I felt on her body. She hugged me n kissed me wildly. It was 4 am. We slept in same position till morning. Till my parents came home, I fucked her almost all day and in all possible positions. Sometimes I made her sit nude on my laps n read out ISS (INDIAN SEXSTORIES) With her. After someday I heard that radha became pregnant. I felt sense of achievement for making someone’s life LIVELIER AND MEANINGFUL. So friends now I am still looking for long haired ladies who want to become pregnant. Any one there please mail me with your photocopy. My EMAIL:

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