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  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

My sexual escapades started when I was very young. This happened when our worker maid Latha seduced me. My family is a rich farmer family in a village near Ujjain. We had plenty of workers, male as well as female being a rural area, explicit dresses were common. Latha was a new worker who started coming to our farm after getting married to our worker.

She was extremely beautiful and was looking like a seductress since I was a Brahmin boy I was fair in complexion. She became very close to me as she used to work mostly in our house. She used to touch me and sometimes used to fall on me as if it was an accident at that time it did not mean much to although sexual feelings had started to come over me.

So naturally I used to get aroused by these acts. One day I was sitting on the floor of our go down processing grains and Latha was bringing grain. She came near me and told chote babu if you close your eyes and then open I will show you something special. I immediately agreed and closed my eyes. She came very near to me and then asked me to open my eyes. I was shocked from what I saw.

Latha was standing in front of and had lifted her saree and I was staring at her hairy cunt! Actually my face was inches away from the smelling cunt. I got embarrassed and tried to look away but in my body testosterone was fully flowing and I was a man of steel inside my nicker. Latha giggled and told me and babu just look at it. It is natural and is not a crime.

You will have to see many more of these and if you want, just touch it also. You can make me happy getting bold I put my hands on a grown up cunt of a lady for the first time in my life. Latha now selected my middle finger and forced it into her cunt. It was very sticky. Latha was moaning now and was rocking her waist so much so that she was making a boy to finger fuck her and after a while she suddenly pulled out my finger and forced my face to her smelling cunt.

So that she opened lower lips were in my mouth. I was amazed that this dalit lady was virtually raping a Brahmin boy by now Latha was uncontrollable and forced me to lie on ground but saw that her cunt lips were inside my mouth. She turns to 69 positions pulled out my steely but fresh Lund into her mouth, sucking it as if it was her last in a short while I became tense and I started spraying the thick fluid for the first time which I later came to know as semen.

By now she was grinding her cunt on my mouth so furiously that I thought my teeth would break. Heavily breathing, latha got up and started kissing me that too deep inside the mouth by now my Lund started looking skywards and Latha did not waste much time. She lied on the floor, separated her legs wide apart, asked me to go between them and mount her.

She was so impatient that as soon as I touched her cunt lips with the Lund bulb, she forced me inside her cunt, locked my back with her strong legs, rolled over like dogs and came over my top and fucked me furiously in one hand she pulled open her blouse and made me suck her melons. Her hips were gyrating with power and in no time I ejaculated inside her cunt.

This first hard experience led to many more with her and in due course she induced me to fuck my own mother also. Latha was so arrogant about sex that she used to hug me and put her hand inside my groin even in front of other lady workers. Whenever she used to come drunk, she used to be more furious and one day she laid in the floor of our cow shed in front her co worker, Renuka and forced me to mount her compelling Renuka to make advances towards me.

In the days to come leading own another sex locks between her and me and when drunk, Latha would be like tigress and would say sexy things while I mounted her. She would scold me then that I being a Brahmin is fucking a Dalith and instead of that I should first go and mount my own mom. I got shocked and told her that this is sin then Latha said, how can you say that it is a sin?

Your mother also is pretty erotic and on many occasions I have seen her scratching her cunt. She should be having pretty white thighs and if you can open it and press her bush, she would definitely like you to spread her cunt lips and put your rod inside your holy hole through which you came to this world and I just could not digest all these but this made me to dream about my mom’s cunt also.

One day she told me to proceed boldly and disrobe my mom and fuck her. I decided to take chance and grabbed my innocent mom, Madhu. She got shocked and ran outside to our shed, where Latha was standing. She asked mom what is wrong. Mom told that I was trying to misbehave with her and then Latha told Mom not to worry. why don’t you cooperate with your son?

He is doing what your husband has been doing with me. If your husband can eat my cunt and mount me regularly, why can’t you do the same with your own son? Mom was shocked to hear the same and by now I had again grabbed her and had put my hand inside her groin as told by Latha, Mom had thick bush and I forced open her under lips and put my finger inside it. Latha, meanwhile, encouraged mom by telling that it is perfectly normal.

By now I had forced mom to lie on ground and put my mouth into her dripping cunt lips. Latha now did the sudden action by lifting her saree and put her own thick bush in the face of mom and ground the same and by now mom also war aroused and started by gradually spreading her strong white thighs. I came between her thighs and put my rod bulb at the mouth of her cunt hole. Mom locked her legs behind me and forced my rod inside. I started my to and fro journey and in due course I ejaculated my semen inside my own mom’s cunt.

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