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Just Like First Night

  • desipapa
  • December 8, 2015

Suddenly shuvo woke up at the middle of the night.he had to go to the he slowly walking through the toilet,but he suddenly stopped.his room was at the north end of their house & toilet was at the south he had to pass beside his mother’s room.shuvo looked that although the door closed,window is still open & light was on at their he was very curious to see what was going on.he care fully hide pulled the curtain of the window & got a thousand volt shock!
At one side tv was on & a xxx movie was running by dvd the other side was a bed where his naked father raj was lying on his beautiful mom anjali’s belly.anjali was only on a red petticoat,raj’s tool was completely erected & he was trying to cares anjali,but her she was giggling naughtily and saying,oh no,what are you doing,our child’s are adult now,we shouldn’t do this at this stage,but his father said,come on darling,don’t be absurd,u r my wife & we r not that old,so it can make both of us more happy.

But anjali was still restricting his father and saying,if you have to do that,u should try it to another lady.hearing this raj laughed & said where will I get a lovable sexy middle aged lady?his mom again replied with a strange naughty smile,”in our house ,such kind of woman exists.his dad wad fully surprised & asked curiously who is she?go maje her ready to me & I will leave you at once.shuvo’s mom replied,leave ne & I will make her ready anyhow,she is your mom!hearing this both shuvo & his father”s heart got another shock,but his father said eagerly that-“if you make my mom agree to fuck me,I will be owe to you forever.

Anjali said let me go & I will send her raj let her go & anjali walked to the west side of the room where is another door(it is the entrance of her mother in law’s law’s room).she knocked the door several times,so her mother in law(shuvo”s grandmother) opened the door & asked what happened.

Anjali again replied with a naughty smile that-mom,your son have bought a very special movie & he wants to watch & enjoy it with you.shuvo’s grand mom replied -”really?ok let us enjoy & she stepped forward.anjali said-mom I had to go to my little son shuvo to check that whether he need help or not” & stepped forward to the main shuvo had to go to bed very quickly & pretend that he was in deep asleep.

When anjali entered shuvo’s room,she looked that shuvo’s cock was full erected,she thought it is for she went to to him & call him gently.shuvo opened his eyes & said “what happened mom” .anjali replied-yiu have to go to toilet,make your bladder empty & drink my milk(although shuvo was 15 years old & he is in class ten,anjali breast-feeded him regularly).

Shuvo said ok mom,let’s both of then went to toilet.coming back,both of them lying in bed end shuvo started to suck her juicy nipple gently.although every day he drinks his mom’s breast,today he can’t concentrate on sucking,because today he see his mom in a different view.he became hornier about thinking about fuck his he started suck deeply & quickly.

His mom moaned ohhh.shuvo asked what happened mom,anjali replied-”probably something dropped on my hair” & raise her both hand to his hair khopa & raising arm,her sweat smell was make shuvo more hornier,he started to take his breath deeply to enjoy his mom’s sexy smell.his tool was completely erected and reached his mom’s leg& pushed there gently.

Anjali’s both hand was in her head,she sudennly openned her khopa,so her long black silky hair was flowing & moving nicely.the smell of his mom’s hair made shuvo the horniest man in the earth.he decided to fuck her mom today any he makes a plan & stopped sucking suddenly.

Anjaki was surprised & said,’what happened honey?shuvo replied-mom I’ve got a question,can I ask u?anjali replied of course,you are my son-so you can ask me anything.shuvo said-mom,why man’s & woman’s sex organs are not same,anjali replied because of sex.shuvo said -”explain please”.anjali replied-do you know the details about sex?shuvo answered-”no mom”.

Anjali said ok,listen carefully,saying that she removed her petticoat completely.”see here the little whole under my navel is my pissing place & just under there much bigger while is my sex organ.your father enter his sex organ to this,but before entering the sex organ,this place had to awake.shuvo pretend to be astonished-mom,awake?u mean ur sex organ has life?anjali once again smiled back naughtily-of course it has life.

Shuvo asked,ok,tell me then how can it be awaken?anjali replied at first by pressing finger at that area.shuvo said-mom can I please press my finger at your sex tool?anjali’s naughty smile back & replied,ofcorse ,why shuvo started to press his finger in his mom’s vagina.anjali atrted moaning-oh.ahhhafter pressing five minutes,shuvo said-mom,is there any other way to awake it?anjali giggled &said strangely-yes, &that is the most perfect option.shuvo asked curiously-what?anjali said-sucking it.

once again shuvo pretend to be astonished-mom sucking?anjaki said yes,when some one can suck this place well,sex became more tasty,do you want to suck my vagina?shuvo said-ofcourse mom,I am very eager to test your sex tool.anjali said the taste of that place may not make you happy,so bring the honey-pot here.shuvo stand up & did so.

Now anjali opened the honey pot & poured all the honey of that little pot to her vagina.she was rubbing & messaging honey over her cunt.this make shuvo very she said-mom,I can’t wait,can i start sucking right now?anjali nodded her was enough for shuvo,he started licking & sucking his beautiful mom’s vagina.anjali started first slowly,but when shuvo sucking quickly like hungry & thursty man,she begin moaning loudly,ahh.ohhuhhh ……… aaahh.

Ten minutes have passed & shuvo was still last anajli became the highest level of excitement.she shouted,oh shuvo hust remove your mouth & start fuck!shuvo said how well o fuck? anjali said-enter your sex tool to my vagina,then push & pull,push & pull continuously.this command was more than enough for a horny teenager like shuvo .he gently keep his fully erected cock on his mom’s vagina & then pushed gently.penis went just a little & anjali shivered with a au..

Then shuvo pushed his cock slowly,his 9 inch long & two inch wide cock was vanished in anjali’s ass hole in no time,shuvo gently started to fuck his young mom in missionary style.anjali encouraging jim by saying oh, shuvo,fuck me…fuck hard increase your speed,shuvo said ok mom ,I am trying & started fucked her faster.anjali was moaning ah … ….. hummm ……… shuvo now find the full rhythm.he started to press anjali’s breast in one hand,in the mean time his other hand was busy to ass fucking his mom from backwards.

Suddenly shuvo lowered his head took anjali’s right breast in his mouth,whole her left breast was pressed by shuvo’s right hand.shuvo was enjoying it very much & so was anjali.they started to kiss each other passionately.when shuvo started to french kissed his mom.anjali also replied well.there first love kiss went 10 minutes,while second kiss took another 7/8 minutes.

There was a loud thap, thap, poch, poch foch, foch pokat, pokat in that room for fucking+kissing.shuvo was pressing one boob of anjali and sucking the other one like hungry baby,whole her to whole was fucking by hus son’s cock and another hand.she feels an exotic climax.she grabbed shuvo hardly with his body & her nail went on shuvo’s backbone.

Anjali has ejaculated already to times & felling that another orgasm is coming.she shouted’oh shuvo hold me tight i am coming….uh ahhhshuvo replied I am coming as well.oh mom I can’t hold it anymore.please take me oh. ahhhhh. ……..

Finally shuvo’s strong long cock ejaculated in his mother’s cunt in few stokes,a lot of semen came jet after jet.anjali moaned ahhh hh aaaah hhhhhu mmm & shuvo collapsed on his mom.

After some time they were caressing & kissing each other & made another love session.this time anjali was upon his teen aged son & it was much longer session than previous time.

They made love that night for morning anjali was making breakfast,suddenly his mother in law came to the kitchen.anjali asked her,mom have you enjoyed that special movie with your son.this time shuvo’s grandmother smiled naughtily & said-not only the movie,but also we enjoyed the whole night with my son,what’s about you?mom replied -me too enjoyed very much,my loving son didn’t let me sleep the whole night.

It happened in the middle of January.nine months later,in October,few days before of durga puja(India’s biggest festival).when,all there relative scheduled to visit shuvo’s home to enjoy durga puja together.shuvo announced a urgent family that meeting shuvo said-”we are here for a big decision and that is about a marriage.I am proudly saying that mom is pregnant by me,I loved her very much,I love her still now & I will wabt to love her forever,so I want to marry my mom.that’s all”.

Shuvo’s elder brother said that marriage is not that is a festival of huge cost.who will take this responsibility?but his elder sister gave the solution.she said our maternal uncle should take half responsibility(as the guardian of bride) & dad shold take the other half(as the guardian of shuvo).then everybody approved it.

Later that day,when inly shuvo,hus mom anjali & his elder sister was home,his elder sister asked shuvo-dude,you little boy,how lucky you are ,make your mom as wife in teen age & mom you are lucky as well,but you are smart too,how was the beginning & how many times were you make live in a day?

Anjali replied with a naughty smile-at least 5/6 times a day.some days were countless.but why you call me smart?sister answered,making his son to his lover isn’t a fool’s business.both of then laughed together & shuvo joined with them as well.

At last the marriage day came.shuvo went to his room where hos bride anjali was waiting eagerly.they grabbed each other deeply & starting love making.In the middle of there live session shuvo asked his wife(mom)-how are you feeling sweety?anjali replied once again with that naughty smile-‘’Just like our first night’’!

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