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Just Another Sexy Summer

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi this Bobby again,thanx for sending me your appreciation for my former story especially thanx to does hot women who have sent their mails saying they liked the story,well a nother story for those hot women out there,Women can mail me telling me how they liked this story and if they would lov to get hooked with my BIG BLACK DONG BETWEEN MY LEGS. ( )

Another summer on the rise and with its coming, all the skimpy skirts and tank tops strolling around town. I always looked forward to summertime, especially since it gave me the chance to display my built up body. At 5’8″, I am muscular 184 lbs. I was also very handsome with cinnamon brown skin. And with those types of features, it was never a problem attracting women. But as much as I would’ve loved to be out on the hunt, I was on the call to work. However, that day at my job wasn’t as disappointing as I thought. After a long and tedious bus ride, I finally arrived to work. Work was at a place, one of the most glamorous department stores in the nation. More specifically, I worked in the lady’s shoe dept., catering to women’s feet all day, every day. With that kind of status brought an array of women. Day in and day out I would be on board the girl-watching train. And this day particularly was gonna be a good one. My boss had brought in a new girl to the shoe team. To my surprise, it was my Aunt Tina. I was pretty much breathless. Although she knew that I worked there, she chose to be there regardless.

And for some strange reason, neither of us confessed to being relatives or even knowing each other. During the introductions, I made sure to get a good long look at her and I liked what I saw and at 36 years old, she looked 10 years younger. Aunt Tina, as I called her, looked different. She used to be so conservative, but since the divorce from my uncle, she was more dynamic. She was wearing a thigh-length miniskirt with a matching styled top and open-toed sandals. This woman had it all. Aunt Tina was about 5’7″ and around 145 lbs. Every delicious ounce was put to good use. Her tits were DD’s and she had a big fat ass. Whenever she turned around that ass would just stick out from under her skirt. Aunt Tina also showed off her thick milky thighs along with her sexy feet. Any woman who’s known me knows about my fetish for pretty feet. As the day progressed, the two of us kept glancing at each other. During that time, I found myself being attracted to my mother’s sister and felt no shame. Besides, something told me she had a purpose for being here. As luck would have it, we constantly ended up close to each other while in the back working. Sooner or later, someone had to say something. “Aunt Tina what are you doing here?” “Dante, aren’t you happy to see me?” “Well….yeah. I’m really happy to see you!” With that, she looked at me with a sinful grin. “Well, your auntie needed a job, so I remembered what you said about Nordstrom. And I figured I’d come down here and apply. I also wanted to surprise you and that’s why I didn’t tell you.” “But Aunt Tina, why didn’t you tell the boss or anyone that you’re my auntie?” “Because I didn’t want to.” With those words, I realized that my Aunt Tina was shamelessly flirting with me. We talked and flirted pretty much the whole day and I discovered that she had always harboured a small crush on me compared to my mouth-watering crush on her. Since it was near closing time and we were the only ones scheduled to close up, we figured we might as well get an early start.

We picked our respective tasks and headed upstairs to the many high walls of shoes. She chose to stack the boxes while I proceeded to mark them. As she stood atop her stool stretching to reach boxes, I sat on mine staring at her behind then the backs of her thighs and down those wonderfully smooth calves to her feet. Having burning holes through her body, my dick was stiff and I mean stiff. I never really measured my dick, but it was long, black, fat, and strong. Every one of my victims became a victim at the sight of it. One girl even referred to it as the Bulldozer. Breaking me out of my trance was Aunt Tina, asking for me to hold her so she didn’t fall. I was licking my chops as I took hold of her hips. She really seemed to enjoy my firm grip as she started to gyrate her hips into my hands. Being the red-blooded man that I am, I then moved my hands to her big fat fanny and rubbed and squeezed her globes for my enjoyment. I then slid my hands down Tina ‘s thighs and further down her legs. “You like that huh Mr. Bobby?” “I’m just peepin your merchandise. I’m a careful consumer.” “Well Mr. Bobby, don’t fondle the merchandise unless you plan to buy.” “How do you know what my plans are Ms. Tina?” “I don’t Mr. Bobby.” After our little confrontation, we no longer cared about being flirtatious with words. It was time for some action. A couple minutes later, both of us decided to take a little break. While sitting down, Tina slid off her sandals and said, “You gonna do me a favour and rub my feet?” While awaiting my answer she looked me directly in the eyes as if to know that I’d been watching her feet all day long. Without further hesitation, I took hold of her legs and feet and placed them in my lap. I began to massage her the bottoms of her feet and her toes, then rubbing the ankles with my moist palms. Enjoying herself, Tina started rubbing her legs and thighs together in my lap. With every brush of her calves over my groin, a small mountain was forming as a result of my stiffening dick. “Ohh, ooh ohh Bobby that feels so good.

Bobby! Oh shittt!” “You like that huh Auntie? You like rubbing your feet on my dick don’t you Auntie Tina?” Suddenly, Tina sprang to her bare feet. With a look of confusion and guilt, made for an escape. ” Bobby, we cannot do this! I’m your Auntie! I’m your mother’s sister!! This is all my fault. The only reason I came here was to have sex with you,to get fucked by my handsome big black cocked ….my own nephew.” With those words, my Aunt Tina confessed to me. She had planned this out. However, that changed nothing because it only turned me on more. I wanted my Auntie badly. “So what Aunt Tina. What’s wrong with us screwing? I would love to fuck you!” “Don’t say those dirty words to me, Bobby its turning me on especially your body and that big bulge in your pants.” Tina then picked up her shoes, still barefooted and attempted to leave, only to find out that we had been locked in the store. All the lights were out and it was just us two there alone. I quickly followed her downstairs and satisfied with the mood, I walked to her. She kept backing up until her back was against the wall. “Please don’t. Bobby don’t. Sensing her desires, I wet her lips with mine. “Mmmm….We can do that”, I told her. “Mmmpph…..Stop Bobby …mmmpphh. Baby stop kissing me I wont be able to control my self PLEASEZZZZZ.” “I don’t want to.” “Ohh….God! Bob… Bobby feelin on me, stop touching me my slutty pussy is getting on fire.” As more NO’s exited her mouth, so did more grunting and panting. “Oh Damn Aunt Tina, I’m gonna fuck the shit outa you!” “No Bobby, you can’t fuck your auntie!” In opposition to her words, she began squeezing and rubbing my cock. After the first feels, she shot a look of astonishment on her face. “What the FUCK Bobby?? You wanna fuck me with that BEEFSTICK? Is that what you wanna do to me? You want to pound my sweet small pussy with that huge thing” and with a quick motion, she yanked my pants, fell to her knees,she would’nt take her eyes of my thing and then she started licking the head of my cock. After the torturous teasing, I shoved my Staff down her throat and watched her suck and slurp.

“Oh shit…ahhh…oohhh. Damn…oh shit! Suck it, suck my big fat black dick you slut you fuckin hoare ! I know you like it slut.After I finish fucking your tiny pussy of a mouth and gona fuck ur pussy hard till you faint bitch,from now on your hot body is for me only slut,am gona tear your ass with my meat ” She was enjoying every abuse I had for her I could see my abuses were making her hot in her pussy which was now dripping cum continuously.Then I just started fucking her hot mouth with brute force wanting to empty my balls, but knowing better, I pulled out. After I helped her to her feet, I lifted her thigh against my waist groping her firm flesh and fondling her big buns and her juicy calves while my other hand was rubbing and squeezing her big tits. “Ohh Bobby, what about me being your auntie and you being my nephew? It’d be wrong for you to stick your thing in my little cunny.” “That just makes me want to fuck you even more Aunt Tina.” That said, we fell to the floor, missionary style. I began by brushing the head of my cock against Tina ‘s pussy lips. “Maybe we shouldn’t Bobby. No, Don’t fuck me its too fuckin big for my pussy you will tear my pussy apart.” I began deep kissing at first slowly moving my hands from her neck and slowly I moved my nails on her nipples to her sexy navel on circles and kept on doing the same thing again n again But with every touch, those moral fibers got weakened and her cunt got more plump and was oozing wetness without stop.

Then she cried out “OH Bobby, PLEASE FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW YOU NASTY BOY! FUCK YOUR AUNTIE!” I needed no more of an invitation, I probed her little cunny, pulling out and stroking in, building the friction between flesh. “Ahhh Yesss! Ohh Damn….I’M FUCKING YOU BITCH,AUNT Tina!!” I kept pounding, feeling my balls slap against her bare fleshy ass. “You like calling me Auntie while you fuck me? Huh Bobby, You like it?” I could only whimper, “yesss.AUNTY I liiiike itt TO FUCK UR TIGHT PUSSYYYYYYY.” “KEEP DOING IT TO ME…I’M A LITTLE FUCK-WHORE AND I LIKE IT! FUCK YOUR BIG-TITIED WHORE AUNTIE! Ooohh…Uhh..Oh God!OH OH OH OOOOOOOH” She kept on cumming and I wouldn’t stop pounding my dick the way I always fuck a woman as if today is the last day of my life. “Ohh Fuck….Shit!!” With that, I busted my nuts in my aunt’s cunt. After our fuck session, we fell asleep for two hours only to wake up for some midnight fucking! After that day she wouldn’t let me of unless I fucked every hole of hers,as only the size of my meat would fit her perfectly which she would say,WHY IT HADNT HAPPENED EARLIER.

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