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Joy For Behna

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Well friends I am nasir came back with my sister shazia it is an old story of our love so I didn’t want to make all of u bore that’s better lets enjoy all the girls me n all the boys my sister here comes the true story. I am in navy i am tall and smart boy at that time I am 21 and I have many girl friends and i play many sex games with all of us but i can’t fuck any Gf..

I have tow sisters both r very beautiful one is older than me and she is married in 1998 and after that she goes to Canada with her husband my other sister is 2 years younger than me her name is Shazia she is also tall and she have very sexy body (34-26-36) also she is wearing loess dress and when she came down her beauty full boobs r seeing easily i see her beauty full boobs many times and proud on my sister figer but I don’t imagine fucking her.

That story is like that one fine day when i came to my home for my holiday vacation after one day my papa say me that “Nasir bata mee or tumhari ammi zara tumhari khala ke ghar Hyderabad ja rhai hai tum zara apni behan ka khual rakhna hum do char din mee ajain gay” i said to papa don’t worried I am take care of her i know that her BSC exam r going on and she is studying in her room after evening when ammi papa goes to Hyderabad i go to my pc and connect my net and open my favorite web site “” on that day i read many story like gf fuck, father fuck and etc after that i see a story about sister fuck and i read that story and enjoy that very much and after that i am open desipic and open many xxx web sites after that my dick is hard like rocket and i put off my jeans and under wear and rub it surprises my sister is came on my room and saw me necked and she only said “Bhai ya tum kya kar rahay hoo” I am shocked and put my paints and under wear on and off my pc and go to my sister room and say her sorry sister please don’t say that ammi papa she is smiling and said ok but he tells me that first u give me a hot cup of coffee .

I said her ok and go to kitchen and prepare a cup off coffee for her Suddenly i take and idea and prepare my mind to fuck my sister i got a trick and i put some slipping piles which is easily dissolve in water or a coffee that sleeping pills of my ammi because doctor prescribe her for sleeping ammi take these tablets only one and dissolve it in water and she take a deep sleep after few minutes but i dissolve four tablets after that i came back to my sis room i see she is writing some thing I give her a cup of coffee and she maid smile and said Bhai u done bad don’t do it again i said ok behan and i am back to her room door her back on my face i clearly see her but she is not see me i see her she take one or two sip of coffee and a cup drop on her table and write continues after few minutes she take one or two sip of coffee and put cup on table after half hour she is finish last sip and down her body on table without any motion and i am very happy at that time because my trick is working i came near to her and say her name Shazia Shazia but she didn’t reply me i push her but she is not reply and i put her on my both hand and get her down on her bad and after that i un hocked her cloth first i put off her kameez after that i see her boobs slightly covered with pink bra and after that i put off her bra also .

I put all my dress accept my underwear i am first time my sister beauty full body necked i suck her boobs and hear her voice ahmahhhh and i suck her boobs her boobs nipple harder and harder after that i put off her shalwar and i am very happy when i see that she is never wear panties her pussy was shaved and well in shaped i suck her pussy and after that i put off my under wear and my 8″ big and thick (Lund)dick appear i put my dick on my sis soft but hot pussy and slowly slowly entering her pussy when my dick enter full in her pussy i am jumping my dick up and down and my sis voice is in sleep is ahhh ooooohhhhh and i enjoyed it when my juice came i put my dick off on pussy and put all on her face and after that i kiss all her body any wash her body by cloth and put her cloth and on same position i put her on my hand and sit her on her study table like that when she is writing after that i go to my room and sleep fast after 2 day my parents came back to home and said every thing ok i said happily yes papa and after one week i came back to my ship. Any girl like to know about fuck lesson tell me on ” ” thanks for now will join all of u soon. bye

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