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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
Hello to all my fellow readers I would like to share one of my true life incident with you,I am 6ft1inch,fair,average built .This incident happened with me on my journey from New Delhi to Mumbai via Rajdhani Express 2 months back,I was travelling alone by IInd A/c  and it was just 5 minutes for the train to leave and still in my cabin (which had 3 other seats vaccant) no other passenger had come and i had almost thought that I would be all alone in the cabin till Mumbai and got engrossed in reading a magazine and just as the train was to depart a sweet voice called out her seat number and was trying to locate it by inquiring from  the attendant present in the coach, lucky me it was in my cabin and i did become a little attentive as to see who my neighbour is going to be for my journey and my heart just skipped a beat on seeing this pretty girl  around 23years wearing a blue top and black jeans coming inside the cabin and we exchanged hi’s with each other and i helped put her luggage which she wasn’t carrying much and now the journey begins.We were sitting across each other she had a wheatish complexion almost 5ft 6inches height, black  hair, small black eyes which were quite striking on her  round face and having  firm breasts and just perfect in size, a model like body and nice long slender legs with a silky smooth skin and just imagine a beauty like this sitting just across and I tried to hide my hard on by going for a walk in the train so that i cool down a bit and think of something to get laid with her in the train itself. Things went on normal between the two of us for a while between us. She told me her name is Sheetal and  she is from Delhi and going to Mumbai for some job interview for a call center and would be staying  with her sister for 3 days and stuff like that to which I wasn’t paying much attention but I had to bid my time and get involved in a conversation with her so as to get more friendly with her and soon time was passing with our itsy bitsy conversation and still I couldn’t think of something concrete to succeed in my plan and then it was already night and dinner was served and then it was time to sleep and sheetal started to prepare her bed, I drew the curtains and started to make my bed and cursing myself for missing this opportunity then  sheetal said that if I don’t mind I switch out the lights of the cabin and I did so and put on the reading light on my berth and pretending to read a magazine and still thinking of how to get her and then again she said that she can’t sleep as the light is disturbing her and I replied that I am not feeling sleepy at all then she said try to close your eyes and you will surely feel sleepy after a sometime to which i replied that it won’t work as I consider myself to  be in a dream world as of now as i still can’t believe that such a beautiful girl is travelling  with me. Then there was silence for a while and I thought she didn’t like what I said or must have forced herself to sleep and I thought I blew my only chance that I had got.

Thats when I  heard her sweet voice saying that this beautiful sexy girl is asking you to shut the light to which I said only on one condition that I need a hug and a goodnight kiss and then there was complete silence and I was just looking towards her to judge her reaction and then she pointed her hand towards me signaling me to come towards her and instantly I caught her hand and caressing it  moved towards her she covered her face with blanket and again said first shut the light and I had no option but to do as told  still holding her hand I managed to shut off the lights and  came next to her  removed the blanket covering her face she was still lying and with my other free hand I put it under her on her back and tried lifting her so that she too is in a sitting position  she understood what I  and now with my one hand holding and caressing her hand and the other caressing her back I sat along side her and  still continued doing so as she was getting aroused as she too put her other hand on my back. I then let go of her  hand got my both hands on her back  at the same time pushed a little so that both of us get more close to each other and now we where so close to each other I could feel the softness of her breast on my chest  my hands where roaming freely all over her back and giving her soft gentle kisses on her neck and  both her hands were on my back her grip was getting tighter and on top of that the jerks we were getting by the moving train was creating a terrific affect on us and this went on for sometime. 

I then put my left hand under her top and was feeling her smooth back and gave soft kiss on her lips and she too was liking it as she caught my hair with her hand and was moving my lips over her face where she wanted to be kissed I then with my right hand started  raising her kurti  at the sametime unhooked her bra with my left hand giving her no time to react  she too knowing the position she was in and at the same time enjoying it herself she helped me to remove her top and bra I also  removed my my t-shirt and now we were completely bare bodied from top and I was relishing myself with sucking her tits and squeezing them alternately and our lips where engrossed in a french kiss and her nails were buried on my back and I was getting this amazing sensation of  pleasure and pain at the same time we remained in this position for 15 minutes and I was in no hurry to finish of things so quickly but being a moving train we both just had one fear that neither of us moans loudly so as to attract attention of fellow passengers. Meanwhile my erection was getting unbearable and it was just dying to get out  having no other option I undid my jeans and undies in one motion and not giving her much  time to know what has happenened i gave her a slight push so that now she was lying and I came on top of her and started fondling and caressing her nipples with my fingers and licking and kissing her navel and she was getting hotter and hotter with each passing moment  she too unzipped her jeans I pulled her jeans and panty which was wet with all kissing down till her knees caressing her smooth thighs with one hand inserting one finger inside her cunt and got her hand to hold my penis she started slowly and gently moving her hand all over the length of it  this went on for some time  then I stopped fingering her as her cunt juices were flowing freely and she was well lubricated and she got my penis to the enterance of her hole I gave a firm push  my penis went all the way in  she too took all the 7 inches readily in her pussy (she not being a virgin which I found out later)  we soon settled into nice rhythm we went on like this for 10 mins and she came once and my cum was also building up and I too started increasing the pace and giving her strong jerks after 2 minutes I was ready to cum she too was ready to for another orgasm and just as her body started to tighten in anticipation of her orgasm I further increased my pace and as she started to release her  orgasm I took  out my penis and jerked myself  all over breasts and stomach. 

After having a simultaneous climax I cleaned up my cum from her body pulled up her panty and jeans from her knees and helped her put on her bra and kurti in return got a nice big hug and a kiss from her. Suddenly the train  started to slow down and thinking that a station might be approaching I too jumped to my berth and wore my clothes and as both of us were exhausted by our love making that we were woken up in morning  by the train attendant serving us breakfast and mentioning that Mumbai is just an hour away so better hurry up with our breakfast.     

While having breakfast Sheetal asked me to promise her that I won’t try to meet her again as she already  engaged to her boyfriend and they too  are physical with each other  and don’t want her boy friend to suspect anything has ever happened between the two of us for which I gave her my word. I too asked her one thing before we departed that if she is committed to her boy friend then why did she have sex with me to which she said that she was also attracted to me since the time she was  in the train with me and had decided that incase I do make any moves she would respond. Rest as you all know is history my dear friends.

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