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Joint Family Aur Sex Ka Maza

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

HELLO, all desipapa readers my name is Zara .let me describe my self i am 21.and my figure is 36.27.30.We are four sisters and one brother.

Our father lives in dubai,he works there and our mother is an army docter ,we live in first sexual experience was with my brother he is at age of 16.My BIGGEST she is two years older than me she is 36.30.32.her name is sara.And third sister is 19,she is 34.26.29.She has an marvelous sexy body,but she does not like sex,she prefers sex only his life partner.than its our brother,and our smallest sister she is age of 12. We all three sisters sleep in one room,one it was saturday morning mother had to go in an emergency,she left early i made breakfast for my smallest sister she had to go to school,when she went i thought i should have a nap.

After some time i opened my eyes and i couldnot believe what i saw it was our brother touching his hands on sara’s large breasts.sara was in deep sleep,than he came towards me i pretended to be sleep.he touched his hands on my breasts and started to squeze it i was full of sex than he took out his tool and threw hot semen on my curves which were easily seen from my low cut kameez,and he left the room quickly. When we all woke up i thought i should give him a good show so i bent in front of him so that he can see my white breasts caged in my pink tight bra.

I gave him glipses of my breast and made him mad.than i thought i should show him something else i went in the room to change i knew he was looking from the keyhole so i first took of my kameez and unhooked my bra and allow my breaststo come outmy big mellons was in front of him i was showing my large mellons to my own brother than i opened my shalwar and showed him my cleaned shaved pussy,i was a virgin.

Than i had an idea i went to the door and suddenly opened the door my poor brother fell in the room with his 8 inch cock in his hand i closed the door from behind and asked him what he was doing he was ashamed and was trying to hide his erection than i took his tool in my hand and started to masturbrate it slowly and than took it in my mouth.

I said you son of bitch you want to fuck your own sister so fuck her now he threw me on the bed and jumped on me took my nipples in his mouth and suked it hard and opened my pussy lips and allowed his tool in me with great force an d i was no more a virgin he fucked me like a dog and he fulfilled all my desires and in few minutes he threw his sperm on my face and left me in the room naked and blood coming out from my pussy,i stood up i could not walk it was so pain i wore a sanitary napkin my sis thought i was having my periods now adays i have sex with my brother i will tell you in my next episode i really liked having sex but it was my brother.i give him my body he fulfill my desires…….e mail me at []

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