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  • September 18, 2015

Hello to all the fans of this site. I am pradeep from Jodhpur. 24 year old,slim unmarried boy. and I am going to tell you about lovemaking beetween two girls. this incident occured before 2 year’s ago.   there are two families living in my neighbour. in mr. raju’s familily 4 member’s living mr. raju, mrs. raju 7 year son & 16 year old monika and in mr. mahesh’ family 3 member husbend wife and a daughter monika. both girs are very goods friend.this story i heared from both girls’s our relationship.  monika’s dad didn’t even know that she knew about his cache of X-rated videos he had hidden on the top shelf of bed room closet. monika had found them purely by accident when she was looking for an extra blanket last winter. What she found under the blanket, was a box filled with about twenty videos that had just about every type of sexual orientation you could imagine! When her folks were out, she would take one out and watch it, totally fascinated by the action on the screen. Being sixteen, she had heard of some of the things she saw, like the gay and lesbian stuff, but when it came to the transsexual tapes, well that was just TOO much!!! What she found that really turned her on was watching two women make love to each other, or a man with a very big penis getting it sucked.

She had never done either one, but when ever she watched them, her little pussy would start to itch in the worst way! It was while watching these films that she really learned how to reach an orgasm. She came to the realization that she was very highly sexed, and required at least one climax a day to keep her pussy under control. Taking her best friend Sonali into her confidence, they both watched the shows together, masturbating while they did it. Sonali too had a very hungry young vagina that needed constant attention, so she was more than happy to watch along with monika. So that they wouldn’t have to constantly sneak the tapes from her dad’s closet, sonali brought over her VCR, and together they copied all of monika’s dad’s tapes. This way they could watch them when ever they wanted to, at her place or sonali’s.  Although monika was more interested in watching the lesbian and bi scenes, sonali was obviously a cock hound! Just the sight of a big pecker made her pussy damp, and automatically caused her hand to rub her little clit. sonali had a very hairy pussy, and monika was fascinated watching her friend’s fingers disappear in the jungle of brown fur. monika on the other hand, was a natural blond, and had very light and thin pubic hair.

What she did have, however, were lips that were extremely puffy. They always looked like they were in high state of sexual excitement, and her clit was always clearly visible at the top of her crack. When no one was around, they both would take off all their clothes and masturbate together. Both girls found that their nipples were very sensitive, and when the masturbated together, they both twisted and pulled on their ripe young nipples until they reached their orgasms. One day during a rather hot masturbating session, monika asked sonali if she could just taste one of her nipples. sonali thought about it a second, and said,Sure, go ahead and try it! monika lowered her head to sonali’s full chest and took a hard nipple into her mouth. sonali was shocked at how much nicer a mouth was than her own fingers! The nipple sucking caused sonali to have her orgasm much quicker than usual, and much harder too! Afterwards, she returned the favor, and sucked on monika’s chest. Both girls agreed that nipple sucking was the only way to go. From then on, they would take turns nursing each other during their masturbatory sessions together.  One day while watching two lesbians sucking each other’s vaginas, monika again had the idea of trying it for themselves.

Again, sonali agreed to try it, and monika proceeded to bury her face in her friends wild hair pie. This time sonali came in a matter of seconds! Having seen this done a hundred times on tape, monika knew exactly what to do to sonali’s clit. She was surprised at how much she enjoyed sucking on her friend’s pussy! It tasted a little bitter, but the aroma was overpoweringly sensual, and monika’s own clit burned when her mouth was orally satisfying sonali. When she pulled away from sonali’s vagina, the first thing she said was, Do me now! Quickly laying back with her legs spread wide, monika pushed her wet pussy towards her friend as if to be begging for a good suck off. sonali slowly lowered her mouth to monika’s slit, and gingerly licked the outer lips, trying to get a feel for how to best go about sucking and licking her friends pussy. When she finally settled in on her clit, monika arched her back and exploded into sonali’s mouth! Never before had she experienced that powerful of an orgasm in her life! Her little pussy throbbed as it tried to relax after the brutally hard orgasm that had just ripped through it. Both girls agreed that being sucked off was much better than using your finger!

Although sonali loved the girl to girl sex she was having with monika, what she really craved was a large penis in her vagina. Every time they watched movies that had men with huge erections, sonali felt an emptiness inside that no amount of oral sex could fill. She already knew that when she got herself a boy friend that he would have to have a very large penis! She wondered what it feel like to have a man push himself inside of her, driving his penis deep, filling her up. She always seemed to have this feeling of needing to be filled, she couldn’t help it, that was just the way her vagina was, always hungry for a large penis! sonali borrowed one of monika’s tapes, and took it home to watch in private. She was fingering her slit as she watched a man with a nine inch cock first get sucked and then fuck a blonde with very big tits. Seeing the blonde being impaled by that monster made sonali try to shove all of her fingers into her crack. Growing more and more frustrated, she noticed the large candle on her night stand, and wondered if that could be substituted for a penis? Picking it up, she also wondered how she could possibly get this candle into her tight vagina.

Taking some of the juice from her cunt, she rubbed it all over the base and shaft of the thick candle. Using one hand to hold open her lips as far as possible, she slowly pushed the end of the candle into her hole. Being almost two inches in diameter, it was a very tight fit indeed! Once she got it past the opening, and in about and inch, she just sat still for a few minutes, trying to relax her vaginal muscles. Slowly but surely the shaft of the candle began to disappear into her hole. When it was about half way in, she had her first orgasm caused by a hard object in her vagina. When all eight inches were almost in, sonali slowly pulled it back out, and then began repeating the process, only faster the next time. Soon she was actually fucking her helpless pussy with the giant candle, and driving herself to a string of incredibly hard climaxes! When she was done cumming, she kept the candle deep in her vagina, savoring the feeling of fullness that she so craved.

At least for now, she had a way of satisfying that very female urge of being filled up.  one day on sonali’s house when both girls were together, i seen thatno one is in house adn soem video voice coming out i went to sonali’s bed room. door was locked i peeped from key hole and surpirising seen my pennis got full errection. both fingring each others and sucking their boobs. i controlled himself get out from house. that nihgt i masterbute himself 4 times. i am thinking to fuck both girls but how. i dont know. but god give me chance to fuck them. after a week a marriage held in my neghbour every one is there including both girls. about 11 o clock we all sleep in a room i am sleeping near wall and both girls sleeping near me. not so far after 1 hour all are in deep sleep i woke up and and see them there somthing space to sleep. i go there and saw both are in deep sleep. i just sleep in beetween both girls. i opened my zip of my pant and lift monika’s hand and inserted in my underwear. afert som time sonali woke but she know that monika is sleep near her so see lifted my hand and pressing her boob wow that very-very good filling my pennis on full errection so that monika feel somthing in her hand woke up im sleeping as i dont know anything she shocked and pull of bedsheet from my mouth but she dos’nt do any thing again sleep this time in arm and she unzipeed my pant pull of my errected penni’s and going to lick but im controlling him self and in other hand i am doing with sonali’s pussy more hard and she is moaning and she just knowing me as monika.   and monika is doing hery more fatser on my cock and after i got up both are surprised but monika donig her work and she licked my cum. both girls and me other room where no one. that night i do everything as 69 position,with both fucking sucking & licking.   and this relationship continued as on they both familes leaves our colony.

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