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Jija Sali Ki Dastan

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

One of the most interesting relations and sexciting is relations of jija –Sali. In almost every case there are double meaning dialogues, some feeling, touching and maybe even squeezing and caressing of young sali’s boobs. But in many cases they culminate in ,what every jija longs for and every Sali wishes in the deep corner of their hearts. Many of my friends shared their experiences that how they did it with their jiju. Some of them were young, some mature, mostly unmarried but a few married too. And with their permission I’m giving words to their memories and their feeling saliyon ki kahani meri jubani… and the first one is of Ritu.

Hi, I’m Ritu. And now let’s go back when it all happened. But before I narrate, let me introduce myself and other dramatis personae. I was on the verge of entering into sweet 16 but it was still far. I was in class 10th, still 15, tall (5.1) very fair, and much more developed in comparison to my class mates. My teen bra had given way to a proper 32 C and on my slender frame and above my wasp thin waist, they were prominent. I was precocious both in body and attitude. Now days with magazines, TV and books discussing sex freely I was certainly aware about birds and bees, but I had strong mix of curiosity, desire and itch for knowing more about the real thing. And I was not alone, many of my class mates used to tell stories (mixed with some imagination) about a neighbourhood boy staring, following and some even went further but most bold and lucky was Neelam (she was as well endowed as myself) . A few months back during Holi her jija not only caressed and fondle but inserted his hand inside her kurta and squeezed her teen boobs. And since then whenever he visits his sasural, he finds an opportunity, which Neelam very obligingly provides too, to measure the growing hillocks. Neelam, of course, with some embroidering too, confides all the details making all of us very envious, and to retaliate, we used to squeeze her boob and ask, ‘’aise dabaya tha’’.

However, inside my family I was treated still as a young kid. My elder sister Neetu was 4 years older than me, and I was youngest even in our extended family. Still my mom used to tuck me in bed, and every body used to call me chutaki (the youngest one). My parents were not very strict but still quiet puritan. I had no brother and of course any bhabhi (some of my sahelis used to be teased by their bhabhis and were target of bawdy jokes but no such luck with me). But what irked me most was that sometimes when my Bua or Mammis will visit us they will exchange a lot of risqué banter and double meaning dialogues without bothering about me, treating me as a bachhi, a typical problem of teen. And in their presence, most of the time, I was confirming to that role. When Neetu, my elder sister’ marriage got fixed, her sahelis will come and exchange lot of jokes about my would be Jija ji, Rajiv and what he will do on Suhagrat but again my presence made no difference as I was still treated as a kid. However I had a perfect understanding with my elder sis Neetu and when we were alone we used to be confidant and once before marriage Jiju wanted to meet Neetu and I persuaded my parents to give us permission to go to an exhibition, which was only a ruse. There jija met us and I was strolling in the exhibition for two hours alone and then both of them came back.

I teased jija ji, saying is mulakat karvane ki meri fees, and jiju teasingly pinched my fair cheeks and said, “shadi ke baad with intrest lota dunga. I said, “shadi ke baad Neetu didi ke aage Ritu ko kahan poochega”. He caressed my cheeks, using the chance of Neetu didi being away and his side of arm caressed side of swell of my boobs and said ” who am I to make difference between two sisters aur vasie bhi to Sali adhi gharwali hoti hain, han tum mat dar jana.”He was staring at my young boobs (and first time anybody acknowledged their presence). I joined in the game and without trying to cover it answered back, “yahn koi salli nahin darne vali”. Jija had brought a big piece of chocolate. He asked to my open my lips and I very seductively, suggestively took it between my lips just pressing it. Encouraged, he further added, “ek baar main poora lane ki hoti hai”. I mockingly showed some anger on his double meaning words and meanwhile Neetu didi came back. When we parted, Neetu didi asked me about my opinion about jija ji. He was too handsome, tall must be 6.1, with no fat, strong muscles, fair colour, ever smiling face and most I liked was his ability to relate and sense of humour. I told Neetu didi, Didi apki to kismet hi khual gayi. She smiled and squeezing me said, ” arre chaegi to teri bhi khulava, dungi thodi bahoot”. I joined the jest and said ,vah didi apni to poori aur meri thodi si.” She giggled and said “theek hai babba, meri aur se poori chhot chae jitani man kare utani khulava lena.

. Neelam informed her about my sister’s marriage. A few months after marriage were to take place. And I was waiting expectantly. House was in festive mood .Neetu didi’s sahelis especially, a few married ones, were giving a lot of advice about first night. One of them gave sensuous woman’ and ‘sensuous man’ by J to Neetu didi. As we were living in the same room Neetu did made me confidant , started opening her heart to me and we read those books together. I started getting prodded from another unexpected quarter to be more daring and a lot of pearls of wisdom came too. One day I went to Neelam’s house and met her bhabhi Jamna. First thing she did was to hug me and pinch me down there. She introduced me to her bhabhi and told her about my sister’s coming marriage and that was enough, Bhabhi teased me about jija ji. She showed us (and it was the first time I actually saw some pictures like that) a book with very good pictures of men and women doing it in different positions. When I saw a woman taking a man’s manhood on her mouth I was almost shocked and sheer size, but to hide my blushing I teased bhabhi and asked her, kyon bhabhi, apne ismen se kaun akun si pose try ki hain. She smiled and said sari vasie nand rani kahiye to apke liye bhi koi khoj dun , vaise to aap ko jo pasan ho soch kar rahiye aur apne jiju ke sath try kariyega. We became close friends. I used to protest but I was ever looking forward to her teasing. She taught me ” Thoda Dikhao Thoda Chipao”, about boobs. She told me one should never perfectly hide those beautiful assets. She said that even while one is covering boobs fully with dupatta, it should be such that from side swell of boobs should be seen and one should stand in such a way that intended victim should get a full look. Similarly one can in the effort of adjusting dupatta, can give a brief glimpse. But her suggestion was that normally to wear it in such a manner that, more than half should be ever visible and if one wants to send strong signals it should cover only one and that too partly. Apart from that by bending, by stretching hands fully above to pick up something a good view must be given to those longing for it. I was subjected to such a sermon as I used to wear very loose clothing’s and cover my self completely as I used it feel inhibited about my slightly bigger assets . She also taught that never say yes but never say a firm no too. And whenever it’s a may be, eyes, coquettish smile and body language should give a very welcoming signal.

And finally the big day came. I was the bridesmaid attired in clothes next only to bride, and those clothes were accentuating all my right points. I was wearing a light blue lenhaga- choli and my dupaata was on my one shoulder draped over on only my one side. Jija was looking real dashing and handsome during jaimal. His friends teased him not to bow but he bend to accept saying, “ab to poori jindagi jhukana hai”. I helped Neetu didi in putting the garland and his sister teased me that “are Ritu ne bhi jaimal dal di ab to isko bhi le challenge apne sath.” I blushed. After jaimal Neetu didi’s saheli’s surrounded Jija ji. He was looking so… desirable. But his eyes were looking for something, and as soon as he located me he himself came and met me. He introduced me to his sisters, (Mitali was his younger sister, who was married a few months back, Ranjita was his Mama’s daughter and only one year elder to me and there were some more cousins) and his other friends. He looked at me and looked down there, and I adjusted my dupatta, without blushing. He smiled and said you are looking really charming. This time I slightly blushed smiled, looked down and said, “hey banaiye nahin jhuthe kahin ke. He held my wrists and said”, sachi, and I returned compliments by saying aaur aap bhi bahhot handsome hain. And your dress is very befitting. He took this chance and said, ” I look good even without them. I laughed and said mujhe kya pata.” He smiled back and said, “agar chao to pata laga jayega” and pressed my slender wrists. I laughed and said, Neetu didi ko batiyega. I got my wrists released from his grip and left but while getting up my dupatta fell down and I bend down to pick it up. I took slightly more time than it required. During marriage I joined the ladies who were singing songs and we specially targeted jija’s sister’s Mitali and Ranjita. I had the advantage f knowing names of all of them and we sang galis by name, linking Jija with Mitali and my brothers with Ranjita. Words like salli, chinar, were common but it further graduated to pure non veg galis . However Mitali was even further goading us. She was one who was guarding Jiju’s shoes also and being the only Sali it was my job to wrest it. She was almost sitting on top of it. I went with a glass of water and offered it to her and before she could take it I spilled it. She got up to clear her pallu and meanwhile one of my sahelis took shoes away. After ceremonies were over, jija had to wait for some time. I offered him a seat and I was standing next to him. I took the shoes wrapped in dupatta and held it over my head (which of course had a great impact on my twin peaks). I teased him , “aab to main poori kimat loongi iski”. He accepted defeat and said, ok what ever you wish and asked me to bend. He whispered in my ears, ” aur main kuch aur mangu to uski kimat kya hogi”. I blushed beet red but smiled back and said in the same manner “aap job hi mangiyega milega’ and added, “vaise main apki ekloti salli hun , mangne ki kya jarrorat jab chahe, jo chahe, le lijiye”. Now time for Kohbar was there. He said, ain moke par darr mat jana, and I only smiled back. In Kohbar too we teased him a lot. We asked him to sing a song and he sang looking at Neetu Didi, Jo tumko ho pasand vahi bat karenge… Then he made me sing a song.. At the time of Vidai Neetu did was weeping holding me and Jija quipped arre agar isko le chalna hai to le chalte hain. Mitali added aur kya jaimall to isne bhi dali thi and every body started laughing.

After 4 days of marriage we have a rite that a few persons from bride’s house go to grooms house with gift and they are normally brothers. But we had no brother, so it was decided that I will also accompany my cousin Shasi who was to go. My mom forbid me saying girls don’t go but my father intervened saying, arre abhi ye bachhi hai aur when she will meet Neetu, Neetu will also feel happy. And it was decided that I will go along with Shashi. When I landed there I realized that atmosphere at Neetu didi was totally different. It was very open and everybody used to exchange ribald jokes, frank talks and teasing. When I touched Neetu didi’s mother in law’s feet she blessed me by saying jaldi se shadi ka such lo and when Neetu did said are maan ,she is too young for shadi then she replied back arre shadi kisne kaha, shadi ka sukh to le hi sakti hai. And everybody giggled. Mitali didi told me aree Ritu, Neetu was bearing too much burden now you have come and you can share it too. I could not understand then she further explained rat bhar and sometimes even during day. I now understood and blushed. But a bhabhi of Neetu Didi came to my rescue who teased back “, asal main Neetu ke pahle Mitali hi sara burden uthati thin isliye use malum hai” .I also joined in the spirit and said but I was thinking Ranjita too must have been sharing the burden and it was time for her to blush. It reached peak during lunch when traditionally galis are sung and Mitali didi told me Ritu, we will take revenge with intrest and we believe in pure galis. I and my cousin were sitting together. I was surprised. they made Netu didi sang a song ..but she sang only first line and others joined later. Neetu Didi sang

Chal meri Ghodi chane ke khet main , chane ke khet main boya hai Ganna

(And Mitali took over)

Arre Shashi ki behna ko Ritu Rani ko le gay babhana, Chane ke khet main

Dabave dono Jobana, are dabave Ritu ka dono jobana chane ke khet main

(Mitali continued)

Chal meri Ghodi chane ke khet main, chane ke khet main thi Ghoonchi

Arre Shashi ki behna ko , Ritu Rani Ko le gaya mochi , chane ke khet main,

Dabave dono Choonchi, Arre Ritu ki dono Choonchi chane ke khet main,

Chal meri ghodi chane ke khet main, chane ke khet m,ain thi Raii,

Arre Shashi Ki behna ko, Ritu Salli ko le gaya hamara Bhai, chane ke khet main,

Arre rat bhar kare Chudai, arre Ritu Salli ki kare Chudai, chane ke khet main,

Chal meri Ghodi chane ke khet main , Chane ke khet main pada tha Roda,

Arre Ritu Salli ko ,Ritu chinari ko, le gaya Ghoda, chane ke khet main

Rat Bhar Ghonte Launda, are Ritu Rani raat bhar ghonte Launda chane ke khet main

And it was only beginning. When other ladies took over it become worse. It used to start with my cousin brother but ultimately I was the target. Next one was

Arre Shashi Bhaya Kone mat baitho kone main lago tataiya.

Tunmhari Amma ki Bil main, Tumhari chahi ki Bil main,

Arag samayen sarag samayen, Tedhi sidhi, Khada Musar, Bail ko sing bhains ko chootar, arre ghoda gadi ko pahiya.

(how I could have been left behind so Mitali joined )

Tumhari behanaki tumhari ritu ki Bur main,

Arag samaye, sarag samayen, tedhi sidhi, Khada musar, Bail ko sing Bhais ko chootar ghodagadi ko pahiya

( iYour sister’s cunt can take heaven, a bend ladder a straight pestle, horn of a bullock ass of a buffalo and a wheel of cart)

mean while jija too has come and sat next to me, and he was enjoying every bit of it. When in one gali they sang how Shashi my cousin brother opened my choli and squeezed my boobs raised my legs over his shoulder and fucked me (of course using pure desi words and with full graphic details), Jiju blinked at me and tapped Shashi, “Kyon Salle meri salli par hi hath saaf kar diya.

After Lunch I, Neetu Didi and her Bhabhi caught Ranjita alone and we started teasing her. Bhabhi asked innocently “Shashi kisa ladaka hai.” She without knowing the trap said, nice ok and then Neetu Did jumped on her saying , you like him he likes you go to my room I will lock from outside and you can mate ooops I mean meet properly. It was her time to blush. I joined the fray and said “try kar lo na phir tumhe bhi pta chal jayega ki mera bhiya acha hai ya tumhara. “Shashi had to go the same day and I was also planning to return. Mitali , Bhbahi every body cajoled me to stay for a few more days including Neetu didi, but I was giving one excuse after another, including I don’t have extra set of clothes. But when jiju with passion in his eyes pleaded, Ritu please maire kahne se rook jao I relented. And everybody laughed. Neetu Did tease me aab kapdon ka kya hoga .Jija came to my defence and said main dilvaunga , but Mitali did used this chance too and said Arre Jija ke sath main kapdon ki kya jarrorat. I rang up home and with Didi’s request , mom agreed that I may stay there for 5 days . I was allocated a room which was originally a part of Neetu didi’s room only but with a thin ply it has been partitioned. My bed was also practically next to their bed and when Jija took me to me to my room he said I can just extend my hand and grab you. I came back along to their room where Neetu did was preparing to retire for night. She asked me smiling if you want anything from this room you may take. Looking at Jija ji, I said didi le jaun phir bura mat manna. She said le jao Aaj rat to I can sleep peacefully. I bid them good night and came back to my room laughing. As soon as I had closed my doors there was a knock. I opened and jju was there. I said invitingly, Kyon Neetu want to sleep peacefully tonight and send you here. He said I don’t mind but I had brought nightie for you. I said Ok thanks but he insisted no you must change and then I will go. I pushed him but he said what about a hot good night kiss. He grabbed me and took one. I also pressed my hardening boobs against his hard chest and responded warmly, and closed the door

Taste of kiss lingered on my lips. And I could not forget feel of his erect hardness down there. I lied down on the bed. Only thin ply partition separated me from their room. I listened to some faint sounds but when I moved my face towards a picture volume become louder. When I lifted the picture, I could see some very thin wholes. I put the picture back, switched of my lights completely and then very slowly removed the picture. When I looked through that Neetu Didi’s room was completely visible. When I turned my gaze toward bed, Neetu Did was sitting in the lap of Jiju. She was wearing an almost transparent nightie. Jiju was gripping her pink sensuous lips between his lips and she too was responding warmly. Jiju asked Neetu Didi, ” kyoun if Ritu would have accepted Your offer and taken me… Neetu Didi responded by softly implanting a kiss on his lips and said, “to Kya hua , she is my lovely pretty young sister.” and then Jiju pulled her nightie down and her hard boobs sprang out. He took one nipple between his lips kissed it and asked again, “and if I would have ravished virgin cunt of your pretty young sister.” And she hugged him pressing her boobs against his chest and said, “to kya hua , You are my lovely handsome hubby.” Now didi removed his t shirt over his head and rubbing her boobs naughtily against his chest, slowly bend down, took a handful of kisses on his chest and asked, “What you would have done”. In response to this, he squeezed her boobs very hard, took a nipple and pinched it and sucked the other nipple. After this he said smiling, “I would have done the same thing as I am doing with you, to kya hua she is my pretty sexy salli.” His words made 1000 roses bloom all over me and I started unknowingly caressing my growing teen boobs by putting my hand under nightie imitating Jiju’s hands which were caressing , fondling squeezing didi’s boobs lovingly. He made Neetu Didi lie down and he was over her. Her one nipple was in his mouth and the other was between his fingers. I could see the sheer ecstasy on Neetu didi’s face. She was moaning, holding Jiju’s head in her hand and caressing it slowly. Jiju went down and removed nightie completely. His fingers were now caressing with her love lips. I could see it clearly. There was no trace of hair. And suddenly he pressed his palm against her portals of joy and rubbed hard. She shrieked and raised her slender waist. Jiju further teased her by inserting tip of finger inside and rotating. I could see she has lost all control and whimpering, moaning loudly. I found myself touching me down there as if Jiju’s fingers are inside my vagina. I almost closed my lips and felt that jiju is kissing me on my smouldering lips and now his hands have cupped my young teen boobs. He is whispering sweet nothings in my ear and slowly he made me part my thighs and his hand has started fondling caressing me, down there. When I opened my eyes I found that now scene has reversed and Neetu did was on top. She was kissing on his chest and slowly she went down and pulled his short. I could not believe my eyes; it was so thick and long. Neetu didi held it in her menhadi stained hands and pulled its skin down. Now, she teasingly took a kiss on its head. I could not believe my eyes. Neetu did could not be doing this but she was with her tongue, giving tantalizing strokes over its glistening pink head. She rubbed her lips over it and it was time for Jiju to squirm. She kept on teasing him for some time and he was pleading, please no more and Neetu Did jested, “close your eyes and thinks my young nannd Ranjita is licking lollipop and your joy will be double.”

It was too much for Jija Ji and he forced didi down and said, “Kya sochati ho tumhari Behan aa gayi hai to jyada masti main ho, main tum dono ki ek saath lunga,” and he raised her legs over his broad shoulders. His Long thick hard manhood was rubbing portals of joy. Didi was highly aroused and she was feeling desperate for it. She was raising her pert small hips to take it but Jiju was bent on teasing him. He forced a wee bit and stopped. Neetu Didi’face was flushing, her nipples were hard and she was wriggling her ass, karo na , she pleaded. Jiju said, “Neetu main ek baat bolun,” . Didi said han bolo, Kuch bhi bolo par please. Jija looked into Neetu Didi’s passion filled eyes and said , ” Main Ritu ko Chodunga,” and holding her both boobs together in one plunge he shoved half of his cock inside her. Didi gripped his back with her feet. Her payal was playing sonorous music and raising her buttocks said ,”phir se bolo and Jiju squeezing her boobs very hard said , ” Main Ritu ki Bur chodunga.” Didi scratched his back with her long nails and, ” Chod do tumhari ekloti Salli hai par phale abhi to mujhe chodo.” Jiju gave a frantic push and almost entire thing went inside. I could not believe my ears. Jija, and Neetu didi using such language but jija’s intentions about me, my entire body shivered and I felt as if Jiju has enveloped me in his strong arms and I’m melting. He has parted my thighs and slowly very softly he has opened my doors of pleasure and pushed her erect hard rod in. My pink gates have hugged this giver of joy and were caressing it. When I opened my dream filled eyes I saw , Jiju was in full passion bringing out his cock almost out and then in one sudden plunge shove almost entire thing inside. The joy and pleasure which Neetu didi was enjoying was beyond imagination. She was scratching his back, biting shoulders and moaning. After sometime Jiju further pushed her slender legs almost over her head and took her hips on his thighs and spread her cunt, shoving slowly. Didi was almost crying with joy. It kept on with varying poses and only after quiet sometime Jiju become frantic and his pace increase .Neetu Didi too was moving her hips wildly and suddenly she almost lost all control. And in a few minutes Jiju too came. He lied down on her. And slowly they regained the composure. Neetu Did was looking totally relaxed. But when I looked towards my self I found my dress is fully open and my fingers are moving between my young pink folds of my lower lips. I was rubbing, caressing fondling my young cunt very slowly…. And slowly I surrender to a short blissful sleep.

When I woke up I again peeped at those peepholes fully hoping that after such long arduous love making both of them must be snoring. But to my surprise Neetu did was lying with her head in the lap of Jiju. He was caressing very slowly her hard firm boobs and some times pulling her nipples. Slowly Neetu Did turned and to my surprise took half sleeping cock in her mouth almost fully. She was licking it, sucking it like an ice-cream. In no time it was hard again. Then Jiju came over her and now his manhood was between her pink lips while he was licking kissing her love gates. As if it was not enough for my young eyes, Jiju raised her and now his tongue was moving down towards rear end too. It kept on for some time. I sat down and now was watching closely with laboured breath. Jiju got up and I could not believe it Neetu didi went on all fours and Jiju went behind. He stretched her pussy slowly and started rubbing his cock on that. Neetu didi was squirming, wriggling her ass. After teasing her for some time he held her hanging boobs tightly and in one shove pushed half of his hard massive cock. This time they were very close to peep hole and I could almost touch his Cock. And to my utter surprise Jiju started using desi lingo, Kyon Neetu kaisa lag rah hai mare Lund, almost withdrawing it he asked. Jaisa , Ranjita chinar ko lagata Hoga , teasing him ,she taunted. And in mock anger He pinched her nipples and in one shove pushed almost entire cock, saying, “teri behana ki kori choot marun”. She giggled and said, are vah bichari ab kanha kori bachkar jane vali hai and give her ass a push. Now both were making love in a feverish pictch using desi words. I unconsciously slowly pushed tip of my index finger between my love lips and I was pulling it out when jiju was pulling his cock and inserting it back with him. My other hand was imitating his action on my boobs and in my heart I was feeling that jiju is making love not with Neetu did but with me. I lost sense of time. I almost closed my eyes but when ever I could see huge cock of jiju moving in and out of didi’s cunt. After a long time both of them came. And then slowly Neetu didi lied on side and Jiju cuddled her holding her breasts.

When I woke in the morning it was a bit late. I saw myself naked and remembered every think and thinking about jiju’s utterance “Main Ritu Ki Chodunga” I blushed. I put the picture back, put my dress properly and came out. Neetu didi was with Mitali in the kitchen. I wished her good morning, but she quipped, pahle yeh batao ki kal raat good night hui ki nannhi. , mera matlaab hai ke mare kisi bhai ne. . . .before I could reply , Neetu did jumped in my favour and said, didi, arre apke bhai main itni haimmat nahin hain, meri behan to ekdam bahadur hai, she is in lion’s den and challenging. Meanwhile Mitali did has prepared bed tea tray and gave it to me and said, go and give it to your jija, Raat bhar to tumhari behan ne ji khol kar diya ,aab tumhra number hai. Before Neetu didi could tell me something I took the tray and went. I went ahead and pushed the door, it was ajar. Once inside I pushed it back and it not only closed but got locked. Jija was in sound sleep after his last night’s labour and he has totally covered himself under the sheet. I put the tea tray on trolley and took it next to bed. I was not sure how to wake him up. I decided to suddenly pull his sheet. As soon I pulled the sheet two things happened. I was shocked and surprised, he was in his birthday suit and his erection was in full glory. First time I was seeing a hard, thick massive cock from such close quarter. He , taking me for Neetu didi pulled me down and hugged me. He has not yet opened his eyes but his lips were showering kisses on my cheeks, with one hand he was pressing me towards himself, with other he was caressing fondling and squeezing my young teen boobs and most dangerously his erect cock was pressing between my thighs. Shell shocked I just could not move. Meanwhile he opened my top buttons and his hands have cupped my naked boobs. I started mumbling saying jiju, it’s me I’m Ritu and he too realized the difference. And he left me. I got up and he started saying I’m really sorry I thought, you are, I’m such a fool. I had recovered myself and I consoled him saying it was only a mistake. He looked at my still open boobs and smiled and said very sweet mistake. This was my time to blush but when I looked down his erection had only increased. He tried to unsuccessfully cover himself and said in the morning you had a glimpse of Ling now all your secret wishes will be fulfilled today. I wanted to say that that is what I want but held myself back thinking it will be too much. I very slowly buttoned myself, came out and he went to bathroom. He had to go for his work early.

Day passed slowly. I took bath in the Neetu didi’s bathroom and there I saw hair removing cream. I suddenly remembered didi’s clean shaven pussy and I too applied cream and ensured that there was no trace of hair on my young pussy. I slept in Neetu didi’s room as I too had little sleep yesterday. Jija came only during lunchtime for a short while. I and Neetu didi teased him. I said you had promised that Ritu if you stay, hum log khub maja karenge, but you are so busy. We could not even chat properly, what to say of having any maja. Neetu didi joined me and said yes ÿou were telling me, “meri salli aa jaye to ye krunga vo karunga, Ritu ke sath” par bichari aa kar baithi yenha bore ho rahi hai and you don’t have any time. Jija surrendered and said, yes I will come early and take her out. Neetu didi said why don’t you take her out for some movie and get her some good dinner. Han, I will not be able to go as some relatives are coming. Jija shook my hands and made a pakka promise. But didi used this chance and said and you had also promised a good dress for her. She came only for one day and for you she is staying back. Jija said he will come sharp at 5 and will certainly bring something nice for me. As soon poor jiju left both of us giggled. I said “didi you had become expert in taming him.” Neetu did pinched my cheeks and, “you will also be an expert in no time.” Jiju came in the evening. Neetu didi called me and said dekho what your Jiju has brought for you. She opened the packet and it had a beautiful pink top, Vow I exclaimed. it must have cost him something but that’s type of top what I was longing for.. And there was a matching skirt. Jija said nap kar dekho. I looked in to his eyes and said you yourself measure and stood close. Neetu didi provoke him and said show the other thing. Jiju blushed and said no you gave it to her. Neetu didi opened another packet and there was a lacy push up pink bra and matching panty. I taunted him and said hey I hope its not your young sister Sanjita’s number because they are too small. Jiju said hey wear it and show it to me. Neetu didi further jested, ” aare tumhari saali hai, jo laya vahi pahnaye, kyon Ritu you don’t have no objection.” I laughed and said no I’m ready. and I raised my both hands over my hands which further accentuated my assets. Neetu didi handed dress to me and said get ready. Jija said he has brought picture tickets also and I must rush as only 20 minutes are left. Neetu didi whispered in my ears and said that I must wear this dress while going out. I went inside the bathroom, undressed and wore the Jiju’s bra and panty which Jiju’s has brought so lovingly for me. Bra was more than perfect; it was almost hugging my teen boobs and pushing it up. It was only half cup so almost up to my nipple my boobs were bare. And first time I was wearing a lacy bra and feel of it was so tantalizing that my nipple become hard. Panty was also sheer lace and just covered my lower lips. I was feeling as I if am not wearing anything. And when I steeped into my skirt, and looked at me in the mirror feeling was wonderful. Skirt was slightly short, well above my knees but Jiju had not taken my measure. As I put on t shirt I realized it’s more than tight. When I looked at myself my twin alluring peaks were clearly visible. Swell of boobs was there and there was no way I could hide it. I just gave a jerk to my head and said go ahead, enjoy yourself. I took didi’s pink lipstick and seductively applied on my lips, a touch of rouge and perfume too. I was ready for my first date. When I went out, Jiju looked at me and exclaimed. Neetu didi too smiled and looking at my t shirt suggested, you feel it’s slightly tight. I nodded my head. Jiju suggested I may open a top button and fully realizing it will make upper top of my boob’s visible I just complied and smiled back. Jiju came out with me and we drove on his bike. I was holding jiju firmly fully realizing that my boobs are pressing on his back. He stopped in front of a movie hall where some adult movie was running, hot night. I said hey its adult movie. To tum kab tak bachi rahogi, he challenged. I smiled and said I don’t have any objection but will usher permit us in. To my surprise, manager himself was waiting with tickets and we got a box. (Which had a sofa and only we were there) Jija tipped gatekeeper. We had brought chocolates cream roll and wafers.

As we entered Jija very carefully closed the door and any way his tip was a guarantee that we were not to be disturbed. I braced my self full expecting what has to come. Jija made me eat cream roll which very suggestively I took between my pink lips and rolled for sometime and in one gulp took half. Jija took out the other half and ate it. Picture started and it was really very sexy. In the first scene itself heroine was being kissed and hero has put hand under her top. They were hugging, squeezing each other and the movement of hero’s hand it made it very clear that he is cupping, fondling heroine’s boob. First time I was looking at such scenes and it aroused me. i was not aware when jiju put his hand over my shoulder. I pushed myself closer to him. When he started holding my hand over his thigh and caressing it I become aware and instinctively pulled my hand away. Scene on screen was getting warmer .Now both heroine and hero were almost topless and heroine was hugging hero caressing his back, scratching it . He was very handsome muscular and strong and it reminded me of Jija as I saw him last night. I started feeling as if Jiju is holding me in his grip and I’m caressing his back. This time when he drew my hand to his lap and started caressing it, I did not pull it away. Slowly, his hand moved to top of my arms and then to side of swell my boobs. It began as an accidental touch but when he realized there was no opposition from my side, it become a regular brush on it. His other hand from my shoulder has gone down and was touching, feeling top of my other boob. On the screen hero had started making love and there were no pretences. Moaning of heroine, passion and joy in her eyes coupled with touch of jiju on my young growing teen boobs made my nipples hard. Jiju whispered in my ear and said Ritu, it’s a new dress , before I could understood anything he went ahead and pinched directly at my hardening nipple saying, new pinch. I smiled and said thanks jiju. But he kept it rolling between his forefinger and thumb and said; at out place girl is supposed to kiss and not to say just thanks. I was inflamed by kissing scenes on screen and trying to imitate the heroine I held his hand between my hands and kissed him on the lips, rubbing my lips and my tongue too caressed him. As if, this was not enough to further tease him I nibbled his earlobes and whispered, jiju inside my t-shirt, my bra is also new. No further invitation was required and jiju opened two remaining buttons of my top and slowly inserted his hand inside. He cupped my breast over the bra and pinched it, saying new pinch. This time I was ready and kissed him warmly on the cheeks. Jiju had inserted his other hand under the top and was holding my other breast. Slowly his hands were touching, cupping it and very gently he opened the front open bra. And now his hands were roaming, cupping, squeezing my boobs. I was shivering with passion. He did some time deliberately avoided my nipples, which were eagerly hankering for his touch. After teasing me for some time he suddenly grasped one and started squeezing it. I could not stop my moan. Jiju now put his other hand over my thigh and they started gliding upwards. In no time he was stroking my inner thighs and he made me part them. He was now caressing me over the panty. I was squirming, wriggling and I was expecting that now he will put his hand under it. But no, he grabbed my pussy over panty itself and started rubbing it with base of his hands giving a very powerful pressure on top of my pussy and I felt as if I had lost all my control. He removed his hands from my boobs and opened his zip. He brought it out and gave it in my hand. Very gingerly I held IT. His hand had gone back to fondling, caressing and squeezing pressing my young teen boobs. His other hand has entered my panty and now discovered my clean shaven cunt. He immensely liked as was evident from increased pressure on my boobs and the urgency with which he was caressing my pussy. I too increased pressure on his cock.

Suddenly jiju pulled me and I was in his lap. He pulled my panty down and his jeans also went below his knee. His cock was rubbing between cracks of my ass. He has lifted my top and was rubbing my boobs very hard. His other hand was caressing rubbing my portals of joy and he has guided my hand to hold his cock. Now I was enjoying its warm feel and hardness. He asked me since when I started my periods and I told him more than 3 years back. He smiled and said then you are not too young for it. But I will accept it only when you tell me what is in your hand. I said my lovely jiju’s ..He goaded me and said han bolo na maja aur sharm ek saath nahi hoti. Haltingly I said..your cock. He was not satisfied and said, we have won freedom 50 years back you must use Hindi. I was feeling shame but still I gathered courage and said ling. He felt frustrated and said I think abhi bhi tum bacchi ho and whispered something in my ear. I gathered all my courage and very slowly spoke your LU..ND. Yes he kissed me and to show his approval inserted his tip of finger inside my cunt. He said abhi yeh LUND salli jo ki chhot ki chudai karega. Manjjor hai. I very weekly nodded. Suddenly light came. it was interval. He got up put my panty in my purse and took me out. He took me to a very good hotel. Instead of steeping into restaurant he took me to room. I was a really well furnished room. He told me it was his friend’s hotel and very comfortably we can have our dinner here. He ordered some snacks and said we will order for dinner one hour afterwards. While we were having snacks I was in his lap and he was caressing my boobs and my pussy. I was feeding him and he was feeding me between kisses bites and licking. We were ready for next step. He put me on the bed and pulled my top. I too pulled his shirt. his warm kisses came down to my young hard boobs and very slowly he took one nipple and started kissing it. His hand pulled down my skirt. I too removed his belt and slowly removed his jeans and then brief. He had started full assault. His lips were kissing, sucking, nibbling my one nipple while other was being rubbed by his hand. Fingers of his other hand were parting my labia and trying to enter there. His thumb was on my clit. Hi hard cock was also pressing me there. Situation was beyond me and when I almost reached the point of no return, he stopped slowly and sat down between my thighs. Now his erect cock was rubbing on my love gates while his both hands were pinching my erect tits. I was raising my hips unashamedly wanting to be fucked by his massive cock. He parted my love lips coated it with Vaseline, and applied it on his cock too. Now slowly he just pushed the tip of his cock and said, ” kyon Sali ji I hope you are not too young for real chocolate. I grinned and said please..Jiju..and he stroked my clit and said, ” kyon salli ji chodun apko”. I was so aroused, I said ” han jija, please, but he was tormenting me he said no you have to say it. I pulled his back toward myself scratching it and said loudly han jiju chodo mujhko apne..lund s..chod do apni salli ko apni Ritu ko.. He raised my legs over his shoulder and in one swift shot shoved almost half of his lund inside my cunt. It hurt me bad. But I was drowning in passion so I too responded. For some time with very slow strokes he kept sliding it in and out but when my pain almost subsided, he brought it out caressed my boobs for some time and holding my tender lips between his lips , shoved the rest inside my young virgin 15 year old cunt. It HURT. As if a burning rod has entered inside me. Something broke inside… I screamed. But he kept on holding my lips inside my lips he kept on caressing me. For sometime he did nothing except touching me lovingly caressing me with assuring touches. And when pain reduced he started very slow lingering strokes. Joy came and I again enveloped him. I was kissing him encouraging him. Now he started sucking my boobs, caressing my clit and when he realized I’m aroused again, he increased the tempo of his strokes. His broad chest was rubbing against my young tennis ball size hard boobs and his hard cock was rubbing walls of my passion felled teen cunt. He whisper in my ear and asked, Kyon salli ji maja aa raha hai jiju se chudane main. Haan jiju bas aise hi and I gathered courage and added chodate raho. Listening to this he brought his immense erection out and in one shove pushed it. It hurt me but I enjoyed it too. We were lost to the word. I was moaning, crying wanting more, and wriggling my ass. Jiju too was now fucking me wildly. After sometime I lost all my control. Held his shoulders bit him and came. But jiju took some more time and then he too exploded wildly

After sometime we regained our composure. Jiju made me drink a huge glass of chocolate shake which revived me completely. Now again I was sitting in his lap and this time I was more active. I was kissing his lips boldly, and gently nibbling his ears while my one hand was touching feeling his stirring lund (Jija has told me to use only desi words.) my kisssse went down, I even nibbled on his chest and when I dared to kiss him there his cock grew in full glory. Jiju too was sucking, kissing my nipple and he slowly made me lie down but this time his lips went up to my cunt and very slowly he parted my cunt lips and started licking it. As if it was not enough to make me wild, he took clit between his lips and started sucking. nibbling it. I could not wait. I cried Jiju please and he looked at me ..and I knew. what he was waiting for.. said in a hoarse voice Jiju chod do mujhe chod do apni pyari salli ko. He pushed my legs almost up to my head and slowly shoved his lund inside my choot. This time it was a relentless continuous fuck. It was aching but joy was more. My cunt has already tasted and was hungry for more. I was moving my hips to his stroke encouraging him bearing all the pain as I knew the joy behind it. Slowly I was swimming in the oceans of passion. Every part of Jiju’s body was giving me joy, his lips were kissing licking and sucking me, his hands were touching, fondling and squeezing me and his massive lund was pounding my choot and he was uttering words to that effect. I was also speaking his lingo. I lost sense of time and slowly crescendo built and this time he encouraged me to reach my orgasm. I was wild I was using words which I never dreamt of, jiju chodo meri choot and getting so much joy. My orgasm triggered his too. Even after he came he kept his cock inside me. Only after sometime he withdrew. He dressed me and I dressed him. After this he ordered dinner. We enjoyed our dinner and came back to home. Both of us were behaving as if nothing has happened. However that night I could not use the peep hole s I was so tired that as soon I went to bed I slept.

Next day I got up a bit late and reached straight to breakfast table. Mitali didi had gone somewhere and only Jiju’s bhabhi, Neetu didi and jija was sitting. Neetu did left for some work and meanwhile Ranjita; Jiju’s cousin sister came and sat on his left side. as now Ranjita was alone, we started teasing her. I said, Ranjita you had taken Neetu didi’s place and you have become vamangini of jija. She could not understand and said, so what. Bhabhi ji could not suppress her giggle and said you will have to everything which Neetu does. She now understood and went red in the face. Meanwhile Neetu did to come back and sat on another chair. Bhabhi said are nothing new in that, Ritu tunhare Jija to poorane behanchod hain.” I came mockingly too defend jija and said , why you blame jija only. and then Neetu didi joined the banter and said “what do you mean ki meri nannd Ranjita hi Pakki chinar hai, jo apne bhiya se ..phansssi hai. Bhabhi added, “but Neetu, you must thank Ranjita that she has trained him well and before you akhir usi se to kam chalate the”. Neetu didi consoled Ranjita, “Koi baat nahin nannd rani I will go 5 day leave, my red letter days are going to come then you can again take charge.” Bichare Jiju, he could not retaliate in front of her young sister and Mitali did was not there to defend. I too joined the fray and sang a ditty…Dil khol ke mango nanndi mangan ki bahar hai, Sayan mat mango nanadi, sej ka sringar hai, Sayian ke bdale Bhaya doongi (Sister in law, demand to your heart’s limits, but don’t ask for my hubby who is ornament of my nuptial bed. in his place I will give my brother…) but bhabhi added in her inimitable style… Saiyan ke badle bhiay doongi Chodi choot tumhar ho..Bur khol ke mango nanndi ( in place of my hubby I will give you my brother who will fuck your cunt, open your pussy and ask…)Ranjita wanted to get up and declined to take milk, But Neetu did forced her saying, take milk tabhi to doodh dane layak ho paogi and even gently squeezed her mamme. Jija went to work. Neetu did and other family members had to go some temple for a family worship. I declined to join them and decided to rest in Neetu didi’s room.

Everybody including servant had gone and I was all alone in the house. I checked all the doors, windows and ensured everything was close. I was enjoying my solitude. I went to Neetu didi’s room. I removed bed cover and rolled over her pink satin bed sheet. Slowly I removed all my cloths and now I was lying on my tummy and savouring its touch on my sensuous body. I was visualizing Neetu Didi’s lovemaking with Jiju but many times my image was replacing Neetu didi. After some time i went for bath. I shampooed my hair, cleaned my love lips and slowly my fingers were caressing, pressing folds of my love lips. I put nozzle of shower over my nipples and slowly they grew to perfect attention. I repeated the treatment to my pussy too and I was almost going to loose my consciousness I stood up abruptly, rubbed myself with towel and came out. I did not tie my long black hair and let them roll over my back or rather they touched my hips easily. I opened wardrobe for something to wear. I went through didi’s dresses and suddenly I saw a white long silk shirt of jiju and impulsively I pulled it out. I wore it with a flourish. Touch of silk on my nipple gave it a tingle. I was closing the wardrobe and a number of books fell down. And I recognized them at once. They were similar to what Jamna bhabhi had made us read. They were smutty books in Hindi by mast ram. I picked the first one and started reading. It’s raw language aroused me so much that with my one hand I started touching myself. After finishing one I looked at others and there were so many of them. There was a smaller packet wrapped and when I opened it, it turned out to be full size colour pictorial album. There were pictures of fucking in various poses, erect hard cocks sliding in tight cunt but what mesmerized me were the pictures of oral sex. I along with Neetu didi had read about it in sensuous man and other books of knowledge provided by her sahelis with detail description of ‘How to do it” and I had also seen didi licking sucking Jiju’s cock but these close ups made my mouth dry. And there were number of them, in one a girl was licking underside of cock, in another she was sucking balls. There were some in which two men were fucking together, one in the cunt and other in the asshole. I was totally engrossed and then suddenly bell screeched.

I looked through the key hole. Hey to my surprise it was jiju and all alone. I still asked and he responded it’s me. I confirmed that he is all alone and in a daring mood just dressed in his shirt, I opened the door. As soon he entered I bolted and locked. He was surprised nobody is at home. I rolled my eyes, swayed my hair with a twirl and said except your salli. But how come you are back, didi ki yaad aa rahi thi kya. I teased him. No I was a bit thirsty, he replied. I bit my pink lips and said but jija ji, pani pilane vali to hai nahin apko pyasa hi rahna hoga aur Ranjita bhi unke saath gyi hai. He held me hard and pressing his broad chest against my young teen boobs, said, pani to phir uski choti behna pilayegi. I vainly tried to disengage myself and said everybody will be back in 30-40 minutes. But to my misfortune, telephone rang. Jija switched on the speakerphone. It was Neetu didi. She told hey Ritu we were going to comeback by 2 but everything is delayed and we will be back by 6 only, still 5-6 hours. So you can order your lunch . Mitali did interject and said and may be you can eat home delivery boy too. I assured them that I will take my care and switched it of. Jija was showing temper. Hey jhoothi liar, you were telling me within half and hour they will be back and Neetu told that they never planned to comeback before 2. He has removed his shirt and vest but now he stopped. He sat down on the bed and pulled me in his lap like a small kid with my tummy on his thighs and face down. I’m going to give you spanking of your life, he said in mock anger. I too pleaded in the same tome nahin please nahin.. But he lifted the shirt from my bare ass and started caressing fondling it. When I was thinking it just going to be that, came the first spank. It was mild but made my young firm buttocks tingle hard. He has opened the top button too and his hand was caressing my hardening boobs. He pulled my nipples hard his next spank came directly on my crack of my ass. I was wriggling, screaming and he replaced spanks with loving caresses on my ass. He playfully stretched my crack and his fingers were moving on the rims of my ass hole When I thought it’s over third came right on my asshole. He simultaneously pinched my nipple too. He just kept his hand on my hips till I soaked all the pain, and then slowly he grabbed my cunt. He was crushing it squeezing it in the palm of his hand and while his other hand was cupping squeezing my boob’s .and rubbing me hard and it made me wet. As if it was not enough he took my clit between his thumb and forefinger and started rolling it. Now I was moaning with joy, sheer pleasure. He looked into my eyes and without saying anything slowly inserted one finger inside my now wet cunt. He probed with the tip of his finger, rotated it and slowly pushed it further. It was a continuous thrust. My cunt walls were rubbing against his finger gripping it, hugging it. But jiju pushed it right up to its base, and now with the base of his palm he was grinding my clit. He kept on doing it for some time which made me push my hips, moan and plead. Slowly he pulled out his ginger almost to its tip, moved it on the entrance of my cunt and suddenly plunged it mercilessly. And after that there was no stopping. He kept on moving it in and out with full force while his thumb was playing with my clit. I was almost on the verge of climax, my body was shivering and he suddenly stopped. He asked, kyon Maja aa raha hai, choot main ungli karvane main. I just nodded my head. He suggested I can get it done by my some friend or I can do it to any of my sahelis and again started fucking me with his finger. He was pounding my young cunt and I too was swaying my hips and this time when I approached climax, Jiju only increased the pressure on my clit. I jut exploded. Even when I was cummimg he kept on tempo of stroke and when I almost become limp in his lap very slowly he removed his finger. Smiling, he showed it to me and took it between his lips, sucking it greedily.

He slowly put me on the bed and lied next to me. we were just enjoying feel of each other’s body and he saw Mastram’s Hindi books lying about. So you were having your education, good and he made m recite choicest passages from those books in which chudai was described in most intimate details. I was trying to speak softly wet words, but he made me talk louder. This made him hard again. Although he was still in his jeans but his cock was straining hard to come out. When he removed Mastram’s book he could see picture album and the page I was looking at. On one side there was a girl greedily sucking a thick massive cock and on the other side man had ejaculated and she was taking his cum while a few drops and fallen down her breasts. Jija looked at me and said, ok now you sit down on the ground between my feet, open my jeans and suck my Lund as she is doing it in picture.

I immediately complied. Jija was sitting almost on the edge of bed. I sat down and went ahead to open his zip but I thought something else. I took my pink lips to his zip and with them opened it. While my lips wee struggling with zip, my hands unbuckled his belt and opened jeans buttons too. Now I pulled down his brief and his massive thick hard Lund sprung up. I took my virgin young lips to it’s huge head and gingerly kissed it. Second time I grew more courage and kiss developed into a gentle rub. With pressure of my lips only I slowly teasingly, opened the top skin of his cock head. Jija was getting shivers. He was now moaning Yes …Ritu please lick my supara, and I took out my thick tongue and started licking its head or supara slowly. My tongue glided to top and I even tried to push it into his peephole. While my lips were playing like this, my hands which were caressing, fondling his cock has moved to his balls and was tormenting him there. Now in one sudden gulp I took his entire big pinkish supara in my mouth and started sucking it slowly. After sometime without taking his cock further into my mouth (which jiju was pressing very hard) I pulled it out. Jiju was feeling desperate. He pleaded Ritu please mera Lund chooso bada acha lag raha hai.. . I winked at him and now my tongue was caressing underside of his massive lund. I kept licking till I reached his balls and continued licking. I took one ball in my mouth and started sucking it. Now my nails were drawing a line behind his balls and it drove him almost crazy. I took pity on his Lund and took it between my lips. my lips were pressing it rubbing it while I was devouring it and my tongue was also playing with it’s underside. I could not take more than half and started choking. My cheeks were swollen and then again I started sucking. I was putting full pressure and Jiju too was holding my head, caressing it and pressing it towards his Lund. He was crying, Ohhh Salli choos chhoo dalo mera Lund. His Lund was now throbbing. I slowly worked it out and it almost came out of my velvety mouth. Jiju was almost on the point of no return. He asked , hey can you swallow, let me come out I’m going to burst and as an answer I in one gulp, with full fervour took almost his entire cock and started sucking. My hands were fondling his balls too. And he came, in spurts. I was getting choked, but I kept on swallowing every drop. But my young teen mouth could contain only so much and some fell down on my cheeks, shoulders and breasts. I squeezed his ball sand licked till the last drop of cum. He looked at me, smiled and with his fingers collected cum from my body and offered it to my hungry lips. I greedily licked and devoured it too.

As I got up Jija pulled me in his lips and kissed on my cum smeared lips. I stared at him and asked, “Kyon Jiju, Maja aya salli se Lund chhosvane main.” Bahhot, he smiled and said, you drained me completely. H got up took out a huge bar of chocolate and offered it to me. Both of us shared it. I said and didi has told about ordering meal. He suggested that I should order a pizza. When I rang up a man enquired, 12 inches or 8 inches. I looked at jija repeating the question. He said you just tell him you like them big and send me the biggest size. I repeated the same. I was told pizza will be delivered within one to one and half hour. I reclined next to jiju who cuddled me softly. He was caressing me and talking about sex. He showed me some more books with very explicit close up pictures. He made me sit on his lap, on his semi erect cock and softly touched my gore gore gaal. He asked, “You know, what they are for.” I just smiled. He kissed them, nibbled them and took a gentle bite. “Choomavane ke liye Choosvane ke liye. Katvane ke liye” he whispered. Now his hands were roaming over my breasts. He squeezed them hard, took his lips to my hard tits and kissed them , again nibbling them gently. He once more asked, “äur tumhari ye mast choonchiyan”. Without waiting for my answer he replied squeezing them very hard and pulling my nipple, “Maslavane ke liye, Ragdvane ke liye aur Choosvane ke liye”. His fingers have now spread my cunt lips and one finger was deep inside “äur Salli ji apki yeh mast rasili choot”. He continued, “Mote Lund se Chudavne ke liye.” He was counselling me, Dekho Salli yeh jawani baar nahin aati and creator has been meharbann on you so that you have such nice gore gall, mast joban and rasili choot. You must use them. You should give pleasure and take pleasure. I was lying down and he was over me. His lips have now captured my nipple and sucking them very hard. I was fully aroused and my tits were hard. He brought his lips down and his tongue invaded my deep navel. It was only a part of journey. His lustful tongue travelled down to my young juicy cunt. But he avoided kissing me there and instead showered 100 kisses on my inner thighs. His tongue drew a tantalizing line around my love portals. I was moaning, crying but his relentless journey continued. Slowly he started vibrating, titillating my cunt lips with the tip of his tongue. I was mad. After teasing me for some time he made me sit on the edge of bed and went down on the floor between my milky thighs and sat down. Jiju said, “Ritu let me pay you back in the same coin”. Now suddenly he grabbed both my cunt lips between his lips and started sucking the life out of them, greedily. His tongue was moving over my fluttering love lips. His lips will brush my hard clit and then take lips of my cunt and suck them hard. As if it w not enough to make me mad, he thrust his thick lustful tongue in my wet waiting love tunnel. It roamed, teased and aroused upper end of my wet choot. He brought me close to climax twice and stopped. I was raising, grinding, and rotating my young buttocks, pleading. When third time I reached close to orgasm, he shoved his massive Lund in my gili choot. He just jabbed it hard and with relentless pressure, kept on pushing, till it was fully imbedded in my cunt. I tilted my face and discovered that I can see it in full size dressing mirror, all the details, my pink tight choot fully spread, devouring Jiju’s huge Lund. He let it be there for some time and then very slowly pulled it out. As it was almost out, again in one merciless push, he shoved it in. .I was enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure. Slowly, he increased the tempo and I too was in raptures. He asked kyon salli ji maja aa rah hai chudvane main,. I answered in the same vain; “han Jiju bas aise hi chodate raho chod do aaj apni Salli ki choot manbhar.” He now raised my young buttocks; put my slender legs over his shoulders and now chudai reached to a frenzy. I was watching it in the mirror that how my tight choot is gulping down, jija’s massive lund. I was raising my buttocks and crying. “.han aise hi aur jor se chodo maire jiju.” His hands were squeezing, crushing my boobs, his lips were sucking, biting, eating my nipples and base of his cock was rubbing my clit. I was grinding my hips and enjoying every minute of it. And then I exploded. I was holding his back scratching it biting it. It triggered his climax too. He came deep inside me and soon his white cum was spreading over my thighs. We cuddled and lied just like that and only bell of delivery boy broke our trance.

After that I stayed for 4-5 days more in Neetu Didi’s sasural. I enjoyed some more fucking sessions with Jija. When I returned Neetu didi and jija gave me a lot of gifts which included some tight smart dreses and a number of set of lacy bra and panty. Neetu didi was to spend her first HOLI at her sasural but mummy has asked me to convince her in law so that she may be permitted to come back. Neetu didi’s mother in law left the decision for jija. Jija and Neetu Didi came to see me of at the station. I was in a sexy tight top accentuating my hard joban. Jija ji was holding me caressing my boobs. With the other hand he was holding Neetu Didi. Looking at me greedily he teased Neetu Didi, “teri Behan ki phuddi marum”. Neetu did smiled and told me Ritu bol de theek hai agara aap holi main aaye… I rolled my eyes, squeezed his hands and said ” jija ji Holi Main aaiye, dekhtain apki pichkari main kitana rang hai”. He agreed, which gladdened me and Neetu Didi. I went ahead and kissed him. Train rolled on the platform. I boarded it. Both Neetu Didi and Jija were waiving hands. Slowly train whistled and started. I kept on waiving back. Slowly they melt into horizon.

I still cherish my first fucking with jija and the way he introduced me to the pleasures of life.

So that was the story of Ritu. And there are more Jija Salli stories to come. Neera, a Sali, who made his jija angry by refusing and then made amends by seducing him, another salli who enjoyed a fucking session in Sawan on a swing and many many more …s o as they say just watch this space. If you enjoyed it and want to share anything about your Salli or Jija please do mail me at I will also be looking forward to comments of the entire hunk Jijas and sexy Sallis.

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