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Jhardoo Pocha Wali

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

I have been reading Desipapa stories and enjoy them immensely. I will tell you of my experience with my Jhardoo pocha wali ( sweeping swabbing person). I am 24 years old living alone in a flat in South Delhi . My father was an army officer and was killed with my mother in a car crash 3 years ago. He left me a lot of money and after doing my engineering I did my masters in computer sciences. I was left 2 big 3 bedroom flats and I I had my fathers old batman and wife who use to cook and look after the house. The old servant and his wife were understanding people who had seen me grow up and bring girls and others type of women to the house and never told my parents.

This happened 6 months after my parents death when I had come to Delhi from Roorkee where I wa s studying Eng.
After settling in my servant told me that his wife had no time for the jhardhoo pocha and we should keep a daily one. I told him to find a young girl and he smiled understanding that I needed a fuck badly as I had gone through a bad time and did not know many people here. He told me that the girl downstairs would be willing to come around 9 am . Her name was Kusum. I said ok.

Next morning I was in the bedroom when she came to do the work. She was around 17 years old small about 5’1” with a nice body and dark. Good looking. After she had done her work and left I masturbated thinking how I would fuck her. After a week I was sitting in the drawing room sofa when she came and started to do her work. She was on her knees with her ass in the air as she was swabbing under the sofa I was sitting on. This got me excited and my lauda (cock) started to harden. I wanted to fuck her badly so I asked her” log kahte hai ke tu dhanda karti hai” ( people say you are a whore). She looked at me and blushed. I said “main tujhe chodna chaahta hoon. Kitna laegi” She protested and said that I had heard wrong and she was engaged to be married in 3 months. I asked her “ tere mangater ne tujha choda hai. Toona usske lauda choosa”. She said no and she was yet a “kwarin (virgin). I could not believe my luck. I told her “ aa pehle mere lauda choos aur us ke baad mai teri phudi ko phar kar teri gaand bhe phar doo ga. Mai tojhe 50 ruppe do ga.” I took out my hard uncut 7.5 incher and started to rub it in front of her. Then I caught her by her head pushed my cock against her lips and said “choos zoor se choos.” “Mujhe nahe ata” I went to the the TV and put on a porn VCD to a scene where the girl is giving a good blowjob to the man. She looked at the TV and was staring at it when I again put my lauda against her lips and told her’ jaise who kar rahe hai too bhe kar.” “ aap ka lund toa bahut lamba aur baara hai” “Jab teri phudi main ander jaiga to bahut maza dooga”. She started to suck me and slowly slowly following the VCD scene and took the whole of it in side which surprised me as she was a small person. I was moaning in pleasure and then I started to press her boobs playing with her small nipples. This excited her and as she was kneeling on the floor I started to rub her cunt with my big toe which excited her so much that she started to bite my lund . I made her stand up took off her salwar and asked her to start her swabbing. When she bent down in low doggie position I caught her and started to massage her boobs with one hand and her phudi with the other” hai bhaut achha lag raha hai. Mera mammy chooso “ I picked her up and took her to the bedroom took off all her clothes. She had a small body, small boobs but very sexy. I like small petite girls and this was ideal for me.

I started to fingerfuck her and suck her boobs. She was moaning “aaahh meri phuddi ko le lo. Muje aap ka lund apne phuddi mai zoor se chaihiya. Muje zoor se maro.” “Mai apne lauda aab teri choot mai gusar ra hoon. Pehle bahut dard ho ge pur uske bad bahut Maza aiaga.” I climbed on top of her took my lund put it against here phuddi and pushed very hard. It did not go in fully as the choot was very tight even though her juices were dripping. She let out a scream which I stopped her by putting my hand on her mouth. Then I realized that she had passed out with the shock and pain. I pushed harder knowing that she would waken in a few minutes and before that I should open her as much as possible.She woke in 2-3 minutes ‘ Bahut dard ho rahe hai” “ abhi theek ho jaigi aur bahut maza anna shuru hoga. Maina bola than a ke mai tere phuddi phar do ga. “ I kept fucking her hard and soon she was wriggling in pleasure” ab bahut mazza aa raha hai. Mere phuddi ko aur maro. Mai aap ke randi ho . Rooz muje choodo sara din. Muje yeh lund apne choot mea chaihiya sara time aah aahhhh aur zoor se”. By now I was raedy to come but not in her cunt for fear of pregnancy. I asked her” mere pani nikal na wala hai. Tere choot mai nikla to baccha ho sakta hai. Apne moh me choos kar mere pani pe la. Mai bhe tuje choosu ga” I took out my lund and did a sixty nine. Her phudi ws hairy with small soft hair and really wet. I started to lick her clit and she sucked my lauda. She was getting into an orgasm and her juices started to flow while I started to cum. I must have cum so much that she choked and could not take it all in. I asked her to lick what had been left.

She got up to wear her clothes and finish her work when I gave her 50 bucks. She said no she was not a randi. I said” too ab mere randi hai aur mai tujhe jab jaisse jitney bari chood sakuga choodu ga, theek hai” “Hai me apke randi hoon muje jab chahai choodna.” I asked her if she had any sisters. She said yes 2 youger 151/2 and 14 ½. “un ko bhe aap choodna. Hum sab ko saath saath”

My fucking her sisters is an other story which I will narrate later. Kusum my Jhardoo pocha wali is still being fucked daily in the morning by me. As soon as she comes she comes into my bedroom sucks me, drinks my cum and then I fuck her. I have just taken her gaand which she did not allow earlier. Now I take her in all three holes. She is married for 2 ½ years and has 1 son. I think it is mine. You can contact me at in case you liked my narrative.

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