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Jawan Bhabhi Ko Chodne Ki Khwaish

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello, I am rahul. I have my parent, elder brother ajay and his wife soniya in my family. I am 22years old and I am 4 years younger to my brother. My bhabhi’s ( soniya’s ) age is 24 year. We all stay together at chattishgarh(its new state). My bother is working with an engineering firm as an executive. My brother is got married two years back with soniya. She is from mumbai. She is 5’6” with fair color. I have not seen her with that angle any time before but I can say she has very good boobs and very nice acc. I can say my brother is very lucky to have such wife. She is also very honest to my brother. One day (6 months back) , soniya wanted to go to her parents house at mumbai with my brother. As per that I made a two seat reservation for the Deluxe bus . But on the day before journey, my brother got a call from office and he had told to go Vishakhapattanam for office work. So he left to Vishakhapattanam and told me to go along with Bhabhi . So in the night she came to my room and told me to get ready in the next day morning because bus was at 7.00 am. I told her that I will be ready before 6.30 am. On the next day I woke up at 4.00 am in the morning and prepared my self with one bag for my cloths . Just to find out , status of my Bhahi, I entered into my brother’s room .

The door was open and I entered into the room with out giving knock on the door . I found no body in the room .As soon as I was returning from the room, the door of the bathroom opened and my bhabhi came out . She was in the panty and bra only. I got shocked as she. She immediately entered into bathroom again. I went out and waited for her in our drawing room. After some time she came with her bag. She was in the dark brown colored sari. She was looking very sexy . We caught the bus on right time. Once the travelling started, I did not speak with her for first half hour . Then She asked me the reason . I told her sorry for the morning’s incidence . She told me that she had forgotten everything and told me to forget everything . As we were sitting side by side, my legs were touching to her legs. Today she was smelling very good . Mean while I touched her at number of places on her body as bus was going with breaks . I was taking the chance , but she was taking it lightly . In the afternoon I was sleeping the bus , and was thinking about the morning’s incidence .

Because of this my dick was fully erected and was prominently visible from my trouser . In between, Bhabhi woke me up and told me ” What is this ? ” pointing towards my trousers tent. She told me that this not good thing and remain cool till our journey . At around 10.00 pm in the night, our bus had got some problem and passengers had been told to take the rest for some time ( till morning ) as the repairy work will take at least 6-7 hr. So we went to nearest lodge. It was a very small lodge and all the passengers came there at the same time. So rooms were not available . At the last we got a single room. I told bhabhi that we have to Share one room. She agreed and we went inside the room. As we were travelling since morning we were tired. Bhabhi went inside the bathroom, as she was peeing , the noise was coming outside. got so horny after hearing the sound of pee. She came out of the bathroom . Now she was in the gray color nighty . Then I took wash and put my shorts and T-shirt on . We had sleep on the same bed . Bhabhi was sleeping and I was lying near to her on the same bed. As there were no fans in the room, it was so hot in the room. So I removed my T-shirt and sleep with my shorts on. After some time , I found something was on my chest . I opened my eyes and saw it was bhabhies hand . I thought, it was an accident. But when hand moved towards my shorts, I came to know that this was my Bhabhies intentional move. So I removed her hand from my shorts. She got off immediate and told me” rahul, I want you to fuck me”. I told her “This is not possible because you are my Bhabhi.”, She told me that my brother was not satisfying her desires . So I put my one hand on her big boobs and started to press it . It was so nice to press the boob . I strted licking her face. She then put her tongue into my mouth . I slowly put my hand below her nighty and pulled it up, up to the chest . My got what was the seen. The whole bhabhi was in front of me.

I removed her nigthy completely. She was not wearing bra or panty. I saw her big armpits. There were lots of hair at her armpits. I took them in my mouth. They were smelling very musky as we had travelling for the whole day . Then I went down and spread her legs to get the full view of her pussy. It was also fully covered with the pubic hair. I started licking her pussy with my tongue. This was giving me musky smell. As I entered my tongue into her vagina she moaned “oooooohhhhhhhhhh aur ander,aur ander chato”. I continued this act for at least 10 min. Then I found lot of white juice coming out from her pussy . Her pussy hair got wet because of her juice. I ate all the juice . She told me to take her nipples into my mouth as well. I did that also . After few min. she told me ” rahul, kya mai aap ka lund mere muah main le loo kya”. I agreed immediately. She took my dick into her mouth . Oh god it was feeling very nice. She told me that she wanted me to fuck her pussy. So I laid on her and put my dick into her pussy. It was the continuous play for 10 min. Then I got fully sweaty, she was also sweating like any thing . I got tired. She told me to sleep on the bed on my back . I did so Then she sat on my stomach and inserted my dick into her hole. She started fucking me up and down. As she moves up and down , her large balls were also striking each other between her mangalsutra. She was above me completely naked except her mangalsutra. After some time I told her that I was going to cum. She moved up and brought her mouth close to my dick. As I flushed my juice, she took it all into her mouth and drank it. We fucked each other for the whole night. We slept on the bed naked. Next morning we had our breakfast and again fucked each other and then started our remaining journey. We have promised each other to continue this relationship forever. Now also when ever we get right opportunity we do play our game on regular basis.But now she is with my brother in another city  Dear readers (Specially girls and women) if you want to give me any suggestions or want to share your experiences with me.

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