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Jamila A Friend Wife

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

My dear friends of desipapa story pages. After reading all of your. I decided to narrate my story to you that happened to me some year ago. Jamila was wife of one of my friend. She was too beautiful woman in her late 30s, with a reddish color slim long body. She has long black hairs, which were matching on Her thick long shape face. She has a nice round ass and was small but every time erected beautiful round tits.

Her figure probably may 34d, 32and 36. Her color was too white and always shining. I often used to visit their house as her husband has a little share one of my small project. Her husband was a very greedy person and he wants to be me that I offer him some other share in other project, as I have a chane of projects. He often called me to his home for a diner or some time he invited me to attend ant ceremony in his home his wife is very frank to me. She was always trying to talk me frankly. I always saw in her eyes a Once my friend invited me for a lunch on a holiday. When I went to his home he was not there. Her wife told me that he had some emergency work and he has gone to his mother place and he advised me to give you an excuse. He also told me that he would be try to returned at 2-o clock. But if he didn’t come then I give you a full company in lunch. We sat in their drawing room and were talking all about the issues specially our families. It was a cold, windy and cloudy just a romantic day. We talked also about the weather and she said that it she likes weather like this because it is romantic. She has not wear her shoes, as it was all carpeted area.

Her feet were so nice white and sexy. I was looking at her pretty feet and she noticed that and asked me why I always staring her feet .I said very frankly because they a very beautiful. She said yes your friend also says that. By the way what you meant that I have only a beautiful feet? saying this she gave me that pretty smile. No, I don’t think like these you are relay a pretty woman I replied. She smiled and said but you like only my feet. Are you not? Yes I like it very much because beauty is beauty. But I like you all. Suddenly she lifted her feet and put them in my lap and said you can look at them. She has relay very pretty feet. She was looking at me with a naughty smile and said you can look and if you feel you can lick at them all you want. I bent on her foot and started kissing with her toes. And then I lifted up and kissed the top of that pink foot and then kissed the arch under it. I heard an ahh. When I looked up her face was turning red and she was enjoying. I lifted her shilwar upward and started kissing her smooth leg. Suddenly we heard the noise of car as her husband was coming. She dragged her feet immediately and stood up started running towards the kitchen but in her way running to kitchen she kissed me. And with a minute her husband my friend came in the drawing room.

He excused me very much. He called his wife with an anger that why she is not gave me a company. She came and told him that I was busy in kitchen and that she has got permission from me that was granted. I became wonder to learn her saying like these as her were in lap me just before a minetue. Anyhow we took the lunch together and we talked a lot. When her husband went to washroom for a while she smiled with a naughty mood and asked me when are you meeting me next alone with out this creature. I told her when you call me I will be here in minutes. She told me that she would call me soon by telephone soon. I asked permission from them when my friend came out from washroom and their home. After a week I received a telephonic call from jamila that she is all-alone in her home and her husband has left for a trip to near by city and will be expected tomorrow. I told her that when she wants to come there. She if you can spend a night then you should come at late night for a dinner. We fixed the time that I will be come there at 9.30 PM. I called to my home and told my family that I am not coming home tonight due to attend a very important guest from aboard it was not un usual as in my business it was not strange. I lifted my office that night very late at 8-o clock. I went to the market to buy some gift for jamila. I bought a very precious perfume along with a very castly sari for her.

I went her home at 9.30. When I entered in became very happy and gave me a light kiss on my check. She wore a pink color shilwar qamiz with a light makeup and was looking very beautiful. We went to drawing room and sat there. I presented her the gifts and she tore the gift paper in hurry and when she saw the gift she became very glad and said that this is my favorite fragrance in perfume and favorite color. She asked me that how I came to know my choice. I told her I know a lot about her. We were chatting talking for a long and as she was sat just close with me we were also kissing between chatting. I garbed her and fell down in my lap. I put my mouth on her lips and was rubbing her tit. She me told be patient don’t be hungry. We have all night for it. Then she went to kitchen and arranged the dinner. We took the dinner and watch the TV for a while. At 11.30 we went to the bedroom. . She went to the dress and after a few minutes she came out from dress wore a black thin nighty. Her white and reddish body was totally visible in nighty. I was in bed she came to bed and laid with me. Then I moved up and kissed her juicy lips and rolled my tounge in her mouth she was giving full response. She put her mouth on mine and took my lips in her mouth for a long time. She inserted her tongue in my mouth.

I sucked her tongue her. Then she took my tongue in her mouth and she chewed it like a chiweng gum. I now moved my hand to her tits. She opened her nighty buttons and I helped her to take off her nighty and there were small but beautiful round pink tits with nice brownish nipples on a red brown areola. I took one of them in my mouth hungrily while played with other. She was enjoying it and was playing with my dick. Now I moved my hand to her soft firm belly and then in her pajama I slide it down from her legs. I felt the smooth and wet pussy of jamila. I rubbed it gentle I rubbed her clitoris. She was moaning and I inserted my middle finger in her cunt and started in and out. After a while. She opened string of my shilwar and slide down it from me. She took my cock in her soft hand and gave it a gentle massaging. I put my face between her legs and started licking her pussy. She was breathing heavy and moving her hips towards my face. After a while she asked me that she want to kiss my cock. She raised and put her mouth on my prick she kissed, licked it and then she took in her mouth to suck it. Now we both couldn’t wait more. She asked me, please fuck me put this huge prick in my pussy.

So I lowered my self and placed my hot cock on the hole of her tight and wet cunt and with one push my ¼ Th of prick was in her hole. After a few more jerks I was half into her tight pussy that when she asked me to do slowly, because my cock was too big for her. I slow down and started giving small but deep push. Jamila moaned as my cock dove into her pussy. She squirmed about atop her bed. The room started filling with our soft moans. After a while she got use to my dick and started pushing back her hips. I increased my speed by now and she was screaming to do it slow. But I did not stop playing with that tight hole and after a while she started enjoying it too. We fucked for more than half an hour. I breathed as I started to pump into her with long regular strokes, the fronts of my thighs slapping against her rear. After a few strokes then after some time I asked jamila to turn around. I moved my hand on her nice and round ass cheeks. She turned around now she was on her knees. Her ass was little wide and too nice. Her ass hole was very pretty pink in color and seeing very tight. I asked her may I fucked her ass. She told me not now we will do at latter. I entered my dick in her pussy again from behind. I wrapped my arm beneath her body holding her tightly. I started to pump faster. I search of her clit and found it quickly. I rubbed it firmly as I felt myself starting to coming. Jamila cried out as I plunged into her. After some time, a shuddering growl signaled my climax and I poured my cum into her cunt completely she also came with me at the same time. We stayed in bed for a long time then we went to wash room. When we came to bed we laid and we were playing to each other. I was sucking her tits and was playing her pussy while she was rubbing my cock.

After some time I got full erection. She asked to put my cock in the cleavage of he tits and asked me to move, I put my cock in her tits and was moving it was just like fucking I moved my cock faster between her tits which were being crushed by my cock. Now i asked her to that I want to fuck her ass hole she first hesitant and told me that she never did this before and will be hurt her. But when I insisted forcedly. She got up from the bed and brings a bottle of oil. She asked me to lubricate my prick and her ass hole to fuck her virgin ass. She bent on her knees and up her ass .I was quite happy by her command .I parted her ass cheeks and saw her virgin ass hole. She said that her husband was much interested in her ass fucking but I never let him to fuck my ass. I put some oil and lubricated my cock and her ass hole then I entered my cock top very slowly and expertly in her ass hole. First my strokes were very slow then faster. She was now crying with pain and requesting me to stop. But I didn’t care her shouting. I entered my one arm under her thigh and started rubbing her cunt and clitoris and then entered one of my finger in her cunt hole. Now she was felling good.

She was now sayings yes yes fuck my little hole hard .you are tore my ass and you will pay for it. These words exited me more and I started pumping her ass hole more deeply. Now I was near to cum and it went up the speed. I told her that I am coming she told me come in my ass my pussy is also shouting. I poured all my cum inside her ass. We fucked for more than half an hour and her cunt was dripping with her cum. We had sex four times on that night. At the morning when I was liftting her I gave her 20000 rupees which she took after my hard insist. After that I fucked her a hundreds time when she got chance she called me. I gave so many contracts to her husband after that. No need to contact with me so I am not giving my add .thank you.

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