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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Firstly, a little about me. I am a very average looking girl, dark, with medium breasts(at that time)and sexy tits. I watch XXX movies at home and have collected a lot of those Cassettes from my friends. I stay in Bombay, India. My 2 brother’s and a sister are married and staying separate. I stay with my parents. It was December 16th 1994, my 18th Birthday and I had a small party in my house. I had called a few of my friends for the same.

There were around 12 of them. 5 males and 7 females. This was the first time that I was throwing a party because this time my parents had gone to Trivandrum, Kerala, my native place. The party started and we had an excellent time. As we all were very close to each other, I suggested that we watch a XXX movie. 3 Males and all the females (other than me) said “NO”, but two males said that they wanted to see it. But as we say ‘majority wins’, we did not keep the movie, but I had to promise the other two guys that I will show it to them after the party was over. The party got over at around 11:30 P.M. Everyone went except the two fellows who wanted to watch the XXX movie. I switched on the VCR and put an XXX cassette into it. The movie began. I was prepared for the consequences. Suddenly, I saw that one of the fellows, let us call him Santosh, and put his hands into my dress. I did not object because I felt great.

He slowly started massaging my stomach. I was getting aroused. After a few seconds, the other fellow, let us call him Nilesh, saw Santosh was playing with me. He got aroused. He came near me and started Kissing me passionately. I enjoyed every second of it. Santosh Kissed me later for around 5 minutes. After some really passionate Kissing by both of them, they started removing my clothes. I started removing their clothes. Now, I was in my Bra and Panties and they were in their Underwear. They laid me on the bed. Santosh laid on me and started slowly removing my Bra and Nilesh removed my panties. Now I was completely naked. I asked them to remove their underwear and they did. I was surprised to see their cocks. it was hard and 7 inches each. Santosh started Kissing me and Nilesh started sucking my breasts. My Nipples had really become hard and was almost 1½ C.M. in height. Their faces told me that they were enjoying whatever they were doing. After sometime Santosh moved to my pussy and started Kissing and Sucking it. I felt great.

Now Nilesh was working with my Breast. They sucked my pussy for some time. After a few minutes I took Nilesh’s Penis into my mouth and started sucking it. Believe me, it was great. Nilesh was moaning with pleasure. I did the same with Santosh for some time. After a few minutes Santosh told me that he was going to enter me. I said “YES”, but he was afraid if I would get Pregnant. I said “NO” because I had just finished my periods 2-3 days ago. They were really excited on hearing this. I told them to enter slowly as it would hurt badly. Santosh entered really slow. It still hurt me badly and I screamed “AAHHHH…”. But soon it stopped hurting. Santosh was riding on me. I told him to ride faster and faster, which he did. Within a few minutes he came inside me. He said that it was the best come he ever had.

I put my finger inside my pussy and started masturbating because I had not come so for. Nilesh saw it and put his 7 inch Penis into my pussy. It felt really great. Now he continued to ride on me. I told him to ride faster, which he did. Soon he came inside me and I also had a come shortly. They took me again that night in different positions. We did it like dogs, I was over them and a few more positions. After that we had Anal Sex. Nilesh put his 7 inch Penis into my anus. It hurt me really badly because it was the first time something that big was entering my ass hole. Next, Nilesh laid on the bed, I laid on him and Nilesh put his Penis into my ass hole and started ass fucking me.

Santosh laid on us and put his Penis into my pussy. They were both riding over me. It gave me a lot of Pleasure on one side and a lot of pain on the other side. But it was excellent. After a few minutes Nilesh came inside my ass hole and Santosh came inside my pussy. All the three of us were tired now. I laid in their arms for a few more minutes Kissing and Petting with them. It was 5 A.M. in the morning and we got up and dressed ourselves. I told both of them to leave immediately because it was time for the people of the neighboring house to get up. They left in the bikes to their houses. Luckily, no one saw them. When I came to my bed, I noticed patches of blood on it. I could not believe that I had lost my Virginity that I had thought to keep till my wedding night. I am still not married.

From that day onwards, We meet in Nilesh’s house (he is staying alone) almost 4 times in a week and fuck each other. I have been fucked by more than 25 men since my first experience. But I have never got the pleasure that I got from Nilesh’s and Santosh’s 7 inch Penis’s. We still fuck at Nilesh’s house 3 to 4 times week. But the only difference now is that I am on the pill. Let me say that my First Time was a really excellent one. Only girls contact me at

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