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  • September 13, 2015
Hi! I am Nitin from Jaipur & I’m going to tell you my first sexual encounter that led me to a world of excitement & pleasure. At that time I was just 18.  We have rented out a portion of our house to a couple in their early 30’s. I didn’t cared initially. But soon I found Kavita (the housewife) exciting & fuckable. The day was Sunday. My parents were out in a marriage for 5 days.  I was reading Doodhwali Stories. Suddenly I heard some moaning. I found that the couple was having sex. Kavita was naked with her small lovely B’s shaking with every stroke of Rajesh (her Husband). He was ramming his 4.5-inch cock into her pussy while her legs were on his shoulders. Soon he cummed in her pussy & lay exhausted. It seemed to me that Kavita still needed more but Rajesh got asleep like a log. She wiped her pussy lips with a towel, got dressed up & came out of the room in sheer frustration just to find me at the windowpane. She realized that I might have seen the whole act. I was also afraid that she might tell this to my mom. But she smiled at me very strangely. I got the much-needed green signal from her. My mind was to jump over her, grab her, hold her, tear her clothes apart, suck her, & then fuck her hard. But I controlled myself from doing all that as her husband was in the house.

 But I didn’t want to lose this chance. I followed her to another room. After entering the room, I went near her & placed a kiss on her lips while holding her in my arms. I placed my one hand on her buttocks & brought her closer. I started to explore her mouth with my tongue. At first, she didn’t responded but soon she started to cooperate. She was hot by now. We frenched till our lips could bear. She got hold of my hand & placed it on her boobs. I started to massage her right B over her blouse with my hand. She started to moan but I placed my lips over hers. I was in heaven when she broke the kiss & asked me to leave, as Rajesh was about to wake up. I left the room thinking about when & how to go further. I am quite lucky as you see I got the chance on the next day itself. Her 2 daughters went to the school & Rajesh too left at 10:00 AM. I knew that she would be alone till 2:00 PM & till that time I can feast myself upon her. So I moved to her room. She was lying on the double bed in a semi-transparent pink nighty through which I was able to see that she was wearing just bra & panty under it. As I walked in, she stood up & tried to leave the room. I caught her hand & pulled her against my chest. I kissed her passionately all over her face & my lips stopped over hers. 

She melted away against my hold & her own desires. I put my one hand over her shoulders to bring her even more closer so that my dick could rub her body. M other hand rested on her boob & I started to feel it by moving my hand over it. Soon, I broke the kiss & removed her nighty. She was now in her bra & panty. I put my one hand under her thighs & lifted her. We kissed until I dropped her on the bed. She removed my shirt & jeans. I joined her on the bed in my undies. She lay with her back facing the roof & my hands started exploring her back. I unhooked her bra & turned her to remove it completely. I got an erection while seeing her erect nipples. I started to tease them with my fingers & thumb. She started moaning slowly. I took one of her nipples in my mouth & sucked it really hard, & then moved to the other. This way, I increased her desires to the breaking point. I wanted her to beg for the fuck & she did. I moved my tongue all over her body & kissed her thighs. She got aroused & her face became red due to extreme lust prevailing in her body. I slid her panties down & discarded my undies too. She took my dick in her hands & tried to measure its length (6-7 inch). Then she took it in her mouth & gave me a nice blowjob. She told me that she always wanted it this way but her husband never allowed her to suck his cock. I told her that she could do whatever she wants, as my body is now hers. 

This increased her pleasure & she did it again & this time more passionately. When I was about to cum, I told her & shot the entire fluid in her mouth, which she drank like nectar. Now it was my turn. I laid her on her back & parted her thighs to suck her juices. I kissed there & darted my tongue deeper & deeper in her hot valley. She was moaning loudly but there was nobody to hear them. Her moaning made me crazy & I started fucking her ass with my fingers while exploring her pussy with my tongue. She couldn’t hold any longer & cummed. Her juices started flowing & I accepted them with pleasure. She explained it as her first fully complete orgasm. I took my dick & started to rub it on her pussy lips. She became horny & wanted me badly inside her. She begged me to enter her. I tried to enter her but in vain, as her hole was too small for my dick of large circumference. I brought some oil from my room & applied it on the inner walls of her pussy. She did it on my cock & massaged it quite nicely. Now I slid my dick quite slowly & gently in her hole & let it there for few minutes. Then I started to give her slow jerks, which became deep thrusts sooner.

 With each thrust, her moaning became louder. She was screaming like a virgin, as her pussy was too small for my enormous dick. Her hole was so small that I had to pity on her married life. I wondered how she managed to satisfy herself in so many years. But now satisfaction could be seen on her face. I cummed after10-15 minutes of hardcore fucking. She orgasmed 3 times during this period. She took my dick in her mouth & licked it clean. I also licked her hairy pussy. This resulted in another session of Fucking. The both of us slept in each other’s arms with my dick inside her pussy. We woke up at 1:30 PM & got dressed up. I used to bunk college & my working parents were out in the afternoon so we had sex nearly everyday after that in different postures. 

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