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Jab May Tayra Sal Ki Thu

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

My name is Rashmi. I am 18 years old girl from delhi. And I am a regular reader of this sight

I look like 36/25/37. With a fair colour,tall and boys say that I am very much beautiful.everyone wants to have my company but I never like anyone becouse I still have my sex partenar.
So today I am going to tell you my life’s very first sex experience which was heppaned with my brother’s friend Mahesh. I was just 13 years of age at that time. Though I was not naturally ready for the sex at that age and I was unknown about that too.
But I looked very sexy even in that age,as my body was taking new curves and shapes. My boobs were very small like little mangoes.And i noticecd that everyone stares at my ass and boobs,whenever I go through the market and it made more seriouse about my body figure. And I always stare my body in the front of the mirror and i appriciated my figure myself. And I love to see people wach my boobs and my ass.
One day I was at home and it was Sunday so I did not go to school,my mom dad and my brother had gone for shopping so i was alone at home. I was wearing shorts and was busi in cleanig I was wearing a short t-shirt and a half tight pant. Suddenly someone knocked the door I opened it and saw that my brother’s friend was standing out there, he was quite handsome, tall, fair and very good lookingas well and he was waching me with a very interesting sights and his eyes were fixed on my boobs. I don’t know why was I liking his sights and i knew that my family members will come after the evening but I did not say him to go and I said that “Bhaiya will come in few minutes please sit inside. I bring you water” He said “ok“.And I moved in i was sure that he is staring my back and I began to walk with most sexy way.
I glanced back to see him and I was right he was waching my ass with strange but sexy eyes.
I went in and brought hi water. He drank it and gave me sweet smile with “thank you”.I also smiled and went in.Now all that I wanted to attrackt him.
I came again and said him “you please wait I just come with a change” He said ” ok”.
I went in side and let the door opened slightly I knew that his eyes were on me now I was removing my T-shirt and my teen ager bra, my heart beats were running very fast then I removed my half pant also now I was only in panty I was fully inviting him. And suddenly two hands grabed my boobs from my back I was not surprised, i closed my eyes and began to enjoy the massage of his warm hands on my untouched boobs, he was breathing very hard he was kissing my neck and my back. uphhhhhhhh I can not describe that sensation of that moment, I could feel thae hardness of his cock on my hips. He was pushing his cock on my hips over my panty. He was not yet naked.
Suddenly he set down and removed my panty and touched my hairless soft pussy, it was tremendous feeling, he ran his finger in the lips of my pussy I ws really enjoying it. then he lifted me in his arm moved towards the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and began to removed his cothe.
he said “hey you are so beautifull” I just smiled and replied ” you are also very handsome” he smile and removed his underwear.
Oh my Gooood..he had a large tool I ws frightened to see his cock and I hid my face in my hands, he came near me and set down near my head and moved my hands from my face and said ,”Hey I want to see your beautiful eyesand lips” but I kept my eyes closed, then I felt a fishy smell in my nose strills and I was scared when he touched his cock in my lips and negan to rubb it,he pushed mis cock into my mouth I tightly shut my teeth but now he was rubbing his cock on my teeth and I had to open my mouth,and he pushed inside my mouth I could feel the warmness of his cock on my tongue and a strange taste of his thick cock.
After sometime he said “plese Rashmi suck it baby” now i was feeling nice and I began to suck it, firat slowly and then speedily. He was also pishing it inside.I was rubbing my pussy and began moaning he was also moaning with joy.Finally he cummed in my mouth.My mouth was full of his spurm and I swallown it, now his cock was decreasing and finally he fell down on my boobs.
But I was still thursty so i began to rub his cock again and soon it errected again,I was rubbing my pussy with my another hand and moaning “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH UUUUPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
He suddenly set down in between my legs and kissed my pussy.It was a real sensation to me for the first time i could feel ithe began to suck it and lushed his tongue into my tight pussy.I was moaning loudely.
He found my small cilt and begen to suck it I was again moaning loudely and pressed his head on my pussy.
Then he stood from there and set down and placed his huze cock on the lips of my small pussy. Then he pushed a bit inside but it was really painfull to me I pushed him back with loud cries “noooooo plzzzzzzzz chhhod thoooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mei mar jaaaoooonnnnngiiiiii”
But he did not care anything, After some unsuccessful efforts he realized that it is not easy to fuck an untouched new pussy so he rose up and got a cream then he applied the cream in his cock and in the inner walls of my pussy and then placed it again on my pussy and pushed was painfull but now he had pushed it a bit inside of my pussy.i was feeling lot of pain and my pussy was bleeding, now he increased his speed and he was hitting his cock in my pussy too hard,finally his cock entered in my pussy completely and now he was pushing again and again inside.
I was feeliong lots of pain with a joy and i clutched him in my arms and now I was dragging my waist upward to take his cock in.he was pressing my boobs and sucking my lips our breathe were very hot and after some time I felt that my pussy is releasing it’s juise I closed my eyes and suddenly I felt that some hot drops were falling into my hot pussy it was really amaging to me I clutched him in my arms more tightly I was enjoying his cum inside my pussy.
He was cumming for a long time and I was enjoying it. My pussy was full of his cum, he pulled out his cock from my pussy.Now i licked his cock I licked all his cum. He fell down on my boobs he was sucking my boobs then we gave a long kiss to each other and went in the bathroom we both took a bath and then he went out from our home.
It was my very first and unforgettable sex experience of my life After that we had lot of sex he fucked me from both sides and we still have sex time to time.He is so lovely and caring.
I hope you have liked my story.

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