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It Happened In Goa

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Thanks for publishing my previous external affairs name was It Happen It was wrong  am Sheetal as you’ll know there were many comments I had received from both male and females. Most of female told me that I have done wrong that what I liked the truth from their mouth. Man wants to date and my cell number sorry for that I can’t as I have said before. this is am writing  my 2nd  part which I my one of memorable sexual love with him as most of mans n woman’s asked me to write me. Before going to my  2ND part as I was very fond of his cock he do sex with me and Archana but most the time he used to screw me that I liked very much. I will describe some of his fuck with me in short, after our first sex and when Archana came to know. It was not that difficult for us make love if I need fucking from him I used send my kids to Archana flat  n when she wants him I take care of her kids. This was routine in our relationship he was horny most of time he asked my body to fulfill his lust. He used tell me that am have hot body special things was my soft pussy, thighs, lips & soft sexy buttocks that’s why my bums was brutally fucked my him till I screaming but I liked him that way he treat me in sex. We exploited our ideas in sex there were quick fuck I was amazed he comes to my flat asked for quick fuck what he is to do bring me in kitchen or bedroom if my kids are there. I hiked my nighty up n pulled down my panty expose my fairs bums to him. He few kiss’s my bums inserts his cock inside my pussy or anus screwing me I peep thru side if my kids coming .i loved the screwing from behind he goes very fast  less then 10 min cum leave from there I didn’t had experiences of orgasm but feels hot by his act. We had countless love till he left aboard. Once he backs I & Archana had sex with him then you know I had written my experiences which how and when I involved with him. Thanks 4 mails and also that lady from same town of his who had sex with my boyfriend .Her husband is working in curies ship for sex pleasure she got fucked by my boyfriend that email me about his when she finally trusted us she had intimated with him. My boyfriend told she is also good n hot lady I never spoken to her she is very cooperative in sexual activity I got jealousy but he liked me much so I called me to come down his place Goa .

Here I will share my one of most memorable love making to him. Before that I had shifted my new home to Andheri so Archana was very rear in contacts with me. He always keep in touch with me.i have been working in reputed Co. there were I gone to Goa some time mate him had few love making. This time was well planned by him he wanted me to have badly I too had lust. Let tell about now myself I don’t have great figure am plump body, firms breasts, normal  tummy my bums was big now in size due to pervious rigorous anal sex although my husband fuck my back I didn’t find that pleasure only at my first anal I screaming to ensure that I was virgin there. He was polite and cum soon on my bums. When I wear jeans and formal top my office males used stares at my back I had kept distances no more relationship. Woman who email me saying what will do if your husband had sex with other woman. I tell u many times I found condom packet in his pocket which 1 remaining there 2 are missing am not child so he used condom else where. When I back condom packet missing from pant pocket sometime imported spray which is long lasting he has using since have told him many years. I was missing my boyfriend so we decided to have great fuck to last forever. He gave few tips to put down my weight n moderate my figure .Theexercise which he recommend to get my figure in shape that was working at same day he said not shave my pubic region. Days passes I lost my weight grows in pubic hairs lot I wore salwar kameez at work place and home sari. Slowly I kept distance with husband to be untouched sometime sex which is condom n only cunt, anus I kept my boyfriend I was very shameful thinking of him he called everyday at night I call kiss him on phone. My husband was in his affairs I didn’t mind bocz I done / do same hope he doesn’t go prostituted I know his tastes. Finally day fixed it was month of summer; I got 2 pair of skimpy panties and bra as well sexy night gown from crowfit market Mumbai. He said that wants first intercourse to be in missionary pose he was aware that I more fond in grinding top n doggy style but knowing our lovemaking will be special it was Saturday morning arrival in Goa till Monday early departure from there where thing was fixed I told my sister to take care of my children’s. I try hard to loose weight on my buttocks it only got the shape less weight lost rest was perfect tummy was kind of flat n  thighs .I giggles when I saw my bushes black thick it was look hot too I kept 4 months unshaved only trimmed pussy lips  . To avoid any suspicion from my husband I told as per his plan it worked sorry that disclosure. Wore his favorite color blue tight fit jeans and silky top same skimpy panty n bra. I mate at pick up point

I felt happy when I saw him he was same I appreciate about his physics later disclose .I Shake his hand he rubbed his finger on my palm showed intention I smiled and we took cab both seat on back seat he was looking very cute like school boy no one say he is on his late twenties am mid thirties I much healthy them him like early but he knows how to drive woman wild in bed like Eraman Hashmi am not boosting him he like that and stud guy. Our thighs were brushing all the way his hand was on my palm caressing them. We checked in hotel it was high humidity in Goa in summer there man in reception glances us as we checked in as husband & wife but no match was there I didn’t care I know  my boy how hot n his cock better then them waited to get chodna from him. Once we enter the room locked the door I saw lust on his eyes. He pinched my pubic region over my jeans he found my pubic bushes he smile said darling u re hot lady’ ‘no u made me hot’ we laughed he looking around in room. I asked him what re u searching. He said I looking if any hidden cam gone bathroom 2.i got scared he told me you know  now days there re cheap thing do in hotel when he found nothing as early he has inspected the room. That’s what I liked about his smartness n attentiveness I was at tv table kept his n my bag at side he look me I mate my eyes there was now to be much waited lovemaking we wanted he came in hurry I too gone to him we hugged I engulf him he crushed his face on my boobs he was 5.5 ft as who read early narration my story knows about I was little heighten.  He pushes me to the wall hike my top encircled his hands back squeeze buttocks  n kissed my navel I arched now tell me who says that who says only good height person can make love better please any girl or woman reading this removed that obstacle from your mind only good lover knows woman’s needs. Coming back he circle his tongue on my navel rubbed fingers on my buttocks I got electric current I became loose when he came up I fell on his shoulder his cock was erect inside his jeans .he took my face kissed my lips I thrilled kissed him back his lips then I understood his demand and I opened my mouth for his tongue.. Now he entered his tongue in my mouth and searched for mine. I immediately gave my tongue. We licked each others tongue and smooching there I was breathing heavy we took break 4 sec them locked again that was I missing from my husband true lovemaking there re still more to come I know this animal before. He was horny lips was from neck to cheeks then smooching again. I already aroused by his hard smooching his hands were my back holding tight. we started to eat each other mouth for long time he cupped my boobs my mouth gave low voice I sense my panty got wet it excite me I took break from smooch removed my top he saw my dark blue bra he put his hand under my bra gave squeeze both boobs it was hard n nipple were erect by now. He played my boobs n nipples pinch them my bra off topless now I unzipping my jeans he stop me said ‘let us make lot love before intercourse’ I thanks for his patience my mind he was squeezing n massaging my firms boobs they were nice firm but doesn’t suit to my body I embarrass he smooched hard in my mouth I took his t shirt also he gave kiss on my boobs I arched it was from long time then nipples sucked I moaning with love of his there are no sounds like ohh ahhh which other story has normal when woman gets excited in sex.i brought my hand down cupped his cock meat was erect balls were tight he also arched his head moved up. I massage his cock over jeans his act was on my boobs.i bend my knees brush on his cock at same I unbelted zipped half down slide my hand inside jeans touch his bare meat wow I thrill as same time he got my head down stick his tongue on my lips sucked I moved my hand ups n dwn there we took break from wall after long time he took me to bed.

He removed his shoes now I saw clearly in sun light his chest has light hairs n shoulder was wide and well tone body he was doing exercise daily his tummy was flat. He kiss my lips said thanks I reply ‘koi bate nahi main tho yaha tere sath chudai karne ayhi ho’ (no need I came to get sex pleasure from you) he came sat on beside me kiss my arms said again ‘that I know am talking about lady Maria which you engaged me with her’ I asked him did she is better then me’ ‘every woman is different their sex needs n rest of things her husband is away so am giving her physical pleasure to her’. ‘So you are happy at least got one under you daily’. ‘No my darling since 1 ½ months I didn’t masturbate only I had 4 times sex with Maria in a day’ by caressing my back. I giggles masturbate massage his cock. ‘Yes I fantasying Sharon she has only one child hot buttocks loved fuck’. I told lets talk later do some love making .he asked me if I didn’t mind let me pictures n shot these love making I trust him before also taken but he didn’t exploit me. I kept cam on bedside table he pulled his jeans down I sat on floor pulled his underwear also his cock free I chew the middle of his meat erect hard his width size had grown now he massaging my hairs I licked his balls I need badly chudai from his meat. He stops me his cock was good in size more then 6inch look like. We smooch then he back mine body I massage my buttocks n squeeze them when it didn’t come in his hands he squeezing very hard my big bums bite them over jeans. He came front unbutton top unzipped my jeans asked to help get down I pulled till knee he crush his face on my bums I felt so cool of his this was really good lover can do. I was proud to have such boyfriend who make love so badly he kissed my buttocks n lower thighs. My same color dark blue skimpy panty made me mad he traveled his both palm inside my skimpy panty touch bare soft bums skin now I was hot. He massages n lips tongue on them I kept my hands on his head he was madly love my big bums. He turn towards him saw and pause looked my front why as my pubic bushes came out from both side of panty ‘re u happy with this requirement in my pussy’ ‘ oh don’t ask that you look nice let me see more beautiful’ he kept his hands on my bare bums caressingly he push me in him from back my skimpy panty was off and he removed my jeans n panty I was naked ‘you look beautiful now with huge bushes’ he tugged me I fell on bed with back he came over gave hard squeezing on bums i groaned. ‘Aaj tho main achi gand maroga apaki’ (today I will do great ass fucking’) “agar main na do tho” (if am not agreed) ‘main jabardasti daloga” (I will fuck forcibly)

we giggled he make me lied straight caressing my lovely thighs one his palm on my pubic hairs pulling them tongue brushing on thighs to foot that really he treat me like newly girl in sex how wonder he will be with wife daily routine. I asked ‘do you fuck frequently that lady which she mailed me’ ‘oh Maria, it is weekly spending hours with her thanks your engaging me’ I joked ‘u don’t forget me’. He got up took hold knees pulled edged of the bed open my legs sat on floor slide his palm while brushing pubic bushes slide his fingers inside me I slight moan ‘tere chut best hai’ (ur vagina is best) asked me to raised my legs up he open my pussy lips I had lot hairs there so he gone closer kissed my inner thighs I closed my eyes soon he took my pussy in by his tongue gave strong suck I higher my voice you’ll  know woman feelings.he lapped my lips while then he search my clit he asked me open my lips wide I did he tickle my clit by tongue it was sensational running current in my body. I wriggled my body he was in his action lapping sucking fingering continued his task at down I aware his hungry mouth. I took break switch on TV this clear indication ‘aaj kai mhuja zordar chudogia’ (today you will fuck vigorously) he smile said darling after long time we mate so I want wild sex.i open my thighs to get him in but again he regain his work on cunt hitting my G spot rubbing my clit I was boiling in steam he soaked up my cunt I wriggling here n there. Although I had soft pussy but exploited lips of past rigorous fucking by him n pregnancy too. He take lot time there n stop our breath came normal he excuse gone bathroom to pee I massage my pussy he return gave 7up to drink n he drunk rest his cock was semi erect we smooched gave his meat 4 blowjob first I took red top in lips rotated my tongue after sucking top I slide lips to base his black meat was glistering that add fun to me chewing his balls n under his ball base hands were worked on boobs kneading n massages nipples rolling. After long while he got his stiffness back even my mouth was teid . His glistering cock look wonderful he signal for intercourse I gone middle of bed he adjusted the Handy cam from side so view can be our full naked body. As per his we ready for missionary pose intercourse he came inside my thighs I was excited to get his meat inside me n engulf long hot cock was just down under my belly I whispear we re unprotected’ he kiss lips said since long time I want you if need I have condom’ I saw his eyes which is telling me he wants everything bare today I hugged me said am fertile days. My sweet cute boyfriend said‘I will try my best withdrew at peak point’ kept his warm body on my boobs I apart legs let him in I draw my hand on his cock kept pussy lips hole he was eating my lips. I broke him come in’ he hold his meat I guide at inside bocz of pubic bush he was in my inches I felt cool he gave one stroke half of his meat inside gasps he waited kissed my lips slowly he stroking his meat in minute he came full inside me thrusting was normal but constant we smooching showing out love which was left .his strokes became harder n deeper  first I wide my thighs showed my cooperation in love making sooner I was full in by mad kept legs at back  make knot on his buttocks he was full powerful thrusting then he lift my legs to his shoulder fucked me his kiss n caress were didn’t stop clit was rubbed hard try to get intense orgasm my half shoulder length hairs dripping back I moved get wet hairs away from back. In mean while legs moving getting close I lost in his fucking he took TV remote high the volume. his meat going deep full I try to glance but his pubic hairs my bushes closed the view he hugged tight kiss me he fucking fast I came close now I sense it building in me my legs shakes my moaning came to intense first got wet inside he got my signal he took out his meat and I gave huge gushing spraying to his abdominal before he moved I made him  wet that I realized later followed by more that intense orgasm lead me to screaming high voice sheet was wet when I open my eyes I saw him with 7up in hand then kissed me while. I was happy why I was from Mumbai to Goa the reason he had fulfill yet more come. he kiss me I reposed his kiss he put inside his meat still hard started again his movement he change position legs cross, full length, I spread legs wide, keep my knees at my neck his meat giving sensational feelings that result I had 2nd orgasms wow I was feeling extremely pleasure sex what he was doing digging hard the depth mine. The longer strokes he kicked my body i arched back it went while then he push deeper and his meat got tighter inside me he went fast pumping hugged him close my boy was to his climax. I forgot all we re unprotected he groaned and he cum inside me leave all this tense in me he groaned when he took breath. I felt his sperms was spreading inside me deep when he done and empty his face happiness. I got up saw it was mess he had left huge sperms inside me some of white drops thighs n my orgasm left moist the sheet.

We talk then rest ½ hr he caress my bum’s n kisses I know his animal wants inside my anus. To return pleasure I back my buttocks lie on the bed that his favorite pose even for cunt fucking .From neck to foot he kissed to aroused me squeezing bums hard then take more time to bums nibbling them it not required 4 blowjob meat was hard long standing I open my big bums cheeks he saw my anus finger rubbed then brought his meat there I know he going to hurt now I buried face in pillow he enter inches push little it came I felt kick not pain as I was been screwed many time I started his strokes in n out from anus he caress my bums said relaxed am coming more if it hurt let me know’ I sign by nodding head he open one bum cheek gave one push all in inside me I scream he clam down me regain his movement later rammed inside me I was moaning high beating my bums hard his meat was stretching my anus each strokes were hard in later pumping came more intense he came full over my body  kept his hands on boobs squeezing them kiss on arms he crushed my bums with his weight he fucking me vigorously my big buttocks where like nothing in front of his mind-blowing thrusting he did for longer time I same pose  till he get exhaust collapse on my back he came deep I moaned in pain  he cum inside my bums to make them more big . Mine bums relaxed now  taking his sperms inside me. ‘your bums are really good they give good pleasure’ ‘the reason you fucked them hard’ ‘darling I make love did I hurt you’ ‘ that’s why you had make them big since you screwing them I got used of your meat inside me’ I giggles after 5 min chat   I off from my back gone bathroom took bath came sat on chair we were exhaust .He also got fresh gone get lunch it was 2 `cock pass totally tremendous love making. After he showed me kamasuthra DVD told me we will practices later .taking lunch we gone for wild sex I cum on sitting of top, even he cum me screwing my pussy behind that was truly enjoyed. I sprayed his meat to stay longer and we done Kamasuthra pose which none we know the name just watching those pose we try had fun n giggling although; eating each lips , my boobs sucked kneading hard ,blowjob, i got orgasms on his face when he lied on bed I buried my pussy in his mouth that was done when I clean shaved pubic bushes n pussy lips .we done countless fucking session .Finally it was end of us my husband called many times I feel it had cheating him but he also going never I caught nor he caught me hope this remain same. We end lot of kisses and boobs squeezing ensure we will meet soon if he comes to Mumbai. This time I will take him to new home makes love there. Hope you like my this part of story whoever like friction let them n who like as real enjoyed bcoz I had pleasurable sex with my boyfriend.

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