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It Happen & It Was Wrong

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Readers first this read and then check out whole story, what has happen to me in my life and how I’m got the pleasure of sea, this website and others prone site. Well will be long narration as I have to tell you how I got with other men in my life. Of course all Names will be fake; a woman knows that how their life is ruin if got even small hit. And also need comments on this completion of reading how you like, as I will tell how my cunt and anal sex happen. Please don’t ask sex with you guys or threesome I’m happy. Sure I will reply back to you’ll .I’m filly staying in Mumbai –Santa Cruz, I’m from guarathi lady my name is Sheetal having good figure plump and fair skin have two child both are boys my husband is caring person. We had sex whenever we urge for it .During sex he tells me that I’m lucky to get sexy woman bcoz I’m not type of shy I’m open, he told me that later on he wants to use my anus for sex as I’m cunt will loose and it is also one of the pleasure of sex, but I used to pinch him on his requeste.After ejections He like me to remove the penis from my pussy and wrapped the condom and after while He goes bathroom. I was came from the market and kept my things in home and got ready to bring my children from school. I stay at 4th floor flat with 2bedroom, hall combine dinning, kitchen and bathroom.  Before going I put my blanket on staircase rail then I saw one guy was rush towards 1st floor flat door inside which was Arachna .I thought that it might be danger sign I went inside my house and pickup hand bag and I push elevator button. Then got in 1st floor and rang the bell of Arachna flat she open the door after while. When I enter I saw him sitting in sofa Arachna reply he came from his husband office. She told me that He brought some of the husband work material and home things. I said I just came to say hello and ask her when she is going to pick up her children .Arachna has two kids one is girl who is elder and boy younger one. Both are like my children age here and there, playing together, and same class i.e. under primary school. She asked me favors that if I could bring his kids, I said yes to Arachna s sometime she also pickup my kids as well and even though I had good relationship with her she is my best friend. I said leave from her home and came back, her door was open .she gave call to her kids and said thanks from the kitchen. While I was cooking my mind strike as far as I know that my as well her husband also working in good reputed company. All are working in the formal dress even drivers; office boys are dress up in good cloths but the guy which I saw he was in causal outfit. I said myself forget why I have bother. I told my sister to take my kids to her home she is going for college. I gone to my husband office place and we had lunch and kisses came back from restaurant. He gone to his office and I return to station road while I was walking to railway station I saw Arachna and that same guy with her I got more shock to see her hand was holding his palm. I follow them soon Arachna got inside the train and I could not see him, I travel by the same train. When it halts at station Santa Cruz I try to search them but due to rush I didn’t see them. I gone to my home before entering I went to Arachna and rang the bell for several time but no response came. I sure that she has affair with that guy and so I thought I would ask anytime by puzzling her but this was good opportunity to ask her. I put my cloths for wash machine to clean and gone for market small purchase then I saw lady carrying Arachna kids when  asked about Arachna she told me that Arachna had left the her kids in her home around 12:30pm which was same time when I given several door bell. She told that Arachna is at his flat she is doing cleaning work that why she left her kids I would not believe her .After my purchase I went to Arachna flat so ask why and what is hiding from me. I got angry when no response came from the door. After long time, when my sister call on my cell to pickup my kids from down as she is in hurry. I got down and my both kids insisting to go Arachna house to play. I gone to house and door was open my both kids started to play , Arachna  came from bathroom when I asked about her she told me that she was out I gave look to her bcoz she was liar I know she was here at house . I saw her face it was sweating and her nighty was crumbled.Arachna was look so tide even she can’t work properly as I ‘m smart so defiantly she had sex with that guy could ask anything as she was trying me to avoid so I left the place. After that nearly 5-7 times I saw him near our building area and same time  Arachna altering at basement area .Arachna is good looking and had figure but her buttocks are larger then me and breasts .We both are well qualified woman. That guy was like atelic body and average height and littlie bite dark skin. One day I caught her, I went to her flat she open the door from the door she ask what I need then with out any my queries  I enter inside she could not resist me. She looks nervous and fumble while speaking to me .I was sitting on sofa and Arachna was standing, bathroom door opens and that guy came with towel he saw me and I too and Arachna was shocked Yes her eyes where wide open and shivering bcoz that guy in others flat with towel .He went again to bathroom, Arachna took excuse from me and give his cloths .He wore and came outside we all were silent of scenes what is going to happen oooh hoo I got her in my hand. He wear his shoes and said bye to her and gone even didn’t look to me. After he gone I asked her who is that which using the your bathroom she was telling her gipsha pita story.- That she had offer tea to him while serving it fell on him so & so on. We had conversation for more then 15 mins and she open her mouth when I said that “Did he makes you physically happy or I will find from the your  husband. Arachna started to beg not to spoil her married life. I said that I’m not spoiling your life I’m here to guide from good path.Arachna told me to give few months then she will not have sex with that guy. I said “if you not stopping right now then you will face lot problem he can blackmail you”. Arachna was blindly believe him “plz sheetal let me have pleasure of sex my husband is not satisfying me” I told Arachna to use vibrator .she said “sheetal vibrator is artificial even I can use for orgasm, but what about the caressing, kissing sucking etc.” I felt pity for her bocz might be her husband not good in fucking chapter .Arachna told me she trust Raj very much and he is nice person. The only I can say to her take care and not ruin her life. She thanks for my concerned and not to tell anyone even my husband.Arachna desire continue for 2 months in that  she is to leave her kids at my home and have fun in her flat with him. Sometime I felt angry, jealousy bocz she used to get 2 pines .My son was not well so I went to collect the medicine from her.Arachna was looking upset when inquired to her she broke down said “I’m pregnant and its not my husbands bocz he use condom” “that mean it is Raj who made you pregnant” she didn’t spoke stay quite for while then she said Yes, I scold her then ask him to call right now. Arachna was saving him saying that she used to tell Raj to discharged semen inside. I got angry with her told him to call and meet tomorrow she call and said that he is coming 9:00 .When he came I asked about him, he told me that he also staying in Santa Cruz and actually he is from Goa and trying  for jobs in aboard. Then asked all information about him- he told me he is from south Goa some place like margao in between Arachna said she knows all about him before he … I stop Arachna and said that that why he made pregnant you. He got up from sofa look at me say’s “see we are taking step to get abortion, and I’ve spoken to her about” then just I fried him saying “yes have to get rid of this or you want blackmail her, she will do abortion” oh I was firing him and abuse that I have never done in my life. When I asked about money for abortion he said he didn’t have right now he will managed .Money was not deal for us only I want to know him .then told go with her at day of abortion. I and Arachna check with female doctor and then Arachna and Raj gone. That I told don’t visit her next time. All most month at basement I saw Raj was leaving the flat .I told him to stop then he said Arachna had called me here or you can check with her. I took him and went to her flat .She got surprise see us when I said about him she said we are taking precautions now. Then she told Raj to leave from there. Arachna was like in Lust Sea so she said that she needs him for while then later she will stop him. I asked her either he is blackmails or assaulting you she laughs & said no need to worry about her she will handle. So what the hell is going from my life I didn’t say anything to Arachna as friend told her to be safe in sex game. At Arachna home, on casual talks I asked her “why she like him more its he gives good performances” she answer back to me saying “Raj knows how to give what exactly woman wants in sex” I told her that we are qualified and came from good family. “I know Sheetal what you are saying but hunger is still pending and only he can fulfill my lust” she laughs. I asked her what is the his size of cock that you are so madly.Arachna again laughs went to bedroom and got the handycam and I got little amazed that  their capturing intimate moments. She put on and showed through screen he was getting nude, when he removed underwear his black semi penis was waving in air we both blush then I saw Arachna came towards him and play, an took in mouth the she closed camera .I asked he she was laughing bocz that her privacy .I requested her that I never told about this her husband nor any one so plz let see for few mins.She open the handycam screen and showed but it was in her hand.Arachna suck and made stiff which like black rod more like 6 inch you must knowing that black penis gives good sex as many books tells. My husband is white penis and 5 ½ inch it was okay and happy .Raj was folding her boobs and kissing her lips caressing her thighs, in meantime he pulls his night gown Arachna was in only black panty. we laughed then she took closed , her boobs was heavy and round nipples was light brown color which was same like me but are in reddish thighs could not judge as she closed the screen. She came and we had naughty talks. Before leaving I cracks joke handle carefully white milky comes out she scream saying its tastes salty in way passage I laughed. I finger myself and again while having bath remembering his cock and night I gave signal to my hubby for fuck, he came up and I off my dress & him also. I ‘m not shy for anything we had foreplay then I insert in my pussy with out condom and asked to wait for me. I got good fucking pleasure and when I closed my eye when my hubby was Cuming I got Raj cock in pictures. I was washing and aroused again of his penis.

At mid night I fingering my pussy and masturbating my husband cock.I started to smile Raj and say hello , he was first scared of me boz  of previous behaviors. I will cut conservation of 15 days with him bcoz it will go long. I saw Raj in market and we had talks when I asked him “that since few days I didn’t see him have been in Goa what?”. “No I was here in Mumbai but attending for interviews” I told him to come my flat without entering Arachna’s flat and smile to him, he got some my intension. Actually I want some fun from Raj so I can boost my sex by his touch or arousing talks.I change chudhidar and wore night gown and shining blue panty and bra. He came after ½ hr I asked him that you gone to Arachna place what?.Raj said that why I was late Arachna was there at down. Usually speaks Hindi and English, he from Goa so he spoke good English. I told him that you should visit her first then come to my place no problem. He said “no first visit to beautiful woman then I will take time rest of the world” I said don’t say that you will loose your sex partner. We had small jokes and he was kept on praising my beauty and I went kitchen to make tea Raj came there and we chit chat while making tea. As per my knowledge he was exactly doing what I was excepting from any man. He brush his hand on my butt by moving here and there in kitchen.I brought Raj in main hall and locked the door .we sat on couch and has our tea. “Sheetal you got good figure and has nice shape” my lips was stuck on cup of first comments on my body’s. I thanks him and say   Arachna also good and saw all her parts of body, I know but she can’t compete your beauty. I was dogging his mind, he was smarter. I said “you also have nice penis black and those two hanging balls less pubic hairs”. He told me that woman will never keep the secret; I will ask Arachna to damage those video tapes. I said why she wants herself fingering when you goes for interviews. He came close to me and said did I fingers my pussy I told him to shut my his naughty talks and I blush. He put his hand on my back and caress and asked me did I like the his cock. “Its is good but you spoil by inserting in wrong hole’. “That means I should do ass fucking with Arachna” I gave look said “your wife”. What wife and he placed his one hand on my left boob, massaging slightly and said I’m still young and need experiences from woman how satisfies their sex feeling. I told him removed the hand go to Arachna she will tell you how, when and where.

No sheetal I will asks her and you too plz let me feel your boobs and I will go .Raj soon started to folding my boobs by both hands. I resist him saying that later on you will spoil my married life. He kept on requesting that he will leave soon .His hands works fast and massaging nicely I got current in my body. Did you have desire about me seeing my tapes? I said only one she showed and that is your sucking. He said “well if you want to see my I can show you” “no. no you go out now stop your massaging” “plz I will go just for 5-10mins you have sponge boobs” his voice became sensual. I smile and he stood up and put me on backrest by both hands he massage he was wise working gentle my his hands. My quietness gave courage he unbutton one and touch my bare skin of lower neck.I hesitate putting my hands on his hands, it was too low compare by his complying hands. I moaned, he unzip jeans and pulls to knees as well his underwear. I saw black penis in front eyes it had not again his size semi lay between his balls.Raj slid his one hand inside and feel the upper potion of breast. He massages for while and took my hands told me to give magical touch his words driving me crazy. I asked him to leave after this. When I hold his cock it gave him immense pleasure he came closer to my face for kiss I moved my face side and his lips touch my neck he kisses and slowly moved to my cheek then hold my face both hands and take my lips inside and kisses & sucking .I cling his cock still he went to neck, I told Raj to stop plz I will tell my husband. He didn’t bother me and rolled my night gown till waist my blue panty was visible to Raj and he saw the sexiest legs. He caress my thighs it thrill me there was no stop for us. One hand was in my boobs and other was nicely caressing left thighs, lips were running from cheeks-neck-earlobe-lips. I Strokes his cock so let him cum .No my dear he didn’t he gain his size long and hard it was not like my hubby that fat but standing like rod which I saw in tape much rocking hard anyone woman would have sex once with that. I did not make so easy for him Raj- requested lot for having sex with me as he wants with my permission so we can enjoyed. I told him that my life will ruin. He said “it won’t be I will not tell anyone even Arachna also plz only once”  “Please Raj go na are… don’t spoil my married life… go in bathroom masturbate enough now you saw my private parts”. He clutches me and kisses my bare cleavage Raj moaned saying “oh my baby sweet honey you have… let me taste so beautiful you are from outside and inside’s. I could not control his loving words, he brought his one hand down and try to remove my panty I hold his and said “okay now only once I will allow you, let’s go to bedroom he became happy and kiss on my forehead. I took him bedroom which was never been enter by other man. I removed all the cloths from bed which was kept from wash machine and put it down. He laughed when I did it bocz those were clean clothes. He smell black panty and said “you are having good choice of undergarments” “so that means you like my panty not pussy” I jump on bed my night gown was crumbled in my mind said he is fucker and horrible, he won’t have sex with me he will do intense fucking”.He was nude and close my bolted bed room door I told me main door is locked he said don’t want silly things to happen, SMART BOY!. He joined me; we smile & kissing my face “Raj lets hurry up know” I reply “I’ve told I what to spend time here” we smile each other Raj press my boobs this was first time he act and now still lot to come that what I said in my mind. He unbuttoned remaining and went to my below keens and with one short he took off my night gown.

Opps I was half nude who was not my husband.Raj stare my healthy body. I asked why you are staring my healthy body. “No I’m not looking your healthy body but sexy and milky healthy body” I blush he came completely over me and I got sensational feeling and solid current inside by his nude body his cock was stuck at over my panty. He off my bra and played my boobs-sucking nipples then moved my thighs, he put me back and kiss my spinal cord and took off my panty. He aroused me lot & I was wet that panty was I just used first time. He did kissing to my buttocks, back thighs and then he put me straight in bed, I didn’t shaved I had look at my pubic hairs it was not lot. He started his work again he was mad fellow kissing and sucking was doing as if I was the only woman but he was witty guy. Soon I also join him that gave us more freely in sex and we had 69 position. Before that he had loved my pussy lot and taken great care of clit by his tongue and fingers he hitting my G-spot. We had lot sexual talks I was wriggle as we loving each other by caressing and kissing in each corner moved side by side. Yes Arachna was right he is expert for sex .Then told him to stop I want to leave 12:30noon.He took in arms and kiss my lips and I asked to give final sucking cock.After few suck his cock was hard and he spread my legs and came in between.  I said put pillow under my buttocks he said he will manage just help to insert. I took his cock and slid entrance of pussy lips he gave one push it did went but other push it was inside then he take judgment and his hard cock gone inside. It pain me when he hits deep .He puts his hands under my arms and started giving his thrusting. He was kissing and massaging my thighs. My dignity lost for his brutal thrusting & I moaned. Slowly and slowly I raised my legs in air and he got full freedom .I put my hands on his buttocks. My Vagina was constricting his cock and he was made, I guess correct he was about to cum he waited and smile to me he want to remain for long time. Every time he pushes I got kick and his tip touch my cervix, as well his thump played role also by rubbing my clit and that aroused me lot for orgasm. He kept on his thrusting my bedroom was full of noise .My moaning and his sexy words of appreciating my body. When I just glanced to down his 6 inch had buried inside my pussy.  Time was flying and he put me on top I did my best movements ups & down like horse riding. It was getting me near climax. Soon I was under him and he showed his power. I was building my orgasm and it was like hell I screamed and his cock came out from pussy  my thighs and buttocks was in air. I blew and it sprays to him. My orgasm had happen like that but it was for long time before my second child born. I lost my mind due to such orgasm my body became weak and fell on bed. Buttocks and legs were shaking till I subsides he was staring at me .

I saw him, he was looking my gestures. My cum had sprayed to his cock and stomach .Later he told me first time he saw such intense orgasms. I took his cock and put inside my pussy.He was now fucking me like anything as if he had paid me for sex.When he was stopping in between I asked him to carry on he told me “my sweet baby let you have another one” “what one more orgasm no finish this now next time” yes my readers this give him chance for Encouraging one more sex.He smile to me and kiss my lips and said chale next time I will give you good fucking.I caress his buttocks to lead him for climax. He increases his speed faster and faster. I spread legs wide and said some arousing words to him. One stronger push and collapse on me, his spurt was countless. He was breathing heavily and I hugged him oh my god man we were dripping in sweat what sex or fuck had been. After while his cock got shrinking, he move side I put my right hand fingers inside my pussy it was mess filled full even his semen were outside pussy and near inner thighs and some drops bedcover. I pulled the towel from down and rolled on me went bathroom my pussy was soaked, wash & clean my pussy and thighs. He was still bed lying naked, we had talks about sex , he put his hand inside night gown caressing thighs asked for another spell of sex I stop him told him next me. He taken promise from me and good smooching .We mate had smile on our face and he didn’t told Arachna it was good from him I like him and gain trust. In 5 days I told come to my house for his promise and finish all desire and keep this secret forever. My husband left soon he rang bell I was surprised it still 9am. He told me that he saw my husband living with my kids. We had our tea and chatting in kitchen, no time he aroused me by caressing my buttocks, thighs, boobs, triangle etc. From kitchen we moved to bedroom we became nude and went for fucking. Before that I had on the handy cam which was more expensive then Arachna because when ever I like to have sex with my husband this can aroused me lot. He was asking that video tape I said sorry that can’t given then he understand me. We had 3 sex games; he told me that he wants in different places and poses. 1 was in my bedroom, 2 Kitchen, Last was in bathroom taking shower then he took my nude body to hall and fucked me there. He ask last at bedroom I said No I was very tied and can’t effort for fourth round and told him that “you is zing person” and like him much and save your love for wife we laughed and had lots of sex talks & non veg jokes. After that I was compulsion to him and he had never forced me but can’t control my lust for him, when I asked about his sexual history he spoke truth to me he had sex with two married woman in goa and one gril.Did she was virgin No he replay only twice with her and looking for virgin . He invited for hotel I said no and told him that we will have sex at my home only.

At his rented room I visited for 7 times i.e. 2hrs sex programmers, it was risky kind so I stop. At around 10:45 pass he came to my flat for both was high time I went bedroom he was already nude I took off my cloths and foreplay for 20mins .I completely aroused and surrender to him. He put me back caress buttocks and sucking it went for while and he kiss my asshole I got his target .I stop him for this but he told me that he will give good pleasures anal sex.I know its good & wonderful pleasure at same time it pain lot for woman. I didn’t listen to him he said he had done with Arachna she had enjoyed. He requested & requested to me and my body was unfaithful .I turn saw him, leer to my buttocks. I open my buttocks cheeks slightly asshole orifice told him make lubricate orifice. He was dirty kiss and applies saliva there. I said it’s not enough use condom for lubrication he said “this is your first anal sex lets have pleasure and enjoy” he insert his cock it pain when he was entering inside then he went half I screamed loudly he cupped my boobs & rub my clit.He remain there for while and he push it went full and fuck was that I screamed in pain and told him to stop right now he said just for 3mins he will stop ass fucking with me. But I’m wrong he carry on. It was worse couldn’t bare pain he was thrusting in & out. He was completely over me from back .When he pulling back it get serve pain and push inside I imaged he was making love to my buttocks. He took 15mins and cum inside me ass.After while he showed his satisfaction on face his cock was hard standing and I was little bleeding and my buttocks was red by his strong thrusting. He apologized of his act but it was too late I lost my ass virginity which was kept for husband I betray myself that day. He had intercourse but I didn’t enjoyed bcoz of his anal sex with me. Soon I fell on his bliss sex but it took me almost 10 times of anal sex pleasure to accommodated his cock.Then I broke the obstacle to Arachna First she had awful talks to me this and that telling others good manner, then he got scolding from Arachna as he had hide our sex.Later we had frequently sex with him, leaving our kids each others house for sexual pleasure. I never got emotional with him always taken precautions and he too; In high time he used to mess my pussy and buttocks he had good milky semen as he was young. Sometime I feel its bad it shouldn’t be like this never thought in my life that I will do this and allow other man sex.It was went for 8 months and he went Goa and came back to Mumbai fly to aboard in gulf country .We used to chat on phone then it stop and my cell numbers was out .I and Arachna had chat about his naughty intercourse and foreplay laughs each other .Arachna said she has been fucked in ass I busted out with laughs me too we never described our anal sex .we were feeling bore in house so we started to work in good company .

Well in half year he return back and meet me in market as he wanted sex from us I told him its not possible now as all are at home in night time and morning at work place. He said 2 days he is staying in Mumbai and gave his hotel address and cell no. When I spoke to Arachna she said let us have one with him as he especially here. I told him that early we will come to your place and check in other good hotel and ask him who wants. First he mentioned my name Arachna was teasing him and her face was little jealous didn’t show up. When I hugged him I got emotional and weeping he told that he miss me lot then we 2 sex then he told me that tell Arachna that I had used condom with you. I asked the reason said doesn’t want get in STD diseases. I was so happy that he likes me very much that’s why he took me first and made me cum and he too inside told Arachna that he is in so & room no. Later Arachna told me she stayed for 3hrs with him. We exchanged mail and hot topics of our sex that aroused me and had good sex with my husband. He again came for vacation I some took tricky with my husband saying for some office I going to Goa & to get promotion .This was first time been Goa from Airport I travel to mentioned place he was waiting there it was nice hotel all most 3 star. We check in and had intense sex which we shake hotel bed and then outing in beach I like it very much my husband took me in north ind and karela.He asked when I’m leaving I said that only for one night and Sunday afternoon I have to go. He directly told me that he is horny and won’t wait. We went and stay whole day and night inside room only. I used shame myself when he fucks my ass, spank my buttocks. He loved me lot during sex caressing and sucking my whole body. He likes my most things are thighs,pussy,buttocks and lips  less time for boobs.Later to get best used of this advantage I already plan so I spray his cock and asked him fuck me as much you can. That night we went to sleep around 3am and got up 8 in morning at regular interval my husband called me. Before coming out room I was solid fucked up, I had fucked him 4 times and get good orgasm which was not possible at age of 36 yrs he was 26 yrs.My pussy and ass was filled by his cum his semen, His Semen not like before 4 yrs back thick and white milk still can conceive .As souvenir I took some of his cock pics and send my buttocks, pussy, boobs which he had taken in room with out my face visible. This was last time with him.Arachna had also went Goa i.e. 2 times She too enjoyed. We had promised this will remain with us only we exchanged mail till now .so how was the .mail me back did I was guilty or not

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