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  • September 10, 2015

Hello co-readers…. The real life stories of forum made my mind to write down one of my own story This is first time I am going to write my story for the readers of My name is tariq.21 years old.5.9 height from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am going to tell you a story of mine with a girl her name was Hina and she was a sister of my friend. Its about the four year before when we get involved with each other. Hina’s family try to be very modern and for this reason it was very easy to involve in the family.

She was only 18 at that time but her physics looks to be more than her age. I have not any aim for friendship with her. Let me tell u about herself.. She is fair, little plumpy.. Got really good size boobs 34b and sexy bums too which makes difficult to guess her age…even after a long time being a family friend…(all the family four brothers and there mother very frank and were friend of mine) .. She was so frank and bubly and always try to interact with me (as i told you the family try to be modern and love to look like westernized) so that I always hesitate to talk with her. Once her mother was on uk visit to meet her brothers and sister all of her mother family is living in uk ( you can understand why they were trying to look like western) so this time she was used to be alone most of the day and we get more closer and the story started. It was a pleasant surprise to see that hina wants me to come closer and closer so we exchange the words and passionately started to love each other ..

I was really happy to get her. Then once day time she called me at her home when she was alone i reached her home she guided me in her bed room we started to talk first but within 10-15 minutes started to kissing each other for my surprise she was more hot than me and want me to fuck her we get nude in minutes and started kissing and hugging i praised her sexy and curvy body and she was surprised to see my 7″ inches long cock and was bit worried it gonna hurt her but still she want it all inside her wet cunt, all of a sudden phone rang and it was her brother one of them can come back so we left it this time. Later on she called me and said she love me more than before coz no one left a girl while she is nude with open legs in front of standing dick so that she really loves me and believe in me so I got very close to her. She wasa darling, pleasant to talk, very appealing, smart and most of them she was really a sex bomb i seen very few sex appealing girls in my life like her. . She started to date with me and uses to spend time in parks hotels.I was happy as she was very hot and give me a lot of pleasure and happiness it was almost six months now and yet we could not have sex session instead of that first incomplete one. . She of course looking for some good times to complete it and start it on regular basis and I was agreed to do whatever is possible. As we were dating while her college time so there was a problem that we could not have enough time to start our fuck sessions for which both we were waiting infact she was dying to get me inside her.“appeal of opposite sex is a natural phenomenon”. During all these times we intentionally used to touch each other hands here n there but she was looking for full and rough sex sessions not only this.It was difficult to control any more so I decide to proceed further and to take daring step.One day,I said hina i got one place so we can have our time freely and safely there, what do you think. She shouted what you waiting for are you mad? She said dont waist time arrange it as soon as possible i start smiling. She was slightly hesitating but I read Her willingness from her eyes too.

So i arranged a room actually it was a separate room of a my friends office and we decided i m gonna pick her in the morning before college and drop her after college day i picked her and reached at the place where we got the room.and we started without wasting time there was complete silence and Dear readers you know well that “silence is half consent”. I placed my first kiss on her sexy lips and it Was a French kiss. Than I proceed little below from lips.. On her neck, than on her big boobs. She closed her eyes and take a long Breathe and said in whispering style please shah dont tease me anymore this is not good. I came near her and put my one hand down and touch her pussy over shilwar, and move my finger down to upward on her pussy. I saw her boobs from all sides and said today you gonna get my cock hunny at full lenth. She screamed joyfully with still closed eyes. Ohhhhh shah please fuck me.

I lock the room’s door and came close her. And start kissing on her red juicy lips. She replied positively Iinsert my tongue in her mouth and she sucked mine’s tongue. My hands were on her big boobs. We kiss for almost 5 minutes then I came on her neck and kiss all over there, I slightly move my hand from the back of her qameez and I feel the back knot of her bra. I place my hand completely on her boob and this time I remove her bra over her qameez and squeeze it like a rubber balloon.She only said oooooo uufff please i cant wait shah please… I pull her down and started to suck her boobs. She moaned a little ohhhhhh,I start playing with her nipple and with boob, pressing, pulling and squeezing she was not resisting me, but not playingwith me. So I press her on the bad and I climb on her she was lying on the bad and I was lying on her. In this situation my hard rock cock was touching her pussy over her shilwar and I first time feel satisfaction on her face.I take a bite with my teeth on her nipple and she moaned loudly “uuuuffff….ooohhaa please do it gently”. I kiss a lot and on her boobs and press them. She pull my face on her boobs this shows that she is very much hot and now wet.Now its more then 10 minutes I spent on kissing and playing with her boobs and my hard cock tease her pussy.

And these were the golden moments of my life. Now I moved downward on her shilwar. I put my hand on her rope and try to open that rope but this time she didnt waist time and open it herself and said do it shah. Not more like that last time please and she grab my cock in her hand I said hina come on I would not do it like this suck it first, she refused first but i told her do it, make it wet as you can so you wont feel such apain while it apart your virgin chut.Please don’t mind it, by saying this she agrees to give me small suckit was very difficult for me to control on myself coz I was enjoying precum in my cock and precum was demanding cum. I open her legs and she was nude in front of me lying on the bed. She put her both hands on her eyes. Her cute, wet andsmall nicely trimmed pussy was in front of my eyes. I put my one hand on her small pussy hair and feel them she produce a sound ohhhhha..I inserted my one finger in your pussy”? She didn’t reply but moaned loudly she was ready to enjoy her first experience. I slightly put my middle finger in the lips of her tight pussy She produce a sound oochhhhh,I insert more and more and she produce more uum and more . Her pussy was 100% wet with her cum and I was feeling on my finger now I insert my 2nd fingers at the same time and she said.. Ahhhh uuuffff please …aahhhh.please shah fuck me now fuck me hard my pussy is burning, I start fucking her pussy with my fingersand she start moaning..

Her such sounds make me horny and my cock was getting noticable stiffness and hardness. Now I said that its time to get real fun.I was in heaven lost while doing this..then I lay down fully on hershe felt my erect cock exactly on her pussy.. She guided it toward the target with fear and pleasure same time and request me dont shot on me quickly let me accomodate this monster first, i kissed her. She was burning hot and my desire grew More higher.. I hold her open legs. My cock is around 7” and its size made her want to taste it and feel it in her.. Her pussy was burning of passion and was very much wet….I start to give her small pushes softly rubbing the walls of her wetpussy while I wanted something more.. I put some more was very wet but it wasnt going easily..She was moaning with pleasure…I felt a huge rush coming in her..

Something flowing out of her with great pleasure..she was feeling my cock.. I was enjoying her act each and every moment.. She said shah I am going to die now….I put some more this more open her chut with force and it was almost half inside she screamedwith pleasure ahhh uuufff slowly shah its riping off my cunt this makes her more excited ..her legs were trembling with pleasure..she was crushing the bed sheets with great force due to pleasure..she was going to climax, My cock was fully erect and rock hard and half was already in side her fresh cunt now.. I was pressing her boobs and she was making sexy noises..this made me crazy and started running my hand on her boobs..she was crying with sweet pain now give me this all shah mmmmoaa fuck me hard she was screaming loudly now…I put a pillow under her back, I open her legs as much as possible,she got understand that i m going to give final push i kissed her lips and meanwhile gave a full thrust to my cock with a little resistance it was all inside her pussy and there was bleeding she wanna scream with pain but could not coz her lips were locked with mines i lay down motionless for a while then after few minutes she started kissing me i understand she is readyto be fucked i started to hard pushes but she nail on my back and said shah please do slowly, I am feeling very painful…….I said ok,I would do it gently. She smiled I started with little pushes It goes inside with touring all the hurdles in her way. And she shout…actually this was the pain of her hymen wall that was broken by my cock. Since she was a virgin. It pained lightly at first then later on she Was on edge of sexual desire wanting more and more… First slowly.

Then I started to fuck her like she wanted it.She enjoyed Very much.. I start playing my game by inserting and pulling the cock in her pussy due to her precum it was more lubricant and easy in movements. She was enjoying her first fuck but on my each insertion she was producing sounds like aaaah uuummm ooch.I increased up and down motion..since begining i was felling she was getting much wet second time it was time for me as well to cum We both cum at the same was really a pleasure of life time for both of us and was the begining of game and then there is a number of encounters which we done each time it goes like thrice at least. Since it was getting late she had to go home.. Coz it was time to finish her college we both kissed each other once again..hugged for whileshe said thanks for making her feel like a girl and that she liked it a lot any Girl or woman between 15 to 45 from Rawalpindi/Islamabad or from any location can share their views/comments or wanna have a secret relationship can cantact me on Hope my story will get published soon and eagerly waiting. Any female like to share sex feelings welcome. Secrecy is guarented.


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