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Introduction Of Lust In My Life

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hello to all readers and it’s my first time writing my story and it seems very difficult to express wholesomely how I felt but, I would try hard to let you all know that sometimes things happen just without any reason or planned.

It started with innocent steps of mine and his mature worldly wise experience. Let me explain my vital stats, I’m little on heavy side always was shy of my big breast guys used to stare at them, girls used to envy them but.

I used to hide them in bulky clothes as, I live in cold region, So, these clothing does not look bad, I am not that beautiful but some call me pretty, and many refers me as cute and they love my dimple which deepens when I smile and talk.

My one bad manner which I want to let go and I blush deep red when I’m embarrassed. Now let me tell you about this starting incident which have always made me blush deep red and is the reason of awakening of my deep sit desire.

I was just 18 years old when I met him and he was not someone whom I would be fascinated and he was 52 years old friend of my father and I know it’s shocking that I let him take my virginity but ooohhhh it was so perfect then.

He was always caring and there for me and my granny my mother and father got divorced when I was very small, so they have settled in their own respective life, I live with my granny when papa comes he brings his friend along.

So, it was then I knew him and he used to hug me and kiss me in my cheeks earlier it was nothing. I felt just warm affection, I don’t know how this warm affection turned into boiling passion it was that night when I turned 18 yrs old.

My grand ma was not well so, she used to take prescription and sleep, I was feeling very lonely it was already getting darker and rainy and I went inside my room and had a hot shower, Put on a old big man shirt and tried sleeping.

I was woken up by loud doorbell, I felt annoyed of who would it be? Just as I opened the door there he was wet and apologetic and I hugged him and told him to come he kissed me and told me that how does it feel to be 18.

I said nothing he said as he was getting very wet and he had plan to come here, So, he have brought extra clothes he went inside to change, I made him some hot chocolate drink.

He then asked me am I sleepy, I said no then he just shyly asked me to wear some pant and I was so surprised that I did not notice that I was still wearing that old man shirt and underneath just my white panty.

I blushed red he just said its ok if you are comfy then so am I? I did not knew why his stare was different tonight, I too was getting little heavy headed we talked for a while, I asked him how is he doing? He asked me about my studies and stuff?

Then he asked me do I have bf? I said no I don’t and he just stared at me and said how come such sexy looking young girl doesn’t have any bf? I was shocked by his questions?

He just said that now that I am 18, I should not be shocked by sexy tag because its compliment, I was getting very excited by his talks he asked me have I kissed any guy I blushed and he asked do I want to be kissed.

I don’t know how but my whole body was melting and my thighs were shivering my inner self was molten; I was getting very excited he sensed my turmoil.

He came close to me and said I want to give you a gift, a gift which will change your whole life, I was speechless, I was ready for anything and everything.

I just stared back at him with open mouth he came closer and lifted me in his arms. He took me inside my room and laid me down gently, He said he have very special talent which he can display if I want to, I just shook my head my mouth was so dry and my pussy so wet.

He gently took my shirt away, He touched my breast and said how soft and womanly it has become. I was loving and enjoying his every touch then he took my panty with his mouth my breath stuck inside my chest it was so erotic and sensual.

He kissed me in my mouth filling him with his big tongue. I was breathless and wild after 5 min of kissing and he said that I’m good learner and he then kissed and nibbled at my breast oohhh and the feeling was so much nice that I felt I’m flying.

Then he went down kissing my navel and my inner thighs, I was screaming at the point of no return then, when he spread my pussy lips and dipped his big tongue inside and I screamed with ecstasy he sucked nibbled and started eating my pussy.

He was eating like he have never seen any pussy before and I was screaming and grinding my pussy inside his mouth, He introduced to me my first orgasm and what an orgasm it was, I felt earth shattering climax which shook my every bone and rattled my every teeth.

After, coming some hard, he still was not letting me go, He kept eating and licking my pussy, I was amazed by the second orgasm which hit me like storm, I pleaded him to stop or else I will die, He looked at me and said” I have never seen such fresh pussy.

Now are you ready to get fucked. I was in daze and he was my master and I was his slave, I would have done anything for him and he just looked at me and said just hold your breath, though it will pain a little but it will be worth it and if you bear it.

I gritted my teeth and hold my breath, I was already so wet and welcoming that his penis which was so big entered inside rushing and I was stunned by the pain which came after and I screamed and tried fighting off.

He just hold my hand and kissed my lips and kept the flow he was banging my sore and stretched pussy with such force, I felt like he was tearing me limbs to limbs, He kept on humping me as if there was no tomorrow.

I was breathless and gagged by his tongue in mouth and filled and tore by his penis inside my pussy his hands bind my tiny hands like steel it was so painful that my tears started pouring out darkness started to come in my eyes.

I heard a groan and he took off his penis off harshly and started cuming his cum in my body, He just stood and looked at me, I was helpless sore and felt fucked by this huge man.

He stood me up slowly and took me inside the bathroom washed me and then lifted me up and laid me gently in the bed my whole body was scratched by his hands and mouth my pussy was burning and I was not able to move.

He kissed me gently in my lips which was swollen but his teeth he said that I have gave I’m so much peace that He can never forget and I was angry at him.

I just looked at him and kept crying, He just let me cry and said it’s your first time and I was getting mad by passion that I would not control it, He said that I am the most cutest and vulnerable girl that he have ever made love to.

He said that he have to go before grandma wakes up, I said she takes sleeping pills and never wakes before 10 am and he looked at me and said do you want to sleep with me.

I said yes he lay beside me and started fondling me, I was much tried but felt very good bus his touch. It was hard session for me but, nevertheless, I felt sated in the morning when I opened my eyes, he was not there

There, was a note which said that when I was sleeping I looked like an angel. I felt so touched and not at all used by this man who opened this marvellous gate of lust and love for me.

After this episode and we kept our relationship this way till I was 19 yrs old. He is not here in India but I miss his expertise touch, gentle and rough lovemaking. There are many episodes to add but this is my first, So, I felt it should be introduced first. I hope you all liked my story and I hope to write many more in future.

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