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Intense Love Making At 62

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hello friends, I am Amit (name changed) and I am back with a new description of the start of my sex life in the year of 2009. I really appreciated the mails that I received from all of you story readers who really admired my sex life with my girlfriend and the way I had it described it in story number 2442, ‘Life at 61’. Now this month I have turned 62, but with my increasing age I am definitely spicing up my sex life. For those who haven’t read my previous story, I’ll provide you all with a brief background of me and my sex partner. I am a 62 year old bachelor businessman from Mumbai, but have to travel a lot for business.I keep myself fit and healthy for my age. I believe that a man can have sex at age, if he has the desire and the stamina. I definitely, do not take any Viagra, as I depend on natural herbal supplements that keeps me healthy sexually.

Though I am a bachelor, but even at this age I have an active sex life with my girlfriend from past few months. My girlfriend Nekta (name changed) is a 36 year old married lady from Mumbai and she definitely is a sexy lady for her age, as she is a fashionable lady and likes to keep herself goodlooking and young. Nekta is married for past 12 years, but she wants to just have fun with her sex life with an old guy of my age, as she feels that rich older men of my age can be really dirty in bed. Normally I get together with Nekta at least twice a week for sex and occassionally on weekends. Recently, I was travelling out of India for a month for business purpose and definitely missed having sex during that time. After I got back to Mumbai and when I called Nekta on her cell phone, she said, ‘ Amit darling, I misssed you on your 62nd birthday and we need to celebrate, definitely I am looking forward to get together.’ So the next day we decided to have sex at my house. The next day I did not go to my office and rather stayed at home to enjoy sex after a month. Now from morning onwards there was a lot of excitement and sex filled in my penis, thinking that in few hours time, my girlfriend will be at my house. Now around 11am, my door bell rang and I opened the door and saw my young lady, Nekta standing in front of me wearing a black saree, with long designer bindi on her forehead, brown highlighted shoulder length hair, black nail polish on her finger nails, with a decent amount of make up and along with a sweet sexy smile on her face. Nekta was looking so graceful and attractive in her attire and she is 5’6 tall and as she was wearing heel shoes, she looked about 5’9 tall.

I really like her get up.Nekta came inside and after I closed the door, she hugged me and said, ‘How are you my dirty old boyfriend?’, I then kissed her lips and said, Nekta darling, I did miss you.’ Then we sat down on the sofa next to eachother and started having conversation and Nekta asked about my business trip and my welfare. We spent a good amount of time talking to eachother, then Nekta said,’Darling bedroom mein chale?’. I said, ‘Zaroor sweety chalo’. We now came to my bedroom and I turned on the aircon. In the mean while Nekta sat on my bed and took off her heel shoes. Now I sat on the left hand side of Nekta and gave her a naughty smile and started massaging her left thigh above her saree, she blushed at me and started breathing heavily and was moaning a little bit, Ummmmm, Uuuuffffff. My hands were now over stomach and wow it felt good caressing Nekta’s soft buttery skin after a while. Nekta and me were kissing eachothers lips in the meanwhile and breathing heavily with pleasure. In a moment Nekta got up and took off her black saree and peticoat and in seconds she was standing in front of me in her black bra and black hipster panty. Now I took off my shirt and pant and was too in my boxer brief, but my penis had a big bulge inside my boxer, as it wanted to get Nekta’s vagina so bad. Now our naked bodies again met and we were now rolling all over the bed kissing eachother on lips, neck and face. Now I was sleeping on my back and Nekta looked at me in a romantic way and now she planted a kiss on my forehead, then down to my lips, then planted a lots of kisses on my chest, stomach and then abdomen and finally on my penis over my boxer.

After this I pulled Nekta to me and started kissing her lips intensely. While Nekta was on top of me, mt hands were wildly caressing her soft back and then my left hand went to her hips and I managed to sneak my left hand inside her panty to caress her ass. In no time I was caressing Nekta’s hips while she was kissing my lips.There was shivers going down my body, as all of you are aware that with age a man’s body is really sensitive while making love. Nekta now stopped kissing me and she flipped her hair in a sexy manner said to me, ” Darling mujhe tumhare lavda (penis) ko gudgudee karna hai”. I love my penis and balls getting tickled by a woman, so now Nekta with her magic fingers starts caressing and tickling my penis and my hairy balls over my underwear and to be honest it was a great sensation, I started moaning loudly, ‘Aaaaaaahhhhh, Aaaahhhhhh, Ooohhh, Nekta darling bas karo, bahut gudgudee ho raha hai mera lavda mein, ab mera sara paani nikal jayega sex kar ne ke pehle’. Nekta’s tickling almost made my penis so horny and ticklish that I felt that my sperm was about to explode before sex, as it was a month later I was having sex and I never masturbate, so all my sperms were stored for a month in my balls. Now I said, ‘Nekta honey, you can take my boxer off and do whatever you like to do with my penis’. Nekta pulled my boxer down and my fat penis stood up erect and ready to be played by a woman. Nekta touched my erect penis and said, ‘Darling tumhare lavda mein sex chaad gaya hai ‘. My penis was erect and ready to have sex. Again Nekta caressed my penis with her finger nails and now my penis completely hardened and now Nekta started sucking my penis and she was really enjoying giving me a blow job, Ooohhhh it was so much fun getting sex at the age of 62 from a 36 year old lady. After she sucked my penis, Nekta started sucking my hairy balls and she spit on it and again sucked my hairy balls. Now me and Nekta were in 69 position, as I made Nekta sleep on her back and I climed and put my penis inside her mouth and lying over her I was enjoying her wet clitrois with my tongue. The harder I was playing my tongue on her pussy, the harder she was sucking my penis. Oooh it was great pleasure having 69 position oral sex.

After we were done with 69 position, Nekta now begged me to insert my penis in her vagina, as she was extremely wet and horny. To be honest with all you readers, I always enjoy having sex with middle aged women,as their vaginas are naturally lubricated. Nekta wanted to have woman-on-top, as she wanted me to insert my finger in her anus while my penis is penetrating in her vagina. So I sleep on my back and now Nekta sat over me and I held her hips with both my hands and in the mean while Nekta guided my fat 62 year old penis into her vagina. The moment my penis was in Nekta’s pussy, Aaaaahhhhhhh it was a wonderful feeling for my penis,as her pussy was wet, lubricated and warm . Nekta slowly started riding her hips over my penis and I started slapping her hips really hard, ‘ Bitch fuck me hard,’ and she started moaning Aaaahhhhh, Oooooeeeeeee, Uuuummmmm. It was now time for my action, so I asked Nekta to stop pumping on me. Now I again elevated both my legs and and Nekta now leaned on to my face and now I started fucking Nekta real hard and while I was going in and out of Nekta’s pussy my middle finger was tickling her anus and Nekta was shivering and she mentioned, ‘Aaaahhhh Amit, sweetheart mazaa aa raha hai, please mere gaand mein khujli karona’, so now I inserted my whole middle finger inside her anus and my finger was now playing inside her tight anus, while my penis was moving in and out of her pussy. Nekta now was moaning with pleasure,’Oooooooooooo, Ooooooooo , Ahhhhhhh, Uuuummmmmm, bahut mazza aa raha hai sweety, please keep fingering my anus, it feels really good and ticklish in my anus’, Aaaaah bahut dard ho raha hai Amit, par maza aaa raha hai’. I was enjoying fingering Nekta’s anus and fucking her vagina simultaneously. Nekta now told me, ‘Darling mera paani nikal ne wala hai.’ I felt her orgasm juice hitting my dirty old penis, I held Nekta tight and moaned loudly, ‘Oooohhh, Aaaaahhh, Aaaahhh, Uuummmm, Nekta honey,I can feel your vagina juice hitting my penis’. Now we slept beside eachother for few minutes and then I again got back to oral love play with Nekta. Now I made Nekta sleep on her back and I lifted her ass and buried my face in her vagina and was sucking her sour pussy juice out and the I also started tickling Nekta’s anus with the tip of my tongue. I was circling my tongue on Nekta’s anus for a couple of minutes and she was moaning like crazy with pleasure, then I inserted my tongue tip in her anus. Friends you all won’t believe that it is so much fun playing your tongue on a girl’s provided she doesnot fart on your tongue. I really went circling my tongue on her anus and pussy and it felt great and it also was smelling sex odour from Nekta’s vagina. Nekta now told me, Amit darling, mere choot mein khujli ho rahi hai, please gudgudee karona, so now I left Nekta’s hips on bed and I lifted her legs and now with my fingers I was caressing her vagina. Nekta was giggling, ‘Ouch darling gudgudee ho rahi hai choot mein’. Now Nekta told me that my intense tickling to her pussy will make her pee soon. Now Nekta and me we both went to the toilet and Nekta sat down on the floor in the peeing position so that I could tickle her pussy and make her piss on my hands.

This was a pretty kinky sex thing that Nekta mentioned her husband refused to do it. While Nekta was sitting in the peeing position, I was tickling her pussy intensely and in no time she pissed hot urine on my hand. We now came back to bed, after cleaning up. Nekta now lip kissed and mentioned that her hubby never tried out the kinky oral things in sex which I did to her. While Nekta was lying on her back I started planting many kisses on her boobs and on her stomach. Nekta now insisted me to lye down, so she could suck my penis, in no time Nekta started sucking my penis hard and I was slapping her hips really hard, and Nekta was moaning and enjoying me slapping her hips hard. In the meanwhile I was pinching her nipples and in no time, Nekta said, ‘Dirty old man, look what you have done’, and she made me touch her vagina. Ohhh I was surprised Nekta’s vagina was so wet and slippery all over again for penetration. This time I was lying on my back as usual and now Nekta again sat on my penis by inserting it in her vagina and she was facing not me but front towards my feet. It was like doggie style, but the only difference was I was lying on my back. Nekta now staring jumping up and down and more than Nekta moaning, I started moaning like crazy, as it was stimulating my 62 year old sensitive penis enornormously, ‘Aaaaaahhhhhh, Aaahhhhhhhh, Oooohhhh, Ohhhhhhhh, Nekta darling, fuck my penis, its all yours, Aaaaaahhhhhh, Aaaaaahhhhhh. I was able to scream loud as my servant was not in my house, as I had sent him home earlier. Then Nekta leaned forward and I was able to push her hips up and down as she was going slow. In few minutes, I said,’ Oooohhhhhh Nekta, stop, stop, stop, you will make me cum’. Now we got up and I made Nekta lye down, as I wanted to fuck her in missionary position before I ejaculate my semen. Now I slided a big pillow under Nekta’s waist and parted Nekta’s legs and held it high and I inserted my penis in her vagina and started to go slow, and we both were moaning, Aaaaaahhhh, Oooohhhhhh, Uuuummmmmmmmmmm. Now I incresed my speed and Nekta was screaming loud, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ooooooooooo, Oooooooooo Uuuuuuuummmmmmmm.

Nekta had her legs tightly wrapped around my waist and and now I felt that I was about to explode my sperms. I told, ‘ Nekta darling, mere lund me ab sur-suree ho raha hai, mera paani nikalne wala hai’. In seconds, I cried out loud with my eyes closed, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ooooooooeeeeeeeee, Aaaaaahhhhh.’ I felt like ejaculating my sperms inside her vagina, but didnt want to make her to get pregnant, as I wasn’t aware of her menstural cycle this month. So I pulled out my penis which was completely covered with Nekta’s thick gooey vagina juice and Nekta with her finger nails tickled my sensitive penis and within seconds my thick yellowish sperms came out like pee on her stomach and chest. I then massaged my baby producing seeds on her stomach. Now we kissed and were exhausted, then we slept for a while and then we took shower together in my bath tub. Now Nekta lyed down on my bed and I now inserted my whole left fist into her vagina. Nekta closed her eyes and was moaning softly, ‘Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, feels good Amit, do it’, I was exploring inside Nekta vagina with my fist and it was so warm and soft inside. Nekta said, “Oooooohhhh your whole fist in my vagina feels really sexy, Uuuuummmmmm”. Now I took Nekta in my arms, and we were talking all dirty stuff and in the meanwwhile my fingers were playing around Nekta’s abdomen and upper vagina area. She said, “Darling you really know to pleasure a woman even at this age, my hubby doesnot know all this” I told Nekta that in sex with age you know more lovemaking secrets. Along with our sexy conversation we were lip locking went on and I really had fun kissing Nekta on her pinky lips and sucking her tongue while French kissing her. After a while Nekta said, ‘Sweetheart mera nipples chooso na’. So now I started sucking Nekta nipples and in no time she was ready to have have my penis in her vagina.

I applied some KY sex lubricant on my penis, as I did not want my penis to be sensitive inside her vagina and ejaculate soon. I silded a pillow underneath Nekta and banged her in missionary position for a about 30 minutes and meanwhile I was banging her, we kissed on lips, I sucked on her nipples and also fingered her clit while I was moving my fat penis in and out her vagina. Finally when I was about to throw my sperms, Nekta wanted me to cum in her mouth, as usual she tickled my penis and then my semen flowed into her mouth. We had a lot of sex after a month for the day. It was already evening and Nekta had to pick her kid up from her friends place, so she showered up and put on her make up, so no one can make out that she was pleasured by a 62 year old man. We decided to meet again in next few days to have have some fun with the vibrator and the sex toys that I had pur then chased during my business trip abroad. Friends I sure you all enjoyed reading my New Year sex after turning 62. I’ll narrate our incident of how we enjoyed more sex with sex toys and more kinky oral and penis-vagina sex. Friends please feel free to contact me for friendship or share your opinion at my e-mail

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