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Intense Car Sex With A Hot Mallu Chick

  • desipapa
  • November 27, 2015

Hi Friends, I’m Arun. I’m 26 years old and I’m here to share with you my unforgettable sexual experience with a really hot mallu chick, Chaitra. She is a 26 year old married woman with a very fair complexion and extremely attractive assets. When I said assets, I meant everything which attracted me in her which includes her big boobs, her broad plumy arms, huge buttocks and her pillar like fleshy legs which shakes visibly through her tight leggings every time she walks.
I have been deployed in her office on a contract basis for the last 8 months where I would spend a few days with her in her office every month till the work gets over. Every month I visit her office, my first agenda is to watch her, especially when she walks around. Every time I see her walk, my focus would be on her jumping buttocks and her shaking fleshy legs and every time she sits across me, my focus would be on her wooden log like broad plumy arms and her big boobs.

I was going crazy looking at her really tempting assets. I have in fact felt inside to kiss her tight but kept controlling myself. A few times as she walks past me, I have felt that she noticed me watching her but she used to pass me with a smile at me. As every month rolled by, I started getting desperate not just for a kiss but to even sleep with her. We used to go for lunch together during the days I visit her office.

I was quite happy that there was no friction between us even though she had noticed me looking at her. But suddenly one day during the beginning of October 2015, as we stepped out for lunch she said “Shall we go out for lunch somewhere instead of canteen?” I agreed. It was a Saturday and she took her car out from the parking and both of us went to a restaurant in her car.

As we placed the order and were waiting for the food, she suddenly started asking certain awkward questions where I was actually stunned and could not answer her. She started by asking “Can I ask you something?” I said “Yes. What is it?” She asked “Will you say the truth?”

I got a bit jittery as already I was thinking why isn’t she reacting even after noticing that I’m watching her and with a bit of hesitation, I said “Yes.” She asked “Are you hitting at me by any chance?” I was stumped and could not say a word. I held my head down and kept mum. She understood my reaction and asked “Do you know that I’m married?”

I immediately looked at her as if a guy in examination hall got an easy question amidst other tough questions and said “Yes. I know you are married.” She gave a very narrow smile.

Just as I thought she likes me seeing her from her smile she dropped another bomb asking with a slightly tough tone “What do you like in me?” I again went speechless bowing my head down. She then slowly breathed out and with a soft tone asked me “Okay. Assume that I’m also interested in you. Tell me what do you like in me?”

I got excited as if she is really interested in me forgetting the fact that she asked me to assume it!!! I immediately told her “It depends on whether you are seated or you walk.” She shrunk her face a bit and with a cute little smile said “I did not understand.” I said “I mean I like your big boobs your plumy broad arms and your big buttocks.

I watch them as you walk. And when you sit down I still keep watching your arms and boobs” In such over excitement I went on to say “I have never seen you sleeping. So I don’t know what to say about that.” She immediately raised her eyebrows and with a broad smile asked me “What? What did you say?”

I then slowly realized that I said something more than what I should have. I said “Sorry” and kept quiet.

The food was served and as we were almost done, she asked me “What is your plan for the second half of the day?” I said with a bit boring feeling “The same work where we had left.” She smiled, got up and went to the restroom. We left the restaurant at about 2:20pm As we got back into the car, she started driving straight instead of taking a U-turn for office. I asked her “Where are we going?” She turned and smiled at me and did not say anything.

After driving for about 15 minutes, we reached the highways. She kept driving in the highways for sometime with both sides of the road covered with thick and tall bushes. She kept looking at both sides of the road and kept driving straight. I sensed she has planned something which is great but I was curious to know what it was.

After driving in the highway for sometime, she suddenly turned the car to a left. It was a very narrow mud road with bushes at both sides. The road was so narrow that only one vehicle could pass through in that road at a time and the bushes on either side almost fell over the car.

She drove the car for about a minute in that curved mud road and finally stopped at a dead end with a big banyan tree in front of us. She switched off the car, removed her hair band, looked at me and smiled sensually. I got super excited that I my dick started growing big and hard pushing my pant up big time, looking at her gesture.

She slided her head and by resting it on my seat slowly placed her hands over my thighs, dragged it up and grabbed my dick over my pant. I could not control myself after that as I turned, grabbed her neck and kissed her tight. Her lips so soft and were tasting a mix of sweet and spicy because of the chocolate milk shake and the kofta she ate about an hour back. I loved the taste over her lips and I slowly lowered my hands from her neck and placed it over her boobs. I felt my hands were not enough to cover her boobs. I started kissing her more intensely by dipping my tongue into her mouth and pressing her big spongy boobs tight.

After a few seconds, she stopped me and said “Lets go back.” She jumped to the back seat first from inside the car. I removed my watch and shoes and as I turned back and saw her, I got really horny looking at her resting her head on the back door and legs stretched straight flat on the seat.

I went back, sat in the leg space and sensually ran my lips all over her face, rubbing her juicy thighs with my hands and slowly moved my hands up and rubbed her pussy over her leggings with my fingers. As I rubbed her pussy she slowly moaned “Hmm Mmmh Hmmm.” I slowly made her slide down on the seat, made her sleep flat over the seat, slowly crawled over her and slept over her cushiony body.

She slowly pulled my T-shirt up and removed my T-shirt and threw it on the front seat. I immediately lifted her up to undress her. She was wearing a multi coloured shirt type kurta and a tight orange leggings.

As I started opening her kurta buttons one by one she unlocked my belt, opened my pant button and unzipped my pant. Every button I opened in her Kurta I was getting more and more tempted looking at her fleshy and juicy lemony body. I pulled her kurta down her arms just like a shirt and threw it over the front seat. She was wearing a tempting blue colour thin translucent bra with pointed nipples pushing out of her bra.

Both of us were so curious in undressing each other. As she tried pulling my pant down, I stretched my legs facing her by putting them around her waist with her legs around mine. Her leggings were so tight that I was somewhat able to see her pussy lips over her leggings and her panty.

We were sitting with our legs around each others’ waist. I had to just pull her closer to get into the lotus position. I pulled her close to me, hugged her and slowly unhooked her bra, slowly dragged the straps down her arms and hung it in the front seat. Man, seeing her boobs for the first time, I was stumped. They were like two water filled balloons. I could not stop myself and grabbing both her boobs with my hands I asked her “What is your size?” She said “Its 35.” I immediately went down kissing her boobs, licked and chewed her nipples and engulfed a portion of her boobs into my mouth.

As I tried engulfing her boobs into my mouth I saw nerves visible by the side of her boobs. Her boobs were so soft and spongy that I could not stop squeezing, chewing and sucking it. She rested herself on the back door and allowed me to suck her nipples for sometime.

As I kept sucking her nipples and chewing her spongy boobs, she slowly put her hands into my underwear from underneath, pulled my dick out and started to shake my dick. We started to sweat heavily. After sometime, I took my mouth off her nipples, slowly lifted my face, licking her neck, her cheeks and sucked her lips sensually. I then got up, sat on the seat on my knees as she pulled my underwear down, removed it and slipped it in the footrest. I got completely nude. She slowly pulled the outer skin of my dick down, brought the inner flesh out and rubbed her thumbs over the mouth of my dick, with a naughty smile at me.

Looking at her smile I got seriously horny and pulled her back down on the seat. As she slept flat on the seat with her legs spread wide, feet grounded on the seat and knee facing up, I slept over her, hugged her tight and started hitting my dick over her pussy lips over her leggings like a trial run. She also hugged me tight, closed her lips and started biting her own lips. We were drenched in sweat even before the first dip.

I slowly removed her arms from around my neck, went down slowly licking her neck, her nipples, her sweaty belly, dipped my tongue into her belly button, went further down and just as I saw her pussy over her leggings I lost control and pulled her leggings down from her waist so roughly that she got afraid that it would tear off and immediately lifted her head up and said “Careful. Slowly”. I got really anxious and restless that I was so close to having sex with Chaitra after longlining for it for the last 8 months. Her leggings were too tight over her pillar like thighs and managed to slide it down her legs, removed and threw it over the gear handle.

I was stunned to see her panty also of the same colour and material and was translucent. For a second, I felt it was made out of the left over cloth of her bra or vice versa. I was able to see a bunch of hair around her pussy through her panty. I could not resist anymore and as I placed my hands on the side strap to remove her panty, she raised her legs straight up and I pulled her panty up, removed it in one go and hung it over the front seat. As I saw her pussy, boy, it was too bushy. There was a hell lot of hair around her pussy.

I got a bit nervous as I was almost there and slowly rubbed her pussy, opened her pussy lips and just as I saw the flesh inside her pussy I felt it was the best sight I ever had with three extreme colours right in front of me – her lemony yellow skin, pitch dark hair around her pussy and juicy wet pink flesh inside her pussy. She again slept in the same position with her legs spread around me, feet over the seat with knees pointing up. I immediately grabbed my dick with one hand, pulled the out skin of my dick down, bringing the inner flesh out and just as I placed my dick over her pussy hole, I realized that I’m about to fuck her without a condom. I did not ask her if she is well aware of it as I did not want to lose this chance with my dick already kissing her pussy. Without waiting a second, I pushed my dick inside her pussy and she gasped “Aaaahhh sss Hmm” raising her hands and holding the seat head-rest on either side.

I held her waist and slowly penetrated deeper into her cunt. Her pussy was seriously wet, tight and hot inside that I was pushing my dick inside and also pulling her waist down and she started moaning “Haaaaann hhho Ahaann Mmmm” for every bit I penetrated into her cunt. As I slowly penetrated inside her pussy, It was too tempting to sleep over her wet body with sweat dripping down from all corners of her body and with my dick half inside her cunt, I thumped my dick deeper inside her pussy once roughly pushing it almost fully inside her cunt as she gasped loud “Aaaahh Hapaaa Sshhaaa”. I slowly went down, crept over her wet body, placed my arms around her shoulder and slowly started to fuck her moving my dick back and forth inside her cunt. I just loved the feeling of getting laid as I was super hot both inside and outside her body.

As I kept fucking her, she slowly wrapped her broad spongy arms around my neck and kept moaning “Aaahhh haaann hhhm aahhnn” every time I moved my dick inside her pussy. Her pussy was also really sticky inside that it made a lot of hichkich noise as I kept fucking her. I was literally thrilled putting my dick inside her as it felt electric every time my dick rubbed the flesh inside her tight wet and hot pussy. After fucking her for sometime, I got even more horny and wanted to literally crush her pussy.

I slowly raised my upper body, rested and pressed my thumbs over her sweaty underarms and started to chuck my dick inside her cunt hard and wild. Her underarms were so soft, fleshy and slippery. I felt it would have been better if her underarms were a bit rough with some hair spots as my thumb could have gripped it. As I kept drilling my dick inside her cunt, she raised her arms, held my shoulder tight, locking my thumb tight inside her underarms and started to moan much louder “Aaaahhh Haaanaah Mmmhh ahhaann”. Just for a second I was worried if someone passing through the highway might hear us especially someone who is walking as the mud road we turned into is just about 300 to 400 meters into the bushes from the highway but I was feeling too crazy and horny that I was sleeping with her after longing for it for 8 months and kept fucking her hard and rough.

I literally thumped my dick inside her pussy and fucked her so deep that I kept jamming my waist over her waist pat pat pat and she started to moan with a bit tired voice “Aahhh hhaann haann aahhann”.

After crushing her pussy for sometime, suddenly, I felt a huge tickling sensation deep inside my dick as my dick erupted and I literally splashed and poured my semen inside her cunt and this time I started to scream “Aaahhh haass hhhaaa hhoo ohh baby aaahhhh ssss haaa” and fell over her hugging her tight.

She held my face up, rubbed my cheeks saying “Its ok . You will be fine.” Both of us were breathing heavy with bubbles of sweat all over our body. My dick slowly shrunk, became soft and oozed out of her pussy.

I lied over her for sometime closing my eyes trying to get my breath back. As I got my breath back and saw her, she smiled at me and raised her eyebrows asked “How do you feel now?” I bent my head down and sucked her lips one after the other gently and sensually. I slowly slid down and slept besides her as we both slept on our sides facing each other. Chaitra was constantly looking at me and smiling for some reason and as I looked at her, she asked “So, Are you satisfied now?” holding my dick and shaking it gently. I felt really free to respond to her than how I felt about 2 to 2.5 hours ago.

I held her boobs and rubbing her nipples, said “I just loved having sex with you to the core. You are so juicy and fleshy just like a middle aged woman that I felt the extreme pleasures of sex not just when I ejaculated but for the entire hour or two I slept with you with my dick deep inside your pussy. I was itching for this moment for the last 8 months since I saw you for the first time in this office.”

She raised her eyebrows with a surprise giving a broad smile and said “You mean you wanted to sleep with me for the last 8 months and you were waiting for me to start the topic?” I smiled with some shyness and said “Yes”. She immediately said “I in fact realized that you were interested in me during your second visit itself where I was noticing you watching me whenever I get up from my seat till I get back to my seat. To be frank I was also interested in a casual date with you, though not a serious relationship, but I was not sure if that is your intentions too. I just loved having your dick inside me. Not sure if its too long but for sure its so thick that I felt you are going to tear my pussy today.” I giggled and said “Which means both of us have wasted 6 months in our life!!” and both of us had a broad smile at each other.

We smiled at each other and slowly she got up and asked “So shall we leave? Its almost 5:30pm.” I wanted to cuddle with her for some more time and suddenly I noticed her buttocks and said “One of your assets that attracted me was your huge buttocks and I have not had even a single bite at it.” She said “But we cannot do a doggy inside the car.

The seat will get damaged. And also, I need to get back home before 7pm. I need to prepare dinner for my husband.” I said “I’m not asking for another intercourse. I want to just feel your spongy buttocks.” She smiled and asked “What shall we do then?” I got up, sat on the seat resting on the back door, placed my palms over my thighs and said “Sit on my palms.” She gave a broad smile, said “You are crazy.” and slowly put both her legs on either side of me and sat over my palms.” I felt her big booty buttocks like two soft pillows.

She slowly rotated her buttocks over my palms, slowly bent her upper body down, raising her buttocks slightly from my palms, came close to me and slowly brought her tongue out licking my lips. I grabbed her jack fruit like buttocks tight, sucked her tongue into her mouth and started kissing her passionately sucking her lips gently one after the other.

I slowly dipped my finger between her buttocks and just as I rubbed my finger over her asshole, she slowly withdrew her tongue from my mouth and said “Shall we stop this for now. Otherwise I don’t see this ending here. Its getting dark and I’m already late” saying this, she slowly moved back pushing her hands against my thighs, got up from my palms, both of us sat in normal positions and slowly started dressing up searching for our clothes with some in the footrest, some on the front seat. The longest search was for her panty which had fallen into the back pocket of the front seat, as we were having sex, from the headrest where I initially hung it and she searched it at all places other than that. I saw her panty at the very first place as she began searching the footrest but kept quiet and enjoyed seeing her bending and search for it at all places.

As we got ourselves dressed up, we looked at each other with a broad smile and I got close to her, rolled my arm around her shoulders and kissed her tight holding her boobs with my other arm. After kissing her passionately for a few seconds, I slowly withdrew my lips from her’s and told her “Had a great time baby. Thanks a lot” and both of us moved to the front seats smiling at each other. She wore her hairband back. I slowly picked up my watch and shoes.

As I pulled up my socks, I suddenly recollected again that I fucked her without a condom and was anxious to know if she had any other options in mind or she did not even realize that. I slowly asked her “Hey we fucked without a condom. What shall we do now?” She inserted the key into the ignition, started the car, turned at me with a starring smile and asked “Smart uhh!!? You are asking me this question now? Didn’t you feel it when you mercilessly banged you dick into my pussy for so long?” saying that she kept giving a starring smile at me.

I kept looking at her with a hope that she would continue and she said “I realized it when you pushed your dick inside me for the first time but it was too late to think about going and buying condoms.” She again paused. I got very anxious and asked her “So what do we do now?” She said “Don’t worry. I have contraceptive pills at home. I’ll take one today.” Saying that she turned at me, smiled at me as if she frightened me a lot, as she did, and said “I have a husband at home. Very rarely, we also have sex. That too very short intercourse, he puts in, bang bang, he ejaculates and he dozes off. Somehow, I’m not satisfied with my sex life.”

Saying that she started taking the car in reverse as it was completely impossible to take a U-turn inside those bushes. As we came out of the bushes into the highway, I asked her “So is that when you started looking at me?”

She said “Well, I noticed that you are seeing me, as I said, 6 months ago and I just wanted to be sure if it was true. Time and again I noticed you seeing me whenever I get up from my seat and go anywhere. Also, whenever I used to casually turn at you when you see me, even then you would continue to look and smile at me. You don’t turn your face away from me even at that moment.” And both of us laughed at that comment and she continued “So that is how I confirmed, actually 2 months back, that you are interested in me. To be frank, I also liked you as with a sex life that I’m going through in my life I felt if both of us are fine with it we could have a consensus sex and see how it goes with you.”

I immediately jumped and asked “How did it go with me then?” She giggled and asked a question in turn “Can we make this a regular affair between us, like, sex every now and then, which satisfies both of us? We’ll meet at some place, either yours or mine whichever is suitable at that point or worse case, just like today, we can find a spot and fuck in the car. What do you say?” I was so excited that I felt like jumping to heaven and earth and said “Don’t forget to bring a contraceptive pill every time.” and turned my face away from her controlling my laughter.

As I saw her from the corner of my eyes, pretending to look straight, I noticed her smiling at me with a delighted face and her eyebrows raised and asked me “So every time you want to fuck me without a condom and pour your semen inside me?” I said “I just loved fucking you today without a condom so much that every time my dick rubbed your flesh inside your pussy, it was electric as I felt an on off on off type of tingling sensation every time I pushed my dick inside and pulled it back. I don’t know if I would feel that sensation if I fuck you with a condom.” She said “Wow, so that is why you started banging your dick faster suddenly after fucking gently for sometime? It was really painful.” I did not know what to say hearing her say it was painful and with some hesitation asked her “Did it pain when I started hitting hard inside you?” She looked at me, gave a pleasant smile and said “It’s a pain that women love to have during intercourse. The more we experience it, the more we enjoy sex.” I felt relieved.

She continued “Anyways, I’ll start carrying my pills whenever I come to meet you.” Both of us smiled at each other and just at that point we neared her office. She stopped the car at the corner of the street, I got down there, we bid bye to each other and she turned there and went back to her place. I walked down the street, picked up my bike from the parking lot and came back home.

Well friends, this is my real life sex experience with a super hot mallu chick, Chaitra after 8 months of desperation to sleep with her. Thanks a lot for reading my story “Intense Car Sex With A Hot Mallu Chick”. Hope you enjoyed it. Your comments are most welcome.

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