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Innocent Story Of A Son And A Mom On One Rainy Night – Part I

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

It was August 22nd Monday Night around 9 P.M. It was raining heavily outside. This is my room, a bit small with one attached bathroom. I got it at very less rent because this area is a newly built area and there are very few houses around in this area. And my room is almost isolated as their are yet no houses constructed nearby room. There are just distant street lamps around and its completely dead silent during nights. But the Highway is just some 500 meters from where there you can find regular autos, so not much problem for transport even in Night time. So, i was studying in my room and..

“Knock…Knock..Knock.. Knock..”

I wondered who must be here at this time??

“Deepu.. Naan kano..Bega Door Tegi..”

It was my Mother’s Voice. My Mother Nethra. A very nice woman by heart. Very religious. Not a talkative kind. She normally avoids eye contacts with any other people. Dont know whether she is shy or otherwise, but she is really innocent. She is so innocent that she dont even get any glimpse of any dirty stalkers on the road and she even doesn’t think someone will ever stalk any married woman. She thinks the world is as pure as herself.

“Amma..neena…Bande. One Minute..”

I opened the door. There My mother was standing in her beautiful Blue Saree. All drenched from Rain. From head to the feet, all totally wet. As I opened the door, she came in.

“Amma. yenidhu sudden agi bandidya..Yeshtond nend bere hogiddiya..?” I asked.

“Oh… Deepu.. Sarojamma iddaralwa, avr magal madve ittu kano.Adke pakkad oorige bandidde.Bus alli vapas hogta irbekadre Hassan board nodde. Neen ille odta irodu antha avagle taleg hodithu. ond sala nodknond hogona anustu. Adke bus stand alli ildu band bitte.” She said with full shivering.

“Oh.. amma adre ee thara nend konda madidre naane bus stand ge band pick madtha irlilwa..”

“Phone try madde kano. Switch off barta ittu nindu”

“Ayyo..charge ge idode mart hoytu.. ad sari amma.. luggage yenoo tand ilwa..”

“Illa kano..ratri ne vapas hogodu..stay yen mado hagilla anta yenoo tandeirlilla..”

“Ayyo..amma..poorti esht shiver agta iddiya nodu..bega atleast batroom ge hogi bisi neeranna hadru taleg hakko…illa negdi agatte..”

“Sari kano..” Saying this my mother went into the bathroom which is inside the room only in the corner.

Now i felt my heart beats going very fast. I felt blood rush seeing my wet shivering mother. I had never seen her like this before. Suddenly, i starting feeling something different. My mother is a normal brown coloured Indian wife, not too fair not too dark. She is average height and has a little much weight. But she doesnt have a flab and her belly has soft skin that hangs out a little. Her face is so innocent with no expressions and with absolutely no pimple even in her age of 43. Looking at her mother in this way today I realized what made the other men and other boys to stare with such a lusty looks at my mother’s Buttocks. I now realized its very much round and bulged.

But I suddenly came to sense. I said to myself its Bad. She is your mother, the very caring and the most kind-hearted one. You should not think about her like that. I removed all the thoughts from my mind and calmed down.

As my mother entered the room, she said from inside, “Deepu..yeno idu… ee bathroomge latch ilwa..?”

“Amma..olgade latch haalagide..horage inda latch madthini bidu..”, saying this i latched the bathroom door from outside

“Sari kano..Bisi neer idyalla…?”
“Haa, amma..right tap…”
“Deepu..nan seere ella odde agide kano..adre illi batte sigsoke yenoo hagga illa tanti yenoo ilvallo….”
“Amma..adu illi hall alli ide…bathroom teera sannad alwa..adke”
“Sari kano..matt evag yen madli..seere onagsoke..?”
“Amma..ond kelsa madu…neen nin batte kodu..iron box ide..bekadre, naan adralli heat madi, illi onag haaktini..”
“Sari kano..”

My mother removed her wet saree and squeezed it and removed some water from it. There was free space above the bathroom door. I knew she would throw her saree from there. As expected my mother threw her saree over the door. I tried to Catch it. But some part of it fell over my face!!!

The smell of her wet saree turned me on instantaneously. I felt a swift blood movement inside my shorts. I dint know what was happening inside me.

“Deepu..blouse matte petticoat noo kodla…”


“Hooo.Ammma…”..I fumbled to say

She threw her blue blouse. I caught it. She threw her blue Petticoat. I caught it.


I was feeling very hot at the motherhood. i took her petticoat in my hand and slowly rubbed my hand at the top region of it.

Mmmm..My Penis got very very hardened..

“Ammmaa..Inno bere batte idya??”
“Ayyo..chinnu..idu nandu under garments kano..beda bido..ning one thara agatte…haage hindi hakkothini..”
“Ammmaa..parvagilla..kodu…naan adannu iron madthini..”, My voice was becoming liitle changed and arousing. But mother did not observe it because of outside sound of rain.

“Hmmm…sari kano..”
Mmmmm…she is gonna give me her under wears…. mmmm

I was fondly and eagerly looking at the top of the door. She threw her Bra. It was Black. It Was wet. And It was Lovely!!!
Nowww… She Threw her Panty.It was Brown.It was wet. It fell right on my Face…!!!!


I thought my dick will explode right there. I slowly took her panties in my hand. Brown coloured panty. I wondered her even shit might look Brown too..!!!!!


I saw 4-5 long hairs inside the panty.mmm. it was her Pubes.I slowly brought panties towards my face and saw the pubes inside the panties closely.I smelt it.

Then, I bought it towards my mouth and licked all the inside of her panty including those left over pubes.


I felt toooooo hottt….Heart started beating violently.. Blood rushed through the Body veryyy swiftly…. AND MY DICK EXPLODED THEN AND THERE GIVING OUT A HUGE AMOUNT OF CUMMM INSIDE MY SHORTS….



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