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Innocent Boss Ke Sath Sex

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Hello all desipapa fans. I am Zahid from Lahore. I am 24 years old male and you can say i am very lucky. because I have my sex experience in this age in a populated and religious society of Pakistan. I am also a fan of desipapa and today I am sharing my wonderful experience with your fans when I am 23 years old. I was in search of job and went to a multinational organization office at upper mall Lahore. And met with with the Human resource Manager of the Company. I am 6’1″ ft high and have a good body. She is 25, very pretty have a very innocent look and in reality also, she is very simple and innocent. She interviewed me and appoint me in the administrative section as Deputy Administrative Officer. She proved herself very religious infront of me but a very modern style.

Her behavior was a little childish and innocent. she doesn’t have much friends and remain at her office most of the time but a very good Manager(leader). I am the only one person she have because i give her company in her any worky and difficult times and make her feel good. I am known as a favorite and obedient sub-ordinate from my initial job assignment and specially now dream her as an ideal. She thinks I know the solution of all the problems in the world. She is medium in height as to me, 5ft 3inch and very very slim. She has medium size tits like college girls but she has a knock-out hip. She has a nice hip which is D-shaped and they move in a nice rhythm when she walks. I never saw such a nice hip in my life. When i am behind her, my eyes rest on her hip and I never loose a chance to see her hips moving in that nice way. I always had a hidden intention to squeeze and kiss on those nice mounds and have sex with her. But I always thought it as a guilty/juvenile psychie and I never could stop thinking her as MY BOSS. One day we were alone at her office and suddenly she asked me about the stage dramas dialogue. In which a person saying about POONDI, masturbation and SOUNDLESS MOVIES.

She also said that she heard her Brother and his wife talking about that. Now I told her when boys watch/imagine the girls and throw love by body actions it is somehow called the poondi. I was in a very embarrassing situation and I didn’t know what to say about soundless movies. I somehow try to put off to other topic but her intention to know made me curious to tell her that it is a film that shows the actions that husbands and wives perform. She then asked me what they do. I told that it was not a subject that brother and sister can discuss and cousins (girls) and bhabis should discuss it. She asked if it was a bad thing. She asked me to give her a hint. I told her that to perform that work, they have to get naked. Her white chicks blushed red and told me sorry. When I returned home, a part of my heart was scolding me for let a golden opportunity going to remain a sober guy. But from the next day our conversations move to a new subject. Whenever we were alone, She kept asking me about husband-wife relation and romance, etc. After a week she told me that none in her office discusses this topic with her and as I am her true friend and brother, I must teach her. I told her how it would be possible in the office and i cannot do so as i am sub-ordinate and anyone will watch us. But she convinced me to do so. I told her ok. She was very happy. But she didnt have a single hint about that subject. I showed her some X-rated cds in next few days. She asked me a lot of question and I had to answer all those questions that i was not supposed to answer to her. After a few days, she came to my Office Room and watched another CD. After that she asked me these movies are doing something to her and she cant sleep at night. all the time she keeps thinking about sex and she is always hot and wet and make mess in her dresses. moreover, she cant say anything about this. she then told me directly that she needed sex badly and I was the only one who she can trust. I was very happy inside. but something resisted me and i told her that it was not a good idea. But she looked into my eyes. She was begging me for sex satisfaction. then all my instincts said yes.

We planned that her family will be out of station in next few days and we will do this work. At last the day arrived. I went to their house. It was Sunday she came out dressed in a nice tight shalwar and kamiz. Her dupatta was covering her chest and hair – She was looking like a new shy bride. She looked like a fresh rose. The sweet smell of her perfume was driving me more and more horny. We went inside her bedroom from the drawing room and I asked her if she was still interested in that or not. She said of-course and blushed red. then we closed all the doors and windows. I embraced her and pulled her body to mine. Her soft body felt so good. we got to the bed embracing each other and also kissing. we rolled on our backs and we were rubbing our faces with each others. Finally I was over her and I was feeling her face and hair with my hands. I was looking into her eyes and was thinking how lucky I was to have my innocent boss under me. I took her dupatta off and her tight medium sized breasts were in front of me under her kamiz. She didn’t wear a bra. Her nipples were outlined in the Kamiz clearly. They looked so nice. I got down and placed my head on her breasts. I rubbed that slowly all over her breast area. she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I kept going down rubbing my head on her chest, belly and lower abdomen. the my head rested on her cunt. i rubbed my face on her lower genital area over her clothes.

She tightened her thighs and crushed my face in between them. I rubbed her thighs with my face while disrobing knot of the salwar. I felt pain down my body. My erected shaft was trying to dig hole in my pants. But I loved my Boss so much and wanted to go slow and make her first one the most pleasurable one. The knot was opened and I pulled the shalwar down and threw it away. What I saw was amazing. She had the legs of an Olympic figure skater – strong and limber, she was the picture of youthful fitness. her waist was sooooo tiny and I could see how white her flesh was under her clothes. Her stomach was very firm, almost hard and flat, but so sexy looking as I watched her breathing, the muscles in her tummy gently moving up and down. I looked at her deep belly button and I wanted so much to be able to lean down, to press my warm lips against her soft body. I threw off her wet sweet smelling panty and looked at her the beautiful shaved pussy. The lips were a bit thick and was shining as a result of her juices dripping in excitement. Gently I slid down my hand on her tiny flat belly, my finger sliding into that slit and in a instant i felt the warmth, the wetness and the tightness of her pussy as she found herself `preparing’ for her lover. She gasped aloud as she felt my finger slide just a fraction of an inch into her pussy, rubbing into her, touching her clitoris. She told me that she had never even put one finger in her sweet hole as she didn’t know about sex and masturbating. I was thinking again, how lucky I was!!! I kissed her juicy pussy and kissed my way up, across her breasts, until I was nuzzling her neck. She grabbed my head and pressed her lips against mine. I responded avidly by embracing her and began exploring her lips with my tongue. I then moved my lips to her neck and that ran my tongue to her ears and nibbled on her lobes. She was moaning and kept taking off my pant. I helped her and soon I took off all me clothing’s. My big fat cock swang open. she was surprised to see a real rock cock in front of her for the first time in her life.

She held that and began slowly stroking it. her breasts were pressed against mine. I looked at those. Again I saw her erected nipples outlined in the kamiz. My mouth was watering for a taste of those tender rose buds. I slowly started to unfasten the zipper of her kamiz and finally got it undone. Her chest was revealed in all its glory. Boss looked so sexy, just a little shorter than me, with such a beautiful body, very tiny but a firm, yet with very very cute firm breasts and there was no doubt as to how beautiful her body really was. I could see her small, dark, hard nipples and the sight of them made the me awful excited. She gently opened her mouth, letting me slip my tongue into her hot mouth. My tongue was switching back and forth against hers, until with a soft sigh, she squirmed close to me, wrapping both her arms around my strong shoulders, pulling me as close to her as possible. doing that, pulled my belly up against her’s, and i sighed as i felt her own belly now pressing firmly into her’s. and my hard penis was rubbing hard against the area deeply between her legs, making her feel so so sexy, that she quickly spread her legs apart in order to get that hardness even better against her. |nd within a minute, both us were grinding our hips together. My hands reached down under the soft rounded globes of her beautiful d shaped buttocks, pulling her harder against my hard cock, which i now ground back and forth against her own responding, tingling pussy lips as i wanted to make her feel much much better. i put my hands on her whole tit and squeezed carefully. she rolled over and and gently reaching over, grabbed my hot cock in both hands, almost dropping it because it was so hot and hard, but she managed to hang onto it. when i felt her touch on my manhood, I almost jumped as if from an electrical shock, but then her soft, warm hands cuddled my cock in them. She was looking at it as a small child looks at a new thing. she gasped when she saw how my cockhead looked, like the tip of a huge spear, already to pierce her body. and she knew that when that happened she would be so happy.

She slowly began to squeeze my cock in both hands and was pumping her hands back and forth. A few seconds later I began to pump my hips against her hand, causing the prick to slip and slide through her hands until I felt like the tip of my cock was going to explode with such wonderful feelings. I masturbated regularly. but I had never felt this good in my whole life… suddenly I exploded and unloaded my cum in her hands. she looked at those and smiled looking at me. She dried her hand and my dick with a cloth and we were kissing again. I bent my head down to her tits. I kissed them all over. she felt my hot breath on her soft sensitive skin. I kissed them, pressing my lips against the firm curves. I kissed her nipples gently and then sucked one lightly into my mouth. She couldn’t stop her gasp of pleasure or the little shiver that went through her hips. She took one hand of mine and put it on the breast as I was kissing only one nipple. i pinched that and she moaned in a sexy voice. She pushed my head down and i kissed, licked and nibbled my way down past her ribcage, down over her flat belly and abdomen, down to where the fever was. I swear, I could feel her pussy pulsing with eagerness. She held my head in both hands and i moved to the top of her little mound. when my lips pressed her clit. I looked at her and what i saw was out of the world. she was feeling extreme pleasure and her mouth was like a big o and no sound was coming out of her mouth. Just her head was up from the bed and was moving up and down. boy!!! it was a sight to see. I watched so many adult movies. but didn’t see any statement like this in any of them. It was out of the world. I plunged in eagerly, lapping away at her bald little cunt like a puppy with water. I tried pushing my tongue inside, a couple of times, but she was too tight. At one point, I pulled her legs up and over my back, so her thighs were on my shoulders and her vagina was aimed right up into my mouth. I was holding her nice butt. My hands almost covered her cheeks.

I pulled her cunt up to my mouth and gobbled. I got the tip of my tongue on her clitoris and played with it and she was lost. She reached back and pulled a corner of the bed. She tried to cover her mouth with something, but didn’t succeed. I heard a loud scream and then all hell broke loose. she came and came and came. The pressure of her thighs on my ears had hurt. after a while her legs V-wide open and her hips were rolling around and rubbing her cunt all over my face.I had already swallowed too much tasty juice of hers. but it was still oozing out of her vagina. now I knew what the first orgasm of a virgin girl was. She was lying motionless – closing her eyes and her cunt was still pulsing. (Shelater told me that she was eager for sex, but didn’t have any clue how pleasurable an orgasm can be for a girl) it was very hard for me to control my cock. It had unloaded it cum just a few minutes ago but it was hard and hot like it had never exploded. I knew she was mine from now and there was enough time later to do my things. But that was the time to please her. So I decided no matter what, control my instincts. I lay her on her belly and looked at her back. Her behind was exquisite.

Well rounded globes of firm hot flesh, covered white skin that was as soft as her full round breasts. I put my hand on her back and began rubbing. I watched the muscles in her butt cheeks flex slightly in excitement. I followed the crack of her ass with my hungry eyes to where it disappeared down between her legs. It was driving me crazy to watch her butt cheeks squeeze together as was running my finger on her waist. I wanted intensely to feel her firm warm beautifully sculpted butt cheeks in my hands. My hands were on her waving young butt. My hands fondled and squeezed her tender butt cheeks. She gasped and moaned as I watched her ass muscles clench and flex, drawing her silky cheeks together. I began to run my finger up and down her crack. her tone was distressed and frenzied. I put my tongue inside apa’s anus and her butt muscles squeezed again causing my tongue to get out. She asked me what I was doing. I asked her if she wasn’t feeling good. She answered she was feeling very good.

I began licking her ass hole and it tasted a bit salty. I kept on sucking while squeezing her butt in a round motion. Finally my dream was coming true – to have those beautiful mounds as mine and only mine. I kissed all over her butt and asshole and rubbed my face with her butt. I felt her shivering. I made her lay on her back and moved over her. I kissed her chick and asked her slowly if she was ready to get what she wanted badly. She smiled beautifully and said yes. i kissed her again and moved down. I spread her legs and her vagina was still shining with her juices of previous orgasm. I licked her insides. her eyes closed and she bit her lower lip. I inserted a finger in her, and it slid in a bit into her very tight vagina. I watched my finger opening the rounded pussy lips of the incredibly small cunt. Her pussy gripped tightly around my finger when I moved it slowly back and forth within her. She was moaning and told me that it hurt. I was surprised. If my one finger was hurting her, what my BIG AND THICK cock was going to do! I then started to insert finger number two into her. She whimpered, but didn’t move as I pressed the fingers about an inch into her extremely narrow opening. then she grabbed a pillow and pressed it on her face. I pressed hard on her little cunt and the two fingers slid inside her up to the second knuckle. She screamed intensely as her cunt hole was stretched this wide for the very first time.

I kept my fingers still and kissed her cunt until she calmed down. her tiny, unused vagina was now squeezing my fingers in an extremely tight grip. then I started moving my fingers within her while I caressed her little clitoris with the other hand. It was clear that nothing had ever been inserted this far into my sweet boss. still fucking her tiny opening with the fingers, I asked her how it felt. She turned her head and i saw some tears in her eyes. she said it was a little painful, but at the same time it was feeling very very good. I then removed my fingers from her pussy. My cock was incredibly stiff from this forbidden game. Her tight pussy lips were closed again, making it seem impossible to put anything into her narrow love canal. She was very tense and she was breathing fast in fear and anticipation of the pain she knew she would feel. Then I rubbed her young pussy against my dick. it looked far too big for the slender cunt and I didn’t believe her smooth and hairless cunt could stretch wide enough for me to enter her. Lifting the little girl up, I placed my cockhead at the opening of her vagina. Then I pushed it a few centimeters and my cock slipped away. Now I could see and feel her pussy lips opening to the tip of my penis. SHE started breathing heavily when she could feel her cunt being opened and I pushed until the head of the penis was inside her. SHE screamed! my cock started to ache already and SHE started to let out small whines of pain. I asked her if we should stop, but between her moans she managed to say that she EAGER to go on. Thus I continued to push my dick and it slowly pressed into her little cunt. Her whines increased and tears started running down from her eyes. Her vagina was opening more and more to accept my cock and the pressure on it was intense.

When I was about an inch inside her she sobbed loudly, but she didn’t ask me to stop and then I pressed my cock harder and it sank into her virgin cunt all the way to the bottom. That made her scream intensely in agony; the pain she felt in her little hole was more than she had ever experienced. I felt some hot blood flowing as her hymen was shuttered by her Subordinate PENIS. She was bleeding, and my cock was colored slightly red from it. my cock was now inserted in the narrowest canal and she was completely filled. I started moving slowly inside her and when boss felt the movements within her pussy she started moaning loudly. I repeatedly moved my penis in and out, pressing it into her extremely narrow vagina opening. For each move I pushed her hard and when she felt the tip of the penis pushed against her vagina bottom she let out a loud scream. I watched her tiny pussy lips rubbing back and forth over the shaft and for each movement they moved down a little bit more. My BOSS had her vagina being rammed more and more. In a few strokes she gave a loud moan and had her second orgasm. The hot splashes of her juices on my dick felt so good. She was moaning continuously while still getting penetrated my me. The statement of her face was enough for me. I could take no longer. My climax was approaching, making me move faster. I could sense it building up and finally I pressed myself hard towards her, feeling a tremendous release as I filled the tight cunt of my loving INNOCENT BOSS with a big load of semen. She could feel her tight love canal being flooded and she moaned when she felt the sperm flowing into her vagina. we lay there for a long time tightly embraced together, still naked and our genitals glued together.

She gave me the greatest vagina a man can ever have. I am the luckiest guy on earth and still loving my INNOCENT BOSS and being loved. if any lady from Lahore want a relation with me then just email me at:

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