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Indore Cyber Cafe

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

I am an electronic professional living at Indore. I a good loking tall 6 feet guy of 24 year old It all was happened in last year winter .I usually went to cyber cafe in evening time between 6 to 7 pm. It was my daily routine that time to check mails and chat with my friend in evening .I remember the day, it was Monday and time in the watch was around 6:00 pm .I went to cyber cafe which is situated on RNT marg and ask for a cabin .

He saw his list and told me that all cabin are busy for time being .he told me to wait for some time .I set there in cafeteria of that cafe and passing time with a cup of coffee. After few minute the manager call me and told that cabin no. 4 is now free . I went to that cabin and started surfing .I saw that some of website already opened , i thought that former surfer did not closed the site even i was in hurry to open my messenger and email account so I did not closed them .After few minute when I was reading my offline message on messenger suddenly a girl opened door of that cabin.Wow she was looking so charming and have nice assets with a good height around 5’7″in loose cream color T-shirt and long brown skirt .We were both in this scene for 2-3 sec nothing to know whats going onn. She was in little strange for a while even I do not know why it happen .I asked her what the matter, then she told me that she was surfing in this cabin and went to make phone call .She had not leaved this cabin .Now I got understand the whole situation.

It was all misunderstanding of cyber cafe manager .I told my situation and told sorry to her and then close my messenger to leave from that cabin then she replied with a greet full smile that she will leave this cabin with in 5 min after copying some files in floppy and told me no need to leave cabin .I put thanks for her co-operation.Her smile was so huge it almost took over his face. You know she look damn cute . She came in and sit near to me,I liked that .I felt some warm in the cold .she insert a floppy and started coping files from computer. Suddenly power cut happen .it makes all dark in cafe but our computer works correctly due to UPS .I know it was routine cut off of every Monday evening for 1 hour .all the surrounding were black except the computer screen. I saw over that girl face. Her face was glitter like gold in screens light I can felt the warmth of her body as my thigh are touching her thigh and my shoulder too. I instantly got an erection as soon as I feel this. I feel that some pressure come from other side to my thigh and was trying to touch me harder pretending to have happened by mistake. I always love soft touches, so I didn’t mind. In fact I was enjoying it. She wears good perfume and sitting just closed to me, now no air can pass through us, I could smell his sexy smell.

Good smell turns me on. I was sort of turned on and was all heated up. After two three minute her work got over and took out the floppy then she move behind and rested her neck to head rest Her mind was frantically trying to formulate a plan and make sense of the situation. .I was in little confusion what to do. Then I decided to talk some before she leave. Then I turn my face toward her and asked weather her work got over? Without answering she asked me a question weather i want to make her leave from this cabin. From her indirect question I can understand that she want to pass some more time with me in cabin .We sat back on the couch and sitting close to each other, looking at each other. No word to say .I looked in his eyes and saw full of lust as it as in my eyes. I guess both were not willing to take chance and make the first move. I was peeking down her t-shirt that was showing a big cleavage now .I bent a little forward and seeing the green signal she brought her face closer to mine and kissed me softly on my neck .I put my face more near to his neck and rested it there. I wrapped my hands around her body and hugged her tightly. At this she gave me a mischievous smile and suddenly put her mouth on mine fired lips and started kissing me passionately.His kisses will burn right through my flesh . I was feeling in heaven though what was happening was unbelievable. By this time I got enough courage and I put my arms around her to hug her tightly, her firm boobs pressed against my chest.Every muscle in her body began to tighten.

She then unbuttoned my shirt slightly and started caressing my chest meanwhile; I was in heaven and my penis started expanding and bulging. She noticed and immediately put her hand on my trousers and lowered my trousers along with underwear at the same time and touched my rod .I unbuttoned her t-shirt and stripped her off her bra to get a view of her milky boobs.I asked her to sit on my lap with her legs spread eagled she did same then we again started kissing passionately and hugging so tightly each other so that her tits can buried my chest ,Oahu god what a weight over my chest my breath were going up and down with unbelievable pleasure . When I hugged her I made sure her cunt had the feel of my stiff rod .I spread my palm and placed it gently over her left breast. The softness, the shapeliness and the warmth of her breast sent a sensation in me. still she rubbing my penis by putting her right hand and resulting her boobs were bumping up and down, I hold her boobs once again and started pressing it with one hand and caressing her thighs with other hand .She got up her self removed her panty, before knowing to me what is happening she sat over me once again, holding my penis in one hand and guided it into her vertical(vaginal) lips and started stroking up and down. my hands were squeezing her ass cheeks. Her bouncing boobs had got sandwiched in-between her chest and mine.

Her tongue something in my mouth and locked it with mine tongue, her sweet saliva was so tasty. She was whispering in my ear continuously “I need to feel you inside me Love Meeeeeee as hard u can” .It was a unique pleasure for me and like a Heaven¹s song to my ears for the first time. The stroke went for nearly ten minutes and it was unforgettable lifetime experience. Soon I splashed my juice into her and she cummed too, the tension of my prick got reduced. By now we were fully exhausted due to small space and both were sweating in cold winter. Then we both adjust our clothes and rested in each other arms after some 15 minute power come back .i saw her face which is full of satisfaction .i asked her how it was then she blushed and said, she loss her virginity to me and feeling a pleasure in her.

Then she give me a deep kiss and leave that cabin with words that if it is in fate we will again tide up some where .I didn’t ask any thing after these words but these word make a distinct space for her in my heart .the imagination of that moments of love make me still surprise to find that gal again but no sign of her any where…. Lets not waste our precious time writes your comment me at I am eagerly waiting for comment over my story. Especially Indore gals and aunties are most welcome for…!

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