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  • October 6, 2015

I am a Petroleum Engineer working in multinational Oil Company. I have to visit many countries as a routine work assigned by the company. I am married to Shafaq, whom I met on a tour in England. Shafaq and I have been married for 5 years. Shafaq and I are 33 and try to keep us in good shape. I am six-foot, and about 73 Kg. Shafaq is five-foot-seven, 50Kg, and has long blonde hair that flows to her waist. Shafaq’s measurements are 34B-24-36. Shafaq has no trouble turning the heads of other men — and a few women — when she walks down the street. Men love to see her braless breasts swing and sway under the tanktops she loves to wear in the summer.

We’re an ordinary, happily married couple whose sex life is satisfactory. This is how we both enjoyed seeing porn in magazines, love sex, XXX movies and go to nude clubs while on tour. We’ve always been able to discuss sex openly and tell each other our fantasies. Moreover we found it particularly exciting to screw in front of TV while a big-cocked young guy was fucking some girl. We have a lot of sex experiences and love to involve in new ones. After going through Desi sites we have decided to share our experience with the Desi readers of pornographic stories.

An incident concerning Shafaq and I, which we found very exciting at the time and often discuss when we’re feeling horny. To me, what I am about to relate represents the most important event in my sexual life.

Over the next few months I noticed that Shafaq became especially passionate whenever a really large cock was on display in magazines featuring massive young studs. Not being one to beat about the bush, I asked her if she fancied having a big prick up her pussy. At first she was little reluctant to admit this, probably not wanting to upset me, but eventually the truth came out. The more we talked about it the hotter she became and finally we decided to give it a try, on the understanding that it was to be a fling to satisfy our curiosity and nothing more.

On our tour to Canada, we advertised in a contact mag for a well-endowed, attractive young man who wouldn’t object to my being present. One week later we were inundated with replies. Sorting through them all and choosing the most likely candidate had us both fucking two or three times a day while Shafaq read the letters and looked at pictures of cocks that dwarfed my average seven inched. We eventually plumped for Harry, who lived quite close by and his picture showed a big cock. We called for him.

Harry visited us the following Friday night and he embraced Shafaq immediately. We chatted, watched a video and let things happen naturally. The two of them were sitting on the settee as I took up a good viewing position on an easy chair opposite.

They were both down to their underwear in only a matter of moments, but we still hadn’t seen Harry’s remarkable weapon. He stood up to remove Shafaq’s clothes, sliding two fingers into her sopping gash. She knelt in front of him with her head level to his briefs that were barely containing his cock. With both hands she gripped the waistband of his pants and slowly slid them down, first exposing his thick shaft. What was visible looked incredible, but there was more to come. A sudden movement from Shafaq had his pants down and the erection was so fierce that it sprang up almost vertically, slapping into his stomach and jabbing Shafaq in the face.

That prick was immense: fully 11 inches long with a huge plum-colored head partially covered by his foreskin. Shafaq was stunned for a second but then raised her hand to grip the monster and draw back the head fully. It was clear that Harry had been in this situation before, being confident and proud of his massive appendage.

Shafaq licked its full length and engulfed the head inside her mouth. This obviously turned Harry on to the matter in hand and he lowered himself to the floor and lay down on his back before pulling Shafaq down with him so that she knelt over him, straddling his thighs. I was directly behind them and had a perfect view of them as his straining cock pointed angrily upward, lusting for Shafaq’s moist cunt just inches away.

She grasped the enormous shaft while I opened her cunt lips. Slowly, she lowered herself until the cock’s head was lodged inside her, and then with a very slow rocking motion gradually took an inch in at a time. What a sight this was! Her cunt lips were stretched beyond belief and I was amazed to discover my wife could accommodate every inch of this monstrous tool.

Shafaq managed to ride him three times that night. After such a memorable experience we changed our minds about this being a once only affair and now regularly meet Harry, occasionally with a camera or video recorder to hand. We’ve also met a few other guys but none of them measure up to Harry. Shafaq assures me our relationships secure but the availability of a massive organ is something she’ s not keen to surrender. For myself, I get great pleasure from watching them together and have recently taken on a more active role (also fucked a guy in Lahore)- we’re determined never to let the situation become boring.

As I explained, the experience has proved another turning point in our sexual lives. If any of you readers are considering taking the plunge I would heartily recommend they give it a try, not all big pricks are in the imagination. Who knows, you may get lucky as Shafaq and I did and get the benefit of a genuine ten incher! Any one who wants to share can contact us at, or

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