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  • September 22, 2015

Hi,I am writing this from BANGALORE,KARNATAKA.I am 22 yrs Old, Computer Engineer ,workin in a Software Company as a Software Engineer.I am 6ft tall & feel proud to have the Best Physique.I have a 38″Chest(42″when xpanded),29″Hips ,36″Butts ,23″thighs,13.5″arms as I am practicing Gymnasium since my 7th B’Day.My penis is 6″ long and 4.5″ thick.From the very early days of my Teenage I never Masturbated & that further added strength to my muscles.I did my schooling in a Boys School until my college.

My family is a very orthodox ,middle class one & my father stood very keen on my Report cards.When I was doin my schooling,I stood not known anything xcept books and studied hard to get an Engineering seat Under Merit. I have a terrible Crush for Girls and Computers.Site-seeing is one of my favourite Hobby.Women in the Age group 15 to 39 ,I never miss them.I go crazy behind massive Busty girls.Always love to see their ass cheeks sway up and down while they are walkin & their gigglin fleshy boobs.I have a Computer at my Home from the second year of my college but it doesn’t has an internet Connection.So I used to go to the internet centre,copy as many stories and picture files from the net and wud take to my home Computer.Whenever I find time,I sit and read those stories.

Now I have 300 story files and 100’s of pics of girls in their nude poses.I love to see girl nude & love to hear other’s personal erotic sex xperiences.Whenever I go to internet I scan the local Disc for any other text files.Mostly I get chat dialogues,love letters,letters by working womens to their hubbies etc., I was 14 yrs old,when I realised that something Unusual but naughty was happening between me and my cousin sister.she is 5ft tall,lemon coloured and her vital stats is 36,37,40.She has a massive pair of Boobs & round thick ass.She has curly hairs xtending upto her hips.She is a typical SouthIndian girl.She is doin her first year Graduation.My most favourite part in her body is her round firm thick ass cheeks and her hanging boobs.We used to meet once in a year during our Summer vacations & we never missed a chance of touching each others private parts(all of them are memorable short romantic moments which I enjoy in my leisure hours).But in the beginning ,I was feeling really Guilty about thinking of my own cousin sister but I could n’t help it.I was driven by my sexual instincts.Until the end of my first year ,I stood a stranger to the NET.

I was introduced to it in my 2nd year of Graduation.One day I accidentally came across personal messages part in website is not in Net Nowadays).I was surprised to see those messages.Even then I didn’t dare to beleive it as anyone can write anything But When my father’s brother’s second wife approached me for sex I had no choice xcept believing it.(My father’s brother is aged 61 & his second wife is only 27.Later My mother’s youngest sister aged 34 started staring at my chest as her hubby is in kwait & comes to her once in every 2 years).She often calls me for no valid reason,offers food often,and asks me about my girlfriends,never miss a chance of mbracing me.After that,I went so many times to that website & later found this stories section of Desipapa & came to know that this world has a lot of peoples of my kind. In the meantime I had a lot of girl friends as I xhaled in studies & have a Structured chest and flat abdomen.My class girls always used to stare at my chest and I really found no problem in getting hot chiks.There were times when I was having secret glances from my English Lecturer,Manju in the 1st year and MIS Lecturer Ms.Vijayan in the 3rd year.

I do have a Girl friend(she is 5ft4,aged 22 ,very fair ,very lean)right now but having nothing more than some kisses and Hugs and Outings.(she is not xactly of my kind). Once I went to her(cousin) home.It was in her +2 midth.Her father,mom and her brother were all busy watchin TV.She was in the Bedroom.I went upto her & asked her to come to upstairs after 10mins.Sayin this I went to upstairs & no one suspected me as I do it often.After 10mins I saw her climbing the footsteps ,I gave her a hand and took her to a corner where it was completely dark.We stood there for a while in a deep silence.I suddenly grabbed her head and french kissed her.Then I pushed her on the floor & I fell on her.She was in her nighty.I started kisssing her neck wildly while my right hand opened her nighty zip.Her 36″boobs were very fleshy. I started massaging her left boob wildly while I was kissin her breast.Her right leg was inbetween my legs and i put my right hand on her left knee and slowly lifted her nighty.It was her fleshy thighs that was in my right hand.I slowly inserted my right hand further inside inbetween her pussy and her ass hole.I was in one of my fine moods , & was wearing a T-shirt and a bermuda(ofcourse was not wearing anything underneath).My penis was stiff and was straight facing towards me,resting on her hip.I lifted her nighty upto her neck and she was wearing a black bra and a red colored panty.I took off her nighty from above her head & she removed my t-shirt.I unclipped her bra hook and removed her bra & started sucking on her boobs while my right hand was massaging her left ass cheek.Her left leg was in the position of inverted .

.I cud feel my blood rushing to my penis and it was continuously gaining its strength. I almost pulled her panty down to her knees and placed my right palm on her pussy area.She was keeping her legs very close as it was her first time.She inserted her hand into my bermuda and caught my penis.I removed my only bermuda and fell on her fully nude.The sight of my sister being nude beneath me , was driving me crazy.I slowly moved towards her belly region kissin her all the way down to her love triangle and started lickin her pussy .I wide opened Her thighs ,I grabbed her thighs and licked her hard there driving my tongue deep into her pussy hole.I almost lifted her hip,placed her hip on my thighs and bit her there.Her left hand caught my right hand tightly & her right hand was pushing my head towards her pussy.I was lapping her pusssy very hardly that she started dripping her love fluid,which wet my face.I rolled my lips encircling her pussy,taking in more of it.I moved to her breast and started sucking them while i inserted my right hand middle finger into her pussy hole.She held me very tightly round my neck and pushed me more towards her. By this time my penis attained its xtreme strength.I placed my penis head near her pussy but in that darkness I cudn’t locate her pussy hole,She caught my penis head and placed it right next to her pussy.Her pussy was very tight & my penis didn’t go at first.I spitted some saliva over my penis and then thrusted in slowly.This time it went half way and in the next 2 thrust it went fully in.

I stood there with my penis fully in ,in her pusssy.I felt I gonna cum.I shooted loads & loads of cum & she stretched slightly as if she is getting it. After that we laid ourselves in each other’s arms for a while completely xhausted .Then we dressed ourselves and I left to downstairs first as she was having some trouble in walkin.The next day she didn’t go to her School.I gave her full day company.I do love to hear such kind of personal xperiences & fantacies from all of you particularly from girls.My mail id is

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