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  • October 1, 2015

The name of the characters in this story has changed for keeping it confidential. its a true story of a boy of shaktinagar(NTPC) sonebhadra district who had been fucking all the three girls with great desire. Me, Seema, Trupti and Anjali have lived in the same complex for over 5 years.

There have never been many other young adults living in our area. I lusted over all three girls for many years but still enjoyed the close non-sexual friendship I had with the three of them. They gave me insights into what girls talked about etc. On some occassions seeing them in their underwear even if for a brief period. We all use to go out together and my friends thought I was fucking all three. Believe me I was a hero at my school the King Stud. Seema, Trupti and Anjali where all 18 at the time and went to the same school. Seema was the tallest 5ft 9, 36-25-38, dark coloured skin, long brunnette coloured shoulder length hair with highlights, gorgeous body very wide at the hips, her walk was very sexy. Trupti was slightly shorter at 5ft 5, 38-26-36, middle coloured skin not dark not fair, short crop black hair, a very heavy girl upfront. Anjali was the smallest she was 5ft 2, 36-24-36, had light creamy white skin, long knee length black hair tied in a pony tail Anjali was the hottest of the three but all of them were very attractive in their own ways. Seema with her long legs, Trupti with her big tits and anjali with her hot looks and fair skin.

As friends went they seemed a very odd grouping. This is where I fit in since the girls families moved into the complex our parents have been very good friends. We regularly visited each others flats always inviting each other to various functions. This way the girls always saw me, even grew up together and although through my teen years as my hormones were going crazy they just saw me as a friend at best a cousin. Which for me of course was throughly disappointing. The funny thing was we all had our finals on the same day even though I went to a completely different school. So we had arranged to meet after school at Trupti’s house to celebrate. When I got to Trupti’s flat none of our parents where home, Trupti, Seema and Anjali had all changed into loose saris and where now making make-up. They all looked stunning. The girls were happy to see me and they each gave me a hug. They were all smiling in good spirits. I had brought some maathi and samosas to celebrate. We all ate finding our appetites returning after the last few hectic weeks. We were getting thirsty when Trupti sayed she had a surprise. We were all wondering what she meant. A few minutes later she had brought out a bottle of imported champagne. Well why nots celebrate in style she said happily.

Won’t your dad kill you said Seema a little worried. Maybe but who cares we just finished our exams she replied. Seema required some convincing by Trupti and Anjali. It seems none of the girls had ever had any alcohol of any kind before. So it didn’t surprise me when they got very tipsy from a few sipfuls. The girls now were very happy. Some how the conversion turned into a game of truth or dare. One of the girls challenged me I don’t remember which but she said show me your cock. Just the thought of me exposing myself to these 3 girls I lusted over for years gave me an instant hardon. The three girls were all sitting on the long sofa side by side. My seat was opposite them the coffee table in between us. I stood up and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. My cock stood to attention. The three girls giggled. Why is it like that giggled Anjali, I think thats whats called a hardon lusted Seema. Still hard exposed to the three girls its my challenge now i said. The girls were smiling at me there eyes still focussed on my throbbing member. I want to see your lovely cunts. The three girls looked at each giggled and then all three raised their feet up onto the edge of the settee bringing their knees upto their chest their legs parted. They each lifted together their saris over their knees exposing their differnet coloured panties each with a patch of damp were their pussies were. The girls again at the same time each pulled their panties down to their ankles. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life. The way the girls were sitting meant that each cunt had its lips slightly parted revealing the moist pinkness within.

The three cunts were wet and I just had to taste them. Without thinking I kicked off my sandals and jeans and cock still hard walked over to Seema fell onto my knees and began to tongue her pussy wildly even forcing a few fingers in her delicious cunt. Trupti and Anjali did not want to be left out so I allowed them access to my hard cock. It felt so good both those girls running their long slender fingers down the length of my manhood. Trupti was getting impatient and frustrated so I changed over to tonguing fingering and rubbing her clit and pussy much to the disappointement of Seema. By now Anjali was also becoming frustrated and she had completely stripped. She stood so close to me I could smell her lovely pussy. In fact I could smell all their pussies. It smelt fantastic and tasted even better. I now began tonguing and sucking at each girls cunt who by now had all stripped and had stood up to be serviced. I drove them crazy by sucking on their protruding piss flaps and rubing their erect clits raw. Their juices were flowing and I was lapping their wet cunnies like a cat with cream. The girls were all moaning and rubbing their lovely tits. I told them all to sit back onto the settee and open their mouths. They each did as they were told all of them sitting with their feet up on the settee cunts wide open wildly rubbing their own pussies. What a sight! I grabbed Anjalis lovely melons squeezing the nipples tight making her gasp for air. I then grabbed her breasts fully in both hands massaging them and enjoying their warmth in my hands.

I then plunged my cock in her gaping open mouth and told her to suck. Both Seema and Trupti were watching with hungry lust rubbing themselves as they watched me pump anjali’s gorgeous mouth. Suck my love bitch I cried suck. Anjali sucked with all her might. God it was amazing she was trying to suck my juice out with just once suck the force of the suck being so great. Her sucks were so strong my eyes closed my hands squeezing her tits so hard they could of popped, her hands began to couple my hairy balls. It did not take me long to flood her mouth with cum. I made her drink half ! before spraying the other girls faces with the remainder of my love juices. I shoved my cock back into Anjalis mouth making her clean the mess off my limp cock. Trupti and Seema began licking my cum of each others faces and tits. My cock almost choked Anjali with such an enormous hardon after seeing Trupti and Seema kiss. I got jealous and seperated the girls, suck on this bitch i said to Trupti who happily began to suck. Seema wanted to touch me so bad but i did not let her, wait your turn slut. Disappointed she watched the fuck show still rubbing herself. Anjali on the other was tonguing my balls as I pumped Truptis mouth my eyes focussed on Truptis. My hands enjoying rubbing themselves against Trupti’s massive breasts. They were bigger than my hands! Anjalis hands had now gone between Truptis legs and were rubbing her clit raw the attention from both of us was to much, she climaxed heavily several times again and again.

Both me and Anjali didn’t stop we kept taking her to higher states of pleasure and I came heavily as Anjali tasted Trupti’s juices. My cum runoff finding its way in dribbles down to Anjalis eagerly waiting tongue she drank our mixed juices with moaning pleasure. This time I made the frustrated Seema lick the excess cum of my dick till it was throbbing hard again before plunging it deep into her very wet pussy. I could feel her the tightness of her hymen break her shrill cry sounding in my ear. I delved deeper into her wetness feeling her vaginal internal muscles clasp tightly against my throbbing member. Trupti was rubbing my arse whilst tonguing Anjalis pussy whilst Anjali was sucking my balls as I thrust in and out of Seemas clasping vagina. At the same time I was sucking and playing with Truptis lovely big tits. Again my orgasm was so wonderful I cannot begin to describe it. I got pushed onto the sofa and all three girls began tasting my cum mixed in with a bit of Seema’s blood and her cunt juices. My cock was so sore and red now but I did not care the pleasure was unbelieveable. I could not believe how much pleasure a human being could feel. And i was feeling it! Anjali I moaned and the girls knew she was the one I wanted to fuck next. She gently lowered herself onto my cock Trupti’s hand clasping it guiding its slipperyness into Anjalis wet moistness. The sensation of her cunt lips slowly wrapping around my cock is wow! I clasped her ass as she lowered her cunt deeper onto my member. Both Seema and Trupti thrust their tits into my face whilst the three girls past their saliva from one girl to another. My mouth sucking from one girls tits to another. Anjali’s hymen offered no resistance just simply melting away as my cock was now to the hilt of her pubic bone.

She gasped as she grinded her hips against mine not thrusting up and down but a rotating motion that was making me thrash wildy underneath her with extreme pleasure. I grabbed Anjalis tits and began to fully focus on fucking the shit out of her. We both climaxed at the same time. Screaming with pleasure as we did. I then again received the same treatment all three girls rubbing their tits and tongues against my limp cock tasting the mixture of now Anjalis mixture with Seema’s previous juices. This time being hard I stood up and turned Trupti around so I was fucking her pussy from behind. She had a nice large ass and hips and grasping her big tits from behind was magic. I broke Trupti’s hymen with more animal hard thrusting. She screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain and she bled more than the other two girls. Seema stood behind me grinding her wet pussy onto my arse helping with the thrusting her hands coupling my jiggling balls. Anjali on the other hand was making Trupti suck her pussy before they kissed passionately.

My violent thrusting making them occassionally bump heads. Again I eventually came heavily. We just kept fucking again and again. It was mid-afternoon when we started our unplanned orgy and was late in the evening when we finished. We were all sore for the next few days. For the next few months we carried on with our wild orgies. I love these three girls they made me a very happy man after my finals. The truth was I could not have hoped to have lost my virginity to three nicer girls. any females interested may mail me at for sex, or intercourse and sharing there sexual fantasy.

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