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  • September 16, 2015

I have been a regular visitor of the erotic stories sites one net from a couple of years. I am 28 years old, 5 feet 6 inches and handsome. I am well educated and professionally very well placed. my current job is based at dehradun. i have always been an internet buff and from day one, encouraged the usage of low cost communication tools chat tools like icq for communication between regional offices and my office in Dehradun.


In january 2001, one evening, while on yahoo chat, i came across a woman and said a very polite hi to her, and was not at all surprised when i got a reply back from her and we got chatting. her chat nick name was jinx and her name was shaily , her age was 35, which was ok with me, as i have always found myself to be more attracted, both socially and sexually, towards women who are older than me, she stayed in the same area as mine, was married with 2 children. her husband was a senior corporate executive- in short- average upper middle class Indian housewife. the first day we chatted, i guess i was in one of my better moods, therefore had a witty and mildly flirtatious conversation with her, which lasted for almost 2 hours! before i knew it, we were chatting every day in the evenings for hours at end, and as my work hours are flexi, it suited me just fine. one day i asked her for her picture and after a fair bit of coaxing she did send it across to me, and when i did see that photograph, it hit me like a ton of bricks!- she had ( still has.) waist length hair that were streaked with a very delightful shade of light brown, large green eyes, very very juicy red lips, a set of tits that were just leaping out of the sleeve-less blouse (she was wearing a transparent blouse, through which one could get a glimpse of her white bra inside), fair color and smooth tight skin. as it was fair.


I sent her a picture of mine in return.. the next thing was to talk on the phone, and believe me or not, her voice was every bit as sexy as her picture. we spoke at length the first day as her husband was out of town and kids are studying outside dehradun. when she asked me whether i liked her picture, i frankly told her that you are good enough to eat and on the other end I could hear her suck her breath in, there was silence for 2-3 seconds after which her breathless voice said-really?.. i said-: sure.. every bit of u. and she said –oh my god.! my husband will kill me if he finds out. i felt a bit strange too, talking this ways to a lady without knowing anything about her and the conversation moved on to general interest areas. logical to the exchange above, i asked her to join me for a cup of coffee, so we decided upon what we would be wearing so that each could recognize the other, as you all know, pictures can be pretty different from how we look in real life. i have a thing for pretty feet and hands, so i requested her if she would be kind enough to wear high heeled sandals and anklets, and if possible paint her toes in red color nail paint; to which she said with a mischievous laugh- wait and see. and i left it at that. i reached the hotel after getting through with a very hurried meeting of mine and waited in the lobby for her to appear, 10 minutes after the appointed time, she walked in through the door, and all i could do was watch with my jaw hanging loose! she is around 5 feet 8 inches tall, plump (the way i like my women) but not fat, had tits that strained through a maroon colored salwaar suite, long hair open and swinging, hands full of thin silver bangles, big kajal lined eyes, red lipsbut where my eyes went and got arrested was her feet- slim, dainty feet, with 2 thin gold anklets with a tiny bell on each one of them! she walked towards me and gave me a hug and a peck on my cheek, and as if we had been doing it for ages, walked hand in hand towards the escalator that leads to the coffee shop. near the escalator, she had to step in front of me in order to get on to it and i got a chance to look at her ass.. and what an ass it was! perfectly round and delightfully soft ( i was standing close enough to her, so that was gently pressing into her ass, as that was the first thing that was coming in contact with my body.) through her tight suite.


I could make out the outline of her panties covering the 2 magnificent globes of flesh that shook and jiggled as she moved. on the way to the coffee shop, my eyes were riveted on to her ass and the way it swayed as she walked. as we entered the coffee shop, i came in beside here and gently put my arms around her waist. the waiter came towards us and guided us to one of the tables, and as i guided her in front of me, i slipped my hand from her waist to the upper part of her ass and stroked it ever so lightly. She glanced at me and i could see her lips part ever so slightly. we sat and made some polite conversation where we recounted some of the topics we had spoken about while chatting on-line. then suddenly she asked me tell me- what do you want from me, why are we meeting here?. and before i could stop myself, i found myself saying nothing other than to be able to kiss u all over once.. you are a very beautiful woman and i think u should be loved the way you deserve, at least once. i could see her breast heaving up and down as i said that, and a very light ooohhh escaped from her lips. she asked me only kiss. you promise you will not do anything else?, to which i said i will not do anything that you do not want me to do, that’s a promise. she told me ok, we will see some other day. instinctively, i got up and said gimme a minute..and ran up to the reception at the lobby, took out my credit card and asked them to give me a day use room for 4 hours. within a minute i had the key to room number 112 in my hands. I went back to the coffee shop and tossed the key on the table in front of her and asked her why not right now? do you have an hour or so to spare? she was speechless for a few seconds and then said oh my god, this is so sudden, you should have asked me at least. to which i said its just a room, you can finish the coffee and walk out of here, if you want. after a few more minutes of oh no, how can i. we started for the room. She kept saying i know i will not be able to stop with just kissing. over and over again. i knew what i can do in bed, so did not interrupt her at all and was quite happy to walk along with her, as long as she was going towards the room we had just taken. once in the room, i turned the latch, and turned around to embrace her, she was trembling all over, so i led her to the sofa and made her sit down.


I offered her a glass of cold water from the refrigerator in the room. I took Shaily’s face in my palm and said don’t worry everything will be
ok and then I sat next to her. She leaned back and put her head on my lap. I was feeling hot and was getting an erection as after a long time such a beautiful young woman was so close to me. I still had my hand around her shoulder and the grip was tight. She was leaning more and more in my lap and my right hand that was on her shoulder dropped to her back and I started caressing her back. I held her there she had now calmed down a bit and she felt comfort in my arms we stayed there like that for god knows how long, none of us moved. Her face was in my lap, her cheek was right on my semi erect lund over my trousers. I was surprised that she did not object putting her face in my lap
right on my big lund. I then asked her if she was still feeling uncomfortable. She said no, and once again I started massaging her back little lower to her waist. I kept on caressing her head, hair, back, and around her waist. She was getting aroused and did not say anything. I became very bold and lowered my hand a little and started barely touching her chootars over her suit. Shaily made her grip more tight around my waist and started pressing her face more and more in my lap over my lund. In no time my lund became fully erect and started poking on her cheek. Shaily did not object to this and kept on pressing her cheek on my big six inch lund. Noticing this I lowered my hand and started caressing her chootars over her shalwar and the panty.


She got more excited and started hugging me more tightly pressing her face more and more on my lund. Because of my massaging her back, waist, and chootars, her shalwar got shifted downwards and her chootars got fully exposed to my eyes. I could not believe when I saw her creamy white chootars trying to come out of her panty, and I also started caressing and kneading her both chootars more vigorously. Shaily seemed to like that and looked up to me, our eyes met and I saw glowing love in her eyes. I saw her whole body shiver and I just don’t know how but my lips just went down towards her lips and I kissed her. In return Shaily kissed me, it was a long passionate kiss, a kiss of love and desire and a kiss of saying yes to me, which will take us to the ultimate sexual pleasure. We broke our kiss after a long time and then she looked up  I moved my right hand through her silky black hair and pulled her up to me and kissed her again. We knew where all this would lead us but now none of us cared. I had so far not touched her boobs. She was withering about on the sofa and then I put my one hand under her body and tried to touch her boobs over her suit. She herself took my hand and placed it on her left boob, I felt her boob it was soft and felt big, I pressed it hard and she moaned. Then I decided to move a bit further so I tried to lift her shirt a little and expose her boobs. Now she felt a bit shy and resisted a bit. So I hugged her tightly, kissed her, and slowly lifted her shirt and then pushed it off her shoulders. The sight that greeted me was fantastic, her boobs were big about 34B. She was laying in my lap with her whole body exposed to me. For the first time I realized how beautiful 35 years old Shaily was, her skin was whitish, her thighs were full and heavy and had big chootars, her boobs were big, she looked like a sex goddess, I was stunned at her beauty, she sexily looked towards me and smiled. Now I knew that she was mine and I am going to have a taste of heaven. I looked down and noticed that she is watching the bulge in my trousers intently and her eyes were fixed on my lund. My now completely hard lund was moving about in my pant.  I became bold, took her hand and put it on my lund over my pant. Her hand eagerly started rubbing my lund over my pant. Then I snaked her right hand into the opening of my pant and put it on my lund. My lund was fully erect now and she held my lund in her palm and started caressing it. I was watching the expressions on her face, she was delighted at the prospects of experiencing a really big lund today. Her hands were inside my pant playing with my lund.


My big thick six inches was throbbing in her hands. I then rose slightly and slowly lowered my trousers. She was anxiously waiting for my lund to come out and when my lund jumped out of my pajama, she got the first sight of my lund, and she grabbed it. Shaily took my lund in her hand and started stroking it slowly. Seeing that Shaily is hot now, I grabbed my lund over her hand and tried to bring it closer to her mouth. She resisted in the beginning but then I pushed her head with one hand and forced my lund with the other hand towards her lips. Finally my lund touched her lips and Shaily started kissing the head of my lund. It felt so nice as I did not have oral sex for a long time, my wife does not like oral sex. Shaily now took my lund in her mouth and started sucking me hard and fast. I continued massaging her back, around her waist, her boobs, and kneading her both chootars. I asked Shaily to slow down but she kept on sucking me until I was on the verge of coming. She took my lund out of her mouth, smiled to me, and again took my lund in her mouth and started sucking me. Shaily was a good sucker, she was taking half of my lund in her mouth and at times even more and I would feel that my lund head is touching the back of her throat. Some times she would just have the head in her mouth and swirl her tongue around the head, she would touch the sensitive underside of my lund with her tongue, she was constantly playing with my balls and all this was getting too much for me. Then suddenly I started ejaculating in her mouth and she gladly drank all my come. I saw signs of satisfaction in her eyes, after sucking me completely dry she released my lund from her mouth and smiled again. I complimented her on her sucking technique and asked her where she learnt this. She said from the blue film she had been watching with her husband over the last year. After coming my lund had gone semi hard and was dangling between my legs she was admiring my size still laying in my lap. She still had her panty on and I was anxious to see her love tunnel so I turned her up and put my thumb on each side of her elastic and pulled her panties off. Shaily had a thick bush of hair between her legs, the hair was dense and it seemed as she had never ever shaved down there. I caressed her choot mound and tried to locate her choot with my middle finger, to help me she had spread her legs wide but I found it difficult to locate her hole so she took my finger in her fingers and guided my finger to her choot.


Shaily was soaking wet, taking a closer look I found that her juices were glistening on her choot hair. I inserted my middle finger in her choot and found the she was very hot inside. I started moving my finger in her choot and she started moaning. Her juices were pouring out of her choot and wetting my hands. Shaily was enjoying this, she was moaning and saying ‘ deeper more deeper, I liked that. With my thumb I found her clitoris and started stimulating it. Her clit was big as big as a peanut. I massaged her clit with my thumb and after a while she started moaning very loudly. It seemed she had never had such pleasure before. Her breathing got heavy and then suddenly she just closed her thighs tightly trapping my hand between them. Shaily was now gasping and said I can’t take it any more, something is happening to me. I knew Shaily was having an orgasm so I told her that. She said I have heard a lot about orgasms but had never experienced it myself, this is the first time I have had an orgasm. Shaily was panting while she spoke as the orgasm she had was intense. My hand was still trapped between her legs and I could feel her juices wetting my hand. After a while she recovered and released my hand and I licked her juices off my fingers she tasted marvelous. I then rubbed my wet and sticky hands on her boobs and then stuck two fingers in her mouth, she tasted her own juice. My lund was getting erect again. I now got up, put her on the sofa, sat astride her stomach and put her hand on my growing lund she held my lund and started rubbing it on her boobs. Then she let go of my lund and held her boobs from the sides and pushed them together, this formed a nice cleavage. I got the hint and I stuck my lund in that valley and started making fucking motion. Precum was oozing from my lund that provided plenty of lubrication and my lund started moving easily between her boobs. On my up strokes my lund would come out at the top of her boobs and Shaily would stick her tongue out and lick the head of my lund. The sensation I was getting was fantastic, I had never before tit fucked anyone. This girl knew a lot about sexual satisfaction, as she was hungry of love and was not afraid to experiment and I knew this new relationship will flourish nicely. My lund was now once again fully erect and was ready for some real action, I tit fucked Shaily for a while and then I removed my lund from her cleavage and gave my lund in her mouth for sucking again. Shaily again sucked my lund like a pro I was enjoying the blow job, her lips and tongue were doing wonderful things to my lund. Shaily was now under my full control, she was getting hotter by the second. I started kissing her neck earlobes and her lips. She was enjoying this attention from me and was moaning.


Our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths, we were exchanging saliva, and I was holding her face in my palms and caressing her ears and neck. I then removed her clothes, laid her on the bed and knelt next to her. Shaily then took my both hands and placed them on her big boobs. I pressed them hard and she moaned. Shaily guided my hands to her boobs, her boobs were nice and big with big pointed nipples and dark brown areolas. I attacked her boobs with my mouth and started sucking her succulent breasts. I wanted to rip her panties and insert my lund in her choot but decided against it as I wanted her to beg me to fuck her. In preparation of fucking her, I put my lund in her mouth and asked Shaily to make it hard by sucking it. Shaily started stroking and sucking my lund very vigorously. After letting her suck my lund for a while I asked her to open her legs, and I positioned myself between her legs and aligned my lund in line with her choot. I just wanted to shove my lund in and fuck her but decided against it, instead I started rubbing my lund on her choot. Shaily was loving this and was making sexy sounds, the room was filled with such sounds and the scent of our sex. Shaily then took my lund in her hand and started trying to put it in her choot. The sensation was out of this world. Shaily was pulling at my lund trying to insert it in her choot. After a while when she was unable to take my lund in her burning choot, I instantly took my lund in my right hand and pushed it in her choot. Her choot lips opened and my lund slid in. I was 4 inches in her choot and realized that she is very tight and her choot has not been used a lot for fucking. I pushed my lund completely in up to the hilt. She gasped as my huger eight inches had penetrated her deeper than ever before.


Shaily was in some pain but at the same time her life long wishes were being fulfilled. I could see her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were closed and mouth open, her boobs were sexily erect and the sight was erotic. I started giving her slow strokes and I found she is moving her chootars to meet my strokes and take my lund as deep as possible. My lund was going in her choot very swiftly and the sound of fucking was music to my ears. Shaily was steadily moaning and urging me to go deeper and fuck her harder. She then put her right hand between my legs and massaged my balls and it felt very good. I in turn with my right hand found her sensitive clit and rubbed it and that took her to her second orgasm of the evening. I could feel her choot muscles contract and they held my lund tight. As her orgasm subsided, I started ramming her again and this time I was fucking her hard and fast. Shaily was now shouting with pleasure, her boobs were violently moving around , I held onto her right breast and fucked her hard, and we were sweating like anything. I then decided to change the position and asked her to come on top of me, we got into the position and she started riding me, she was moving her chootars round on my lund. Shaily had her hands on my shoulder and I was massaging her boobs. I was pinching her nipples and at times would suck them.


My lund was deep in her choot and our mixed juices were trickling down my balls. She had now picked up speed and was approaching her third orgasm as I too was near coming. Shaily was now moving her hips up and down on my lund and with a huge grunt she came and at the same time I spunked her choot. i could feel the mouth of her womb at the end on my penis.. she said come inside me, i am safe, let me feel u..oh godd, you are so deep.. i bit on her breast and had a mind -blowing orgasm. came so heavily that my semen leaked out from around my penis and dribbled out of her choot on to the sheets. Shaily still kept on fucking me, and then collapsed on my chest. She was kissing my chest and neck and was thanking me for a great fuck. We lied there stuck to each other for about 10 minutes and then she slowly got up. My lund came out of her choot and with that my come started pouring out of her choot. Shaily got a tissue from the side table and cleaned my lund and her choot and then went to the bathroom. we had sex once more that evening before we checked out of that room. she stayed that afternoon for 3 hours in that room! i have been meeting this woman every 20-25 days for the last 10-11 months. and there is no denying that she is better and hotter every time we meet. over the last 4-5 times, we have started meeting at her place while her husband and kids are away. she wears her flimsy lingerie for me and i, as promised, kiss her all over for hours. she promises we will have anal sex soon. as soon as she thinks she can take my penis up her ass. If any lady who r unsatisfied and who fantasize of sex contact me for above and to get sex advice in safe sex contact me Tell me how you liked my story. Kindly mail me at Your affair with me will be strictly confidential & full of pleasure.

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