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Indecent Proposal By Son

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

This is a story of me, I am Mallika and I am 43 now, I am writing this story specially for as my son’s need to share our experience with his favourite website. It all started when I was about 42. I was happily married with my husband and our only son Ramesh. On an unfaithful day I lost my husband due to an illness. I was pretty devastated as is my son Ramesh. We could not live anymore in that town so we sold our house. My son got a transfer to a remote village and we both moved and settled there. My son was 21 then and he is already working and earning well.

Since Ramesh started working he gave us parents 2000 rupees a month from his salary. This was an agreement his dad made with him and pledged. He kept doing so even after his dad passed away. Three months after we moved to the village, our lives started to change. Ramesh has been getting stranger to me and acting strangely. One day he got the agreement out and said he would like to add another clause that would give me more money. I said I donot need anymore but inside I was in need or greed to get more. After all I am his mother and I too have a right to live independently buying whatever I want. I asked him ‘how much?’ and he said 200 rupees a day. That sounded a bit weird to me hearing money for a day. He added saying ‘It is for doing a favour everyday’. I thought about what favour he would seek from a mother but 200 rupees a day sounded too good to sit and think. I signed the agreement off and we sat for dinner.

During dinner I tried to find what is the favour he wanted but never clicked me. It wasn’t long before I knew it. After the dinner I was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink. We talked about many things and after a while I again posed the question on his favour. Ramesh said ‘Do you really want to know mom?’ I said ‘yes’. Then he walked towards me, held my hips with both his hands, pulled me towards him, leaned on my neck and gave a sexual kiss and licked my neck thrusting his hard dick against my buttocks. I was startled and started shivering. Before I could pull my self he let go me and said walking away ‘this is what I want mom’. I was shattered. I didn’t know Ramesh would ask me a sexual favour. His own mother. I finished washing quickly and ran to my room. Ramesh was sitting on the couch watching tv and observing me. He is so cool and quiet. All the time I hurried to my room my head is filled with thoughts and disgust. How can he ask a favour where no son in this world would ask his mother? He is a man! That’s why! He is the man of the house and I am his dependent. My head started spinning. I could not accept Ramesh’s perverseness.

First of all he wanted his own mother to sleep with him and secondly he is offering me to pay for it!!! In other words he wants his mother to be his whore. He wants his mother to prostitute for him! That little son of a bitch!!! Ramesh had lots a guts to ask his mother to be his whore. He know he is the man of the house and I am his dependant. He has become a man now…not my son. That little bastard also knows it is hard for me not to accept the offer. He knows if I reject it, I don’t have anywhere to go. I will be forced to live with my son who I know wants my body for his pleasure and its very hard to live with him with it. If I reject his offer and leave him, his 2000 rupees would not be enough to support myself! I will be all by myself and every man in the town would have their lustful eyes on me. I will either have to be a whore to my son or risk becoming one for the village. I could not sleep the whole night. I kept thinking about the offer. Slowly I got in grips with my son’s perverted wish. What if I accept? If I accept, I can stay with him, I get more money, I can also fulfill my sexual desires, as I don’t have a partner anymore. That thought gave me tickles in my pussy. But then my moral consciousness took over my brain! If I accept it I will be committing incest and I will be a prostitute to my own son! After a night long of thinking I finally decided I will let Ramesh have his favour. If my own son is a perverted bastard, I am his MOTHER. The next morning before Ramesh woke up, I made breakfast, had a shower and wore a sexy chiffon saree with no underwear. After sometime Ramesh came and we had our breakfast together. We didnot talk much. I could notice him staring at my body.

I could sense lust in his eyes but he remained calm. I was very surprised that my son can pretend. He had his breakfast and walked away to bathroom to take shower. I was in anticipation that he would grab me kiss me there forcefully but my son was calm. After shower he dress in a lungi (sarong) and shirt as he always does when he is home and came and sat on the couch. After I finished my work in the kitchen I went to him saying ‘Ramesh! About the offer you proposed yesterday’….I paused…’I will accept it!’ Ramesh stayed silent and he slowly lifted his head to look at me and immediately dropped his face. As I turned around to walk towards my room, Ramesh suddenly held on to the looase end of my saree and pulled it towards him. That move grappled me as I was forced to turn towards him trying my best to keep my saree on me with my both hands. I looked in fear as there was my son with the end of my saree firmly held by his two hands. I could see Ramesh’s eyes popping out looking at my blouse covered breasts. He was looking at them with his lustful eyes. Not long ago he fed on them when he was a baby! He slowly got up from the couch, pulled me on to him with a jerk and kissed me on my lips with tongue….

Then his hands are all over me touching me everywhere he is forbidden to touch and feeling his own mother’s secret places. Then my son started having fun enjoying his own mother’s body. But at the same time my agony started as his own mother. Within no time Ramesh took me to my bed has taken off all my clothes and he is enjoying himself sucking my breasts and squeezing my mound. Then he threw me on the bed, placed hiself between my legs, parted my legs and inserted his cock into me. I could not do much other than close my eyes and gasp as my son entered the forbidden hole he came out into this world. The forbidden intercourse has just been taking place. I felt I have been violated. I am in pain with no hint of pleasure. But I controlled. I closed my eyes as my son thrust himself into my vagina. My vagina being violated by my own son… All the movies I have been watching suddenly flashed before my eyes.

There is this one particular movie I can relate to. In this movie a woman’s son is kidnapped by villians. When the woman goes to villian’s place to get him back, the son is held on top of a tower ready to be dropped and the villain proposes to the woman that if she sleeps with him they will let the son go. The woman was initially in dilemma but finally accepts. The villain rapes her while her son is being freed slowly. I felt like I am that helpless mother. Only difference is that the villian is my own son. I am being raped for letting me stay with him. I felt as if my son is forcibly trying to enter my body thru the same hole he came out through his penis first! On every thrust he pounded on my pussy with his dick I could hear him saying ‘I wanna get inside of you mommy’. I was pulled back to my senses when Ramesh squirted his semen into me. First time I had someone else’s semen in my womb other than my husband. Once he finished with me he got himself off me, picked up his lungee and walked out of my room. I was left on bed soaked in sweat and my son’s semen dripping out of my cunt. I never thought in my life I would find myself like this…lying on the bed soaked with sweat and semen after the death of my husband. I slowly got off and trailed to bathroom to clean myself. Few months after my first ‘service’ to my son, I got used to it. My guilt feeling vanished away and started enjoying my sex with him. It has been more than a year now. Ramesh never misses an opportunity to lift his mother’s saree or open his mother’s blouse to fuck and suck me. Even today he fucks me everyday except for my period days. He also pays me the ‘salary’ at the end of the month. Everything changed now…I like to be my son’s whore as much as my son does and I am enjoying being one for him.

We are more like husband and wife now with lots a sex. At some instances I am also glad my son forced me to be his whore as he takes me on ride of my life when he fucks me now a days. I am lucky to have a stud to be my lover and lucky he had chosen me at my age. Three months ago, I had my ultimate price. I got knocked up by my son. I am pregnant with his baby now. We both are happy. Since my pregnancy, we have become more like a husband and wife. I had nothing more to do as we already share a same surname! Hope you enjoyed my story

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