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Indecent Attraction

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  • September 4, 2015

Hey There,

This is my first time, writing an experience on desipapa. Even after reading so many stories on this site I never ever thought this could happen to me. Its a story of me Zaib and my aunty (Mother’s Sister) Huma (Name Changed).

I am 30 happily married with 2 kids. Stay in Mumbra near Thane.

I saw her getting married in my childhood. I had a respect for her as my aunt but never thought this will change. It happend a year back, she is just 7 years older to me. She is a mother of 2 kids and just 2 years back her husband died of heart attach. She needed support and my family, specially my mom always support and help her as her younger sister. Even I started visiting her, now quite regularly to make sure everything is fine.

Now in just 2 or 3 months I built such a repo with her that she started asking me for help sometime fanancial and without letting my mom know this I started helping her and so. One day she visited our house as occassionally she used to. But this time it was with some intention. She took a permission from my mom to take me along with her to some place in Mumbai only for some document work of some property her husband kept for them.

I agreed we left for the destination the job got over and it was afternoon and lunch time. I took the privillege to ask her for lunch she agreed and we went to a good restaurant, she, as I later came to know was planned for this. Meanwhile the lunch servered to us, we started chatting and she started praising me, in terms of health, looks, luck and money. I didn’t get her intention but was feeling good. The topics was everything but ended up with my taste, my satisfaction with married life in short a quiz show. The question she asked that changed things from my end was… Dont you think of having an extra marital affair? And my smartnes make me asked her in response… Are you free?

There was a spark of satisfaction in her eyes, she got what she wanted and the topic has changed to our sexual lives. I asked her about her sexual life with and without her husband. We were getting excited, I shifted from my side of the table to her side. We were sitting togather and trying to touch each other on every possible occasion. We finished our lunch and left for our respective homes.

In the evening I got a missed call from her cell, I got the signal and went out of my house and called her. We started talking on the phone but this time more like lovers. It become a regular practice for few weeks when once she called me at her house for some help. I didn’t wanted to get disappointed so I didn’t thought of anything like that coz I was knowing her kids will be there.

Let me describe her, fair complexion, black silky hairs till her shoulder, full lips brown eyes and figure, oh my, she is 36, 28, 38. Every thing that she has is awesome.

I reached her place in the afternoon, knocked the door, door open by her (She was in a purple coloured punjabi suit) she welcomed me inside her house with a smile. and to my surprise she was alone home. I got excited and closed to door behind me. She went to the kitchen to bring water for me and I settled myself on sofa. My heart was bouncing with joy. I am married sex is not a new thing for me but sex with my aunt, this thought was making me go mad. Here she is with water and she sat just next to me, I finished the glass of water and asked for more as my throat was getting dry. She went back for another glass and came back with the bottle as she noticed my uncomforness.

We were sitting togather but neither I nor she was making a move a long pause. I finally thought of breaking the ice and I asked where are the kids? She answered they went to their uncles house as for some birthday function and will be getting back in the night only. And without wasting time she do you know why I called you here? My answer was a HUG!!! She was surprised and excited both at the same time. She hold me tight and we were chatting in each others ears being in the same possition. I started praising her beauty and with a deep breath and smile she use to grip me tighter and finally we parted and she asked me to follow her to the bed room. I didn’t like the idea, so I hold her hand my puller her toward me and hug her again and whisper in her ears. “We are not husband and wife, We are lovers so let us do it in the living room only.” She too liked the idea.

And we began to play. We where hugging each other and at the same time I started dancing like dancing in the romantic music. I wanted to make it as romantic as possible for her to remember it for longer. Out light talks and heart beats were the music for our dance. During dancing only I removed her dupatta and throw it away, loosed her hairs and started feeling the perfume of her hairs. WoW what a feeling!! She mantime was trying to open buttons of my shirt and I was unzipping her kurta from behind. Guys, you can’t imagine the joy of removing her clothes slowely. My experience was helping me, It took almost 15 mins for us to remove each others cloths. We were now in undergarments, as we were still hugging each other, I pulled her from her hairs (as she was a little shorter than me). And plant the very first kiss on her full lips, OHH what a sensation it was. She was with close eyes started responding me, it took me some extra efforts to force my tongue in her hot mouth. She didn’t initially suck me tongue but I kept rolling it in her mouth all the way. Finally she hold it started sucking it so badly that my whole mouth went dry.

I make her sit on the sofa and started kissing her from her forehead to her cheeks to lips to her throat and finally I ended up on her breast. Oh my over her black bra only it was feeling so good, I started playing with her boobs and meantime tried to unhook her bra she helped me remove it and I started sucking her book passionately she started moaning, every pinch and bite on her nipples was bringing a aaahhhhhhh from her mouth which was making me even more crazy. I was sucking one and playing with another.

Slowely I started moving my left hand towards her panty, the moment I touch her cunt from over the panty her hand grabbed mine, as it was after almost years she was getting some other hand on her spot. I freed my hand from her grip and tried putting my hand inside her panty mean while I was sucking and playing with her boob. Wow she was clean shaved, I tried to put my hand between her legs, she gave me space and I reached her cunt. I put one finger inside her and oh it was burning like hell. A moan came out of her mouth and a drop of tear at the same time which actually confused me but I didn’t wanted to go out of focus, so I kept of finger fucking and sucking her till she let a loud moan and made my hand wet with her juices.

She pulled me towards her and gave me a deep kiss, and then hugged me and whishpered in my ears “I can’t wait for any longer”, as I already mentioned I am married and experienced I know how to hold for long and give her the fuck of her life. I don’t think so I have to narrate that too.

We finished and relaxed for sometime. We been to bathroom togather to wash ourself. In there she started wasing me in the shower and I was cleaning her when I reached the bottom I just hold her on the wall and started sucking her cunt like a mad dog she was shocked. She asked me for having her share too. We moved to bedroom and we were in 69 my rod was limp but she made it come back in life and made her cum. And as expected another but rather the longer show. We were tired and after having a bath I left to my place.

Now it is almost a year we are having fun. She don’t need anyone except of me to satisfy her. She is getting sexier and that is making me even more excited about fucking her. We are trying possitions and that is great feeling. The feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Please let me know your comment on my experience at as it was my first time writing to desipapa. Any female around thane can contact me to help them.

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