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Incest With My Younger Sister

  • desipapa
  • November 30, 2015

Hello Guys, nice to hear from you all. This story is about one of my personal sex encounters with my sexy sister. It all started with Desipapa, I came to know about the word incest from reading a lot about sibling passions. I am a well built guy, standing 6’1” tall(you can imagine my cock!!), wheatish brown and a perfect introvert(creative), 22 years old. My sister, is 19, about 5’6” or 5’7”, mean, but unmatched boobs and a perfectly round ass. If she jumps, the inertia of her boobs, wouldn’t allow it, to change the position. Her boobs, defies all laws of gravity. It just hangs in there, waiting to pop out of her dress. Her pussy, just sandwiched in between those puffy thighs, looks like a triangle or delta.

This heavenly experience just started, approximately two years back. I am an average college guy, who smokes and drinks a lot. One fortunate night, I really had a wet dream of my sister. I can still remember those moments, where I was looking at my sister with a sense of awe! She was sitting on a top of a slide in some theme park. The interesting thing about it, was that she was completely naked. She was very innocent, those blushing eyes, drooping melons, they really made my dream. I, completely being taken, inched towards her, to take a close look at her boobs. I gently caressed those cones, with my hands.

After that, don’t get surprised, I jerked off(of course, jerking woke me up, to clean myself, of my mess). Alas! My dream went in vain. Also I would like to add, that I am a day scholar, whereas my sister studies in one of the reputed college, in a far-off university. She is a hosteler, so she occasionally, come home.

Now, I would like to share two experiences that I came across, with avid readers like you, guys. Starting with my first. After those dreams, I started imagining my sister a lot, which ultimately led a passion in me. I craved for the day, she would come home, and fulfill my desires and my sexual fantasies. One lucky day, when she was home for the holidays, I experimented my well planned move. We have a single bedroom, and my sister used to sleep beside me, as usual. But after that dream, I always made attempts to touch her boobs. On that particular day, when she was fast asleep, I gently kept my hands on her stomach, to make sure she is not reacting.

Then I moved my fingers, slowly on the top of her breasts. I could feel the tingling of her nipples, within my hands. I passionately, swirled my palm on that peak, to make a good feel of her nipples. She was completely motionless, taking advantage of that situation, I rested my hands on her breasts. It was very soft, and juicy. Even at that, she slept sound, which arouse the pervert in me, to grab hold of her balloons. I did so, I slowly started squeezing and massaging them. This was the first time I ever touched a real boob with my hands. She started reacting little by little, but that didn’t stop the demon in me. Repeating, bores oneself, so I started crawling through her dress.

Successfully, I made all the way to those bare boobs. Guys! You should really take a note of this. It was really warm in there, like a bonfire in times of winter. But that was a necessary evil, after all. My cold palms, slowly woke her up, due to the chillness. In a flash of second, I removed my hand out of her boobs. I have to wait for that long, tiresome, one more hour, to wait for her to sleep. I already told you, that I have a demon in me, which made me wait. Then again, I jumped to her other boob. This time it was straight, I started fondling, pinching, squeezing, feeling out of her tanks. Moments of bliss! I even started to stop worrying about her notice of my hands on her boobs.

Second encounter, this was not soft as the first one. Another lucky chance of sleeping with her. This time, I made a bold move of her grabbing her bare breasts. This time, I came to a conclusion, that she was not at all asleep. I could feel it, but I could not resist myself. That pathetic bra, that has a job similar to Atlas, from the Greek Mythology, was tasked with the burden of holding those solids together. So, it tempted me to relieve that bra, of its humongous task. I took the responsibility in my hands, of stripping her bra, from her back.

To my surprise, my horny sister, cooperated with me. like a boss, like my own boobs, I just put forward both of my hands, to the task of pleasuring my sister. I grabbed her breasts, through the way of her hips, from the back. I pressed her body very close to me. my dick started its work of drilling. Uptill now, my sister never objected any of my moves. She seemed to enjoy each and every one of it.

Wow! What a relief, not from my pants, but in my thoughts of fearing for my sister. I did what and all, I could do with those careless breasts. Fidgeting, rampaging, polishing, plucking, waxing, whatever. I gave rest to my tired hands for a few minutes, hoping to do better, in the next round. But to my astonishment! My sister never gave an interval. This, I realized when she had her hands, on my stomach. Really! Is that happening ? which I long dreamt of. She was very scared, to move her hands.

But I facilitated her hands, with my own body, to clear the path b/w my tool and her hands. She did not took care of it, just as I did. She pounded, onto my man part. She gripped my penis, like a gear. My volcano, started to erupt being the first time. She didn’t care, but kept stroking my penis. I didn’t realize when I slept. In the morning, I could fing her hand, still on my cock and my hand onto her melons. But she neither I, took least to care and just kept still on our positions..

After that, incident I could not look at my sister directly, but only maintained a diplomatic relationship. Felt guilty, for what I did. But today, I mustered the confidence within me, to make a sex attempt on my sister. Will it go good? I have no idea. Please encourage me guys, hoping that I will provide you with a better sex adventure on my next episode. I am confident that I will not bore you all. Farewell until then !

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