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Incest Happens In India

  • desipapa
  • January 6, 2016

Hello,everyone I am Raghu posting a story ( real) which happened between one boy and his mom. I am free for chat and intimate relationship. Just mail me on . pls give feedback. It is a real thing happened in somewhere of Kerala ,and now continued in andhra. so the story will be long.( it is real,so what else stop you from reading it)

I make a fake id in social networking and chatted with some incest lovers to make a erotic story,but most of them want to jerk their cock by abusing theirs mom. At last i came across a id which has a real name and locations, i thing it maybe some tricks, but he chatted with panic and confirmed me that , my intention is writing story. Then he wants my real id in fb, and i give to him and we chatted in fb. I spoke with him on phone and to his mom ( really) and we are become close. I asked for their pics, but he refused,and said that,if u want to see us,come to my home and give their address.

I amazed by this and confirmed address and went to telangana, and there is a remote village near to vishakapatinam ( more than 100 km). He picked me in bus stop and his mother welcomed me and i settle down and had dinner. They both chatted with me very well and they are loving each other. She is not fair looking for me,but she is angel for him. They told their story and i starts to record them. They both kissed and smooched before me and went inside a room and locked. I wonder that “Incest happens in India”. The names i used are real and they dont bother about it. I tell that story in the son’s view.

I am neeraj, 20 years and my mother name is archana, she is 36 years old. Archana means worship. Yes, my mother’s beauty and her assets are worshiped. I dont know my father name, she doesnt told me. I am living with my mother in beautiful village in kerala. We both are staying in a house alone which is in river bed. I too dont asked my father’s name, because i was not saw him once. I am now finished my diploma and working as qc check in manufacturing industry. My mother is tailor and now has a own shop. She bought me from my childhood across many worst circumstance. But we are earning enough for us to live happily. I dont have any bad intention towards my mother.

As I have freedom,i made some girls fall for me and i cheating them by pretending loving them and get some kisses and peep show, nothing more than that. One day ,that girl know that am cheater and complained to my mom. That evening mom asked me about that. I nodded that i cheated her. She shouted me and shouts ” Dont ever cheat girl by name of love” and she started crying. I dont know what is happening. I consoled her for sometimes,she became normal and said her past.

She was born in rich family and she is only daughter of my grandparents. She was loved by my father and my mom too loved him. My mom married that man at age of 16, knowing this my grandparents suicided. And he lived with my mom for one year and get all the assets of my mom and married another woman. So she comes to other end of kerala. Young woman at age of 16 is widowed( it is better to call) and impregnated. She added that, she only live as am inside her uterus. And she told that, she sacrificed most of her emotions, happiness and sex life for me. So dont be like your father,respect women and she get inside her room. I dont expect this emotion from mom.

I went to bed and thinks about her, she lost everything for me, just to make me survive happily. I feel bad for myself being rude to my mom on many occasions. I want to make her happy,and to enjoy the remaining years. I started to love my mom. I started to imagining myself as key to her happiness. I think myself as my father,as her husband,as her better half. I imaged my mother archana, she is normal colour with medium sized breasts and cute pair of buttocks. She is slim and has a little fat on her body but that is in right place. I slept on my bed.

Next day I was woke up by mom, she was bathed and giving me coffee, i said gud morning but she doesn’t replied and gone. I thought maybe she is angry on me. I went to bath and prayed god(first time without exams) in front of my mom. She looked me, i went to her and said sorry and i wont repeat this with anyone. She said good. I continued my sorry and said you are sacrificed everything for me, but i always rude on you. Please forgive me mom. And fell at her feet, she lifts me up and hugged me, i said I love u mom, and she too replied same. This is first time i am feeling my mothers boobs. We are hugging for sometimes and i hugged her tight,she loosened and parted from me and kissed my cheeks and said. Love u kutta and left.

I stopped roaming around and returning home early and starts to spend time with her more. She is becoming close everyday and we chatted lot. And i understand her feelings, love and passion. She daily hugs me and kiss me before going to sleep. But it made my night sleepless. One day i went to her room, she comes out of bathroom only with towel, half of her boobs and thighs are visible, she dont care about me and wore nighty in front of me. She was in kitchen preparing food, i hugged her from behind and kissed her cheeks and said am hungry,she said, wait kutta, maa preparing dish for you. My penis erected and it touches her ass, am sure she feels it, but not utter a word. I feel pain without her.

I shared my problem to my friend ,he told that it was a mental illness and to see a psychiatrist. And i booked a appointment and went to him and tolds about my problem. He listened and replied that to call my mom. I questioned and he said dont worry. I will take care. He called my mom and said he is in hospital,my mom rushed here and asked what happened. But he told me to wait outside and talks to my mom. I was waited more than 10 mins and get bored and roaming around clinic.

I saw a window and slightly moved the curtain aside. I sight i saw was the most worst. My mom is bending on the table with her saree rolls upward till her tummy. The only sight i saw was her ass and it is fucked by the doctor.I was dumbstruck at what i saw, my mom bites her lower lip with her eyes closed. The doctor behind him pumping my mothers silky ass by holding her hair and shoulder. I feel betrayed. After few minutes he taken out her penis and cummed over my my mom’s ass cheeks and rubbing his penis on it.

He cleaned his cum by tissue paper and replaced her saree. I went to door of clinic. He called me inside and told he said everything. My mom thanked him and went out. I too went outside and called her but she went without listening. I angrily went to him and asked what happened.

He told that your son loves you and how much. I stared at him and he told that, he banged my mom hard. I went near him, he step backed and said,she will accept to have sex with her son. I asked what. He replied ” go and bang your mom. I went to my home late and had dinner. My mom come to my room and asked

Mom- do you love me.

Me- yes I love you

Mom- like your father

Me- no. I love you as a woman and respect you.

Mom- do you love me till end of your life

Me- i will marry the moment you tells ” i love you”

She asked me to get into her room and wait for her. I thought myself tonight gonna be a memorable night for us, and i removed my underwear and wearing one dhoti and enters to her room. I was astonished to see that the room was fully decorated with flowers and looks like a first night. My mom entered the room,she was in transparent nighty and she wears nothing inside that.

Her breast and nipples are visible through it. I had a instant hard on and she come near me and hugs me tightly. I feels her body heat,i too hugs her and runs my hand over her back. She kissed my lips and started to suck it,i responds by opening my mouth and allowing her tongue inside. I caught her ass and pressed it hard. And she lets out a soft moan.

She removed my dhoti and i removed her nighty over her head. Now we both are naked and hugs again and started to feel our naked bodies. I made her lie on bed and looks at my mom’s body. Her pussy has bunch of hairs.

I slowly bend and kissed her naval and moved my tongue upwards, caught her right breast and pressed it softly,meanwhile sucking her left breast. I placed my one hand to her pussy and rubbing it. She sits on bed and hold my penis and said it resembles your father. I dont listen and sucking her breast, she stroking my penis.

I again made her lie and i positioned myself and placed my penis in her pussy and inserting it,it was tight but due to her wetness my penis went in slowly. It felt like her pussy is sucking my cock. I pumped harder and she starts to moan. I pick up my speed and fucked her harder and she moaned for every thrust and it makes me to pump faster.

I fucking her and had a eye contact with her. I able to see her face reactions for my every thrust. After 10 minutes i feel like cum. I said to her and she said me to fill her pussy . I cummed inside her and lot of my semen flowing outside,she caught my head and kissing all over my face. I removed my penis from her hole and lied beside her. She said” I am satisfied by my son’s cock”. And we kissed some more times and she slept. I dream that what gonna happen in following days.

Thanks for reading . mail your feedback and your sex interest at . next and final part of story will be posted .

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