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Imran Lahori

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

My name is Imran, I m from Lahore. My father is in foreign ministry and mother a social worker. I have only one sis, Bubly, 19 and no brother. Our parents are often out for work and we bro and sis mostly alone at home. We are frusrated and bored, even we r a richest family. The story bigen last year when we both r free from colleges. I m from Punjab University and sis from medical college.

Our maiden Bali come for house keeping etc. I found her a well mannered and quite neat unlike usual house maidens. I often rise late so she walk in to clean my room. Few times I noticed that she staring me hidenly. I one day called her and ask some thing about her. She told that she is a little educated and from a good family,but the circustances braught her to this job. After that I felt smpathy about her and taking care. After some time we were closed and talked freely. As I was nothing has to do she some time sit with me and chat. Naturaly we felt affaliations which turned into involvement. She is quite free now and sit freely. Now I started taking notice of her body. A full of sex and soft it was. Once I noticed her deep neck, thu which her ripe breast were visible. I unintentialy drew her closer and kissed. She blushed but did not mind very much. It encouraged me I took her in arms and start kissing.slowly I cares her body and touched her sensitive parts, she moaned, resist but I did not let her out. Day by day it increases and the day come when she was out of her dress and completely nude, I enjoyd her body very much. Phir wo bhi free ho gaee. This was not my first sex exp, but 4 hers it was new. Mera lulla (cock) aprx 6″ and kafi mota hey. Phir hum dono ka roz ka mamool bun gaya. Wo bhi bahot khush thee.

Ek din kisee tarha ye baat Bubly (my sis) ko maloom ho gaee ek din wo mujh se naraz ho kar poochne lagi ke ye Bali tumharey kamrey men itna time keun laga tee he? Men ne kafi jhoot boley mager wo sab janti thee. Oar men ne bhee confess kar liya Phir men ne jaan choraney ke liye keh dia ke tum bhee to Faisal (her tuter) se free ho. Bubly ekdam confuse ho gaee aor bluff karney ki koshish karney lagi. Men mamla samhaj gaya. And us se inquiry karney laga . akhir us ne thora sa confess kar liya, ke hum dono thora sa closed hen. Men ne mazeed poocha ke kitna closed? Us ne kaha kaafi. Men ne poocha us ne tumhara haath pakra hey ? kehne lagee ke yes. Ab men deep men jakar poochney laga. Ke keya tumhen us ne arms men liya hey? Us ne sharmate huey iqrara kar liya, aur kiss? Bubly ne sar jhuka kar han keh diya. Us ne tumhare body ko feel keya hey? Ab Bubly thora sa frank ho kar jawab de rahi thee keun ke raz to dono ka khul hi chuka thaa. Aur men bhee ab kisi aur he feeling ke sath enquiry kar raha tha. Aur tumhare kaprey…? Men ne hasitate ho kar poocha . yes, us ne iqrar kar liya. Keya sarey kaprey, u mean?? Men ne mazed poocha. Yes sare kaprey, us ne khul kar bata diya. U mean wo tumhe bilkul nude kar chuka hey? Yes yes yes Bubly ne frank ho kar bata diya. Oh good, mere mun se achanak nikal gaya Phir Bubly ne mujh se poocha ke tum ko bura nahee laga ke kisee larke ne tumharee behen ko nude dekha? Men ne kaha dekho men tuhara bhaee hi nahee dost bhee hoon. Tum mujhe khul kar sab batao. Us ne bataya ke aksar chance milney par wo mujhe nude kar ke bistar par ley jaa taa hey aur mujhe choomta hey kiss karta hey mere jism ke har har part ko choomta hey. Men ne poocha ke tum enjoy kartee ho? Us ne bataya ke haan bohat ziyada. Men ne Faisal ke cock ke barey men poocha to us ne bataya ke bohat bara aur garam hota hey. Men ne poocha tum us ka Lulla pakarti ho? Us ne kaha han kaee dafa, aur wo mere breast ka diwana he. Men pehli dafa apni behen ke breast par ghaur kiya. Us ke breasts black kameez me se phatey par rahe they. Wo bohat sexy body ki malik thee. Men ne ahesta se us key beasts ko touch kiya. Wo sharma ke peechey hut gaee ke tum to merey bhaee ho. Men ne kaha ke dekho men tumhara dost bhee hoon aur tum Faisal ke samne nude ho sakti ho to mere samne keun nahee? Men aur proceed keya aur us ko bahon me ley liya aur us ko choomney laga. Wo thora saw kismisaee phir response dene lagee. Men us ko libas se azad kar diya. Bubly ko men pehli dafa nanga dekha tha aur ye seen mujhe bohat pasand aya. Men khud ko nude kar liya. Men ne us se poocha key tumhen us ne fuck kiya hey? Us ne kaha nahee, keun ke wo abhee is field men naya hey. Men ne us din Bubly ko thora sa satisfy kar diya. Agley din Bubly Faisal key sath apne kamrey men tution parh rahee thee. Men sudenly inside gaya to Faisal ne Bubly ko bilkul nanga kar key bed par litaya hua thaa aur us ke nangey badan ko payar kar raha tha. Mujhe dhek kar Faisal ekdam khaufzada ho gaya lekin Bubly usi tarha nangi leti rahee. Mere face par muskarahet dekh kar Faisal ka khauf kum ho gaya. Bubly ne us ko tasali dee ke Imran bhai ko sab pata hey. Men ne kaha ke han agar Bubly khush hey to mujhe keun objection ho ga? Men Faisal ko dobara shuroo karney ko kaha to wo Bubly ko dobara peyar kar ne laga. Thori der baad jab men bhee horny ho gaya to men ne dono ko trained karney ka socha. Men ne Bubly ki legs ko khola us ke neechey a pillow rakh diya. Phir Faisal ko sahee position men la kar us ka lulla hath men pakar liya. Waqai us ka lulla bohat huge thaa. Men ne Faisal ko agey jhukney ko kaha aur us ke lund ki tip Bubly ki wet cunt par rakha, doosrey hath se Bubly ki tight cunt lips ko khola. Phir Faisal ko kaha key ekdam se zor laga kar lulla Bubly ke undar ghusa de.Faisal ne ekdam zor lagaya aur us ka lulla pura meri sister Bubly key undar ghus gaya, Bubbly ke moon se ek zor dar cheekh nikli” OoooooMar Gaeeeee…..Ahhhh, ohh, Faisal expert style se stroke lagane laga aur Bubly moaning karti rahee Aaaaahhhhohhhh mar gaee. Yeh itna mazedar seen thaa key men bardasht na kar saka. Faisal ko aur zor se fuck karney ko kehta raha aur khud ko undress karne laga. Pehley apna lulla Bubly ke moon men dekar lubricate kiya. Phir apni position banai aur Bubly ke sath let gaya. Bubly ki virgine ass par apna lulla rakha, us masoom ko nahee maloom tha ke us ke sath keya honey jaraha hey. Faisal us ko cunt se fuck karta raha aur men ne ek jhatke se apna lulla apni sister Bubly ki gand men ghusa diya. Ek bar phir Bubly zor se cheekhne lagi, after that we kept on enjoying every position. That time I also fucked my own 19 years sister Bubly twice in her cunt. And enjoyed for hours. We then become good friends for three some and there was no hesitation between us. Often we both bro and sis slept together and so release our frustration. In one fine morning we decided to call between me and bubly. That day when she arrived we started lovemaking Baly saw us bro and sis and shocked. We invited her on the bed but she refused, then Bubly hold her hand and took her on bed. Now we were enjoying triosex, after which Bali also liked it. Then there came an idea in our mind and we shared it with Faisal. Bubly insisted Faisal to bring his younger sister Mona along firstly he refused, but after that he agreed and today on 18th Nov 2002 evening we are going to enjoy each other sisters and vice versa.

The people may think it wrong but we are fully convinced that if girls are also agreed and happy and instead them to go out to enjoy there sex life why not to satisfy them at home? Please comments

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