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Imran Ali

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi guys .This is Imran i live in Islamabad i am very big fan of human digest and i have been reading stories for about 3 years this is my first story ever i told to any body and this is 100% true story which happened to me. My English is bit on weaker side so plz don’t mind and I don’t know tha way to write my story but here is my little effort to let u guys know about my sex experience with a sexy lady First let me tell u about myself i am a typical Pakistani guy with a fair looks i had 6 feet and 2 inches height athletic body with 6.5 inches cock.I am working in a charted accountant firm here in Islamabad in Blue Area and my age is 22 years i had just passed level 2 of ACCA and now doing my article ship now lets come towards the story as i am very fond of aunties bt i never had the luck to fuck them the thing i like most is the bog boobs of aunties and their sexy nipples if am lucky enough to peep on them in someway

This happened to me one day when i got off from my office i went to Karachi company to meet my friend there and then we make program of some shopping and went to G9 markaz and we did not find our choice suddenly i saw a aunty with very bog boobs and very nice ass guys she had a flat abdomen I thought at that moment that she may be un married bt later I came to know she was married with two kids she was dam sexy I cannot remove my eyes from her what a figure she had I must say her husband must be a lucky man to enjoy her beauty and not all guys get such beautiful brides so lucky him many guys around her house or who had ever watched her must had masturbation sessions on her name so when our eyes meet she turned away i was very disappointed at the time and she was with her husband but when i entered another shop she also come in that shop with her husband and now again i

gave her a little smile and surprisingly she replied the same she gave me a little smile now i got confidence that lady is hot and there is a chance to try my luck so i got paper from shopkeeper and wrote my mobile number and e mail address and secretly gave it to her so that her husband may not noticed and when her husband was busy in seeing some shoes and she again smiled at me and got my number after a few days i just completely forgot the incident but at next Monday I got call from that lady she told me that her name is samina she is 30 years married for 4years and with 2 children an with figure 38-28-34 she was not much beautiful but she had a sexy body that every man could get mad about her I must say her husband must be enjoying her company ever since they got together so after that day we started talking on phone regularly as i had not much time in day so i use to talk at night she asked for friendship at that time i thought that i am looking to fuck her bt she is asking for something else so i accepted her offer hesitatingly and our conversation continued over phone for almost two weeks. later she told me that she is bored with her husband sex activity and he did not cares about her and he is bit lazy and she wants crazy sex hearing that i got wild but i kept my feelings i knew that i had luck in my favor so i said to her there may be some problem with her husband he may be tired after office he will be soon able to satisfy her but she said that he has lost interest in sex and in her too after the birth of second child so there was nothing to say by me, her husband works for CDA and she told me that her husband enjoys with girls outside in hotels and etc and he had betrayed her and now she wants to get revenge by having sex secretly and enjoying sex so i told her that its okay if there is some thing i could do please tell me that she told me that can you meet me some place so that day we meet at F6 super market.

She had her children with her bt we spent some time together and that day she was wearing sexy outfit I told her u r looking dam sexy she just shyly said u r joking after two days she phoned me that can u come over my house i said if i got time in evening i will defiantly come and with in these days we started phone sex and i didn’t went to her house that day because i was afraid that it may not get wrong than she called me and i told her that i am busy in my office and i asked her i will visit her only when her husband will be away ,hearing that she was very upset and sorry. few days passed i goy call from samina she told me that her husband will be going for some work to texla after 2 days and she wanted me to meet at her place so that night i decided to go after thinking enough so i got day off from my office and got a bath and got well dressed and done my under shave and went to F8 sector where she lives and i brought a nice cake for her birthday as earlier she told me that day is her birthday so i thought that things are going in my way. when i reached her house i ring the bell and there she came and bring me to her living room i noticed that there was no one at home except us so ring my in my mind started ringing that today i will have my share of aunty fuck that we had lunch together and the a cup of coffee than i asked her where are other family members she said that there is no one just she lives with her husband and children and after some formal chat i shifted the topic about her life with her husband than she turned sad after some silence i said i will help you to get rid of such situation as am your friend then she got some confidence and looked at me with meaningful eyes and said to what extant will you go i said as much as u want and as long as you want she than said she wants full satisfaction from me and most importantly she said that all this must be secret between us later she gave me permission to write this story on website so the topic went towards sex and stuff like this and the heat was building up on both sides so when i realized that she is hot enough than i said what’s her mood about sex with me she said very boldly that she is ready and i said to her that first she must make sure that all doors are locked and than we both went and locked all doors and came in living room they have very nice house so guys suddenly.

She went to drawer and gave my a Tablet and she told me that taking this will increase my sex time and than i can fuck her for long bt i refused and said first fuck without this tablet and than i will get she said ok and than i came closer to her as we were sitting on the same bed i got her face in my both hands and put my lips on her lips what a soft sensation and she also got my face in her hands and we started kissing within two minutes she was going mad her tongue was very crazy i never had such a sexy kiss from a lady even from my girlfriend so we did kissing for 5 mints than i started to remover her qameez she was wearing shalwar and qzmeez a tradionall dress in Pakistan and i was getting difficult because it was in very much in fitting so she helped me to remove her qameez and that i saw tha seen of wonders i saw a pair of boobs hanging in a sexy bra goys that was mind blowing scene (i will say to all guys get your cock out of ur pants and apply some oil and get start and for girls dip your fingers in oil and get inside panty and get busy) and my 6.5 inches cock got hard like iron she was wearing black bra and than i slowly removed her bra and got the view of my life”s most sexy pair of boobs than i started sucking them madly and i felt some sweet fluid coming from nipples she told me to drink her milk so i drank all the milk guys that must be one liter of milk in those milk tanks she got gifted from God i sucked those sexy pink nipples and she was out of her mind with one hand i was holding her one boob and my other hand was working inside her salwar rubbing her pussy from outside her panty when milk was finished i than pulled down her salwar and panty and i saw a cleaned pussy i must say beautifull pussy although she was mother of two bt the pussy was looking like no baby had ever come out of there and her stomach was so plan that she was like milk paint on her sexy body so guys i put mu mounh in between her legs and started licking her pussy what a sexy fragrance was comming out of that sexy love hole and i must say that she hat shaved her pussy at that day as was looking freshly shaved and then with in a minute she relaesed her juices and with in next 15minutes she released about 4 time and my face was burried in her pussy she that pulled me up and unzip my pants and removed my shirt and boxer and guys i had a cock 6.5 inches and that is fat cock her eyes were wide opened when she saw my cock she immediately got hold of my cock and started stocking and than got it in her mouth i must say she had a experience of blowjob she gave me a perfact blow job and drank all my cum i cummed 2times in 20 minute of blow job than i was tired.

When i saw clock it was 12pm she told me that her children will come from school at 2 pm so i had 2hours of time , she went to kitchen and brought some juices and i took that tablet for sex prolonging and after ten minuter i got my cock iron hard cock again she that gave me a condom of Playboy you guys may be familier with and put it on she laid on bed and put my cock in her pussy my God what a pleasure she screamed when i put my cock her pussy was not so much wide so i slowly slowly got entry in her love hole she cried oooooooooffffffffffffffffffffff aaaahhhhh aaahh aahh i begin with slow stockes than with in 2 minutes i got pace and i was like bullet train running in and out and her boobs was shaking and making me wild i grabbed one of them and started squeezing them i fucked her pussy for about ten mints bt as i was under the power of that tablet i didn’t knew how much time i had spent she than said to me that she is Cumming oh my God she chummed like hell that was awesome bt i was not satisfied i that got her i doggy style and started again fucking in her pussy in front of us there was a mirror which was making me wild and i was feeling like in heaven i started to put my thumb in her ass hole she shouted bt i continued as my cock was taking care of her pussy slowly i put my second fingure and and was fucking her with my fingres in her ass after few minutes i put my cock in her ass hole she shouted and said that its paining bt slowly slowly she got pain away and she was in intense pleasure bt my cock had other ideas after that we went to 69 position and and i gave her another sexy pussy licking pleasure than she ride my cock now i was worried that i was not near my orgasm she told me that this tablet gives 1 hour and now u have 15 minutes remaining then we went to bath attached to room and took bath there and again had fuckd there and there she told me to remover condom i did it and she took it in her mouth and now i felt that am going to cum i told her she said to cum in her mouth guys u cannot imagine that how was that intense pleasure and pressure and cummed in her mouth wow what was that pleasure than we again took bath together and i left for my home and now this is going to be 8 months that we r having sex secretly and i wrote this story with her permission and i am also looking for another aunty of any age in Islamabad bt i hope will find another soon so girls and guys that my story and i will be waiting for your nice and sexy comments. My email address is imran_st99

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