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If U R Female from Karachi, Then Do Read It – Part-1

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Hello to the lovers of desi stories. This is my really true story, where as everyone says the same but its really true. Ive been a fan of desi stories for a very long time but this is my first time that Im writing my story for publishing in Desi Papa. I tell you about myself, my name is Zargham, from Karachi, 26 years old and height 5 8. I chose the title of this story for the benefit of those females who live in Karachi, so that they can satisfy their needs easily.

Now, come to the story. Im very horny from a very young age, I dont know exactly since when? But when I was in 4th or 5th class, it started. Anyways, there are so many sex incidents happened to me but here Im narrating the incident that I like most. It was a story when I was doing my masters, my younger brother found a tuition in our neighbors. His student was a little kid in 2nd standard. My brother was going their home to teach the kid. But after 1 week my younger brother got his inter exams so he left that tuition but the parents of that kid said my brother to give them a good tutor as a replacement, so my brother asked me to continue teaching that kid as his replacement. I immediately said NO for this as I never like to give tuitions as I never did that also, but my parents forced me to join that tuition in favor of my brother for 2 months then I agreed. My brother told the parents of the kid that my brother will come to teach their child in his absence. They said ok. Now, I tell you about that family. They were husband, wife, one kid and one little daughter (2-3 year old).

When I reached their home, they welcomed me and offer me tea, and then the father took my interview and passed me in the interview. Ok, lets take the short cut, I started teaching the kid from the next day, after few days I came to know that the father was not living with them, he lived at Korangi with his 2nd wife and come to home only once a week. I came to know this thing through his 1st wife named Nasreen, real name. I started calling her Nasreen Aunty while I go their home to teaching her kid. During the tuition she served me tea or snacks daily. At that time I didnt have any intention to fuck her, though her figure was 36-29-34. She was a sex bomb. Especially her big ass was amazing. She was fair color lady in the age b/w 29 to 34, because I didnt know her exact age. Anyways! After 2 weeks, One day when I went there, her mood was not good I noticed it but didnt say anything. After the tuition my student just went outside to play and I was about to leave then I asked to Nasreen Aunty what happen as she was looking at me. She replied that You dont take care of us though you live in our neighbor but you never asked us what is happening with your poor and alone aunty, sometimes I scared when Im alone! When she said this I was shocked to listen this because Id seen many xxx movies and read stories that how aunties or any girl seduce a boy. I immediately came to know that she has a problem with her husband and what she wanted me to do. But still I reacted innocently, and asking what happen, but I could see the lust in her eyes for me, her eyes were red and she was biting her lips during talking to me. While talking, I went close to her and asked again what happen then she said that her husband doesnt take care of her and told me the story of her 2nd wife.

Now I understand the whole situation and I knew what Ive to do. During talking I was very nearer to her as she had tears in her eyes. I put my one hand on her shoulder to support her but in the response she placed her head on my chest. I was scared in the starting but now I knew that she is in my control but still Id to be very careful. When she placed her head on my chest I hugged her slightly then she saw into my eyes, I was feeling her body heat I said to her , Dont worry Im here for you then she just said really and wrapped her arms around me. Now this was the time that I couldnt control because I was feeling her big boobs on my chest and my cock became hard so that it was touching in b/w her thyies. Guys can imagine this feeling when your cock is touching in b/w the crack of someones ass, how does it feel? Anyways, we remained there in the same position for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile I was kept saying that dont worry Im here for all your needs and I will take care of you, during saying I was rubbing my hands all over her back especially on her butts (gaand) it was great. Then I pressed her one ass cheek but she didnt say anything, I got the courage then I pressed some more and kept doing it. By this my cock was a hard rock; my 7 cock was pushing in b/w her legs. ( Even when Im narrating this my cock has become hard as that scene is running in my mind ,, WAO.. it was feeling great) Then I took her head in my hand and tried to kiss her but she said no, its not correct and then she moved away to the other room, the only room which was her bed room. I went after her and caught her from behind she stopped moving but didnt say anything.

Now I couldnt control my self, because my cock was touching her ass crack and I was also started pushing in b/w her gaand with my cock but slowly, during my hugging from behind I started pressing her boobs, GOshhhhh.. they were too tight, then I kissed on her neck, she moaned a little, then I started kissing on her neck, her cheek and while doing this, keep pressing her boobs and ass with my cock. She was breathing heavily and moaning, we both were in standing position. Then I turned her around and kissed on her lips, she tried to move away her head but then I hold her head and started French kissing. She tried to resist but I hold her tight, and inserted my tongue in her mouth and bit inside her lower lip. By doing this she just gave me a tight hug and start responding. She was pressing me towards her tightly while French kissing. We both were out of control at that time, we were hugging each other so tightly, in this order we fell on the bed. I was on top of her. Then after French kissing I kissed on her neck and move my hands under her qameez, and started pressing her boobs, she was not wearing any bra at that time. WAO.. it was feeling great,,, she was moaning loudly then I started pressing her pussy over her shalwar, she closed her legs tightly but I couldnt stop at that time, I separated her legs and sit in b/w her , she was saying no , dont do it, but keeping in that position I again planted a kiss on her lips and gave her a long French kiss, during the kiss I untie my trouser and underwear, (Guys you can imagine the move at that time while sitting in b/w the legs and kissing) now I was naked from the bottom and my 7 cock was pressing her pussy.

She was moaning loudly.. ummmmmmm,,, ohh Then I move my hand to undo his shalwar but she hold my hands, but somehow I opened her shalwar. And as her I opened the lace of her shalwat I immediately pulled down it. Wao… she had a clean pussy. Then I put my cocks head on her pussy which is already wet…. She moaned loudly… and said What are you doing? I said Nothing, I just love U and by saying so , I made a great push towards her pussy and my half cock was inside her pussy.. She cried ,,, OOOOOOOOOhhhh ,,, Maar daala its too hard for me do it slow, but I was not listening to her.. I was pushing her hard… and pressing her boobs. She was moaning.. ohhh aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,, ummmmmmms… then she wrapped her legs around me and locked me and pressed me hard towards her. This feeling was great.. I was pushing in a great speed. And she was pushing her hips and legs.

Then suddenly she hugged me so tightly and I felt wet in her pussy, she came to her orgasm and relaxed, but I was not finished yet. I changed her to a Doggie style and started fucking her pussy from behind. In doggie style we were seeing each other through the mirror at the front of her bed. This made us really crazy and hot. During this I was pressing her boobs from behind and she was watching this through the mirror. During this she cum again and meanwhile I also cum I also shot all my load on her sweet and big ass…. . we were too exhausted at that time, we laid there for few minutes. Then I went home. But this was not the end, this was the beginning, that happened only in 20-25 minutes as anyone could come. But after that I fucked her so many times almost for a year. I also fucked her ass… that was another experience. Even I fucked her in the kitchen, in the bath room, even in the chand raat, one day b4 the EID.

Now, they are not living here, they have left. Ive also many experiences with my aunt, and cousins. So, If anyone like to comment or share, you are always welcome to send your comment at If any female from Karachi, particularly such female who are not satisfied with their husbands can contact me to satisfy their need. Satisfaction and Secrecy is guaranteed. Also if any female from Karachi, doesnt want to break her virginity but only want soft core sex, also welcome. Women of all ages are welcome, married or unmarried but keep one thing in your mind while approaching me, If you are really serious then only contact me, only serious females …… who have some courage to feel that experience. Contact me at Looking forward to your reply, Ok, bye

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