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Ice Is Hot

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

My dear best friend moved away when I was a Studying in College for my Masters, we contently talked on the net through Yahoo messenger. One thing that made our talks different from everyone else is that we tell each other what we want. This usually includes sex. I still live in Lahore and now she lives in Islamabad. My name is Fahd and hers Faiza.

Last month I drove down to Islamabad for a surprise visit. I had not seen her in over a year, but had talked often. I knew her parents were away on a business trip. I arrived and parked down the street from her house. I walked down the block and up the house. I knocked and knocked but received no answer. I stepped away from the house and saw a light in one of the windows. I decided, since the door was not lock I would let my self in and tell the person of my presents. After all it had to be Faiza she was alone this week.

I walked in and ran to the lighter bedroom. I slowly open the door a crack and peeked in. There she was lying there on her bed. She had a cup half full of ice cubes sitting on her nightstand. Her legs bent into the air and spread apart by their own weight. She was so relaxed she didn’t here me enter. I walk over in front watching her hand rub her pussy soaked from the melted ice. I heard her moan some more as she inserted one of the half melted ice cubes into her pussy. The ice was chilling her insides, the feeling and rush she got with each breath almost sent me over the edge. Her head was lying straight back with her eyes closed tight. Faiza’s hands were caressing her soft smooth skin, which was cooled by the melting cubes. Every now and then she rub herself so hard it would cause her hips to lift upwards noticed how her breasts were hard and holding up on their own. I could see the sweat on her and it would drip down the sides of each tit. She began to arch her back and bite her upper lip. I knew she was not around of her surroundings. Her nipples must have hurt from being so hard; I knew my dick was starting to. I quickly stripped my shirt and shorts, leaving me in my favorite black silk boxers. I took two cubes of ice from a second cub lying on her dresser and placed one in each hand. This is where the fun started to begin.

I walked back around and between her two legs. And with a cube of ice in each hand I drag it down from her knee. I leaning forward as I did this I quickly had my lips touch her stomach. I kissed her belly button as the ice slid across her hips and up to her sides. I keep my hands moving over top of each breast stopping and letting the ice melt a little on each nipple. She knew someone was there, but yet still never opened her eyes. My silk boxers were now pressing up against her love lips, while the finally drops of the melted ice fell down each side of her neck. I licked and sucked on each breast with my mouth as my hands now glided upward holding Faiza’s arms to her side. My hips press her legs farther apart and inner muscles stretched to the max. The whole time she kept moaning from the feelings I had caused.

I again took my mouth to the top as it reached her face. Faiza’s eyes opened and saw who her pleasure source was. As she was about to say something, I covered her mouth with my index finger. “Shush,” I said to her, then kissed her on the mouth, our tongues slapping each other’s in a bath of saliva. I began to lover my self down her body as my hair tickled her skin as a dragged along. My hands gripped her sides and dragged Faiza to the edge of the bed.

I released my dick through the fly of my boxers and eased it up to her pussy. Although it touched I did not enter her. I just ran the head against her, the feeling must have agreed to her. I low toned. “Ahh,” was her way of saying it. Ever so slowly I eased it in. My hands rubbed her long legs up and down. I started a thrusting motion and when I fully entered her she let out a yell of pleasure. I quickly removed it from her love lips. I then once again like I did before just teased her by rubbing the head of my dick up against her. She licked her lips and she anticipated the next thrust. I positioned my dick at the very top of her pussy and thrust it in with a fast striking motion. Again she yelled. This time I withdrew very slowly. When all but the head of my dick was out I again thrust forward. This must had taken her by surprise and she suddenly yelled, “Yeeessss!”

I began a rhythm of working my cock in and out of her pussy. I started to buck at her faster and faster. I could see her tits sway back and forth to the motion of our fucking. Noticing the swaying motion turned me on some more. I began to increase my speed and Faiza responded by yelling out some more. This time she didn’t quit. My hand stopped rubbing her legs but reach around lifting them clear of the bed. I used them now for support to keep myself from falling over. My balance was so hard to keep from bucking at her pussy. Her yelling words of pleasure keep appearing from her vocabulary: Yes; Ahhh; God; Ohhh. Finally the one-word sentences were ended with a long stretched, “FUUCCKKK! MEEE FAHAAAAAA!” followed by a quick, “Yes, FUCK ME HARD!”

I again increased my speed to its maximum. Her whole body began to arch as her juices covered my disk. I didn’t stop pumping and with in a few more seconds I began to blow my load deep inside her. Her volume of yelling grew as she felt the warm cum hit her inner walls Ohhhhh Ahhhh. Her arms reached behind her head grabbing a pillow, each she now covered her face and screamed into. Her juices once again flowed all over me as my last shot of cum was blown. I held my dick inside her letting the warmth and wonderful feeling of being together pleasure us some more. We must have held that position for somewhat seemed like hours, but were only a few minutes or so.

I withdrew my tool from her love muscles and closed her legs together. I look up and her face and saw the pillow was still covering it. I placed my knee on the side her. And with my right hand I remove the pillow. Faiza’s eyes were still shut, as if she was in wonderful, pleasurable place. I reached down and lifted her head as her eyes opened. We stared into each other and our lips once again embraced.

The first hour of my vacation with my old friend and we had already made it so perfect. We of course continued to fuck each other all week and gave each other favors, but that is all soon to come. Any Cool chick or mature woman wants to get fuck like above then contact on .

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