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  • September 18, 2015

Hi all to the desipapa fans.i hope everyone is enjoying there sex life’s.if not they can contact me at i really love sex which happened to me a month back that is on 22-feb-2003 .i hope every girls and women is fingering her pussy i mean to say ass hole after reading my story. i really love bhabhi’s,college girls and especially the virgin womens.let’s don’t waste any more time and get back to story.the story beginssssssss

i am ahmed from hyderabad india.i am 21 years of age meduim built,tall was february 12 my brother has come from saudi arabia .the next two days went usually.then one day he called me and said ahmed why are u wasting precious time join computers he said to me.and i obeyed .so the next day i went to counselling to computer center for admission.there i met this gorgeous lady asra who was just 24 .she helped me in choosing the course. i was really happy that this lady counselled me.she was gorgeous with figure 36-25-26 fair sexy .she told me that they are starting a nwe batch from tommorrow and asked me to come tommorrow at 6-oo int he evening.i paid my admission fee and said good bye to her and left

the next day i went to computer at 5-00 clock in the evening as it was my first class i thought i should go early.i went and greeted asra.she smiled and greeted back .she called me and said ahmed do u know fundamentals of computer i said no.i said mam i want to learn from the begining .she said don’t u know how to open the computer.i saisd “no”.she laughed and teased me. i become some what nervous.seeing me nervous.she ran her hand through my hairs.and said i will send the sir and she went out of the computer was 6-00 clock in the evening and sir came into the class.there were only two students i and one more boy.sir said you both only but asra was saying that 15 students are coming to class he said.sir said that he will not take the class till half of the class comes and asked us to practice computers and left the room.the other boy who was also a new student left the room.after 10-15 minutes asra came to the room and asked me did i like the computer institute i said yes mam,then she said ahmed do u have girlfriends. i was shocked i said no mam.she said u naughty don’t say lie. i said i don’t have any girlfreinds mam.she said ahmed how do i look like. i said very beautiful .she smiled and said which part i liked the most of it.i was not a bad boy  that time.i said mam why are u speaking rubbishly .please mam i have to go and i was about to go when she caught my hand and said sorry ahmed i was just flirting with you.i said it’s ok mam and i went the computer room and went downstairs to go to home.i was starting my bike when asra was running and coming towards me.she came towards me and said ahmed can u give lift till mehdipatnam(where she used to live) she said to me. i said no mam i am going to different soon as i said no she became angry and said ahmed i am saying you that if u don’t give a lift i will tell that security guard (computer institute guard) that you were trying to abuse her,molesting  her and touched her private parts.i was really really shocked by her words.

there was nothing left for me but to give her lift.i said ok  i will drop her.and she came across and sit in n v-shape.and we drove back to her the middle of the road i felt that she is trying to push her breasts to my back and kept one hand on my thigh and i said please take u r hand from there as i was feeling hot and i was some passion also. i never felt like that before.she said don’t be shy ahmed.then after sometime she said can u stop for a moment i have to buy some medicines from the medical store. i stopped and she went to the medical store. i thought of run away but i couldn’t .then she came and we went t o her home in mehdipatnam.there were all flats.she used to live in 5 th floor in an apartments.she said stop here as i stopped the bike she came down fromt he bike and locked my bike and run away towards the lift. i ran towards her to get my keys.i and she were in the lift and she said don’t worry ahmed i will give ur keys but u have to do me a favour she said. then we reached the 5th floor r she opened the door and asked said come in ahmed.there is no one inside and suddenly as i entered the room she closed the door and ran towards her bedroom. she locked the roomi was crying like a small child,but she was not reponding to my cryies.then she opned the door.i could not belived it .she was in her black panty and bra. i felt  ashamed.
i could n’t believ what i was seeing.she said ahmed i fell in love with you at first sight.please don’t betray me.i said mam this is not goo.she said ahmed meri jawaani ke bahut dewana hai re mujhe ladke chedte hai kehta hai kya maal ja rahi hai.aur ek din ek kadke ne mera boobs daba diya tab se mai kuch andhar hi andhra kar rashi hoom .mujhe please chodo na.mai jaanam janam ki pyaasi hoon aur usne mera haath pakad kar bedroom ki aur le gayi.then we went to bedroom and she hold my head in her breasts then she removed my clothes and dropped my underwear and said ahmed itna bada ur mota lund tera toh 9 inch ka hai re.baap re meri cxhoot to gayee.hai kitna sundar ha re .please ye sirf mera mera mera hai sirf mera isa kisiko nahi dena.till that time my mind become devils mind.she removed her panty and and put my hand on her breasts i pressed her bood and she screamed Oooooohhhhhhhhhh Uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Tearrrrrrrr me apart. Yesssssssssssssss. Doooooooooooo ittttttt. Fastyerrrrrrrrrr. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh plaese jor se aur jor se mai tera bache ki maa bana chahti hoon ahmed. isaid nahi mai appkjo nahi chodu ga.kyon ki app pregnant ho jaye gi.she said she brought her purse and took a condom full packet and tore and asked me to wear.i wore and said ahmed abbbbbb nahiiiiiiiiii rahaaa    jataaaaaaaa raja plaese mujhe chodo na She was moaning like that aaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooofffffffffffff suck me off. Suck my melons I love you. I was so aroused and then I opened her panty so hurrily that it produces some noise. Then I was on her belly circling her navel and she pressed my head so firmly. After that I come down to her red pussy and it was wet enough by then. I started to lick her juice and insert my tongue into her pussy. Now she was moaning like a hell. aaaahhhh hhhhhhoooooooo ffffffffffffffff oooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my is really done nothing to me and myself is dying for some fuck !!!!!! Oh god you are great, fuck me, suck me, and tear me. aaaaaaaaahh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhaaaaa aaaooooooooooooooo mmm .Ab Jaldi Se Isko Meri Choot Main Dalo, Main Marree Ja Rahee Hoon.”

“Zara Aahista Ghusana, Tumhara Lund Bahot Mota Hai”. I lifted her legs and opened her pussy’s pink lips, pushed my cock slowly. The lips slightly opened and absorbed the head of my cock easily because it was already wet. I pushed my cock to insert it more, but she cried, “Bhai, Aahista Se Karo, Mujhe Dard Hota Hai”. I pushed slowly but all in vain. Her pussy was very tight. Then I had to push my cock faster and it went deep inside my sister’s pussy and I felt something tearing under her cunt. And she felt pain very much and cried, “Nikalo Ise, Meri Choot Phat Gai, Aah! Mujhe Dard Ho Raha Hai.” I saw that there was some blood on the carpet. She was now weeping. I pressed my lips with her lips and started kissing to forget her pain. Ten seconds into the kissing she opened her mouth and licked my lips. I returned the favor and continued until our tongues were swirling around each other. I removed my cock from her cunt to relax her and again inserted it went easily full into her pussy. After sometime she felt an enjoyment. She was no more virgin now. My cock was in her pussy and I was ramming it in and outside. maine apna 9 inch ka lundf uska choot me uthar aur dakal diya woh jor se chilayi mar gayyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaa mar gayeeeeeeeee jaldi nikhal haram khor .haiiiiiiiiii jeeeeeeeeee jaldi but i was in no mood i was fullspeed and jerking in and out,i fucked her for an hour i swear friends.then i said meri pyari asra keys dena she said ha dungi par kaal ana jarror.plaese come tommorrow. i went to her home daily for a week anf fucked her for hour to 2 hours.buton 31-feb-2003 she went to dubai to her parents.but she e-mails me weekly and says me that she miss me very much.

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