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I Tied Knot To My Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 14, 2015

My sister is elder to me by 5 years. She was married to a school teacher in Chennai. They were enjoying their married life. Soon the sister gave birth to a boy. Years went on. The child started going to school.

I was in search of a job. Sister asked me to come to Chennai and search for a job. So I came to Chennai. Within a few weeks, I came to know that the relationship between my sister and brother-in-law was not normal. I came to know from my sister that my brother-in-law had developed a relationship with a teacher in the school during the period when my sister was with my parents for delivery. I found many times brother-in-law was coming to home late in the night. My sister wept. I said “we will find soon a solution to this”.

My sister was very beautiful and looked like a foreign lady. Before her marriage, I myself admired at her beauty. Her tiny boobs and curvy hips and butts will attract any male. She now hated my brother-in-law for having relationship with another lady. She did not allow him to touch her body.

One day I was taking bath and I forgot to lock the door. Both my brother-in-law and the child had left for the school. Suddenly my sister entered the bath room with clothes in her hand for washing. She saw me full naked and I turned around. She left the place. I came out of bathroom and restless thinking of what happened. I was reluctant to look at my sister.

She came out of kitchen and was normal as if nothing has happened. She served the breakfast. Her normal behavior made me feel comfortable. After tiffin, I went to watch TV. Sister also came and sat by the side of me.

Since she was not enjoying sex for sometime, the scene she saw in the bath room had disturbed her. I guessed this from her face. She was sitting calm and watching TV. She turned to my side and said “I want to take revenge of my husband” I asked “Why and how”. She said” he is having an affair outside. Tomorrow is Sunday, he may not return home tonight. He will stay with that teacher.

Since after seeing you naked, I am agitated. You understand” I said “No”. “After the child going to bed I will come to your room, OK” she said casually. Now I understood. Before her marriage, I had admired at her beauty. I thought “why my brother-in-law is keeping another lady

The night came. My brother-in-law did not return. Me, sister and her son all dined and the child went to bed around 10’PM.

I was watching TV. Suddenly I saw someone was standing by the side of me. It is my sister. She was in bridal dress. She was having mangal naan in her hand. She asked me to get up and gave me the Mangal Naan asking to tie around her neck. I was also anxious. I tied the knot and she fell down on my feet. I lifted her up and leaned on my chest. Her soft boobs press aroused me and I hugged her tightly. She said ” now you are my husband, go to the room, I am coming”. I went to my room.

Within short time, my sister, sorry my wife was entering the room with a glass of milk. She locked the door and sat by the side of me. I could not control. I hugged her kissing her lips. ” The scene I saw in the bath room really disturbed me. I need a dick. This is our first night as husband and wife” she said in low voice. She gave me the milk. I drank and gave it to her. She kept the glass , switched off the light and came. I kissed her lips, started undressing her. I put my mouth in her tiny boobs and was sucking her nipples. She became horny.

She unbuttoned my shirt, removed the dhoti. She held my cock in her hand and massaged. “Now we are not brother sister. I am your wife. you are my husband. We shall enjoy the our first night” She whispered. I massaged her boobs, sucked them for alternately. I put my hand on her hairy pussy. and gently rubbed. I asked ” why you have not shaven the hair?” “Hairy pussy will arouse you more” she murmured. I was kissing her from forehead to toe. I rubbed her pussy gently, combed the hair with fingers and put my tongue licking her pussy. She was moaning in pleasure. Then I got up and she was lying on bed. I pushed my cock in her mouth and made her to suck.

She first whirled her tongue around the tip of the cock, sucked in and out fast. The gripness of her lips over my cock gave me a great pleasure. She then licked my balls and my cock enlarged. I spread her legs, slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. The pussy was tight and i experienced a heavenly pleasure when my cock was going in. She shut her eyes. I started slowly fucking, increasing my pace. She was lifting her body up and down to receive my cock fully inside her pussy.

I became beast and started fucking her wilder. With eyes shut, she was enjoying my banging. In pleasure, she shouted ” brother, you are fucking your sister very well. release all your cum inside me. Sucking her breasts, i was fucking with full vigour, released my hot cum inside her pussy. She closed her eyes and pulled me kissed my lips and bite my cheek. I lay on her for sometime. When I got up, she kissed my lips and said ” where did you learn to fuck like this?”. I said ” your beauty, soft boobs, curved butts, hairy pussy and chic body aroused me. So I thundered like a thunderstorm and watered your pussy lawn”.

The white cum was flowing out of her pink pussy. She did not allow me to sleep. We had another three rounds of fuck that night. We slept together hugging each other naked with a bed sheet covering us.

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