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I Seduced My Brother

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi,, This is Kriti. I am a 24 year old girl living in Delhi. I am wheatish in color and my figure is 36-28-36. I am a teacher and a sexy one (wink). The story is about how I seduced my little brother and had amazing sex with him. Please send your reviews and comments to

The story happened 2 months back. My brother is 21 years old and is pursuing He has a masculine built. We were very good as any other pair of siblings be but soon I felt that I was attracted towards him. His fine body and cute smile enticed me and his little enigmatic eyes were worth to fall for. So, I decided to try my luck with him.

My brother has a car. So I offered him to wash his car. He happily accepted and said he will come and help me in half an hour or so. So I put on my tight deep cut white colored t shirt and shorts and went out to wash his car. I started washing the car in such a way that I was soaked in water and soap. When my brother came out he stared at me like for seconds which seemed like a long time to me. I was fully soaked. My t-shirt was transparent because it was wet. My Boobs were bulging out an and cleavage was very much visible. He quickly came to his senses and asked me how much have I cleaned the car. I replied that upper part was left.

Then he took another pipe of water and started washing the car along with me

To further seduce him, I started playing with water making him wet too. He fought back by draining water on me. We both were dripping wet and laughing and having fun around when I acted to fall down on him and pressed my boobs on him.

Due to water the contact was very realistic as we both were naked. I could feel his dick hardening and touching me. I laughed and tried to get up. And this time I slipped and again fell on him. This time his dick was fully erect and I could feel it. I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know what to do. My pussy was wet, I was horny and I was breathing heavily.Our faces were close, so , I could feel his breath on my face. When out of nowhere he hugged me tight. I hugged him back.

We had forgotten our parents were inside. We were giving up to the feeling of sex. We hugged each other for nearly 15 minutes and then he took my face in his hands and looked in my eyes. I kept looking in his eyes. I slowly brought my face near his and started kissing him. He kissed my back. We were like two lovers who just kissed each other passionately and didn’t care about what was happening around us.

We started using tongue and it was a full passionate kiss. It was so passionate that my pussy was burning and I just wanted to fuck him right and there. But suddenly I was aware of surroundings. We were in home with our mom and dad in their rooms. I broke the kiss and came to my senses. I ran outside in my room to dry up and calm myself down.

I looked myself in the mirror. I could still taste his saliva in my mouth. My hard nipples could be seen from my t-shirt. I pinched…Ohhh.. slowly I took off my t-shirt and shorts and panties and started rubbing my pussy..I was fingering my self and pressed my boobs while playing with it.Ahhh… I could imagine by brother fucking me and I came so hard that I passed out for a second.

I woke up at the sound of a knock on my door. It was my dad calling me for dinner. I took bath, dressed up and came down to have dinner. I could not see in my brother’s eyes. I was actually shy and blushing. I ate the lunch quickly and came back to my room. Around midnight I heard a knock on my door. I knew who it was.

My brother came in, locked the door and sat near me and started talking about some random topics. I knew why he came and he knew I wanted the same. So to cut this crap and suddenly kissed him and we were again locked in an embrace. He started feeling my boobs from above my t-shirt and I was moaning.i bit his lip softly and moaned. He took off my t-shirt and I was in bra.

He then buried his face in my cleavage and I was pressing him more. I unhooked my bra and now he was biting my nipples, and eating my breasts. My breasts were covered in his saliva. And he just kept kneading them for many minutes. They turned red. I took off his t shirt and shorts and started feeling his dick above his underwear.

I asked him to close his eyes and then I took off his underwear and started licking his dick. He moaned loudly. I just liked tasting his cock and started sucking it fast. He held my head and started mouth fucking me. I was gagging but he kept fucking my mouth..All this while I played with his balls constantly. I then took his dick out and started licking and sucking his balls which made him cum instantly on my boobs and body.

He got up and kissed him deeply and his erection slowly returned. He then asked me to lie down and took off my panties. He then rubbed his fingers on my pussy which was already wet. He then inserted his 3 fingers and started fingering me..I was moaning. He told me to low it down as my parents were just downstairs in their rooms. I was moaning and withering.. The feeling of his fingers fucking me was so good. And then he stopped.

I looked at him and he winked. And then I could feel him entering inside me. I moaned out loud. “OMG!! Slowly bro. It’s too big..ahhhh” he started fucking me slowly and I was moaning like hell..He kissed me to quiet me down but I was just loud. I couldn’t resist him fucking me.”Faster!!!yes!!..I love you brother. Ravage me and fuck me like I am your slut..Oh yes!.. ahhhh …  mmmm … yes” He started fucking me hard..I came twice before I finally came with him. We both were too exhausted and then we took bath together and he ran off to his room.

We both fucked a lot of times after that and I even fucked some other people in last two months. My brother aroused the slut in me. I will tell you about it some other time( all depending on reviews.) remember to hit me up at

I Seduced My Brother

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