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I Love You ! Bhabhie!

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hi all desi papa fans, this is raj again from delhi with another adventure with my land lady. As u all know I am aged 29 years living in delhi with good height and physique , I do not why but I have a natural liking towards mature Ladies (married or unmarried) from 27-28 to even 40. This incident happened 2 years ago when I was working in Rajsthan and was residing in a rented room with a small family. Husband , wife (gorgeous) and their kid of approx. 8-9 month. I used to call her bhabhie , my sweet Rajni Bhabhie aged around 32 and a marvelous figure of 38 sized tits. She generally used to be at home as she was a not a working woman She used to prepare food and did other household chores, and as such she shared much of the responsibilities in the house. Her Husband most of the time used to be busy with his wok. Many a times Rajni Bhabhi used to be alone at home, as her husband generally went away for his work.And it was only Rajni Bhabhi who used to serve me the tea & dinner . So I had more communication and interaction with her in the house.

She was an educated woman with a modern outlook and attitude. She was fair enough with good attractive looks. She was beautiful. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36 Her breasts were eye catching and fleshy. Her breasts were in proper shape. Her hips were quite heavy. Her breasts bounced and hips shook as she walked. Ever since I got there i had my eyes on her. I had found an apparent change in Rajni Bhabhi with regard to her clothes and dresses. She used to expose her cleavage generously and also the upper curves of her breasts, whether she was in her sari-blouse, or in her salwar suit, or even in her nighty. While she used to be in my room she intentionally and cleverly let the pallu of her sari or her chinni fall down from her shoulder and remained on her fore arms, that gave me a glimpse of the exposed breasts and also the idea of their roundness, shape and size. I always wished her to come frequently to my room and remain there as long as possible. Whenever i would be around her she would expose her.

I liked such Bhabhis who smartly exposed their breasts. I had many times fantasized in my bed about having sex with her. I had masturbated also fantasizing about fucking her. Many a times I felt like grabbing her in my arms and kiss her, press and squeeze her boobs. I noticed that Chayya Bhabhi became too bold as she started exposing much of her breasts. Since I was a young man my cock used to become rock hard time and again. Once I was having some headache in my head so I went to her room for some ointment, My God ! she was breast feeding her child, her right boob was fully exposed , she was wearing a light blue color saree with dark blue blouse. She was sitting on the bed , I first got shocked but then while looking at her boobs I turned around and said I am sorry Bhabhie , I will come later on but to my utter surprise she said : Its O.K. Raj, you can come and sit , Baby has slept now. I quietly sat on a chair in front of her while she was adjusting her boob in her blouse but the whole scene was making a tent in my pant which she noticed and smiled at me.

 I saw a little worry on her face , I asked her what is the matter , she told me that her breasts are full of milk and baby has already slept so she is getting a bit of problem in retaining the weight. Since I was totally new to these problems , I took it seriously and it just slipped out of my tongue that Bhabhie tell me how can I help in this time of trouble. To which she smiled again, You naughty Devar ji , will you suck me . Oh my God ! I was jam Packed on my seat , I could not sy anything, Then she asked me what do you want, I also forgot for a while why I was there, I told that I was looking for some ointment for my headache. Then she said O.K. I will not only give you that but can also put some on your head BUT you will also have to help me out in my problem which I readily accepted . Now my head was in her lap, she was opening her blouse buttons one by one and my cock was getting rock hard in the same speed and momentum. The moment her last button was opened her boobs put pressure on her black bra and they were like struggling to get free.

She went on her back and opened the hook and her right right boob was jumped on my mouth. Now I took her boob my mouth and she was putting ointment on my forehead. I said : No Bhabhie , it is not required now , your soft and hot touch of hands is more than anything for me know. Listening to this she was so delighted that she took my face in her hand and put her lips on mine. Friends and Girls ! I must say Indian ladies in this world are the most beautiful creature on this earth. Now I grank her both boobs and she was looking much relieved but by this time aroused to greater extent also. She by this time now had started moaning now . I had already stripped her blouse and bra and freed her boobs. Now i was caressing her flat stomach and her thighs & legs. The rest of the stuff you know that I must have fucked her BUT HOW !! it was the greatest moment of my life which I will tell you all my next part. Since then I fucked hot and sexy Rajni Bhabhi many times. Each time she demanded vigorous fucking from me. I hope you would like the story. Young hot and sexy women Aunties and girls intrested in great friendship or for sharing their experiences or sex please do write to me at my email All your comments, suggestions and hands of friendship are welcome at the above mail ID.

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