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I Love My Behan

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

It’s incredible to have an incest relationship with sister in a mediocre family living in Pakistan. But anything is possible anywhere in the world. Many people in Pakistan hide such type of incest relationships and many don’t believe in it but these relationships now exist in many families living in Pakistan. And this is the fact of my life which I’m going to reveal now. I live in Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Our family system was a joint family system and we were a middle class family (not very rich and not very poor). And the house was not so big. But our family was living a happy life. I was in love with my little sister Shazia since childhood. She is two years younger than me.

We were very close to each other. We were only brother-sister. We played different games every time with each other in childhood. It was when I was in 4th class and 10 years old and she was in class two and almost 8 years old. We mostly used to play a game called “CHUPAN CHUPAI” with cousins. In this game we had to hide ourselves. One day we were playing this game, one of my cousins was selected for searching and others were to hide themselves. He played whistle to start the game and every one was going to hide himself/herself. I found a place behind the huge bags of flour in the storeroom and sat there. There was darkness in the room. Suddenly my sister ran there and sat near me. She didn’t know that I was sitting there. My hand was on the floor when she sat and was frightened but I told her about myself and unconsciously I didn’t remove my hand from her hips. I pressed my hand under her soft hips. This situation remained for five minutes. And when the game ends after half an hour, my cousins (boys) started teasing girls including my sister. After that they demanded girls to show their private parts and then the boys would show their private parts.

But the girls were too shy to run away from there including my sister. Then boys show their penis to each other. It was that time when there was no erection in our dicks. And we don’t know anything about sex (sexual relationship b/w man & woman). It was just fun which we were making to one another and mostly used to do that but it was first time to participate girls. Now all the boys were afraid to think that girls would tell parents and elders. But nothing happened. Then after some days when my parents were not present and the other members of the family were in the other portion of house. Me and my sister were alone in our room. She was doing schoolwork and I was watching cartoons on TV. When all of a sudden she asked me about that event and I told everything to her about how we showed our dicks that day. She was surprised and was not able to speak. Then I offered her same as were that day. But she was shy.

She was sitting with me on the sofa. I took step and put off my pajama and showed her my penis. My dick was at that time about 3″ inches long. She was stunned and I was laughing. Then I put my hand behind her hips and pressed soft fleshy hips of my sister, and inserted my hand under her SHALWAR and took it off. Her white vagina was bare to me. I touched her vagina and she started to play with my penis and I felt some erection in it. Suddenly I heard some voices, my parents were coming and at the moment we covered ourselves before my parents entered. This was the beginning and then I started teasing him pressing her hips, touching her vagina etc. (when we were alone). We used to play a game DOCTOR-DOCTOR and examined each other’s private parts like she touched, examined and played with my penis and I also touched her vagina, pressed her hips etc. Sometimes she showed shyness and sometimes she played with me. It was the time we were growing. Whenever I saw any Indian movie, I felt having some girlfriends but my girl cousins were living away from our house. And in our house and colony, mostly cousins and colony friends were boys. So there were mostly guys in my circle. That’s why I liked my sister I teased my sister by putting my hands on her waist from back, playing with her hair, kissing on neck and cheeks, peeking her while changing her dress. Her chest was flat at that time. While doing this, I felt erection but didn’t know why. On the other hand, she didn’t used to feel bad as she felt earlier and threatened me to tell parents but I gave her chocolate. Now she was used to for all of this. Our school was coeducation only to primary classes. After passing primary I had to change my school and was admitted in a boys school.

Now she was in girl’s school. The time passed and we reached to puberty. When I was in 7th class, one of my friends introduced me sex, function of body parts, sexual desires, masturbation etc. and then we watched a XXX movie. Now I was getting information about the sexual relationship between human beings. I was feeling the length of my penis and its erection and then I started masturbation. My sister Shazia now reached at the age of puberty, she was now having her little lemon-sized boobs and probably starting her periods. The relationship with my sister was almost same but now she was having more shyness before me just as she locked the room when she changed her school uniform. But I continued my acts. I tried to peep her but all in vain, sometimes I tried to press her boobs while playing with her but she now used to resist by saying that this is not true, this thing made me crazy and I had to go to bathroom to release the pressure of my balls. My sister was having the real beauty of her life. Her boobs were becoming larger; color was becoming fairer, lips becoming redder, skin becoming softer, waist becoming thinner, and ass becoming rounded. She was becoming like a fairy or like an angel. Whenever I used to go outside, I noticed many guys staring her. She was a stunning beauty. And now I noticed that she tried to give me a chance to peep her room while changing dress and she tried to become closer to me. But I tried to keep myself away because I got hardness when she was with me.

One thing I observed that she now wore new fashionable clothes especially tight clothes and asked my opinion abut her dress and she didn’t used to wear any DUPATTA before me when we were alone. So her figures were very visible. I guessed that she was now aware of sexual relationship. Meanwhile, my dad bought a new house in scheme III, this was a big one and we separated form the rest of the family and moved to our new home while the rest of family members were living there in old home. It was the time when I was in 10th class and about 16 years old and she was in 8th class and about 14 years old. We were totally alone in our home. I was in my room and was reading an erotic story. All of a sudden I had to go to bathroom to jerk off and story remained open on the table. My room was not locked. When I came out, I found the story book closed and the door of my room was slightly open. I peeped to TV lounge and I saw that my sister was fingering herself over the clothes. After an hour when we were watching satellite channels, on Star Plus there was a movie Bay Watch, and there came a scene of kissing, I changed the channel but my sister objected that why did I change the channel, I said it was nasty and especially for girls. But she asked me what I was reading in that book. She was becoming angry. I was stunned. All of a sudden she slightly kissed me on my lips and ran away to her room. And I was stunned standing. One day we were watching TV and a sexy scene came which includes kissing, she didn’t change the channel. When I saw her, she smiled me and threw pen on the carpet, then she knelt down to pick it up, I glanced at her V- shaped boobs and I got a hard on. Then mom came and she immediately changed the channel. Mom asked her to help her in kitchen, so she had to go. One morning when I was near to awake but was only lying on the bed with the closed eyes.

My dick was totally erected. Shazia came into my room for some purpose. All of a sudden I felt her hand slightly touching my penis. It became harder when she touched it. I was still lying wearing short with closed eyes pretending to sleep. She now pressed my cock and felt its length and width. I was becoming out of control and I moved my body and suddenly she ran away from my room. It was the night when I took my sister’s cherry. Our parents were out of station for two days. They’d been to LAHORE. I was feeling hard on. So I took a XXX movie and decided to watch it at the dead of night when Shazia, my sister would be sleeping. It was 12:00 and I turned on the movie in the TV lounge, as watching the movie I became out of control and I removed my short and jerking off my cock. Then all of a sudden Shazia’s room door opened and she was standing before me. I was still nude putting my shaft in my hand and the XXX movie playing on the TV. She said to me, “Nasir Bhai, Itni Raat Ko Kya Ho Raha Hai?” and then she laughed at my condition. I was in my full erection and when I saw my sister and the XXX scenes of the movie, I became out of control and said to her, “Come on, Shazia, join me and have fun”. My sister came to me while watching the erotic scenes on TV and of her brother, she put my cock in her hand and embraced me, then she started kissing on my lips. My sister pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and sucked my tongue and I sucked her red lips and tongue while she was pressing my cock. After a long deep kissing, I took off her shirt (HALF SLEEVE KAMEEZ) and her bra. The two beautiful boobs of a teenager girl, who is my own sister, were before me. They were not very small and not very large rather they were perfect sized boobs. The nipples were pink. I sucked one nipple in my mouth and pressed other with my hand. She moaned and sighed, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Nasir Bhai, Chuso Aur Kheloo Meray Mummay.” After sucking her boobs, I started to lick her beautiful white body. Then I put off her SHALWAR, she was not wearing any panty, and now her sweet pussy was before me.

She was having a little hair on her pussy. My sweet little sister was virgin. Her cunt lips were pinkish and they were joined. The pussy was wet. I inserted my finger in it and she screamed, then I started licking it and she cum. After she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it, she enjoyed the taste of my pre-cum. She did all of this because she had read about it in my story and the scene of the movie was now of oral sex. She put my cock deep into her mouth and shoved it again and again. She pulled my dick from her mouth and looked at me. She put my dick between her tits. “I love you”, she told me. “I love you too.” I replied. I felt pressure in my testicles and told her that I was Cumming. But she said, “Mere Mouth Main Chorna, Main Ise Peena Chahti Hoon”. I ejaculated all my semen deep into her mouth and to my surprise she swallowed all of it without dripping it. The movie was playing and the scene was of pussy-fuck. She saw the scene and started fingering, she was moaning, I couldn’t control and started licking her pussy. My cock was still hard than before, she pressed it with hand many times and asked me that she again wanted to suck it. I put my cock again in her mouth and she started sucking it. I started licking her cunt; we were in 69 position. After sometime she said to me, “NASIR Bhai, Ab Jaldi Se Isko Meri Choot Main Dalo, Main Marree Ja Rahee Hoon.” “Zara Aahista Ghusana, Tumhara Lund Bahot Mota Hai”. I lifted her legs and opened her pussy’s pink lips, pushed my cock slowly. The lips slightly opened and absorbed the head of my cock easily because it was already wet. I pushed my cock to insert it more, but she cried, “Bhai, Aahista Se Karo, Mujhe Dard Hota Hai”. I pushed slowly but all in vain. Her pussy was very tight.

Then I had to push my cock faster and it went deep inside my sister’s pussy and I felt something tearing under her cunt. And she felt pain very much and cried, “Nikalo Ise, Meri Choot Phat Gai, Aah! Mujhe Dard Ho Raha Hai.” I saw that there was some blood on the carpet. She was now weeping. I pressed my lips with her lips and started kissing to forget her pain. Ten seconds into the kissing she opened her mouth and licked my lips. I returned the favor and continued until our tongues were swirling around each other. I removed my cock from her cunt to relax her and again inserted it went easily full into her pussy. After sometime she felt an enjoyment. She was no more virgin now. My cock was in her pussy and I was ramming it in and outside. Now she said, “NASIR Bhai, Ab Mujhe Maza Aa Raha Hai.” “Aur Zor Se Chodo Mujhe, Phar do Meri Choot. Main Ab Tumhari Hoon”. She was smiling now. I slowly started to pull out and push in to my sister’s tight pussy. She met my slow thrusts with her own. I kissed and licked her lips while she grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs around my waist. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking my sister, and she was the best I ever had. I remembered something though. I thrusted my cock faster and faster, she was moaning with the feelings of enjoyment. She said to me, “Bhai, Tum Ne Apni Behan Ko Khush Kar Dia Hai” “Mujhe Tum Se Bahot Pyar Hai’. I felt Cumming and my load came deep into my sister’s pussy. She also cum and was feeling happy. After that she went to the kitchen and gave me a glass of milk. We then rewind the movie and played it from the beginning and used all the poses, which were in the movie. This continued till 5 AM and in the last when we began to sleep she kissed me and told me that she loved me since childhood and this love increased after puberty and that she always wanted her brother to fuck and break her virginity.

She told me all about herself that she was introduced sex by one of her school friend (girl) and when she read my erotic story at she was aroused at that time but the feelings of shyness and the modest relationship of brother-sister prevailed in her mind. She also told me that when she touched my cock once I was sleeping; she became very hot and was finding the chance to see her brother naked or having sexual relationship with her brother but how? This night when I brought the movie, she found it on the table in my room when she came in my room to take a book and then she played it and got a hard on when I was outside for some chore. And then she found that this would be a better chance to trap her brother in the night. She is very beautiful. I don’t have words to explain the beauty of my sister. She is like a fairy. Her body, her skin, her face, her hips, her lips, her eyes, her cunt, her legs etc. It may be said that she is a gift of God granted to me. I was deeply involved in her but not sexually and I never thought of sex with my own sister. The next two days we played many sexual games and used different poses with each other because we were all alone in our home and our parents came after two days. Sex with my own sister is now heaven to me. I broke her virginity when she was only 14 and was a student of 8th class while I was in 10th class and was 16 years old a horny boy.

I fucked my little sister many times when we got a chance and we enjoyed our sex life very much. She helped me to trap her friends and class-fellows and with the help of my sister I experienced orgy sex with some of her girlfriends who live in Scheme III, Rawalpindi. I fucked many girls but I still love my sister and I love her body. She became more beautiful after every fucking. She’s like an angel to help me in my sexual life. Whenever she is during her periods, she gave me oral sex. Sometimes I used condoms for a safer sex when her periods are near about to come because I don’t want her to be pregnant. I’m 23 now and she is 21 a beauty queen. Now my parents are planning for her marriage. She is engaged with a guy and the marriage ceremony will be after two years.

But Shazia is very satisfied with her sexual life with me and didn’t want to marry but all in vain and she had to follow the orders of parents as this is a tradition of our country and that EASTERN girls do what their parents want. She says to me that she loves me and she will continue this love after marriage and will be fucked by me, as she is DEEWANI of my cock. I love Shazia more than any other girl because I’ve been much involved in her sexually more than before. She is not just my sex partner but also she’s playing the role of my wife, as she loved me a lot since childhood. It was really fantastic to be able to release my teen lust and really learn about sex with someone I was so close and like so much who was not just any other girl – but was my own sister! You should all be so lucky as to have a sister like Shazia!!! Comments from any sister like Shazia are welcome at: KHAN_NASIR69@HOTMAIL.COM thanks.

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