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I Love My Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

This is rana. I am 25 average body, tall guy from Delhi (belong to sikh family). I have gone through this site n liked the stories very much. After reading the stories I also decided to send in my own true first time sex escapade with my Aunt. She is 36 with average boobs,huge ass n slightly plumply stomach.

Her name is Harleen. She was my chachi in relation. Now let me start the incident. Our family and Chacha’s family used to stay in different homes. There was sudden death of my Grandmother who used to stay in village in Punjab. My Mom and dad and Chacha Ji had to go there. Chachi couldn’t go because her 9 year old son had to go to school. So my parents decided to leave me with chachi.My parents left in morning at 4 o’clock. I slept at my chachi’s home that night. I had never had any bad intentions about my chachi like fucking her and stuff. I used to think that mature ladies are not good for sex.Although I had a Girlfriend but we never had sex. We were just friends.I got up at 8 in the morning and got ready and went for my Job.I came back at 6 in the afternoon.Chachi was busy in some work. I went to the kitchen,had some tea and went to my friends place.I returned back at 8 in the evening.Chachi said “Kabhi ghar bhi baith jaya karo”(try to stay at home sometimes).

I didn’t say anythingand went to take bath.At about 9.00 I went to lobby and started watching T.V with my chachi.We had some talk about out families.And then I asked her that where should I sleep as I have to study late till night.She said u go to Chacha’s study room and sleep there.I studied for 1 hour and slept there.In the morning I got up and went straight to her room.She was not there as she had gone to take bath.I stayed in her bed and started playing with Simran(her son).After sometime she opened the bathroom door and to my amazement she was standing there in only her pink bra and black panties. I almost froze there. She quickly went back in and came back after wearing her last night’s nighty.She didn’t say anything to me coz she thought it was a coincidence. I had my break fast and left for tuition. To make the rest part short…During the day her white thighs and white stomach kept coming in front of my eyes. I couldnt indulge in studies any more. When I was studying at night (rather thinking about her) she came to my room. She was holding Johnsons baby oil in one hand and came and sat beside me. She said that she was having too much pain her head and can I massage some onto it. I said my pleasure and started massaging her temples and forehead. She was lying on a pillow and I was massaging her head. She said that u r a very good massager. I said that I had learnt body massage from my friends mom who owned a beauty parlour (although I had not learnt it, I had just watched my friends mom giving him and me a very nice body massage). She said really..? I again said yes.

She said I wont get a body massage but plz massage some oil on my legs. I agreed readily. She was wearing night. I pulled her nighty upto her knees and started massaging her legs. Her white legs made my cock sprang to action immediately. But I covered it and tried to act decent. I used to go upto her knees and slightly touch her thighs as if incidentally. She had closed her eyes and was trying to relax. I couldnt control myself and thought it is now or never. I pulled her nighty upto stomach. She got startled and sat upright. She said what r u doing. I said massaging ur thighs. She said leave me alone. I said I swear I wont do any bad thing I just wanted to massage her. She said ok..But dont try to act smart. I again started massaging her smooth white thighs. I kept on telling her how beautiful she was and how lucky chacha ji is to have her as their wife. She just giggled away.She was wearing a white coloured panty with little pink flowers. I kept on massaging her thighs. I had heard that ladies get hot if we massage their inner thighs. I asked her to turn around. She turned onto her stomach and I started massaging her back parts of thighs. I knew she was moaning but it was very very low. I slowly pulled her nighty more upwards. She didnt resist maybe she hadnt felt it thats why. I started massaging her lower back …..moving my hands up in a very erotic manner. I knew she was totally hot but you all know ladies will not say anything from their mouth. I kept massaging her back for sometime. Then I moved more up and opened her Bra strap from behind. She said very slowly that please dont open it.. I carried on my work of massaging her as if I have not heard her.

Then I asked her to turn around on her back. When she was on her back I lifted the nighty from the front side. OH God…I cant forget the sight of her white plumply stomach with barely visible birth mark scars. It almost made my cock tear my underpants. I started moving my hands on her side of stomach. She had her eyes closed. I went up to her boobs and gently pulled her bra down which was already open from behind. It came down easily. But she held her hand to her bra…not letting it go. I said please dont be shy.Body massage is really very relaxing. I applied some force and took of her bra. She covered hr boobs with both her hand and started saying that it is bad thing….I am ur chachi…what if u r chacha comes to know. I said he wont come to know…Who would tell him??.She was still stopping me. But I kept on massaging her boobs which were not that big. Her nipples were erect. I couldnt control myself and threw myself on her and straight away kissed and started sucking her lips. She was pushing me aside. But with not much force. I broke mine kiss and said Chachi u r the most sexy lady I have ever seen. I started praising her beautiful body. Again and again saying How lucky chacha is to have her. She said u r buttering me. I said no.. I said Chachi I want to see u fully naked. She said y dont u go to ur Girlfriend and see her nude ( I had told her that I had a girlfriend many days back).I said u r more sexy then her. She said she is 22 n I am 36 …how can I be more sexy. I kissed her boobs and said my Girlfriend doesnt have these such big. She started laughing.I kept sucking her nipples.She pressed my head to her boobs and started moaning lightly.

My one hand was massaging her inner thighs. She was very hot. When I put my hand on her pussy she pulled my hand away. But I again put my hand there. Her panty was almost wet. I started my downwards journey by licking her each and every part from boobs to navel and started moving down. When I reached her pussy I kissed her pussy over her panties and then again moved down..licking her thighs and legs and toes and then the other leg. I started moving upwards again. When I reached her pussy again I pulled her panties down. She moved her butt a little bit in air and helped me take off her panty.And there it was….The great luv triangle covered in a forest of thick bush(she had never shaved).I kissed her on top of the thick hair and she moaned. I put my hands on her mound of love and pushed the hair aside and kissed her clit gently. I had seen a lot of xxx movies so I knew how to lick a lady. I lubricated my finger with my mouth and put it in her cunt. She moaned like aaaaahhhhhhh……it is very good..Sandy go on……I started finger fucking her and side by side licking her clit. I took her clit in my mouth and started rolling my tongue over it. Her pussy became totally wet in no time. And suddenly I dont know what happened..She pushed my face to her pussy with her both hands….and her whole abdomen area started shivering…she put her legs aroung my neck and white thick fluid dripped out of her pussy.

Afterwards I came to know it was an orgasm. Then I got up and took off my pyjama. She got startled when she saw my cock. She said  ur cock is almost 8 inches. She said she had never seen such a big cock. She took it in her hand and started moving it up and down. I said lets have sex. She said sorry Sandy I dont want to have sex today maybe someday else. I forced her very much and she  agree. She said we can have oral sex first and then sex. I said ok. She orgasmed 5 times that night. I just like satisfying ladies in what ever way they want. I luv to lick their pussies most and having intercourse. I get real satisfaction from their satisfaction. We have had sex after that. We enjoyed whole night. She has gone to Canada now with Chacha and Simran. I am also planning to go there by next year. Any females,couples(preferably in and around Delhi) who want to be my simple friends or maybe more intimate relationship can mail me at  Privacy is expected and ensured. I believe in safe and clean sex. Looking forward to ur mails….Thankx…Rana

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