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  • September 19, 2015

Hello every body, I am not a regular reader of Desi papa but as I was going through other sexy site’s one day I found this site which I found quite interesting i.e. the most superior part of this site is the story section and thought that I can share my personal secret experience to all of you which happen few days back with me, I would like to introduce my self, I am Manish from Mumbai a Software Manager working in a MNC in Mumbai – SEEPZ and I am 5.9 Ft in height, well built, slim and my waist size is 32 I live in Mumbai from my birth and now I am 32. I would like to introduce my wife friend who stays in the same township, her husband is working for passenger ship and always on 6 month contract he is a very close friend to me and he is 42 and his wife is 35.

They are also from Mumbai and we have very good family relation with them, they are around 5 km from my place and her name is Sigma she is also slim with 36D and nice waist and she is very pretty and very sexy, she is my dream woman, some time I have been notice that she used to stare at me when ever we meet, one day I got phone call on my mobile from her husband, from abroad and I have been told to give important and immediate message to her wife Sigma as there landline was out of order I was very happy that I got reason to go to my dream woman house, I told my wife and. Immediately rush to her house for giving message by warring light blue Jeans and black T- shirts.

When I reach to her house and press the door ball my dream woman has opened the door where I have been welcome from Sigma. That day she was looking very beautiful on pink color nightgown because few minuets back only she have taken bath and also she have shampooed her hair. I have seat on a sofa and gave the message, which her husband has told me to give. After some time Sigma told me about hot or cold drink where I preferred cold drink. She got up and went to kitchen for bringing cold drink, Mean time I was thinking and dreaming about her that if I can get a chance to Love (fuck) her, by thinking that my panics (cock) was semi hard, when Sigma came from kitchen with glass of cold drink and kept on tea poi she have little bend and I can see a little white portion from her top of boobs. By seeing this my panics was completely hard and come our from my jeans as I was forgotten to pull my jeans pant chain. This was happen in fraction of seconds but as she was bend to give me a cold drink and at that time only my panic have come out from my pant she have full view of my panic, and she left into the kitchen, it was very embarrassing position for me, immediately I got up, put my things back to the position and seat on the sofa, After some time she came from the kitchen and seat apposite to my nearer chair, we were not talking for a few Minuets with each other.

After some time she broke the silence and told me how is every body in my house, including my wife, after that she told me a question which I was not expecting from her that how offer you make love (sex) with your wife, I have hesitates to give answer but with lot of curare I have told her that we make sex on average after 2 days, after some time I got a curare and asked her that what about you, she told me see Manish my husband is out from this place and I can get sex only after he come back from ship, again I told her than what about your filling when you would like to have sex, she told me I can not do any thing at that time, this was golden opportunity to me that if I can proposed, she may agree but I have fear also that she may refuse, there fore I have told on other language that if in future you required any kind of help from me you can tell me and I left home.

On the next day around 11 a.m. I got call in my office from Sigma that she required my help and if I can visit her house at evening, I said what she wont but she did not told anything to me, I confirm that I will be on her house directly from my office. When I reach to her house and rang a bell she open a door and told me to seat on sofa, that day she were wearing white nightgown and looking dam sexy. I have started talking to her that what she required, she replied that, yesterday you have told me that when ever I required your help I can approach her, I said ok what you wont, she had reply with her head down and told me that Manish I am very desperate for a sex which I have never had for last so many month and if you can give me that because yesterday I have seen your things and full night I have not been able to sleep, but if you keep our relation very secret, this is like golden opportunity to me and immediate I have reply yes to the relation, with a smile in my face she told me please come with me and she is guided to me in her bedroom.

As we enter to her room after looking a main door I come near to her and press her boobs, I was amazed to see that she was not wearing a bra. I removed her nightgown and saw her cunt was wet due to juices of her pussy. She has a well shaven pussy.

I press her boobs and suck them very hard and she moans like ooh amah and making a comments suck moor my dear I asked her to suck my cock she told me that my cock was even bigger than that of her husband .She suck my cock very hard and after fifteen min I cum to her mouth and .She asked me to suck her pussy, which I sucked her for at least 20 minuets while she cum during this. After this I enter my finger into her pussy. First only one then second and third also gave her a good finger fuck. Then she asked me to fuck her hard.

Then I said, Sigma I want to fuck you in doggy style, she said “no problem” and she turned around she fold her legs and lifted her ass in air, kept her head on pillow and said “fuck me, fuck me very hard “, I entered my 8″ long and 2.5” thick panics (cock) from behind and I told her to give me a bottle of oil and she did, I applied more oil on my panics and plugged back in her pussy, then I made my two fingers oily and started to apply oil on her asshole, she started moaning and said “You are the best” then I plugged one of my finger in her ass, and I entered my cock in her pussy again and gave her some slow jerks after about ten strokes her pussy was all ripped apart now she was feeling pleasure and told me fuck me very very hard after about 25 minutes of hard fuck she told me that she is going to cum and please be fast when I listen that I become so crazy and move fast she was moaning in a very loud voice aaaahhhhhhh …..pleaseeeeee…. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhaaaahhah and she had longer than last organism. After a while she said “Manish Fuck me hard…I feel so good…keep fucking me. Fuck me like your wife. Oh god I feel so good. . Spank my ass… Fuck me good.

Her words were driving me crazy. I was fucking her so hard now. I started spanking her ass and pressing her boobs and with this Sigma was really enjoying it. I felt like fucking her forever. She was getting very loud…oh god uhhhhh ooooooo I am cumming.oh yeah. Manish keeps fucking me don’t stop.uhhhhhh ummm uffffffff I was also reaching my climax. I said Oh Sigma dear…I am Cumming…I love fucking you. She said …cum in my pussy…shoot your load in my pussy darling…. Please I want to feel you wet cum inside me.she was moaning in a very loud voice aaaahhhhhhh …pleaseeeeee…. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhaaaahhah oooooo. Her pussy muscles were gripping hard on my cock. My cock was pulsating now. I shot my big load of cum inside her.she cum in no time her pussy was all wet to my cum We then lay there for a while. That night I fucked her 3 times. It was the most memorable sex of my life.

After this we rested for some time naked and then go to bath to fresh up we both take a bath in the same bathroom at the same time and get dressed. We then talked a little and then I got back to my home with a lot of pleasure. She told me that she was now my sex slave and I can make sex whenever I want .we both are very happy about this. Any one wanted to give a comment’s about this, they can e-mail me. . And any Girls, Auntie’s , Married woman who were interested in Real Sex or wanted to gets fucked by me from MUMBAI can contact me at

Please note that I have a God gift that whenever I am making sex, I can increase or decrease thickness of my panics (cock) which give a great pleasure to the woman ( my wife & Sigma) which get fuck from me and also I take at least 30 to 45 minuets to get cum . if you required this experience from me , you can contact me, I will be available in Mumbai Western line. Also I confirm that I will kept our relation very secret, as I am also a married man.( Pl. do not mail for time pass)

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